New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

Requesting to have my account unlocked as it's been >1 month since the name change. Ty uwu

Eien: done
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I'd like my name to be change to MorganORNot, I have the name on ps and I've had issues where I'd have scheduled games and have to prove that I'm the same user.
Thanks in advance.

Eien: done
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formerly Reverend B.C
requesting name change from
misterioussaint -------> Reverend B.C
The reason I want to re-brand myself also Reverend B.C is easier to remember.

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The Dutch Plumberjack

we're lost children of the sea
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Adding the following rule to the OP, since the people that fall under it are valued community members that were never meant to be affected by some of the existing policies:
Name Changes for Staff Members
  • staff members - all of the above applies to you;
  • HOWEVER, you are exempt to the 100 posts requirement, and you may receive an exception to the 10 posts rule on taking over existing accounts on a case-by-case basis, e.g. for uniformity across platforms;
  • "staff members" includes forum mods and above, sim global staff, and sim public ROs.
We have been soft applying this one for a while, but especially sim staff that would be eligible under it aren't always aware, and this "exception" can be applied consistently enough that there's no reason to not just make it official.


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Requesting to get the second "i" removed from my name so it becomes "Arai". I made it like this because Arai was taken on PS and I wanted the same name on Smogon, but I prefer it as just Arai.

Eien: done
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Requesting the removal of the KI from the front of my username. I feel like that was a typo from when I made the account, as I've otherwise always used Kyuseu on every other website. I know it says that I need to have 100 posts or more total or have fewer than 10 posts total AND your account is at least 3 years old, but I was hoping that it could still be done since the OP says that "removal of numbers or other distracting text (eg. tennisace0227 -> tennisace) will not count as a name change".

Eien: good enough of a reason, did this.
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To get stronger, a rival is essential.
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I'd like to change my name to "itsDYA" because now it is the name I use and PS and I want to have the same name both in PS and Smogon. If possible conserv the same capital letters. Thank you

Eien: hi you have an active infraction. please wait until that is done to request.
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formerly Decision Makers
I'd like my name to be changed to "decis" if possible. Thanks

Eien: done
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Sent from the skies, jumped into the unknown
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hi, can I have my name changed to Maxalexandra please?
changed on PS to reflect my identity and I want this acc to match.

Eien: done
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formerly InfernoDolphin73
Hi, I would like to change my name to Dolphine. My original username is relatively old from a couple years back and is unnecessary in this site because of the excessive words/characters, which is annoying for tours and forum activity.

Eien: done
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I would wish that my name would be named to Supertoilet. I'll let the video explain:

Quote edit: Sorry, no meme/trash changes.
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this girl rly slapped some letters together huh
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According to The Dutch Plumberjack, a name change of one letter doesn't count, so can I change my name from tjdaas -> kjdaas? Although I'm still not 100% sure about being trans, it feels good enough to also ask for a name change here after doing the same on ps main and smog tours.

Quote edit: Yes, very minor changes are acceptable and don't count towards your 1-2 changes. Done.
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formerly Erai14
I'd like to change my username to EraiMHFU to match my new PS name and the rest of my media, please.

Quote Edit: Done. Good luck with your future hunts.
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st. pablo

we're just playing on different levels
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could i possibly just get my name lowercased to st. pablo? trying to be more in line with my ps name pablo, since i never have it uppercase on there.

Eien: yep
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Hello, I had made my smogon account and then registered an account on the server. A day later, someone disables my account. If "The Ripe Ass" is so offensive, please have it so that I can't send such horrendous things. I have made a new registered account called 'Snowy Ass' and was curious if I could change my forum name to Snowy Ass.
Thank you.

