Nature Swap (Now playable!)

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^Actually when nv posted the above post the meta is still very buggy and not functional yet. But after several bug testing, I can now confirm that Nature Swap is 100% fully functional and playable without the 10% Nature buff/debuff. Special thanks to urkerab for being patient at fixing bugs and Matt Will for helping me bug testing. And of course nv for reviving this meta.

...Actually, we're not sure if the bugs are fully fixed yet, so guys PLEASE play the meta and let us know if there are any more bugs.

Now playable on ROM.
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Hardy: swap HP and Attack
Docile: swap HP and Defense
Serious: swap HP and Special Attack
Bashful: swap HP and Special Defense
Quirky: swap HP and Speed
Watch out for Bashful Mega Diancie if you do that, since with 150/160/110/150/50/110 stats you've now got usable Physical bulk and you're boosting your Special bulk with Calm Mind anyway.
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