New TPCi VGC Tournament Planner - Chris Brown!


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Neat, I guess? I never heard of the guy.

If it results in more local/regional Video Game tournaments, I'll be a happy Pokemon Trainer.


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I thought you meant Chris Brown the Rihanna beater at first. I'm so glad that is a common name. ._.

Grats to Chris! Sounds like it's well deserved. :>


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First Dave Schwimmer, now Chris Brown lol

Anyway, this should be interesting to see. A fresh new face could be a good thing for VGCs! Looking forward to seeing what he brings this season. Seems like he'll be a great influence from working with MLG. It also seems like he'll be easier to contact which is nice as well.

This looks like some great news :)


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He's introduced himself here and is most likely willing to take comments and questions as long as they're polite and non-inflammatory. Always good to see an organizer take a deeper interest in the grass roots of the community.
The radio was happening to be playing Chris Brown- Yeah 3x
This is great! I can't wait to see what Chris brings upon the Community and to the VGC scene. Congrats!
Shinryu said:
The sad part is that was what I was thinking first as well lol..
Same here!

Anyway, I hope they bring VGC Regionals to some new places, the 7 hour trip to Philly intimidates my parents xD Maybe bring it to Ohio.

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