Nuzlocke Challenge

@Daiko: Just make sure to have a strong Electric or Ice Pokemon, cause her Altaria wrecked my Ruby Nuzlocke. Swept my team after a Dragon Dance.
Yeah, Altaria may actually be a problem.. I'm just worried about Drake to be honest!

Daiko, you doing Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire? Either way, congrats on getting a Ralts. :> I got a Ralts for my Emerald Nuzlocke (which I really need to finish). Picked Treecko instead though.

Looking forward to seeing what else you get.

Still haven't beaten Brawly yet. >_>
Doing Emerald :)
Part 2 - Wally, you are just too pro!

A new day, and we take on the Trainers in our way while moving towards Petalburg. We reach Petalburg, go to the Gym and talk to our Dad! Wally comes racing in, get to borrow Dad's Zigzagoon and then takes up with him to go catch his first Pokemon.. (This should be eventful!)

Well Wally decides that he wants to do some damage and then he makes the switch to the ultimate Pokemon! Himself!!! He then proceeds to catch his Pokemon. (Which happened to be a Ralts!)

Skipping back to the Gym, our Dad tells us to go get Gym Badges, and he'll battle us when we have 4! So looks like we're of to take that challenge!

Trying to leave town and some fat guy with a Flora Shirt and Sunglasses comes charging up behind us and calls us a rookie.. He leaves just after he introduces himself.. (Scott)

We take a quick backtrack to Route 103 and hope to see our first Pokemon there (Haven't seen anything there whatsoever) and find us a Zigzagoon (Hoping for Wingull, but Pickup Ziggy is okay too)

After training our party to Level 12 each, Petalburg Woods now seems a walk in the park!

2 seconds after entering..

Wurmple used Poison Sting!
Gallade is Poisoned!
Got away Safely! (No we didn't... Ralts will be lucky to survive!!)

Luckily, we made it with 5HP to spare, so we didn't have to mourn my first loss!!

Aaron vs Petalburg Woods - Round Two! - FIGHT

So straight off we rush in with Scavenger the Zigzagoon and Headbutt our way through! (Phew!!)

(We also meet Team Aqua here harrasing some poor guy, but that was too easy a fight!)

Petalburg Woods 0 - Aaron 1

Anyways, out of Petalburg, so i herd decided to take out the first trainer... And only just survives with 1 HP!!!

So as Gallade and Scavenger take over, we arrive in Rustboro and prepare for the Gym Battle!

(1 Nincada catch and a bit of Training later)

Lv 15 Ralts (Gallade)
Lv 14 Zigzagoon (Scavenger)
Lv 14 Mudkip (so i herd)
Lv 7 Nincada (Snips)


Part 3 - Highway Robbery

Gym Battle time!

Entering the gym and sweeping the Trainers with so i herd, we come to Roxanne..

so i herd vs Geodude

so i herd used Water Gun!
It's Super Effective
The Foe's Geodude Died

so i herd vs Geodude

so i herd used Water Gun!
It's Super Effective
The Foe's Geodude Died

so i herd vs Nosepass

so i herd used Water Gun!
It's Super Effective
The Foe's Nosepass used Rock Tomb

so i herd used Water Gun!
It's Super Effective
The Foe's Nosepass used Rock Tomb

Come back, so i herd!

Go, Gallade!

The Foe's Nosepass used Rock Tomb

Gallade used Confusion
The Foe's Nosepass Died!

Roxanne mourning the loss of her Nosepass, handed over the Badge! (Epic Victory Pose)

Leaving the Gym, we get to see some action as a Team Aqua Grunt sprints past getting chased by the guy from Petalburg!

Healing up, we follow them and get asked to get the guy's goods back, so off we go!
Heading onwards we meet some old guy who has a fetish for his Peeko... He asks us to get his one true love back from Aqua and leaves us with the classic 'Wrooooooooooooaaaaaaarrr Peeko!!' line!

Heading into the Rusturf Tunnel, we see the guy standing there with a Wingull.. Moving over to him, we battle and sorta destroy his Poochyena.. (Those things have to be near extinction at the rate we're killing them off.. Now that we have Peeko and the Goods, the old guy comes in and tells us he is Mr. Briney, the Sailor who owns the boat outside of Petalburg!

So after that delightful piece of info we head back to the dude from Petalburg and give him the goods, and he magically teleports us to Devon Corp..

He introduces us to the President after asking us to deliver the goods to Slateport and the President asks us to give his son a letter... But it's all good when he gives us a PokeNav, so he's forgiven! As we leave, we get rushed by a Scientist who adds the MatchCall feature to the PokeNav which allows us to get people's numbers.. (Now where's May!)

Trying to leave town to get to Mr. Briney's, we meet none other than May, who gives us her Number, (She wants him!) and then challenges us to an optional battle.. (Inorite?)

