New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

I’d like to request a name change to Asamii or Asami if that is available. I regret changing my name to this due to reasons where I have been addressed as someone who is emo in the past and a few other things that I don’t like as well apart from that issue, it really doesn’t suit well for me one bit. I’m begging you if it is possible to change this name, please it will be my last and final request.

Eien: PM me on Discord Eien#0372. Want to ask a few questions
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can the alt TehPazzaaaMan be banned?

it is an alt of mine that i made when i was 12. it got banned this day 2 years ago. i want to ask for it to be perma banned because now i am coppa legal and will be turning 14 august 18. I also do not like this alt being free because it may raise suspicion of me still having an alt and I do not want to be banned again
Can someone delete or edit a post I made where I put my email? Thanks.

Eien: PM me a link to the post, and I'll be happy to delete it for you.
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glock in my toyota

formerly ~Volbeatdown~
Could I request a name change to "glock in my toyota" (all lowercase plz!)

it's what I go by in other gaming communities, notably melee. I'd appreciate a name change if possible. Thanks in advance!

Eien: done
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I'd like my name changed to 0725899506, then my account banned and if possible deleted such that any messages disappear with it. It has been 6 years since I've posted, but some personal information still shows up associated with this account and I'd rather it didn't. Thanks.

Eien: PMed
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Hi, I would like to change my name to Asuno because everyone calls me with that name and Im not using this anymore

Eien: done
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can I switch back to my old username - '21pichus', but remove the '21' part? so basically I'm requesting a name change to 'pichus', since removing numbers doesnt count as a name change & 'pichus' seems to be available on smogon.

please let me know if this name change is possible, thanks in advance. n_n
edit: I also have the 'pichus' nickname on ps! now.

Eien: long story short, your name change is 21pichus -> Arushi -> pichus. idk what the revert stuff is but that's what I'm going with
unlock my profile pleaseee

Eien: done
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Can I switch my username to Unicorns? I made this name on a whim and I think it sucks. Everyone on PS knows me as Unicorn and they find it confusing.

Eien: done
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I'd like to change my name to "Ma3c" since I'm known with this username in many more communities and this way it's way easier to find me because a lot of people call me by that username.
Thanks in advance:blobthumbsup:

Eien: Hi, you need 100 posts to get a name change.
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it was just wish fulfillment
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Hello, I really regret changing to firelit nights because it's not edgy enough (I am not joking here), I am aware this has a small chance of passing through and that I won't be eligible for a namechange again but this is a change I feel strongly about after thinking about it for a week. I wish to change my name to phosphor which is not taken. Please consider.

Eien: fine but this is your last name change.
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Waiting For Love
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Hello I would like to request a name change to “Joya” because is what my friends call me here and it’s the nick I use in PS. Also I don’t like “Rey Joya” anymore.

Eien: name already taken

Eien: my mistake. done!
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Good, I would like to request please and thank you in advance, if you can change me from Gus2000 to AS Gus It's because that's what all my teammates call me + is my current nickname on PS. In addition, that Gus2000 seems very 2012. Ty :3

Eien: you need 100 posts to get a name change.
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It's been a month if I recall correctly. could you please unlock my profile?

Eien: done
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Can I have the period dropped from my name? I made the original "Drangonn" account before this one by a day I think, and can confirm it hasn't been used since. I used this one because I forgot my password for the other one as well as the password to my throwaway email so yeah. Thanks

Eien: says you made that account 3 months after this one? get a badge, and I'll consider it.
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Would it be possible for me to get my name changed from "Araii" to "Arai" or is 100 posts required for changes like that too? I use this name on mostly everything so would be nice to get the extra i removed.

Eien: yeah please get 100 posts :(
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holy shit the world is literally burning
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requesting a profile unlock, it has been a month

Eien: done
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hey i know this is pedantic as fuck, but requesting a change from "Golden009" to "golden009"; i don't have the capital anywhere else and i personally think it looks better without it


formerly RRahman1
I'd like to request a name change to Guardsweeper. It is my username in literally everything else and would make things a lot more convenient for me.
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formerly Professional2341
Hi "Ruffles" was apparently taken so,

Can I have Ruffles01? If its taken then Ruffles001 and so on. Thank you

Eien: I prefer not to add unnecessary numbers
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Requesting a name change to Luna Fantasia™

It is the name for which I have been and am currently known on Discord, as well as one of two names used on PS! - the other being UB Pandemonium, created as a means to test teams.

However, I understand the 100-posts threshold was not reached. I would like to be more active on the forums if at all possible, and a name change to something more familiar would be a good start.

would rather you hit 100 posts first yea
Threshold reached.

Edit: Would having the name without the ™ be more feasible? After thinking about it, I don't think any user has ™ on their names..

eien is a loser--tdp
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