NU Index and Reservation Thread

Gen V NU Analysis Index
~Maintained by SuperJOCKE

Read these before reserving an analysis:

-C&C General Information
-C&C Formatting Guide
-Spelling and Grammar Standards

Please read these threads for more information on how to set up your threads and analyses. Any sets posted that lack the requirements for analyses will be locked and may result in an infraction.

Useful links:

-NU Quality Control
-5th Gen GP Queue

Analyses will be categorized as shown below (by status of the content in the analysis):

[Unreserved] - This analysis has not been reserved, so you're free to reserv it.

[Reserved...] - Will be put beside your analysis (in the index) if your analysis has just been reserved and has no work done on it. Placeholder threads are frowned upon, don't post your thread/analysis until it's ready for QC.

[Skeleton....] - Will be put beside your analysis (in the index) if your analysis is in the skeleton format.

[Written......] - Will be put beside your analysis (in the index) if your analysis has been written up (in a detailed and organized fashion).

[Completed] - After your analysis has received the required amount of QC approvals and GP stamps, post here, and I'll change the tag of your analysis to "Completed" which singifies it is done and ready for upload.

Don't post that your analysis needs QC or GP checks if it already has the "Skeleton" or the "Written" tag in the index.

Post here to reserve a Pokemon for a NU analysis, all available Pokemon in the priority list are up for reservation.

I you reserve a Pokemon, you are fully expected to follow through with the whole process, unless you absolutely feel you are not up to the job, or IRL issues come up. If you reserve and then drop a Pokemon for no legimate reason, especially to reserve another Pokemon, your reservations will be stripped and you will be barred from reserving any more until further notice.

If you feel a Pokemon absent from the priority list is viable for NU play, feel free to request it to be put up for reservation. Oglemi or tennisace will then determine if it is good enough for an analysis (examples of this are Cottonee, Tentacool, and Trapinch). If it is determined not to be viable, it will be put on the NFE list, so check that list before you request anything.

