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Oh hey, I've been thinking of an Electrode evolution too, can I post it here?

I was thinking that if you evolved Electrode underwater, it should look like:

I was thinking of the name: Marball

Also I was thinking if you had Electrode hold a new item called Club, and you fed it Irons, it would turn into this guy:

I call him Putt-Putt.

If you treat your Electrode well and get it lots of haircuts and massages it should turn into:

Maybe the name: Comforb

I don't know how this guy would evolve but I think he's pretty special so maybe he's only available as a promotion like if you have 10 other Electrodes in your party.

But I think that the Electrode evolution should rotate another 180°, so I tried that and I got this:

His name is Circlectric.
I was cleaning out my art and noticed I did two more of his Pokemon that I didn't post.


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