New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]


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Can I get the name snow it's never been used since it was made and i'm badged now

Eien: It's not clear why you want this name change (I know you still use DBW on PS + you requested a very different name recently too), so I'm gonna reject this one for now. There are a few more factors that we can discuss privately that make me hesitant on it, and we see each other a lot, so feel free to hmu if you want the full explanation and want to talk it out.

Eien: discussed on PS. done
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doing what i probably should have done in the first place and requesting to drop st. from my name to just be pablo.
it's a longshot, but i might as well ask just in the off chance it's accepted but i'd prefer pablo no punctuation, but the account only meets half of the requirements so i understand if not, i'll be fine with pablo.

Eien: no. "pablo" has 4050 posts, which is way, way too many to give you the name. I also don't want to add periods or other weird characters to names, so also no to "pablo.".
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Hi, I'd like to request a name change to the ghost. Since I've returned to activity, I've been known pretty much exclusively as ghost on discord, but "ghost" is an existing account from several years ago, so this seems like the right compromise.

I would also like my birthday changed to June 24th, 1997.
taken unfort

changed your bday--tdp
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requesting a namechange to tace, the account was originally registered by me almost 3 years ago with the intent of shortening this without knowing this thread existed, as the name is generally shorter and easier to identify

given the situation, ya--tdp
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I am requesting a namechange to Birdy. I am more commonly known as that name on Pokemon Showdown, and I am global staff there. It is also much shorter than Awesome96Birdy and more memorable. It was last used in 2011, even though it does have 65 posts.

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I would like to change my name to Onyx Burst

I realize I haven’t hit the post threshold, but I want to more active on the site and I know alt accounts are against the rules. I am asking because it seemed easier to change my name now instead of people getting use to an outdated name then switching real quick.

Lastly, I would like to request a profile change. My birthday should be March 7th, 1996. It currently has the wrong year in it.

this is a valid point and i'll bring it up, gonna leave your name as if for now though to enforce the same rules for everyone
changed your bday--tdp
The 100 posts rule was indeed never meant to block requests like yours; we've discussed it and it has been amended to:
  • you may request a name change ONLY if:
    • you have 100 posts or more total;
    • you have fewer than 10 posts total AND your account is at least 3 years old.
to cover for similar "returning member" cases, I'm changing your name now.


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Hi, I would like to claim the name "Adri". It already exists, but hasn't been used since 2013 and doesn't have any message. This is already the name I have on PS, and as I'm global staff there with that name, I think it would be better for me to have the same here.

Eien: done!
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I’d like to change my name to plat, it’s easier to type out and what I go by one disc

Eien: sorry, you have too few posts. You need 100 to get a name change. Read the OP for the rules
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So my user is my name irl and that leads to misspellings and I usually go by Petuuuhhh on everything else so
old name -> Petuuuhhh
Thank you.

Eien: Ok. Removed identifying information
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Requesting my name be changed back to Anime Sans as this one didn't pick up and I've mostly transitioned back to my old name on discord anyway.

Eien: done
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Requesting a name change to 'Enzo Gorlami'. I have been using my current name for far too long and I want to remove the 'Rohan' aspect of it. Enzo Gorlami starts a new leaf in my POKEMON CAREER™. My comrades have also begun addressing me by this name -- I hope my request is accepted.

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formerly Yuka
Hello, I just found this account by trying old emails with the "forgot my password" feature.
This forum account is from 2011, I now go by Totomimi, which is my pokemon showdown tag.
So if I could keep my smogon account creation date, along with the 'Totomimi' name, that would be great.

If that's too much hassle, I'd understand. Thank you.

yea sure--tdp
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Requesting a name change to Luna Fantasia™

It is the name for which I have been and am currently known on Discord, as well as one of two names used on PS! - the other being UB Pandemonium, created as a means to test teams.

However, I understand the 100-posts threshold was not reached. I would like to be more active on the forums if at all possible, and a name change to something more familiar would be a good start.

would rather you hit 100 posts first yea
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I am requesting to get my name changed to tom holland. I was originally tom holland, but due to large misunderstanding I made that account even though I had an old one by the name of Ztstaffo. This has already been sorted out with mods and my accounts got merged and I am requesting a formal name change now back to tom holland, preferably before the draft date for snake. Thank you.

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I'm requesting to get my nick changed to Wevton. I wanna change because I'm currently using this nick in several others forums, no longer using this old one for nothing. This is the only place this nick's still registered, and I wanna change it.

Eien: just to be clear, you can't have the TM. Is that okay?

Me: Its ok for me, I already edited this.

Eien :done
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