Eien: can you pick a name that doesn't include "ass"?
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Raihan's Husband
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Hello, I'd like to change my account name to Tenshi to reflect my other names on PS and discord as I completely dropped Nagae early this year on all of my accounts except this one, thanks :)

Eien: done
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Hey, a few years ago I got my name changed from Togie to Viridi, but now I'd like it changed to Bice. Not only have I changed my Discord and PS names, I've since grown to dislike my current moniker, namely because A.) it reflects how childish I was when I went by it (on multiple platforms), and B.) being named after a character that looks like a young girl may have, in hindsight, made some people feel uncomfortable.
I'd appreciate one last name change, but I understand if you don't want to alter it again. Thank you for your time.

Eien: done. this is your last name change
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Hello. May I change my username to Dragonair Egg? I have registered the alt on PS!
Thank you

Eien: done. not going to count this as one of your limited name changes
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Name Changes for Regular Users
  • you only get 1 name change;
    • you must provide a REASON;
    • you may revert back to your old name, but only after at least 3 months have passed, and you will be ineligible for future changes;
    • removal of numbers or other distracting text (eg. tennisace0227 -> tennisace) will not countas a name change;
      • you can't request to ADD distracting text or request a username that includes distracting text, that's completely counterproductive and makes it makes it more difficult to tag users.
    • there is a SMALL chance for an exception to made if you seriously want a second name or regret an old change, etc. but it will be permanent and under no circumstances will it ever be changed again. ever.
  • you may not get a name change if you have an active infraction, are Wi-Fi blacklisted, or are (circuit) tournament banned;
  • you may request a name change ONLY if:
    • you have 100 posts or more total;
    • you have fewer than 10 posts total AND your account is at least 3 years old.
  • you will receive a custom title with your former username so that others may identify you;
  • you may not take the username of an existing account under any circumstances;
  • new/alternate accounts are against the rules, so you will be infracted if you create one instead of using this thread.
Name Changes for Badgeholders
  • badgeholders - all of the above applies to you;
  • you may take the name of an existing account ONLY IF
    • the account with the username you want has not been logged into for 3+ years, AND
    • the account with the username you want has less than 10 posts.
  • if you take the name of an existing account, you won't be eligible for any future changes.
Name Changes for Staff Members
  • staff members - all of the above applies to you;
  • HOWEVER, you are exempt to the 100 posts requirement, and you may receive an exception to the 10 posts rule on taking over existing accounts on a case-by-case basis, e.g. for uniformity across platforms;
  • "staff members" includes forum mods and above, sim global staff, and sim public ROs.
Profile Changes:
  • you may request birth date and related information to be changed only once;
    • please submit any birth dates in an unambiguous format (e.g. Nov. 12th, 2000, not 11/12/00), we don't know whether your country uses DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY;
  • we will not fulfill avatar or custom title requests;
  • badges and banners are earned, not given.
General Rules:
  • LOOK UP THE USERNAME BEFORE YOU REQUEST IT, as from here on out, you are likely to be denied future name changes if you attempt to request a name that is taken (TIP: use the search function; enter the username you are looking for and PRESS ENTER, the username doesn't always appear in the dropdown... if you get redirected to the main members page, the name is free! if the profile DOES appear, you may NOT request it unless you are a badgeholder. you have been warned);
  • do NOT ask super moderators or admins on their profiles OR in private message to change your name or to check the thread or anything of the like, as the point of the thread is so that you may request and so that we will get to it when we have the time to do so;
  • joke requests will not be tolerated and I'll probably just infract you if you do it at this point, have some sense;
  • you will be profile locked for a month after getting a new name. Remember to ask a Super Moderator or Admin to remove the lock after a month, it will not come off automatically;
    • naturally, this is a month after the change was carried out, not a month after you posted your request.
    • do not post here asking to unlock your profile "when my month is over in 3 days", if we want to go through the thread before then we're not gonna wait for you, and if we go through it later then there was no point in posting ahead of time in the first place.
    • Include a link to your name change request when you ask for your profile to be unlocked.
Archive of old name changes (yes, if you were restricted from future changes five minutes ago, you're still restricted from future changes, so don't ask): /
old thread