She leads off with Wingull (Torkoal if you chose Torchic and Lotad if you chose Treecko) and it falls to Zigzagoon who levels up and Treecko nearly wipes Zigzagoon out (Crits...)

Zigzagoon Lv 15, (Scavenger)
Mudkip Lv 15, (so i herd)
Ralts Lv 15, (Gallade)
Nincada Lv 7, (Snips)

Suuuuuure you are...

Wally used Epic Fail!
Thanks, WaterBomb!! Yeah, I like a good challenge. So far, I've almost bit it twice. I'm pretty worried about Morty, Chuck & Clair. I'm not too worried about my Rival, though. I'll find out if it's merely over-confidence on my part, or if the battle's as easy as I think it will be after posting this update. Wish me luck. (:

My journey down to Route 32 yielded... A RATTATA!! I put him out of his (and my) misery. Rock Cave proved a solid second-choice, though, giving me the Geodude I needed. I named her Geochick, 'cause calling a girl "dude" is just plain awkward. She's a Sassy little thing. I trained around Dark Cave & Route 32 until Bubonic & Geochick reached 10 and Forest reached 13. Time for the Sprout Tower. :D

Ran into a wild Gastly. Would've easily been a part of my Team, except for having already obtained three Pokemon and no Gym Badge. Oh well. Bubonic switched out, Forest killed it, Bubonic hit 11 & learned Bite. No more switching. (:

Bubonic and Forest killed many, many of the puny Bellsprouts that gave this tower it's name; Geodude handled the Hoot-Hoots, and did some levelling of his own; learning Rock Throw after defeating the Elder.

The next task was simple: destroy Falkner. Geochick rocked the Gym Trainers (aside from the second Trainer's Pidgeys, in an effort to save HP for fighting Falkner. Bubonic craftily took them out, leaving the Spearow for Geochick). Falkner mentioned people talking about how easy it was to clip a bird's wings with Electricity... But what about...

Killing two birds with one stone?

Pidgey used Sand-Attack, Rock Throw hit. OHKO. Pidgeotto used Gust, Rock Throw hit. 50% HP for him, a little over that for me. From that point forward, it turned into an ugly Roost-stall. Roost, Rock Throw, Roost, Rock Throw, Gust, Rock Throw, Roost, etc. Until he got greedy...

Pidgeotto used Roost!!
Geochick used Rock Throw!! Geochick's attack missed!!
Pidgeotto used Gust!!
Geochick used Rock Throw!! (x1.5 Damage)
Pidgeotto used Gust!! (This is the move that doomed him.)
Geochick used Rock Throw!! Critical hit!! It's super-effective!! (x6 Damage!!)
Pidgeotto fainted!!

And with that, victory was mine. Geochick survived with 8 HP left. One down, seven to go.

After healing & boxing the Mystery Egg, I head down Route 32; leaving a trail of broken Trainers and fallen Wild Pokemon in my wake. Union Cave turned up an Onix. Too bad that as cool as he is, he sucks and is not worth one of my precious Pokeballs, much less a spot on my team.

Chikorita evolved, and the trek to Azelea became that much easier. Pokemon aren't scary when you've got strong Pokemon with you. I heard some commotion outside of a well, of all places, on my way into town. A good Samaritan was standing guard; apparently some guy wanted to go DOWN the well. Pfft!! How ridiculous!!

My team is well-rested, and I'm ready to go!!

Forest (Lv. 16 Bayleef)
Bubonic (Lv. 12 Rattata)
Geochick (Lv. 17 Geodude)

Kurt shoved me out of his way after I asked about his ball-making service. How rude!! He was muttering something about that well. Is everyone around here crazy? Going down a well is an easy way to do something stupid, like say, fall and hurt your back. Chuckling at such an idea, I make my way down the well, only to see Kurt waiting at the bottom... On his back. It appears as though he's fallen and cannot get up. I guess it's up to me to see what's going on.

Walking into the cave (Seriously? A well with a cavern? This has always bugged me.), I see a bunch of guys standing around. From what I gathered from Kurt's ramblings, they must be the cause of all the commotion. As I walk up to one of them to ask what's going on, he attacks me!! Okay, we'll play it your way. Bubonic wipes them all out, save for Proton. Geochick ripped him a new one, and we sent them on their way.

Kurt tells me NOW he's willing to help me. All it took was for me to save their precious well. Ugh. Whatever. Heeeere's Hax!!

Bubonic om-noms Gastly, before Geochick goes on to crush his Quilava and Zubat. I heal up, and proceed to the Gym!! Bubonic speeds through the Gym, leaving the crumpled bodies of their Pokemon strewn about the floor. A Paras leaves him paralyzed with only 5 HP, but I don't want Geochick taking damage before I reach Bugsy; Go Forest!! Forest falls victim to paralysis as well, just barely getting the kill with 1 HP left. Now there's just Bugsy and my Geodude left. I'm adamant about making it out of this with all of my Pokemon alive. No pressure, Geo!!

