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Pending New background music


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Current policy is to have trainer battle and rival battle music from Gen 4 and later as background music. For unspecified reasons, I can't add too much music, but if there's other music you'd want, feel free to be more specific.

New music every month is definitely way too much for us to support. Unless it was on rotation or something. That might be an interesting possibility.
Well if we want to add new songs the best thing would be making a poll here in smogon. Couse it can be every month Smogon would decide what time will have every music change
Don't know if these will be completely approved, and not sure if these themes play since my volume is normally off because sometimes it ends up being higher than I remember as well as notifications, but some good ideas I have are:
HGSS Champion theme, Team Neo Plasma theme, and maybe Gym Leader music (gen 5 gym leader music may be tough though because when gym leaders are down to their last Mon, it changes and so I'd like for it to be the same for PS if gen 5 gym leader themes happen)

These are just suggestions. Not sure if they are going to be approved, but uhh yeah

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