BattleDragon -> 1v1
Honey Luis -> Thanys
RazorLeaf420 -> RazorLeafVGC
hector hard mode -> dream light
10th Squad Taichou -> Za Meowdo
Serpi386 -> Serpi386
Klang -> Klang [old]
Kl4ng -> Klang
TheGawddss -> Go0d
The Fifth Whisper -> Play on Birds
Why Nerdy -> Chopin Alkaninoff
Azfar -> The_Powerz
JakeMoran12 -> Tech Froakies
bug.catcher -> Spring Blossoms
Lieparite -> Auresi
yondie -> yond
Rainyman123 -> Yveltal for PU
Avocado -> Arctis
Timman47 -> Toy Time King
Anubis -> Anubis [old]
Melrakki -> Anubis

page 1

Specterito -> Gaerys
Arikado -> Avocado
theuntalented -> Ghost Cream
chenkovsky -> Mymble
the mj show -> menusaur-vega
RIPMyLifeFIR -> KindaStupid
Melon -> Melon [old]
WaterlessMelon -> Melon

page 2

Declarity -> Haakunite
Prague Kick -> Slimmer
Jordn -> Jrdn
Samuel L. Jesus -> omgocd
Kennyth -> Romanticist
Yogibears -> Rwby
PokemonmasterTj -> TJ

page 3

anto -> ant
Ant -> [old] Ant

gummy -> gummy [old]
Gummysaur -> Gummy
Opgqy -> Opjqy
Boyeraj17 -> Aaronboyer
DownAbove -> Inidigo Plateau
Leooo_33 -> Leo
Oibaf cune -> Oibaf
axel -> axel [old]
axel10 -> axel
JoycapJoshST -> 6ft Torbjorn
marcop -> Gilbert arenas

page 4

Lizardman -> Warped Worlds
Hot Dog Pizza -> Lemon Ginger
Hasukura -> Tera Melos
Lord Sample Team -> LordST
Corrin -> Johta
SiTuM'parleT'mort -> SiTuM
Victor S. Court -> S. Court
The Ruins of Alpha -> drampa's grandpa
Gastro -> Terrakion. (revert)

page 5

Gastrik -> fourmi
I'm the Batgirl -> Shadow Assault
ItsYaBoi1337 -> Flamestar (revert)
Sugarcult -> Zenobu
dukevesper -> vesper
Fannyfan -> Fanyfan

page 6

Branflakes325 -> branflakes
RedEmptionMc -> RedEmption
Fardin -> Isotonex
AnishSomani -> Anish
Sae Sae -> Sae
Jqded -> Djokra
Lord Esche -> esche
TraceofLife -> Trace
Trace -> Trace [old]

page 7

Klefkwi -> Dream
Dream -> Dream [old]
Heathcliff -> Teclis
Darklatias92 -> Cresselia92
Dundies -> dundies
Infamy -> infamy
Spoof -> DaSpoofy
Mr. Perry -> perry
Allstar -> Abejas
s0me1 b0red -> Blue Lobster
Evanile -> PrincessGardevoir
sassyaccident -> Hacci
littlelucario -> LL
askov -> Askov

Page 8

BPGXMG -> Aldertz
Old_Gregg -> Tonberry King
darktheskrub -> BandedLoom
Shadowtex1 -> BladeofFriendship
Inactive~ -> Inactive
InActive -> InActive [old]
cellgoondude -> Iura
blazenix -> Blazenix
Le teamribou -> Jeffv
Natalie. -> Nat
Nat -> Nat [old]
-Snow -> Snou
Ezio -> hyperbeem
haru. -> Miere
pokemon sparrow -> sparrow
sparrow -> sparrow [old]

Yuga42 -> Pigeons
femen -> azogue

Page 9
Snobalt -> Empress

Simiatic -> Simia
Ninjadog~ -> Ninjadog13
darksylvion -> Sylveon.
omastar -> sergey
jake -> jake [old]
Zebraiken -> Jake
roman -> roman [old]
Romanticist -> roman