Scyther used Focus Energy!!
Geochick used Rock Throw!! It's super-effective!! (x6 Damage!!)
Scyther fainted!!

Metapod and Kakuna, needless to say, didn't last long against Geochick. Two badges down, six to go. (:

After defeating Bugsy, I captured a Relaxed Ekans on Route 33; her name's Medusa. Slowpoke Well gave me it's namesake to add to my Team; I think he'll come in handy, especially being Calm-natured. I named him Mollassas. :D

After some grinding, I'll be off to Goldenrod!!

Forest (Lv. 16 Bayleef)
Bubonic (Lv. 16 Rattata)
Geochick (Lv. 20 Geodude)
Medusa (Lv. 10 Ekans)
Mollassas (Lv. 7 Slowpoke)


It's all coming back to me now
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well I finally started my HG nuzlocke (dedicated to Rediamond) and this playthrough and I have a love/hate relationship.

For example I was facing a Nidoran (Male) with my Rocky (Onix). I outsped and hit it with Tackle while it double kicked me. I survived and knew that I would KO next turn AND could survive a second double kick as well. Unfortunately The Nidoran outsped (FUCK Speed ties) and then got a CRIT double kick KO'ing Rocky (my first casualty incidentally). Guttered since that was probs going to crush both Bugsy AND Whitney. Plus it had solo'ed Falkners Pidgeotto at level 9 (granted with only 3 health left) so it was a fucking beast. ON the other hand before entering the slowpoke well I went to Ilex Forrest and found a Paras first go (Spore yes please). And it had Dry Skin :). Also my Mareep got poisoned by a Koffing with a Smog attack in Union Cave. Close to death I realised that it might not make it. However it gained a level just in time evolving and (thus gaining more health) and I managed to get it to the pokemon centre with 2 health to spare.

I don't have a plot in mind so ill wing it as usual and provide detailed acounts if close matchs etc etc. Expect an update soon-ish
runnin' two nuzlockes right now

first is silver -- i'm in goldenrod preparing to face whitney. i have Aaron the Quilava, Enrico the Zubat, Aurelius the Togepi, Nick the Gastly, Jack the Beedrill, and Kerouac the Hoppip. I also have a Magikarp and a Rattata in the box. so far my only casualty has been Cobain the Rattata to a goddamn critical hit :(

i'm also running emerald alongside a friend's fire red. got Henry the Torchick, Ambrosias (goddamn misspelling) the Poochyena, Cohen the Lombre, Boe the Poochyena, Guy the Poochyena (I find a lot of Poochyenas), and a beautifly named something (i was tired when i caught it/leveled it this morning). I'm right outside of the tunnel where you save that guy's wingull.

sadly lombre is my most promising pokemon other than torchic
I recently started a Nuzlocke challenge on my Emerald, and while I wish I could have awesome stories, with exams coming up, it's not my priority.

So here's my team so far (Just before the Rustboro gym). No one's fainted... yet.
Level 18 Combusken
Level 10 Poochyena
Level 10 Dustox
Level 6 Whismur
Level 6 Taillow
Level 5 Cascoon

Level 4 Wingull

And here's my rules:
If a Pokemon faints, it goes in the PC box 'Heaven' for good
I may only catch the first Pokemon encountered on the route
Nicknames, battle style set, no trading/day care
I may only buy items from Pokemarts in towns in which I have beaten the gym

-My Pokemart rule has proven itself annoying so far, as I don't quite have my first badge...

But I've had some annoying moments...
On route 102, the first Pokemon I saw was a Poochyena, and the next two were Ralts...
In the Petalburg Forest, the first Pokemon I saw was a Cascoon, and the next two were Shroomish...
I saw a Poochyena on Route 103 while looking for my rival...
EDIT: My Taillow almost died... it got hit by a level 7 Poochyena's +1 Crit Tackle... and survived with 1 HP. I freaked out. Time to be cautious about crits... reeeeeally cautious.

But the challenge has proven to be really fun so far! :D
Hi my name is Juukka and this is my

Nuzlocke Challenge!

It's also my first, and since I'll be leaving my home country soon and living abroad for three months starting in February, likely my only entry. But I figured this would be fun to try and challenge myself with Pokemon.

There won't be a lot of story elements because I don't have time nor the ability to take screens (any ROMs I've tried will not save on my Mac), so it'll just be a basic Nuzlocke presentation, but I'll share some of my trials and tribulations along the way.

Here are my ground rules:
-If a Pokemon dies, it is released
-I cannot use healing items in battle, cannot use any status healers
-Can buy 1 potion OR 1 Pokeball the first time I visit a Mart
-Can only catch the first Pokemon I see on each route
-Can only use a revive if I pick one up (Pickup ability does not count) and a Pokemon faints after I have a revive (so if they die before, too bad)

My journey begins with this little guy:


Treecko was my original starter when I first played the game in 2003, and I figured he was the best choice for my first dangerous foray into the world of Nuzlocke.

