Nuzlocke Challenge

I may not be the best judge since HG is the only game I've Nuzlocked but I didn't find it that bad. Most of my deaths have been from overconfidence or bad luck, and it's not too hard to build a balanced team if you have no repeats. While the first 4 Gyms can be difficult (Bugsy not really unless you didn't start with Cyndaquil and have horrible luck with getting Geodude) they're all doable with fairly common Pokemon (Falkner with Geodude and Mareep, plus Totodile and Cyndaquil can usually power through him if you're careful, Whitney can't touch Geodude, and any normal type with a move good against his ghosts will laugh in Morty's face), and once you get past that it's pretty well easy street until Clair.

That being said, be prepared to grind; one of the biggest things that pisses me off about HG/SS is that they didn't fix the levels, with Pryce being roughly equal to Jasmine (probably because you can do Mahogany Town before heading to the west side, but still), then Clair jumping up a good 6 levels with virtually nothing in between her and Pryce. Then a similar jump from Clair to E4 with similar circumstances, then you breeze through Kanto only to find yourself level 60ish at most with Red in the 80s and the E4 in the high-60s and Lance in the 70s. The only thing they fixed was boosting the Kanto Gym Leaders above Lance (in some cases only just barely), and even then a lot of random trainers are not only below the E4 but just way too low in general (for example, I'd say about half the trainers on the route between Lavender and Fuschia have Pokemon in the 20s when you're in the 50s -_-). Either grinding or very patient abuse of the time system to get rematches with Trainers (and later on Gym Leaders) WILL be necessary for a successful run, count on it.

As for my own challenge, still grinding -_- The only problem with the Gym Leader rematches is that I generally only play on the bus to and from university, so I have no idea what are the times for rematches. One of these days I'll write them all down so I can abuse the system and train quicker but until then gogo snail pace -_-
Thank you for the heads-up, Flamestrike. That's definitely good for me to keep in mind. It sounds like I'll be doing a lot of Victory Road grinding, eh? At least until I get the Gym Leader rematches, which I'll have to be super-careful with. The rules I plan on using are super-brutal, being Moot's rules turned up to 11 with some additions made by me. So this should be fun/horrifying.
Yeah, a good rule of thumb would be to make sure your Pokemon are all the same level as the Gym Leader's strongest, or Lance's strongest for the E4, Lance especially is hard enough without having a level advantage. And thanks ginga, now I just need to find a printer XD


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Lance is MUCH easier if you can nab a Magneton. He resists every move Aerodactyl and the two lower Dragonites have, and OHKOs Gyarados easily if he's faster. The L50 Dragonite and Charizard both have fire moves, and can both be taken care of by Feraligatr or Vaporeon if at a good level and full HP. If you can get past the hump that is Lance, the rest of the game should be more manageable. Grinding becomes much easier in Kanto with you able to rematch gym leaders, and you have access to a multitude of new and better pokemon to build a team with (Snorlax ftw?). I guess one might say HG overall is easy, but the first bout with the E4 can be a huge pain in the ass without being overleveled or having extremely good counters for Lance (which is tough in a Nuzlocke with the restriction of catching the first pokemon you see on any route).
leafgreen Nuzlocke

so i decided to pick a squirtle and named her Roxy. i wanted to catch a mankey so i went up to route 22 only to find....a rattat. i caught it it and named it NOTMANKEY.

after much traveling made it to pewter city where i beat brock and Roxy evolved.

but then youngster ben with his ekans ate NOTMANKEY.

then i caught a female geodude and named her Geochick!

and now im currently at Mt. Moon

party: Roxy(squirtle) lv 18
GeoChick(geodude) lv 18

pokeheaven: NOTMANKEY(Rattata lv 15


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Does anyone know the Gameshark code for truly random encounters on Pokemon FireRed? I did a google search but nothing came up on the first page ]:
Starting my new Nuzlocke today!

The version will be... (drum roll please!!!)....................... YELLOW VERSION!! Lol, This should be fun. >>
[Edit: Yeah, double post. Sorry, was an accident. xD]

Yeehawwww!! Ahhhhh, cold nostalgia pours over me as I see the start screen. ^^ I feel like I'm 10 again. xD

Anyways, I name my character ZOMBEH, and my Rival LEON. (Yeah, I did it again lol)

The game starts out, and I leave the house to try to go into the grass. I am stopped by Prof. Oak. Lol, didn't see that coming...