SableyeMyBae -> SMB
Alpha-Harpeet -> Harpp
Zenobu -> Zeno
drumstick -> allstarapology
Wob -> Wob [old]
DeathByWobbuffet -> Wob

Page 10

Rafooa11 -> raf
DeltaFlame -> CaffeineBoost
osgoode -> crayon pop
Mega meganium -> WLI
Rico -> Rico [old]
Jasmine -> Rico

ThiccTornadus -> Jord-e
Not Troller -> Heroic Troller
Rwby -> rwby
Lotus Wincon -> Wincon
Eden's Embrace -> eden's embrace
InfernoMonferno -> Inferno Monferno
UBERSkitty -> UberSkitty

Page 11
I'm Rick Astley -> baddummy
Lostallhopedreams -> MMagma
Dom -> Dom [old]
partys over -> dom
Ace 434 -> Whitephoenixace
pwndkthnx -> Pwndkthnx
Haakunite -> Haaku.
Sashuto -> Kamui Master

Jordy -> Jordy [old]
Jord-E -> Jordy

Page 12

MasterAmpharos -> faded love
mang@ tea -> zaaya
Phantomgenius -> Pants
Zygardeorder -> Zyg
YanVictor95 -> OldAmberPlays
MikeDawg -> Demi Lovato
Cubeboyx2 -> lodescent
Ghost Cream -> Decemm
Volcanoheadproduction(yt) -> Counting Sheep
ManectricOP! -> pazza
TheDarkAlakazam -> The Dark Alakazam

Page 13
cbt -> cb aaron judge
The Official Glyx -> Osra
Reigaheres -> Reiga
RR. -> RR
Antgeezy -> Android 18
babidi1998 -> The Grand Babido
VoidPL -> aogalicia
Noblesse Oblige -> Cleo-D
Pinoy Pwnage -> Pinoy

Page 14
Aubisio -> Samoyed
Wascally Wabbit -> itsjustdrew
Isotonex -> Fardin
Russell Bestbrook -> Captain Skywalker
False -> False [old]
false. -> false

Twinmask -> Hubriz
tyrantytar -> zizalith
Marcelinho Rodrigues -> M Rodrigues
Brazilian Army -> Diego Maradona
Lacus Clyne -> Lacus Ichinose
losedude -> Milkshook
BladeofFriendship -> Flame from Heaven

Page 15
Lonely Zard -> Zard97
Skyzuma -> The Amuse
Funkasaurus -> Souf
pork chop man -> ima
Valetta -> valetta
mad0ka -> himeringo
DiegoP -> Chokepic

Page 16
DisguiseBusted! -> Sabbio
Maskun529 -> Maskun
PokeTCG gamer1288 -> robjr
Za Meowdo -> Charmflash
Exploudit -> lyd
ThickFatAzumarill -> Thick Fat Azumarill
Thunder Pwoell -> Thunder Powell
iRebel -> love chants
Eden. -> BM
JonathanXtreme -> Hydreigon Specs
Moon -> Moon [old]
Schaff -> Moon

Page 17
PHILISTEEN ->philisteen
LucarioAidan -> ayedan
Slate. -> slated
Knight1337 -> Kina
Hoàng Trọng Đại Dương -> Professor Tree
yogibears -> yogi
Dibs -> Dibs [old]
Dibs The Dreamer -> dibs
Chaitanya -> Chaitanya [old]
Chaitanya1.9 -> Chaitanya
HNBL -> dhaarma

wyattdev -> comma
MMagma -> Magma
aXl -> Falgaia
PursuitOfHappiny -> poh

Page 18
Sage -> Sage [old]
Sage of the 6 -> Sage
ColinTheComputer -> brzozod526

davidTheMaster -> david dTM
21pichus -> Arushi
Team Pokepals -> TPP
vsomani -> vso
Martha -> Martha [old]
marthaa -> martha