At the moment, I just beat Roxanne in Rustboro and am heading off to take on Brawly soon.

So far the journey hasn't been too strenuous. I've had a few close calls with all of my team members, but for the most part anyone crucial has survived.

Here is my team:

Teemu LV16

Jarri LV13

Pekka LV12

Leo LV8

Oskar the Wurmple


Lylli LV11

I did have to learn a hard lesson while raising my first Whismur, Lylli. I locked it into Uproar as it scored a KO, only to have the trainer revenge it with Machop... Luckily though I went into the cave east of Rustboro and the first Pokemon I saw was a Whismur, so everything worked out (though having to release a fallen friend was very hard).

One thing I love about this challenge is that it forces you to think about every fight and take every battle seriously. One mistake costs you a friend. However, it'll make victory that much sweeter. Wish me luck and good luck to everyone else who is Nuzlocking right now!


It's all coming back to me now
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So yeah my day usually starts with my mum barging in and whinging about something. My room, friends, state of my underwear, whatever. Anyway today was different (apart from the needless whinging and stuff). Apparently some old geezer wants me for something. Great. I rock off to his basement and he shows me his balls, (Pokeballs guys don’t get excited). Anyway I pick one and this green thing with a leaf on its head pops out. I name it Sunbeam and yeah yeah I don’t know what I was thinking either. Also I met this chick with the sugar high Marril. I mean seriously that thing looks drugged up on something. Anyway Sunbeam is pretty cool. It mowed down pokemon left right and centre and when I came across this Red headed dick I beat the shit otta him and moved on. Sunbeam helped too. I rocked on to Violet City and caught a Bellsprout (Bells) and Rattata (Nip). Bells sucked so I traded him for an Onix named Rocky which, to be fair, was a decent nickname. I picked up a Mareep too which I named Shock.

Falkner was some retard with no pokemon so he used his Dads instead. Cheapskate. Anyway Shock took down Pidgy and then Rocky proved he the man by flinging Rocks at Pidgeotto till it went down. Got my badge and moved on catching a Poliwag which I named Ripple using a rod that looked fucking prehistoric. Oh well you get what you pay for I guess. Rocky got screwed over by a fucking Nidoran go I kicked the guy in the gut and walked on. Caught a Sandshrew in Union Cave (Sandy) to make up for numbers. Oh and that random egg hatched into something like a smaller egg. I named it Spike and threw it around a bit. Guess that thing had a warped sense of humor and it liked getting dropped on its head cause it got really happy and learned some sweet moves like err…. Charm. Fuck that thing is going to be a killing machine. Anyway I kicked out some emo guys that wore black. They had style, I’ll give them that, but apparently they were too elite for dropkicks like me to join so fuck them I guess. I even caught a slowpoke (Sloth) for them too but whatever im guess im stuck with it for now. Its kinda funny though since I can kick it and like 10 seconds later shows a reaction. Never gets old.

I faced off against this nerd named Bugsy. Things were looking grim when Shock went toe to toe with his Scyther. I knew that U-Turn would do about half and that Thundershock was a 3KO. However I had a Reflect up so it was all good. Unfortunately after thunderwaveing the thing it Leered me twice so I was waaay up a creek. I needed to land 2 thundershocks hoping Scyther would not U-Turn its ass on me. So…..

Shock used Thundershock… It’s a Critical Hit!


Bugsy gets owned and I get my second badge.

I caught a Paras in that huge Forest and named the poor guy Truffles. I also met this hot chick lost in the forest. I was keen to “accidently” point her in the wrong direction so I could spend some quality time alone with her but no such luck. That fucking egg head Spike pointed her in the correct way out and she buggered off without me. Went to Goldenrod and Lyra gave me her phone number. Either she thinks im hot stuff or she had whatever her Marril was smoking.

I went to Whitney and raced through her Gym. The leader herself was pretty annoying so I stalled out her ass with Sunbeam after paralysing it with Shocks Thunder Wave. Caught a Venonat in that bug catching contest and while I was hoping for a Pinser, Butterfree or Scyther I guess anything is better than Weedle. Oh and Spike evolved too. I caught a Sudowoodo and Name it Teak. Then I went to Ecruteak and saw Bill. Also I went into the dance threater saw the love of my life again. One of those emo guys was picking on her. He asked for a fight so Sunbeam sorted him out and he buggered off. I would have liked a lap dance in return but instead I got HM Surf for my trouble. Whatever. I faced down Morty and things did not go so well. Shock fel to a random trainer with a Haunter that used Curse + Mean Look + Confuse Ray. I took out that Haunter but Curse activated the moment I KO’ed it so Shock died. Guttered. Then I faced Morty. Truffles the Paras fell to Mortys Gengar before Spikes turned the tables on Morty by putting it to Sleep and then KO’ing it and the rest of his team. With the Badge mine I went on a huge grind. I got Spike up to Level 28 even till I saw somebody post on saying all those Normal and Flying types suck so… yea. I went back to the Ruins since I had yet to get a pokemon there. I was really hoping to get a Natu and..