Then we are attacked by...

A WILD PIKACHU! xD Wonder what he is gonna do with that...?

I follow Oak back to his lab, and He tries to give me an Eevee (SWEET-ACTION!) but Leon decides he wants it instead... (Goodbye to my dreams of a beautiful Flareon... :'[...)

Oak gives me a Pikachu (Tucker, Lv. 5) to make up for it... >> srsly? Oh well...

When I try to leave, Leon suggests a battle... hehehe... bring it. >>

Actually, this was a tough battle. My challenge almost ended with the first battle. xD But, Pikachu pulled through. RNG seems to love me in this game. ;D FINALLY. Lol. Para and crit hax ftw!

After the battle, I leave and head to Viridian, and pick up the package for Oak. I take it back to him, encountering countless Pidgey and Rattata along the way. One Pidgey in particular caught my eye...

LOL, wtf? Lv. 6 Pidgey? wow. Geez. xD

Well, I head back out to Viridian after getting the Pokedex and the Map. I kind of got bored, and kept battling... Ending up at Lv. 9 before I even make it back to Viridian. Lol, grindannnnn'. Anyways, I head up past Viridian to see what I can catch. xD I run into... a Pidgey! ^^

I Paralyze it and then catch it (Jack, Lv. 3). Wewt. :P

Well, sounds like a good stopping point. ^^

Current Team:

-Tucker (Pikachu, Lv. 9)
-Jack (Pidgey, Lv. 3)​

I'll update later!! ^^
Gonna start a Nuzlocke on Emerald.. Should be entertaining.


> Only allowed to catch the first Pokemon on each Route.
> One Pokemon per Route
> No buying Pokeballs of any sort.
> No use of Potions, Revives, Antidotes or any other healing Items
> If a Pokemon Faints, it's now dead and goes into a box named 'Heaven'.

Story type thing should be started soon :)
Here's to hoping for level-balance and a Magnemite!! I'm thinking of starting today. Stay tuned. (:
This. lol Good Luck ^^

Major Update!

I start off by doing some grinding, getting Jack up to Lv. 9 and Tucker to Lv. 10. After that, I head over to face Leon, on the road to the left of Viridian. I OHKO'd his Spearow with Thundershock from Tucker (CritHax xD) and let Jack take on his Eevee. It was an easy battle. ^^

"Or I'm just better than you...?"

When I head back to Viridian, I run into a Nidoran Female. ^^ I catch her (Rachel, Lv. 2) and go on my merry little way.

I'm gonna need her and Double Kick for Brock! ^^ With this in mind, I catch Rachel up to Jack and Tucker (Lv. wise that is) xD

Well, I head to the Viridian Forest, and there I encounter and catch a nice little Caterpie (Bella, Lv. 5)

A good Butterfree never hurt anyone. A Psychic move at Lv. 10 is useful in this game.

Then, I grind Bella to be equal with my other members, evolving her along the way. ^^

Wewt xD Well worth the time.

I make my way through Viridian Forest after I am content with my levels, onward to face Brock!!

It was a hard battle... Bella almost lost to Geodude, but pulled it out in the end, for Onix, I used Rachel, and she Double Kicked away. This was also close, cause I didn't notice Onix had used Bide, and I got Onix all the way down to around 3HP. Then it hit me full force, but Rachel withstood the hit, and KO'd it. xD awesome!

Sweet! First badge, and I haven't lost a member yet!

After getting the badge, I continued my journey towards Mt. Moon. I always had a bit of trouble in Mt. Moon as a child, because of underleveling. I now know how to get through there fairly easily... grind baby. xD But, sadly, on the way to Mt. Moon, I lost Rachel to that darn Jigglypuff. >>

Stupid overleveled fluffball. >>

In the grass right beside the Jigglypuff trainer, I capture a replacement for Rachel...

Mankey! (Bruce, Lv. 8)

Also, somewhere along in there (while grinding a bit) Jack evolves!

