New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

Good afternoon, I would like to change my name from CyberOdin to CyberOdin✝, the only variant would be ✝, I am a believing person of God and somehow I like to keep it very much in many aspects of my life, even if this is a game, if it is to Being possible would be very helpful to me, thanks.

CyberOdin -----> CyberOdin✝

god bless
- tony
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idk & idc
I'd like to request the nickname Facu (+3 years inactive & less than 10 posts). This one is an abbreviation for Facundo, my real name. By the way, I use this nickname on Discord, Steam etc and it's the name by which I'm known on the interweeb. I meet all the requirements.

Done - Iyarito
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Hello. I'd like to request changing my username from BlackyDucky to bd. Everyone already calls and knows me that way and it's the name I use in Discord, Steam and Showdown itself. Thanks

Done - Iyarito
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Formerly devinn
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requesting name changing to devinn , my infraction has been removed on this very day according to finch so yeah it will be appreciated if this time the name change could be done. Tysm

Done - Iyarito
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requesting a name change to PH. no one calls me phantomhurious and i go by ph anyway. i use it on most sites like disc. also helps for tagging and whatnot since phantomhurious isnt particularly the easiest thing to spell.
also could i get a bday change to 13th september 2003 i was going through the signup process really fast and thought i would be able to change the date manually later. thanks in advance :]


Done - Iyarito
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that introduction
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About time to change from Pokemon are cool-

I'd like to request a namechange to Mubs. I've been using Mubs online for the last 8 years, along with being my discord tag for the last 2 and a half. It's easier to pronounce than Pokesartoolcay, which is a plus. No one owns this account so should be a smooth process.

Done - Iyarito
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I would like to change my name to BisharpTheBishop since I have been using this name for a while, for at least 2 years. It is also the former name of my YT channel, plus it is more comfortable to pronounce instead of ImperialGamer517. Ty in advance!

rejected, active infraction
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49 Days

Formerly Taerim
Well, I will be brief after having been here for more than three years. I would like to change my name to "49 Days", it is my main PS and it has almost the same time. Thank you.

Done - Iyarito
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Formerly Lost Seso
I would like to switch my name to Seso (I'm currently Lost Seso but almost everybody call me only Seso). I'm owner in Español room, Eventos Room, Staff room ofEspañol and global voice, so If you can change that, it'll be awesome, thanks dudes

Done -Iyarito
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Banned deucer.
requesting a change to Mavis, please.

after some recent changes in my life, I'd rather not go by drew anymore in any capacity, and would much prefer Mavis, the name I've gone by for a little while now.

thank you :)

done - kala
been a month (and two days) requesting unlock

Done - Iyarito
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I'd like to change my smogon username to Jayi, started to use this everywhere, disc and showdown, and I've outgrown the whole prank thing. Just checked and, I think, I just managed to pass requirements for this with messages but im not sure though? Also can I have my DOB changed to 25th November 2001 pls along with this

Did both - Iyarito
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I'd like to change my username to MZ. Originally chose Megazard Z because I thought it had good Pokemon aesthetics for a username but I've never had any attachment to Charizard as a Pokemon or the name in general, and this can finally complete the quest to slowly shave down my username as much as possible until it loses all meaning. Have just been going by MZ on discord for years anyway and am also picking up the corresponding PS account (hopefully).

Done - Iyarito
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AV Cosmoem

Formerly supreeee
Requesting name change to AV Cosmoem, this name is really dumb and i go by AV Cosmoem on PS

Done - Iyarito
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