Stepchild -> StepC
D2P2 HD -> Juuno
insult -> Insult
Android 18 -> Antgeezy

Page 19
Virizain -> blood red
TerraWard19 -> RossW
Welli0u -> Kaneki
Kaneki -> Kaneki [old]
ShadowQuinn -> squinn
Autistik -> Tikau
GenZeon -> gz
Cloud9 NxtLvl -> Havens
DawnManeDuskWings -> DMDW

Page 20
TGC Disunited -> TCG United
blackshellbowser -> SynysterCola
Cleo-D -> Noblesse Oblige
Aldertz -> Lux92

Xjckillerx -> jcbc
HQuaze -> Quaze

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N01syBoy -> So Noisy
fouyo4 -> Gweebis
CloudyNatu -> Clouds
Clouds -> Clouds [old]

Cofaiclus -> ragmatho
CoolMan6001 -> reagularman
Abk1997 -> aybekay
DDarken -> Pais
pqs -> akaxi
PrideMustang -> Meliodafu7
Heika -> HKT
Tonda Gossa! -> Tondas
ArtistSmeargle1991 -> JustoonSmitts
Flareon Blitz -> Flare
Flare -> Flare [old]

POP Arthur21 -> Heart Doom

Page 22
Alive Kazumi -> Gu Yun
mxmts -> mx
Perishing Song -> Perish Song
MajecticEspeon -> MajesticEspeon
Miere -> Haru
Haru -> Haru [old]

Vader_the_White -> Lady Vader
Kristoph -> lillyhollow
Azx -> ILoveMilk
Andyboy500 -> Andyboy
DragonKnightMaster -> DKM
DKM -> DKM [old]
Walrein -> Ampharos
Ampharos -> Ampharos [old]

AKX -> wonnered
blalib -> a fruitshop owner

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bla bla fat -> Moltracer
SectoniaServant16 -> SectoniaServant
Lednäh -> HPLMS
Algeria4Ever -> Algeria
Jigger -> FrostyCakes
Elec. -> crusty
MewBby -> Rabia
Ahmed123 -> Gliscorthegoat
Toxic Flips -> Toxic
Toxic -> Toxic [old]

ObamaRainbow -> Baracky
Charmflash -> Jaina
Jaina -> Charmflash
The Excadrill -> maroon
Maroon -> Maroon [old]
Thunder Powell -> Thunder Pwoell
Robert -> Robert [old]
Robert. -> Robert
Instynct -> Olliert

Page 24

Averardo -> Leoshad
Akiko Yosano -> snøfall
WTF THHE STALLS -> Zenithial
Grillo -> Grillo [old]
GrilloF -> Grillo

Mighty Rising Ace -> Ashaebi
Mister Militia -> Ffancrzy
pilz0311 -> PILZ
King Wynaut -> KW
Stan Soojung -> banks
blood red -> Virizain
ZekromFan -> daunt vs

Page 25
AnnaKartanna -> Le Val

christos21 -> Serpico
TheGreninjaWarrior21 -> GW
BeralRed2103 -> Beraldinhoo
Minor=god tier -> BoltBurst
stax -> lady lumps
joltx -> HardcoreNME
1Surgeon -> Surgeon

Magikingdra -> Magii
Akaxi -> pqs
HydraOfLight1255 -> Oathkeepre
The Dark Alakazam -> TDA

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Cynde -> danger zone
Tory vs. Raven VI T -> Tory

MysitclaHaze -> MysticalHaze
Mixing Dat Beat(Respect) -> MDB
Escoffier -> akaFila
Gaerys -> Universe

ZoroWarrior -> BoopToOblivion
ithrowrocksatkids -> JoJoUWU
Sneer -> Scizorphobic

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BlueIvy -> Aishia
Eternam -> Talah
Amphareixon -> Ampha
Steve Angello -> Mahlzeit
nit leu -> Jouca
3017 -> Stoward
Jcpdragonx -> baddjordan
ZstealthrockZ -> Loom
mellowyellowhd -> Mellow
Mellow -> Mellow [Old]

