New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]


formerly Professional2341
"Ruffles" is taken and unnecessary numbers were rejected

So I would like "RufflesPro" still has my previous name. Also, I checked should not be taken I'm pretty sure.

Sorry for the hassle and thanks again

Eien: Done
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Is it possible for me to get the name "Quint"?
It was my previous account which i lost access to years ago.

Or do I need to be a badgeholder first?

Eien: PM me and we can discuss it. Eien#0372 on Discord
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Jerry the great

Banned deucer.
Been a month since I had my name changed
Alright, I have much more than 100 posts and no infractions at the moment so uhh...

May I request a name change from Jerry hillenburg to Jerry the great? People usually refer me as Jerry instead of Jerry hillenburg anyways, and the only reason why this is my name is because it is my name on PS. And since I'd have "formerly Jerry hillenburg" people will know that I am Jerry hillenburg, so I wouldn't have to waste several minutes proving it's me. Thank you moderators, and have a nice day.
Jerry's edit: And besides, that name sounds so much more cool than Jerry hillenburg.

Eien: ok
So may I have a profile unlock?

Eien: done
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formerly Ulysses
Requesting a name change to KSG. Cool idea that I can't take credit for but the G stands for ghost, which is what I go by elsewhere.

Eien: done
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i would like to change my name to "latinstar" since i stopped using THUNDER CEBRA on PS and "latinstar" is my actual username, i checked and couldnt find anyone with that username yet, would also like to have the "formerly THUNDER CEBRA" under my nickname to prevent confusions on tagging and things like that

Eien: no you have an active infraction
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formerly Hacci
I have seen that there is a user with a name similar to the one I was requesting and to avoid confusion if it is not a problem I would like to request a change to another one like "Natsuho" I like it better and I have thought it better. I like names in Japanese and I want to move with this. Nothing else, thank you.

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formerly RRahman1
I'd like to request a name change to Guardsweeper. It is my username in literally everything else and would make things a lot more convenient for me.

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Hi, requesting for my name to be changed to "Wanony". I realised my current name was perhaps a bit too long and distracting a couple of weeks after registering on smogon. I shortened it to "Wanony" on ps! back then and it matches my discord tag too. Most people know me as Wanony nowadays and I would like for my smogon to finally reflect this as well. I checked and it seemed to be free.

Tldr: Wanonymous1616 -> Wanony
Thanks in advance

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i never signed up for your drama club
is a Pre-Contributor
hi, could i get my birthday changed to feb 15 2005? i made this account when i was under 13 lol. ty in advance :)

Eien: done
Wait, you mean I can’t get in trouble now?

Would like to request a birthday change to March 15th 2004 for the same reason.

,_, -- tdp
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req namechange to The if there's any chance of me as a non badge user getting it, Theheheheh if there's not.
i realise that i've already had a namechange, but i think my first name change would go under the "removal of text" option and it's a pain in the ass having separate names for things, i'm not even sure why i did it in the first place
if theheheheh is too spammy Tol is fine, people know me by that on showdown
thanks for your consideration

Eien: given that you're known by Tol, I'll give you that
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Hi, I'd like to change my name to crucify.
When I made my account I thought someone already had the name, which is why I put lord in front of it, but that is not the case.
Also I have the username crucify on p much everything else online and it is much cleaner so yeah.
Thanks in advance!

Eien: done
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ROB main
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Hello. I would like to change my username to just Fireflame

Everyone who knows me refers to me as "Fireflame", not "Fireflame479", and my discord username is Fireflame, and I'd like my Smogon and Discord username to be the same. Also, the numbers at the end of my username don't have that much significance and don't reflect very well how I want to go further with this site in the future.

Eien: done
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Hi, I'd like to change my username to nnw as it is the name I use on Showdown and most of my other accounts (it's also easier for tournaments). And also, I don't really like having my name as a username anymore.

Eien: Hi you don't qualify for the name change, please read our rules for changes.
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I last logged in here six years ago or something and I don't like the name I chose, but I don't have enough (or few enough) posts to request a name change. Should I just register a new account in this situation?

Eien: Hi! Welcome back. Unfortunately, creating alternate accounts for any reason is against our rules. If you get 100 posts, I'd be happy to give you a name change if you post in this thread again.

OP: Eien kthnx
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formerly TheObsoletecomputer
Hello! I've played on and off on showdown for about seven years, and at some point i made an account here even though i was never active on the forums. i'd like to use this account now, but i go by the name "pastagirl" on showdown and pretty much everywhere else nowadays. i'd like to change my username to that. also my birthday should be August 7th, 1997. thanks in advance!

Eien: done
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formerly SilverSoulGuest
Hello! I made this account a few years ago but never really used it. I don't even use this username in PS anymore, so I would like to change it to "
"SwitchAxeMonster". Thank you in advance :D

Eien: done
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it was just wish fulfillment
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profile unlock please thank you

Eien: it has not been a month.
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just know that if you hide it doesn't go away
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namechanged aug 5, give profile unlock please

Eien: done
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Sir Mister

formerly Scary Midget
I'd like to change my Forum name to Sir Mister.
Sir Mister is my main account on PS! since about 8 months ago. I changed to that username when I started getting involved in the community because... well I didn't realise how inappropriate this name was before people told me.
Now I've reached the point where a lot of the 1v1 community knows me as "Sir Mister".

Also "Sir Mister" is a great name, let's be honest.

Eien: done
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I mean, where the fuck should I really even start?
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hello, can I have the v in my name capitalized pls?

avocado --> aVocado

been using it like that for maybe 2 years on PS

Eien: done
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