Oh yess. ^^ This'll do nicely ;D

I head into Mt. Moon after achieving a sufficient level with my 'Mons.

As soon as I step into the cave, I encounter and catch a Sandshrew (Monte, Lv. 12)

This team is certainly starting to pan out pretty great. ^^

Well, since I have acquired two more team members, I'll catch them (and Bella) up to Tucker and Jack. This should be fun!! xD

Well, I guess this is where I'll stop for now. Stay tuned!

Current Team:

-Tucker (Pikachu, Lv. 19)
-Jack (Pidgeotto, Lv. 18)
-Bella (Butterfree, Lv. 14)
-Bruce (Mankey, Lv. 10)
-Monte (Sandshrew, Lv. 12)

-Rachel (Nidoran Female, Lvs. 2-13)

Is this even possible? Never, ever seen a L6 ANYTHING on those routes...weird. More exp!
Actually, while grinding there later, I ran into a Lv. 7 Pidgey. Idk how that's possible. I meant to screen shot it, but I forgot. Maybe it's like this in Yellow cause you have a Pikachu as your starter. Even a Lv. 7 Pidgey falls pretty easily to a Lv. 5 Pikachu.

That's just my reasoning... lol
Thank you, Zombeh. Good luck to you too!! I love that you named your Rival Leon. XD

Time to kick this off!!


• If a Pokemon faints, it must be released upon reaching the next PC. If my entire team faints, they all must be released. When I am out of Pokemon, I must restart. If an HM user faints, I cannot use that move from that point forward, unless another Pokemon learns it. If I'm trapped, I must restart.

• I may only capture the first Pokemon I encounter in an area. If I K.O. it, it flees, I don't have Pokeballs, etc; tough shit. This applies for even when I haven't acquired my first Pokeballs. All Pokemon must be nicknamed.

• I may only obtain up to three Pokemon before earning my first badge. I may obtain another three Pokemon for each badge I acquire, for a total of twenty-seven Pokemon (if a Pokemon is released due to fainting, a substitute may not be caught). The only Gift Pokemon allowed is my Starter, and counts toward each total.

• Only two Pokemon on my Team may share the same type. No other Pokemon on my Team may share types with either or with each other. (E.g. If I have an Alakazam and a Starmie on my Team, I cannot have any other Psychic- or Water-types on my Team AND my other Pokemon may not have matching typings to one another).

• No items aside from the following: Pokeballs (and their variants), TM's, Key Items, HM's. This means no held items. Items may not be purchased.

• Pokemon Centres are my only means of healing. But not within a Gym or an Event.

• Trainers are mandatory. Running from Wild Pokemon is prohibited. Legendaries must be slain.

• No Day-Care.

• No hatching Eggs.

• Battle style is "Set".

• No resetting.

I just started. I'll post an update after Violet City. (:
Thank you, Daiko. :D

I just reached Violet City. That means one thing:

My Trainer name is Crit. I was feeling obvious; don't judge me!!

I chose a wonderful Quirky Chikorita for my starter. I named him Forest. Strong Willed, so probably a good Sp. Def. (:

Leaving New Bark Town, I encountered two Pidgeys. No Pokemon for Route 29. Bummer. Managed to get to Cherrygrove with 5 HP left; already cutting it fairly close. Probably not a good sign of things to come. Healed up and grinded my way to Lv. 9.

I encountered my first Weedle in my first patch of grass leaving Cherrygrove. My exact words? "Oh, shit."

No poisoning for me!! Ran into one more Weedle before Mr. Pokemon's house; still no poison!! That changed on the return trip. Luckily, it happened in the last patch of grass I had to make it through before hopping back to Cherrygrove. Auto-recovery said "Poison no more!!", and I made it to the Pokemon Centre. Whew.

My Rival went down like a sweet muffin. His name happened to be Hax. Convenient... Crit defeating Hax. ;D

Made it back to New Bark unscathed, and got my first Pokeballs!! No Pokemon for Routes 29 or 30. That's okay, because that's what I have Route 46 for. I captured a Rattata through Poison-stalling. I named him Bubonic; too bad he's Modest!! Trained him outside Cherrygrove until he reached Lv. 7. Time to fight my way to Violet City!!