VerlisifySetsSuck -> Ophi0n

Page 28
himeringo-> mad0ka (revert)

MixedTiere -> MixedTiers
Zarif -> Zar
Zar -> Zar [Old]
MartAlvarez -> Mart
Mart -> Mart[Old]

Der Schweinsteiger -> Der Sweitzer
InfernoDragon218 -> InfernoDragon
Jase Duken -> Jase The World
Sellon -> Mimas
MiyoKa -> zolaski
Vai Lusa -> Lusa
Xyiavez -> We

Page 29
lady lumps -> stax (revert)
Yoshizilla315 -> Yoshi
Yoshi -> Yoshi [Old]
DMDW -> Lotus
Lotus -> Lotus [Old]
Serpico -> Christos21 (revert)
Leoshad -> Averardo (revert)
reagularman -> CoolMan6001 (revert)

AFatMudkip -> Starly

Page 30
JoJoUWU -> ithrowrocksatkids (revert)
Sharow-san -> Sharow
sharow -> sharow [Old]

Carmin06 -> Carmin
Yaksok -> Ssalbap
Tikau -> Alumn
Demi Lovato -> MikeDawg (revert)

jedirb -> JediR
Tikitik -> tiki
Tiki -> Tiki [old]

peachycl0uds -> dahli
Marrano -> Micaiah
Micaiah -> Micaiah [old]
StickingGum -> Gum
Gum -> Gum [old]

Devilican -> Ika Ika Musume
GustavoYAY-> Yay
Yay -> Yay [old]
bebo7788 -> Bebo
Bebo -> Bebo [old]

Page 31

mlgstorm -> arenten
TrueGodsLeftUs -> Lasen
loser2017 -> a loser
Dollainthewoods -> Gorfield
HappydaTropa -> Repu
KevinELF -> Kev
Kev -> Kev [old]

Colonel M -> uwu Sith Lord uwu
soviet -> belvin
vivalospride -> Zenin
Zenin -> Zenin [old]

Page 32

wmartinez101-> WMAR
Asuya -> 69 problems
Aalbaniaa -> Ereshkigal
Ereshkigal -> Ereshkigal [Old]
silver99 -> Silver
Silver -> Silver [Old]
Ridley. -> Ridley
Ridley -> Ridley [Old]

Shivershaft -> Netherious
Anime Sans -> RuffletMuffler
Lycanium Z -> Forrce
Lyd -> Locri -> lyd (revert FINAL)
Arrested -> St. Pablo

Page 33
MysticalHaze -> revelations
Holy Break -> Sitonai
bdov -> perfect minun
Fuzzie -> Jewvia
Diego Maradona -> Ahmad Alfatih
LightPinkYoshi -> LPY
Serial Ekiller -> Serial
Serial-> Serial [Old]

LightPinkYoshi -> LPY
leo05051998 -> King Leo V
Hydreigon Specs > hs
Legofigure11 > Lego
LL -> Mannat
Rach -> Rach [old]
SciencePanda -> Rach

Grains of Salt -> Imperator Romanum

Page 34
XxAwesomePlayzxX -> xapx
DatHeatmor -> Spook
Spook -> Spook [old]

Toxeek -> Riccio
willyboy1357 -> Isabaddie
Rage -> Rage [old]
Rageeee -> Rage
Specs -> Specs [old]
Specs Jigglypuff -> Specs
sed -> power
power -> power [old]

James Jimmy -> Spyro Chris
RoyEsk -> royesk
Former Hope -> Former
yashgreninja -> YashGreninja
Magma -> Yami
Yami -> Yami [old]

Page 35
Pinoy -> Haki

Ophi0n -> Ophion
JetOU -> jetou
refsunpersons -> firelit nights
SJMistery -> Tramuntana
SilvioGiovanna -> stableprince569
curiosity -> curi
Dragonmirror27262 -> Dragonmirror
HariyanaGrande1 -> hariyana grande
Samboelrod -> Tic-Tac-Toe Guru