[Completed] Absol - TrollFreak
[Completed] Alomomola - Zebraiken
[Completed] Altaria - religiousjedi
[Completed] Amoonguss - Endorfins
[Completed] Ampharos - Endorfins
[Completed] Arbok - Komodo
[Completed] Ariados - shnen
[Completed] Armaldo - waterwarrior
[Completed] Articuno - Santuga
[Completed] Audino - SuperJOCKE
[Completed] Banette - shnen
[Completed] Basculin - Swaggersaurus
[Completed] Bastiodon - Swaggersaurus
[Completed] Beartic - col49
[Completed] Beautifly - Steamroll
[Completed] Beedrill - Swaggersaurus
[Completed] Beheeyem - NatGeo
[Completed] Bellossom - Doorframe
[Completed] Bibarel - Jellicent
[Completed] Braviary - Komodo
[Completed] Butterfree - SilentVerse
[Completed] Cacturne - breh
[Completed] Camerupt - Zebraiken
[Completed] Carnivine - SilentVerse
[Completed] Carracosta - Endorfins
[Reserved...] Charizard - shnen
[Completed] Chatot - Shame That
[Completed] Cherrim - TrollFreak
[Completed] Chimecho - SilentVerse
[Completed] Cinccino - Cherub Agent
[Completed] Clamperl - Omicron
[Completed] Combusken - Badal
[Completed] Corsola - waterwarrior
[Completed] Cottonee - November Blue
[Completed] Cradily - Komodo
[Completed] Cryogonal - Texas Cloverleaf
[Completed] Delcatty - SuperJOCKE
[Completed] Dewgong - Komodo
[Completed] Dodrio - DestinyUnknown
[Completed] Dragonair - BTzz
[Completed] Drifblim - Endorfins
[Completed] Dunsparce - AOPSUser
[Completed] Duosion - Molk
[Skeleton....] Eelektross - Zebraiken
[Completed] Electabuzz - erisia
[Completed] Electrode - BTzz
[Completed] Emboar - NatGeo
[Completed] Emolga - SuperJOCKE
[Completed] Exeggutor - Molk
[Completed] Exploud - Limewire
[Completed] Fearow - dragonuser
[Completed] Flareon - Swaggersaurus
[Completed] Floatzel - sirndpt
[Completed] Fraxure - prem
[Completed] Frillish - Amarillo
[Completed] Gabite - SuperJOCKE
[Completed] Garbodor - New World Order
[Completed] Gardevoir - Endorfins
[Completed] Gigalith - col49
[Completed] Girafarig - Amarillo
[Completed] Glaceon - Alice
[Completed] Glalie - SuperJOCKE
[Completed] Golbat - BTzz
[Completed] Golduck - sirndpt
[Completed] Golem - Amarillo
[Completed] Gorebyss - Zebraiken
[Completed] Gothitelle - SuperJOCKE
[Reserved...] Granbull - NatGeo
[Completed] Grumpig - Molk
[Completed] Gurdurr - November Blue
[Completed] Haunter - November Blue
[Completed] Heatmor - Endorfins
[Completed] Huntail - AccidentalGreed
[Completed] Hypno - ShakeItUp
[Completed] Illumise - Komodo
[Completed] Jumpluff - erisia
[Completed] Jynx - Ice-eyes
[Completed] Kadabra - November Blue
[Completed] Kangaskhan - MikeDecIsHere
[Completed] Kecleon - sirndpt
[Completed] Kingler - Endorfins
[Completed] Lairon - Endorfins
[Completed] Lampent - erisia
[Completed] Lapras - Komodo
[Completed] Leafeon - Karpman
[Completed] Leavanny - Demist
[Completed] Lickilicky - TrollFreak
[Completed] Liepard - TrollFreak
[Completed] Linoone - col49
[Completed] Lopunny - Amarillo
[Reserved...] Ludicolo - tennisace
[Completed] Lumineon - breh
[Completed] Lunatone - Jellicent
[Completed] Luxray - Demist
[Completed] Machoke - breh
[Completed] Magcargo - Doorframe
[Completed] Magmortar - erisia
[Completed] Mantine - shnen
[Completed] Maractus - November Blue
[Completed] Marowak - Jellicent
[Completed] Masquerain - November Blue
[Completed] Mawile - EBeast
[Completed] Meganium - Komodo
[Completed] Metang - Komodo
[Completed] Mightyena - Demist
[Completed] Miltank - November Blue
[Completed] Misdreavus - Zebraiken
[Completed] Monferno - BTzz
[Completed] Mothim - SuperJOCKE
[Completed] Mr. Mime - Thatsjustpeachy
[Completed] Muk - Endorfins
[Completed] Murkrow - MikeDecIsHere
[Completed] Musharna - kokoloko
[Completed] Natu - Omicron
[Completed] Ninjask - AOPSUser
[Completed] Noctowl - SuperJOCKE
[Completed] Octillery - Komodo
[Completed] Omanyte - erisia
[Completed] Parasect - Komodo
[Completed] Pelipper - Cherub Agent
[Completed] Persian - Jellicent
[Completed] Phione - Amarillo
[Completed] Pidgeot - waterwarrior
[Completed] Pikachu - steviestar
[Completed] Piloswine - Santuga
[Completed] Pinsir - Zebraiken
[Completed] Porygon - col49
[Completed] Probopass - Steamroll
[Completed] Purugly - RitterCat
[Completed] Quagsire - Jellicent
[Completed] Raichu - Texas Cloverleaf
[Completed] Rampardos - Jellicent
[Completed] Rapidash - Diana
[Completed] Raticate - sandshrewz
[Completed] Regice - DTC
[Completed] Regigigas - Amarillo
[Completed] Regirock - shnen
[Completed] Relicanth - Engineer Pikachu
[Completed] Rotom-F - November Blue
[Completed] Rotom-S - Zebraiken
[Completed] Samurott - kokoloko
[Completed] Sawk - Zebraiken
[Reserved...] Sawsbuck - tennisace
[Completed] Scraggy - Molk
[Completed] Seadra - erisia
[Completed] Seaking - sandshrewz
[Completed] Seismitoad - MikeDecIsHere
[Completed] Serperior - Zebraiken
[Completed] Seviper - Cherub Agent
[Completed] Shedinja - Texas Cloverleaf
[Completed] Shelgon - complete legitimacy
[Completed] Shiftry - sirndpt
[Completed] Shuckle - Amarillo
[Completed] Simipour - erisia
[Completed] Simisage - Thatsjustpeachy
[Completed] Simisear - November Blue
[Skeleton....] Skuntank - November Blue
[Completed] Slaking - Steven Snype
[Completed] Sneasel - Komodo
[Completed] Solrock - complete legitimacy
[Completed] Stantler - SuperJOCKE
[Completed] Stunfisk - Limewire
[Completed] Sudowoodo - bean1706
[Completed] Sunflora - Jellicent
[Completed] Swalot - Doorframe
[Completed] Swanna - SuperJOCKE
[Completed] Swellow - Zebraiken
[Completed] Swoobat - TrollFreak
[Completed] Tangela - Karpman
[Completed] Tauros - Zebraiken
[Completed] Tentacool - Zebraiken
[Completed] Throh - Jellicent
[Completed] Togetic - waterwarrior
[Completed] Torkoal - shnen
[Completed] Torterra - DTC
[Completed] Trapinch - BTzz
[Completed] Tropius - Komodo
[Completed] Unfezant - waterwarrior
[Completed] Ursaring - Texas Cloverleaf
[Completed] Vanilluxe - tennisace
[Completed] Vespiquen - Jellicent
[Completed] Victreebel - Endorfins
[Completed] Vigoroth - Darkhuaza517
[Completed] Vileplume - steviestar
[Completed] Volbeat - Zebraiken
[Completed] Wailord - Omicron
[Completed] Walrein - Bluecaptain
[Completed] Wartortle - TrollFreak
[Completed] Weezing - DTC
[Completed] Whirlipede - Komodo
[Completed] Whiscash - erisia
[Completed] Wigglytuff - steviestar
[Completed] Wormadam - breh
[Completed] Wormadam-G - Komodo
[Completed] Wormadam-S - Amarillo
[Completed] Wynaut - prem
[Completed] Zangoose - NatGeo
[Completed] Zebstrika - SuperJOCKE
[Completed] Zweilous - Molk