Smooth sailing, up until the end. The Youngsters and the first Bug Catcher fell quickly and easily to my mad skills. And slight over-levelling. However...

A fucking Weedle hit Forest with Poison Sting in the grass outside Dark Cave. Bitch-made Poisoning.

Bubonic fought the last Bug Catcher tooth and nail, coming out victorious. Encountered one more Weedle on my way out of the grass; Violet was in sight!! He survived the fight, and I made it to Violet City fully intact!! I have one more Pokemon available to me before taking on Falkner; time to heal up and pray for a Mareep. If not, off to Dark Cave for Geodude or Zubat!!

Forest (Lv. 11 Chikorita; 1 HP)
Bubonic (Lv. 8 Rattata; 5 HP)

So far the MVP is... Poison recovery!! Without it, Forest would've been shipped off to the chipper by now. I figure 1 HP being left after being Poisoned is tricky enough without throwing in that it's an auto-faint. Especially since I can't run from Wild Pokemon.

Next update coming up after the Gym. :D


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Yikes Critical, you made yours even harder than I did. Some advice for what you should be extra prepared for:

Rival Battles (especially in Azalea)

Make sure you consult a guide or something to remind yourself of what attacks their pokemon have before you face them. These battles are not difficult if you prepare for them, but if you don't then you can easily have your whole team wiped out. GLHF!

PS I'm doing a mono type Normal challenge in HG. Should I post a thread?
Here we go..

Part 1 - New Beginnings


...Skipping through the generic Name Calling part, (Called myself Aaron.. Male of course), we get out the Truck, talk to our 'Mom' and set the clock..

We introduce ourselves to May's mum and then meet May.. In her Bedroom.. Right beside her bed.. But we leave before May can get too interested, so Pokemon remains a game for children.. (Yeah, Yeah, Sad face and all that)

Moving onwards we save Prof. Birch from a Zigzagoon with Rabies.. Anyways, he tells us to kill the thing, so we have to make our choice of Mudkip, Treecko or Torchic..

In the end we chose Mudkip (Male, Nickname: so i herd) and started slaughtering this poor furry creature.. In the end 'so i herd' came out on top, and Zigzagoon was lying still..

After travelling about a bit and hunting the poor woodland creatures, we travelled through Oldale town and ended up on Route 103 and met May.

(A little overleveled are we?)

2 hits from Tackle later and May is crying over the body of her Treecko and telling us to meet her back in her Dad's lab..

Moving on, we got our Pokedex, 5 Pokeballs and the Running shoes, from Prof. Birch, May and Mom respectively.

Now we can head onto Route 102, so we move into the grassy area and pray for the best on our First Encounter, and it seems Arceus was listening, because straight off we run into..

(Hell Yeah!!)

2 Mud Slaps and a Pokeball later and..

..Gallade the Ralts has joined our team, deciding to do some training with Raltsbefore crashing for the night.. (Literally.. Lucky I saved!)
@Waterbomb: Yes, you def should. that would be interesting to read xD

@Daiko: Great start ^^ btw, some things to lookout for:

that's it I think. xD oh, get a Zigzagoon, cause Pickup is broken in Emerald, and you get some nice stuff. (Rare Candies, Great Balls) xD
@Waterbomb: Yes, you def should. that would be interesting to read xD

@Daiko: Great start ^^ btw, some things to lookout for:

that's it I think. xD oh, get a Zigzagoon, cause Pickup is broken in Emerald, and you get some nice stuff. (Rare Candies, Great Balls) xD

Watson has been a pain in the ass ever since I played the 3rd Gen, so I am planning ahead for him already :P

Winona has never given me troubles.. But I'll keep her in mind.

Thanks for the Compliment :)
@Daiko: Just make sure to have a strong Electric or Ice Pokemon, cause her Altaria wrecked my Ruby Nuzlocke. Swept my team after a Dragon Dance.
Daiko, you doing Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire? Either way, congrats on getting a Ralts. :> I got a Ralts for my Emerald Nuzlocke (which I really need to finish). Picked Treecko instead though.

Looking forward to seeing what else you get.

Still haven't beaten Brawly yet. >_>

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