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TM64HoldHands -> JaxLikesSnacks
TDA -> Alakazam
Alakazam -> Alakazam [Old]
Zard97 -> Wizard
Wizard -> Wizard [Old]

DubFreaknakeeb -> Nakeeb
69 problems -> Asuya
Bomber. -> shine on district

The Idiot Ninja -> Amaranth
The Tyranitar -> Tyranical
Ivy -> Ivy [old]
that ivy guy -> Ivy
Jhon -> Charlotte
Charlotte -> Charlotte [Old]

Page 37
Hirl123 -> Hurl
Hurl -> Hurl [Old]

lucariojr -> tofucocoa
AlphaWittem -> Alpha
Alpha -> Alpha [Old]

Newalfonquest -> NEWAL
LeoShakur -> Shakur
Smoochyena-> Wigglytuff
Wigglytuff -> Wigglytuff [Old]

Mr. Abby -> Twilight Solace
Mahlzeit -> Steve Angello
david dTM -> davidTheMaster (revert)

7shoes -> Winkata
Jmash324 -> Jmash

Page 38
Floppy -> gorgie
Marination -> Plimsoll Punks
Yujiii-> Yuji
NicoReaper -> ElectricityCat
blizzardy -> chimp
Eden -> Eden [old]
eden's embrace -> eden

Hockeykid33 -> Hockey1
GuiTheNerd -> Guishark
KnightsOfCydonia -> Panic Station
GarbodorIsHot -> Skarph
Steven Snype -> Andy Snype
Mubs21/Pokesartoolcay -> Pokesartoolcay
Arushi -> pichus
watchingtv -> fart
BrokenPhobias -> BP
Jerry hillenburg -> Jerry the great
HKT -> Heika (revert)

Page 39
Lissandra -> Sethalopod
curi -> curiosity (revert)
Nigel97 -> nigel
Nigel -> Nigel [old]

Chisposo -> guanabara
DBW -> snow
snow -> snow [old]

Rodriblutar -> Bobby Dagen
Tace -> Tace [old]
TaceBreeze -> Tace
Birdy -> Birdy [old]
Awesome96Birdy -> Birdy

MLTZ -> Onyx Burst
Adri989898 -> Adri
Adri -> Adri [Old]

RuffeltMuffler -> Anime Sans (revert)
Gunner Rohan -> Enzo Gorlami
peach -> peach [old]
jumbowhales -> peach

Yuka -> Totomimi
Ztstaffo -> tom holland

Page 40
MistyTrapper -> Wevton
Rey Joya -> Joya
joya -> joya [old]

~Volbeatdown ->glock in my toyota
Zhro -> Asuno
FamousVGC -> Unicorns
firelit nights -> phosphor
bumbadadabum -> Asheviere

Page 41
Professional2341 -> RufflesPro
Thundaaaaa -> Floss
Ulysses -> KSG
Hacci -> Natsuho
RRahman1 -> Guardsweeper
Wanonymous1616 -> Wanony
Tyrell D. Barnes -> Luna Fantasia
TGC United -> Tol
Lord Crucify -> crucify
Fireflame479 -> Fireflame
TheObsoletecomputer -> pastagirl
SilverSoulGuest -> SwitchAxeMonster
JuliusCaesar -> LittEleven
Scary Midget -> Sir Mister
Dan of ares -> Dawn of ares
Vulcaron -> Meri Berry

Page 42
DarkAngeallenq.q -> MorganORNot
Mateeus_1 -> Mateeus
skysolo14 -> Skysolo
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Hello, Hmm. This is embarrassing. But I made a typo while writing my name. Can I change it? I know I'm supposed to have 100 posts but it's literally just a tiny mistake. It was supposed to be JorgeMtzb, the same I use on Showdown.
I understand if it's not possible right now.
And if it is not possible, I was wondering if I could delete my account and make a new one with the correct name, using the same Gmail.

Eien: understandable. done!
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