Natu used Teleport!


Since it teleported I get another look and instead I get a useless Smeagle. It sketched Wish from Spike though so its not all bad. I named it Leon. Anyway I went back to BiIl and got a female Eevee which I named Jess. I was kinda annoyed since I wanted a guy but then I had one of those awesome brainwaves. I had a double battle and managed to get Leon to sketch Curse from Sloth. (though I had to paralyse Leon to make Sloth Faster). I put Leon and Eevee together and boom. I got a Male one. Also Eevee picked up Wish + Curse as well so…bonus! Named the new Eevee Shadow (guess what its gonna be!) and buried Jess (who had died from violent anal sex) which I guess might have been a result of Leon reading too much of SANDS Mafia. Anyway I did a LOT more grinding then took a break.


Sunbeam Lv 27
Ripple Lv 25
Teak Lv 24
NightMoth Lv 23
Sloth Lv 22
Shadow Lv 15

Nip Lv 14
Sandy Lv 12
Spike Lv 28


Rocky Lv 12
Truffles Lv 21
Shock Lv 27 (yeah I over levelled it for Morty and it STILL died)

I swear this game in trolling me soo fucking hard. I never even knew that Natu could even learn Teleport…

EDIT thinking of naming some pokemon after you guys since I suck for names


It's all coming back to me now
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Poliwhirl should TOTALLY be me (even though it doesn't learn Explosion :( )

Lol I kinda meant that I would start naming my pokemon after you guys from now on. So Poliwhirl will stay as Ripple but if say, it died and I caught another one THEN I can call it Waterbomb. I can call the next water pokemon I catch Waterbomb if your'd prefer?

Also after ages and ages Eevee (Shadow) finally evolved! Taking a break from grinding to do the pokethon for a bit.


Two kids no brane
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Ok I get what you're saying. But don't just blindly name a pokemon after me because I said so. I want it to have meaning! Do any other water types learn splode or selfdestruct besides Cloyster and Sexlord?
Omastar? I`ve taken a long break from Nuzlockes to focus on my Scrambling but after I finsish my next 5 Scrambles I`ll do an HG one if I have time between BW and the last Scramble in my sig. HG is the only region I`ve never completed. I gave up last time after I lost Weezing, Arcanine, Meganium and Mamoswine, leaving me with just Vaporeon and Dragonair.
EDIT thinking of naming some pokemon after you guys since I suck for names
I can only hope you catch a fire type at some point :P

Grinding is going much better now that I have the power of time manipulation and Gym Leader rematches, though it'll still be a few days before I'm ready for E4 mk. II. At the pace I was going at before though it probably would have been a few weeks, so I'm not complaining.

EDIT: According to Serebii Corsola and Qwilfish are the only other water types that learn explosion/selfdestruct (and I only realised just now why exploding water types is at all relevant :P)
Well... I lost my challenge... within 15 minutes of turning the game on due to a series of nasty crits. Second try I got a female Geodude, and am currently grinding for Whitney. I'm really lazy, so I won't actually make a story this time. Please realize that the only free time I have is on the weekends, and those are mostly consumed by writing and editing.
so in my emerald run i got a whismur named henry and a zubat named jazz

and I leveled henry the combusken to 18, cohen the lombre to 16, and jazz the zubat to 15, and everything else was like 12+

and i went to challenge brawly with zubat in the lead (i was going to level to 17 to get wing attack, but i'm lazy) and just told zubat to supersonic brawly's machop


and it missed both times

and machop got two bulk ups

so i send out combusken, fail to ohko, get hit on the switch in and the next turn and lose henry

then cohen

then jazz and the rest of my team

so i was left with two poochyenas, Guy and Boe, and so I took Boe (the one with Impish instead of Modest) and set sail for Slateport to try and catch a new pokemon. and two goddamn tubers attack me and kill Boe. so i'm left with a level 5 modest poochyena named Guy.

but i got the old rod and caught a Rash magikarp named Rorschach so I guess things are looking up

...i've got a lot of grinding to do
i lost vineman the bellsprout. :(

badges: 1

team: Roxy- wartortle Lv30
Geochick- geodude Lv 23
Mad Maria- Meowth lv 17

Pokeheaven: NOTMANKEY-rattata Lv 15 1/18/2011
Vineman- bellsprout 1/21/2011
Ok, so, I got tired of doing Pokemon Yellow after beating Misty, I lost all my Pokemon in there except for my Pikachu.

xD I'm going to do some Emerald. :3 cause I'mma boss like that. I'll update soon.
Ok, so this update is gonna be different. I don't really feel like Screen shots anymore. I will do some, but they will mostly be text updates. I really don't feel like taking the time to shoot them, paste in word, upload to Photobucket, edit them to be smaller, and the link them to my posts. Anyways, here we go!

