NU Index and Reservation Thread

Ok, new reservation rule:

NOTE: You may only reserve up to 2 Pokemon at any time. Only until at least one of those analyses have reached the DONE stage or are near completion (i.e. written and awaiting GP) may you reserve anymore. However, if you are a badgeholder, you may reserve up to 3 Pokemon at any time. But finish up what you have reserved from before the January tier shifts, before reserving a new Pokemon.

Pratically the same as the RU one, but finish up what already have now.

Updated with the above.


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Double posting because the queue has been updated (and cos I do work faster than errybody and the GP team is awesome). Sawk is done, and Misdreavus will be written shortly.

It would also be nice if everyone, and I mean everyone, posted status updates here.

Every day I see threads that have moved into the GP stage or is done altogether, without finding one post in this thread about it.

I say this because I want the index to be up to date. If you're just unsure how the tags work (ask me), just forget, or are too lazy to do it, just take the little time it takes to post "XXX is up/written/done" in this thread (with a link if needed).

(some might say I'm a hypocrite now, since I don't post either, but I have no need to since I maintain this thread. I do it in the UU and RU forums)
Is Magmar up for negotiation?

It hits a higher speed tier than Magmortar, letting it outspeed the death pit that is 80 to 86.

If I can show that it has worth can I write it?
I'm procrastinating a bit on my Analysis because I'm too busy having fun with the great wall of China that is Probopass. Also giving Stantler, Beautifly and Granbull a go since they are somewhat outclassed mons and I just want to see how well they really work and if they could get some new sets (I feel I was a little weak with them).

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