The list below contains the so called "joke" Pokemon. If you want to reserve a Pokemon on this list, follow the instructions in this post. Ditto will be moved to the list above when its Dream World ability is released.

[Completed] Castform - Fatecrashers
[Completed] Delibird - Fatecrashers
[Unreserved] Ditto
[Unreserved] Dustox
[Reserved...] Farfetch'd - Swaggersaurus
[Unreserved] Furret
[Unreserved] Kricketune
[Reserved...] Ledian - Swaggersaurus
[Unreserved] Luvdisc
[Unreserved] Minun
[Unreserved] Pachirisu
[Unreserved] Plusle
[Unreserved] Spinda
[Reserved...] Unown - bojangles
[Unreserved] Watchog

The list below contains NFE Pokemon that's not open for reservation. If you can provide some evidence that one of these Pokemon is viable for NU play, feel free to argue for it. For those NFE Pokemon that have their FE counterpart already in the tier, you must also mention what it can do that its evolution can't.


The list below contains every additional set that have been posted for a Pokemon. Before posting a separate set for an analysis already on site, check this thread to see if it has not been posted and rejected before.

[Completed] Murkrow (Life Orb Attacker) - Omicron
[Completed] Regirock (Offensive Tank) - SuperJOCKE
[Completed] Vigoroth (Stallbreaker) - NatGeo
[Completed] Regirock (Sunny Day Support) - SuperJOCKE
[Completed] Combusken (Special Attacker) - NatGeo
[Completed] Volbeat (Weather Supporter) - Omicron
[Completed] Glaceon (Support) - SuperJOCKE
[Completed] Luxray (Mixed Attacker) - SuperJOCKE
[Completed] Exeggutor (SubSeed) - Zebraiken
[Completed] Whiscash (Substitute + Dragon Dance) - erisia
[Completed] Tangela (Offensive) - Amarillo
[Completed] Luxray (Defensive) - erisia
[Completed] Rapidash (Sunny Day) - col49
[Completed] Floatzel (Mixed Rain Abuser) - shnen
[Skeleton....] Lickilicky (Swords Dance) - shnen
[Completed] Altaria (Choice Specs) - EBeast
[Completed] Cacturne (Swords Dance) - erisia
[Completed] Misdreavus (Nasty Plot) - Django Reinhart
[Skeleton....] Drifblim (Acrobatics) - Django Reinhart

NOTE: You may only reserve up to 2 Pokemon at any time. Only until at least one of those analyses have reached the DONE stage or are near completion (i.e. written and awaiting GP) may you reserve anymore. However, if you are a badgeholder, you may reserve up to 3 Pokemon at any time.

Attention: Please don't edit your posts in this thread at all. It'll help me and whoever else helps me with this thread keep track of who has what and when. Double/triple post if you have to.


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You are limited to reserving 4 analyses, or 3 if you hold analyses in other areas of C&C. Don't stretch yourselves too thin!
I'll take Roselia and Armaldo, I'll try to get skeletons up soon :)

Also, Gardevoir if possible.

EDIT again!: So, after reading your other announcement Oglemi, should we not start until January? I'm a tad confused :/


oh my gosh you found me
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Just a clarification, these 4/3 skeletons all have to get through QC until you can reserve another one. From there you are only allowed 2 at a time.

Please remember, only do as many as you're willing to actually write in the end. I don't want to have to reassign a ton of analyses!

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