Update 1: The Beginning

My name is Reaper, and I am 21 years old. I have been a fan of the Pokemon games since they hit the shores of the United States. I had kind of been burned out on the games until one day on, I ran into a special challenge in the "Stark Mountain" sub-forums. It was called the "Nuzlocke Challenge". I had decided to give this new challenge a try, and see if it helped me get my Pokemon spark back before Black/White came out. I figured, it couldn't hurt. I read all of the other members challenges, the actual Nuzlocke comics, all the fan comics on the Nuzlocke site, and by this time I was pumped. I read all the rules, and picked out my rules for the challenge. They would be as follows:

- When a Pokemon faints, it is "Dead". It cannot be revived, by an item or PokeCenter.
- When a Pokemon "Dies" it must be released.
- If I want my team to expand, I am only allowed to catch the first Pokemon I encounter on a Route. (No matter what the circumstances.)
- I must nickname my Pokemon. These are my partners. I eat, breathe, sleep, fight, and live with them. They are family.
- No healing items in or out of battle. (Berry's are allowed if they are given to hold before the battle.)
- Only Pokeballs may be bought at the PokeMart.
- I am allowed to use a PokeCenter at anytime in the game, including leaving a gym to heal.

I then pick my version of the game. Red/Blue/Yellow were good, but they just don't appeal to me right now. Gold/Silver/Crystal are my favorites, but I don't have a copy that will save. Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/Heartgold/Soulsilver are great games, but they hold all my events, legendaries, and EV'd Pokemon, so no go there. Plus, I let my best friend borrow my DS, so it didn't matter. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald were great, and I never spent much time playing them (Cause I spent that period of time playing Football, and meeting girls). So, I start to look for my copy of Emerald, and my Gameboy Micro.

I found the Gameboy pretty easily. It was right where I left it, in the drawer of my bedside table, and still in great condition too. I find Emerald in my old Gameboy case, and insert it into the Micro. I flip on the switch, and the screen freezes at the Gameboy screen. "Must have some dust in the cartridge. Guess I'll blow it out," I say to myself. I pull out the cartridge and blow in it as I walked back to my bed to sit. As I go to sit down I bump my bottle of water, and it spills all over the table beside my bed. "Great. Well, at least it didn't get on anything valuable," I think to myself. I toss the Micro onto my bed, and attempt to set Emerald down on the dry part of the table. As I try to lay it down, it slips out of my hand and lands right in the water.

"FRICK!" I shout, "Now it's not gonna work... guess I'll have to play Red or Blue on my old school Gameboy." I pick up the Emerald cartridge and blow out the moisture, thinking I could at least try it. I probably should wait to try to play the game until it dries up, but I figured if it's ruined, it's ruined. Inserting the cartridge into the Micro, and turning it on registered a surprise to say the least. I felt a slight shock on my left middle finger, and I look at the back of the Micro, only to find a small crack in the casing where my finger had rested.

"Meh," I thought, "Must be ok, as long as I don't touch the crack." I proceed to press the Start button at the Title Screen, and when it brings up the screen that should say "New Game" and "Continue" it only had "New Game" as an option. "I could have sworn that there was a record on here. Crap, either I deleted it, or the internal battery is dead." I press "New Game" and hope for the best, but then the screen just went black and brought up another prompt that I had never seen before.

"Upload?" Was all it said, followed by "Yes", and "No". This was the oddest thing I had ever seen. I didn't remember this being here before. I chalked it up as me having poor memory, since it had been 7 or so years since I played this game, and pressed the A button on "Yes". This was the point in my life where nothing would ever be the same again.

A bright light flooded the room from the screen, and a very loud static sound was emitted from the speakers on the Micro. Then, I felt the familiar jolt of electricty on my left middle finger, but this time it was much stronger than the last. It was running through my hand, up my arm and up to my head. Noticing a sharp pain in my temples, I started to panic. "WHAT THE...??!" I exclaim. Then I hear a voice, and not just any voice. It's the voice of a girl, young sounding, probably around my age. It is the sweetest sound I have ever heard, and I listen closely to her words, even through the pounding in my head.

"Hello Pokemon Trainer "Reaper". Welcome to the Hoenn region. Your trainer ID number is 52750. Please remember to enter this into your PokeDex upon recieving it. We hope that you have a great journey, and experience many triumphs. We await the news of your success! Good bye, and good luck!"

"What?" I respond to the disembodied voice, "Who are you? What is this?" But before I get a reply, the world goes black... quiet... cold...

