New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

hello, is it possible to get back with "During Summer"? I'll consider "no longer here" as a youthful indiscretion


rejected, too many changes
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requesting name change to Luisin
since I will start playing with that account and everyone calls me Luisin o,o

done - Iyarito
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can I have this account deleted? I've moved on from this site a while ago and don't want this old account sticking around on the internet.

Rejected, PM me if you wanna discuss other options - Iyarito
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Requesting my profile to get unlocked, it's been a month since my name change. Thank you!

Iyarito edit:
naturally, this is a month after the change was carried out, not a month after you posted your request.
Poke me in five days
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User reading this is cute
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Requesting name change to "Jett". I picked my name like 7 years ago on PS and I've outgrown it by now and want something more relatable to right now as she is my favourite character to play in a game not called Pokemon. The Jett account hasn't be on since 2013 and I'm gonna make this universal across multiple platforms .

Done - Iyarito
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I'd like to change my smogon name to Pujolly
I've been using this username on PS for more than a year and got promoted in multiple rooms with that account (% franais, % arcade, + random battles)
There isn't a Pujolly account on smogon, and a name change would make things like tours scheduling much easier.

done - kala
It's been more than a month, requesting unlock my dear mods

Done - Iyarito
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Requesting namechange to “Geysers”
reason: I’ve gone by geyser-related names on PS for a while now, and this name is really dumb lol

Done - Iyarito
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It's an 'i', not 'L'!
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I didnt understand how to change my date of birth
You can't, but you can request it here

you may request birth date and related information to be changed only once;
  • please submit any birth dates in an unambiguous format (e.g. Nov. 12th, 2000, not 11/12/00), we don't know whether your country uses DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY;


Formerly Just Call Me 203
Requesting name change to LLiama.
All my friends and a few communities calls me for that name.

Done - Iyarito
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Fusion Flare

Formerly Datsplashtho
Requesting namechange to Fusion Flare
Pokemon Black was me first ever pokemon game that wasnt showdown, so obvi i got some bias with me, and also because Reshiram is a top 10 for me.

Done - Iyarito
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Id like to change my name to KindaFreshDoe. I made my smogon acc and then changed my name because i didnt like it anymore. I just signed up for AGPL and want people to recognize me. I know i dont meet requirments but i really need this right now. TY in advance

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can i change my name to pj
have alt called pj11 similar to pj

done - kala
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I'd like to request the nickname Facu (+3 years inactive & less than 10 posts). This one is an abbreviation for Facundo, my real name. By the way, I use this nickname on Discord, Steam etc and it's the name by which I'm known on the interweeb. I meet all the requirements.

Done - Iyarito
Requesting a profile unlock (it's been a month)

Done - Iyarito
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hi, i'd like to change my name to Pira since people on many other sites know me for that name. its also my discord nick and people on PS call me like that, thanks

Done - Iyarito
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heey, bit of an odd request here. I got a name change a couple years ago (Mixing dat beat(respect) --> MDB) but i was wondering if this can be classified as a name shortening and I can have a change to Kaitlyn, as it is what I've been p exclusively going by for a month now. I understand if this can't be fulfilled, thanks!

Ok, last change - Iyarito
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