Movin' On Up (Submissions!!)

Name: Cherrim
New Stats: 90/140/70/70/130/90
New Typing(if any) (Sunshine Form): Grass / Fire
Movepool Addition(s): Power Whip, Solar Blade, Fire Lash, Flame Charge, Flare Blitz
Justification: Cherrim has an exclusive ability that boosts its Attack and Special Defense by 1.5x, but Cherrim can't really take advantage of it. This seeks to change that.
Niche in OU: Sun sweeper that has an insane attack, access to SD, and is specially bulky.


formerly ItsYaBoi1337
Name: Miltank
New Stats: 120 / 125 / 95 / 60 / 90 / 100
New Typing(if any): Normal / Fighting
Movepool Addition(s): Drain Punch, Belly Drum, Mach Punch
New Abilities(if any): Thick Fat / Scrappy / Iron Fist (HA)
Justification: Added Fighting type because cows are very strong in general, and the good typing helps it fare well in OU.
Niche in OU: A bulky setup sweeper.