Noises fill the quiet void, like the sound of an engine roaring, and then something odd happens. "Remember this well. There are two types of fights. As we have put our lives in battle, we must be able to distinguish between the two. The fight to protect life, and the fight to protect pride," says a voice in the cold black, "Which will you choose, young Reaper? Will you protect the lives of your companions, or will you protect your own pride as a trainer? Seems it is time to see the answer unfold before our very eyes."

Then nothing. No voice, at all. "Hello?" I reply, but recieve no answer. "Who's there?" I say, this time louder, but still, no answer. I hear the squealing of breaks, and realize I am in a truck of some sort. Does this mean I have been taken hostage? Did someone harm my family and remove me from my house when I blacked out? I hear the roar of the engine die down, and I ready myself. Whoever comes to get me out is gonna get a rude awakening. I hear the latch of the trailer door come unhooked, and I stand up quickly, ready to lunge at my captor.

"Reaper?" I hear a very feminine voice say, "Are you ok back here? It's time to get out!" The door slides up and the compartment is filled with natural light. After my eyes adjust to the lights, I see a woman standing there. Upon closer inspection, I see that she looks very friendly, and is quite beautiful to behold. She looks at me with a very kind, and loving look, like she a lot of affection for me. "I hope you don't think I am a horrible mother, making you ride in the back of the truck like that, but it was the only place we had room!" She says.

"... Mother?" I think to myself, "This isn't my mother. Not even a slight resemblance to my mother at all."

Then it hits me, "This must be a dream! I passed out from the shock of the Gameboy, and it has triggered a dream! This is how Emerald starts out, and I am living out the opening sequence!"

After I settle upon this way of reasoning, I decide to play along, and let my dream run it's natural course. Besides, being a REAL Pokemon trainer is every nerd's dream at some point, so what could it hurt?

"Nah Mom, you aren't horrible," I tell her, "I just wish you would have left a light on in here or something. Or at least given me a seatbelt. My head is killing me from the ride."

"Well, take some medicine and lay down. OH! Wait, you will have to delay that. You need to go meet the neighbors. Prof. Birch lives here in Littleroot, and he will be delighted to meet his old buddy Norman's son! Plus, I hear he has a daughter about your age too. Maybe you can be friends?"

"Ok, ok. I'll go meet the neighbors," I say, "Be back later."

As I start off to the house next door, leaving the mover's Pokemon to unload the truck, I start to take in the sites. A nice little town with plenty of greenery surrounding it. I see birds flying overhead, but can't make out what kind. "They gotta be Pokemon!" I say outloud, realizing I sound like an idiot. I walk up to my destination, and notice that this house looks almost exactly like my new abode. "Guess I better knock," I say aloud.

-Knock, Knock-

"Come on in!" I hear a woman say from the other side of the door.

I twist the knob, and push the door open.

"OH HI!!" a woman greets me, with way to much enthusiasm, "You must be Norman's son, Reaper! I have been waiting to meet you!"

"Uhh, yes," I respond. "Pleased to meet you. Are you Prof. Birch's wife?"

"Why yes I am. My name is..."

"MOM!!!!!!!" a shout comes from the top of the stairs.

"That would be May, our lovely daughter," she says to me, "Yes dear?"

"Where are my spare PokeBalls?" responds May, who is starting down the stairs.

"Down here!" says her Mom.

As May rounds the corner, I am stunned. She is absolutely breathtaking. Her hair falls gently to her shoulders from underneath a bandanna, and her eyes sparkle with a blue much like the endless sky. She notices me standing there, and smiles.

"Hi, I'm May... You are...?"

"Reaper. I'm your new neighbor."

"Well, nice to meet you Reaper! I'm sorry to rush off, but I have to be going. Maybe we will run into each other sometime? Bye!"

"Hopefully, bye!" I say as she rushes out the door. "Well I better be off. I'll see you around Mrs. Birch."

"Bye Bye!" I hear as I leave her house and start to wander back to my own house. "Hmmmmmm, hopefully I don't wake up before I see May again," I think out loud, "She was definitely something."

"HELP! SOMEONE IS BEING ATTACKED BY A POKEMON IN THE TALL GRASS! PLEASE COME HELP!" I hear suddenly, interrupting my thoughts of May. I turn to my right and notice a young boy waving his arms at me. "PLEASE, MR." he shouts at me,"YOU HAVE TO HELP!"

Without thinking I run towards the kid, who points me in the direction of the attack. I see it happening, a Poochyena is chasing a rather rotund man in a lab coat. "That must be Prof. Birch!" I think. I rush towards him and shout, "Prof. Birch! I'll help!"

Noticing me, the Poochyena turns, and runs at me. I panic and start to back up, tripping over a bag laying on the ground. The rabid Pokemon lunges at me and I manage to get my arm up in defense. It's mouth latches down on my forearm, and it bites down hard.

