NU Index and Reservation Thread

Can I ask people who write analyses to post in the GP queue when they're ready to be checked? It's a lot easier for me to keep track of, and not everything ends up on the queue because of this. Also, just posting to say that Meganium is written, somewhere.
Ok, updated.


Don't post that your analyses needs GP checks when they have the Written tag by it. It clearly says so in the OP. Contact a GP member for that.
I'd like to make a mention to Boldore. With Eviolite, its defense caps off at over 500 with Impish/Relaxed nature and 252 defense EVs. it also can take special hits reasonably well for an NFE. It can function in Trick Room well, as this set I made has tanked many even a special attacker.

Trick Room CurseRestalk Boldore
Boldore@ Eviolite/ Relaxed Nature Evs: 200 HP/252 Def/56 Sp. Def
Moves: Curse, Rest, Sleep Talk, Stone Edge/Rock Slide
With eviolite, Boldore's defense is at 509, and that's without any Curse input. In NU, you can switch to any physical attacker and set up curses. Then it's a rinse and repeat of curse, rest and sleep talk, and attack when necessary. Even with 0 Atk investment, after a curse, Boldore reaches 369 attack. This can dent anything that doesn't resist it. Sandstorm support can also beef up Boldore's Special Defense to allow it to make it a mixed tank. With this in mind, please consider allowing me to perform an analysis on Boldore, which can tank better than Gigalith ever can.

I would also like to metion Eviolite Klang. It's defenses are great on both the physical and special side with eviolite, and with passable special attack, a Charge Beam set can be utilized, though it isn't the most potent attacker.

Mixed tank Klang
Klang @ Eviolite Sassy/Calm/Careful nature Evs: 212 HP/148 Def/148 Sp. Def
Special Moveset: Charge Beam, Volt Switch, Flash Cannon, Hidden Power Rock/Flying
Physical Moveset: Shift Gear, Gear Grind, Return, Thunder Wave/Toxic

Since Klang has relatively even defenses, coupled with Eviolite, it can take mixed hits relatively well, except boosted attacks from Lampent, Gurdurr, etc. Since Klang isn't otuspeeding much, it is possible to couple Klang with Trick Room support from Musharna or Banette. Since Klang's only boosting move is Shift Gear, the special moveset will provide better results. Though the physical set has the possibility to cripple attackers, its coverage is poor, with normal and steel type moves are walled by dedicaated physical walls, including Alomomola, Tauros, Throh, Bastiodon, and Probopass. after a Shift Gear, Klang with 0 attack and speed investment reaches 294 attack and 274 speed, which is sufficient to pull off some good attacks. It's just the coverage issue. The special set may take more time to reach potential, as there are pokemon that can take Klang's special attacks very well, it is more reliable in coverage. The pokemon that can ruin Klang's special run are Gardevoir, Regice (though flash cannon needs to be watched), Gothitelle and Cradily. These can be taken out eventually, so patience is required with these sets.

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