"OUCH! HOLY CRAP THAT HURTS! I THOUGHT THIS WAS A FREAKING DREAM!" I shout in pain. Flinging the Poochyena off of my arm, I move frantically and my hand lands on something. Thinking it is a rock, I pick it up and chuck it at the Pokemon. It flys wide right, and a flash occurs. I realize that the object that I thought was a rock, was in fact, a Pokeball. The light subsided, and the ball flew back to my hand. I look at the newly released Pokemon, and realize it is a Treecko. The little gecko looks like it isn't very strong at all.

"TRAINER! What are you waiting for?! Use the Treecko to defeat the Poochyena! Hurry, we need to get a look at your arm!" shouts the Prof.

"Uh, ok... Treecko! Use Pound!"

With insane speed, Treecko leaps into the air, flips and brings his tail smashing down onto the head of the Poochyena. The enemy Pokemon staggers backwards, and regains it's composure. It charges at Treecko trying to Tackle it.

"Treecko, brace yourself then use Leer!"

Treecko crosses it's arms and lowers it's body to meet it's opponent head on. It takes the hit and then stares the Poochyena down, causing it to freeze in fear.


Again, Treecko bashes Poochyena in the head, this time causing it to crumple onto the ground. Treecko looks at me with an approving look, and I raise the PokeBall. "Treecko, you did well, return." A red beam emitted from the PokeBall hit's Treecko, and it disappears into the ball.

I look down at my arm and realize that the bleeding isn't so bad. A bandage will fix it right up. Lost in my own thought, I failed to realize the Prof. looking at me.

"Quick, follow me to the lab, and I will get you fixed up."

He proceeds to walk away from me, and I decide it's best to follow along. He leads me past his house, and my own, to a larger building on the outskirts of town. It's very clean looking, like you would expect a lab to be. The door opens up to let us in, and he leads me to the back of his office.

"What is your name, young trainer?" he asks.

"Reaper. I bealieve you know my father, Norman."

"Well I'll be a Mankey's uncle! You are the great Norman's son? I should have known from the way you battled!" he says as he wraps my arm in gauze, "Which reminds me, you can keep the Treecko you used. I promised Norman that I would give you your first Pokemon when you got here. However, I didn't expect that it would happen like that!"

"Really? My own Pokemon?! Awesome!!" My head was racing! I had a Pokemon! My own! It was mine!

"You can nickname it if you would like. Nicknaming a Pokemon shows that you strive to have a stronger bond with your companions. It helps bring you closer together."

"Yes," I replied, "I believe I'll call my Treecko... Leonidas! I think it's a strong name, and it show's just how strong my new friend is."

With an odd look, the Prof. says, "Well, I think it's a fine name! I'm sure Leonidas will grow strong for his new trainer!"

"Thanks Prof. Birch," I say with a smile.

"Your welcome!" He exclaims, "That should do for your arm! Good as new!"

I examine my arm and see that it is nicely wrapped, and the bleeding seems to have subsided for now.

"Since we have that all taken care of, could I get you to go find my daughter, May?"

My heart gave a slight flutter. "I would be honored! I met her earlier, so I know what she looks like. Any ideas where she headed?"

"Why, she should be up past Oldale town to the north, on Route 103. I asked her to do some research on the Pokemon up there," He says.

"Alright, sir. You can leave it up to me!" I say as I'm heading out the door.

"BE CAREFUL REAPER!" The Prof. shouts in my wake.

"This will be easy!" I think as I walk up to Route 101, excited at the prospect of seeing May again.

***End of Part 1***
I just faced Whitney and she wiped out my main team that bloody Miltank got to crit rollouts and with a serious rock weakness i didnt have a chance, i still have Togepi and a few routes available so ima get grinding.
Sorry for double post!
Update 2 Crystal Nuzlocke.

After losing all my team bar Caramel (Togepi) to Whitney. I turned to Caramel and enquired as to what she wants to do, I explain we could have quiet life but the response back was "TOGEPEIEPIE" I said "YEAH! We can do it." So we set about training, I was just asking a guard for directions he gave me them and the also asked me to take his Spearow I accepted and began training Kenya. I popped Caramel into the day care and levelled Kenya to level 25 and brought Caramel out of the day care at level 23. So now I go back to the lair of Whitney she looks up from painting her nails and goads me by saying "Oh here is the loser" I reply back with a snarl "Not this time, im not being beaten by you again" and with this I send out my newly evolved Fearow, she sends out Clefairy witch is disposed of with two Fury Attack's and out comes Miltank which also dies to two Fury Attack's. I see she’s close to tears and try to sneak away before anyone notices but her buddy comes over and starts shouting I roll my eyes and tentatively ask Whitney for the badge she eventually gives me it.

I continue my training Acquiring Prism the Koffing and Nibbles the Raticate I wander pleasantly towards a lovely seaside town and a trainer challenges me to a battle, my Pokemon are pretty low but I assume I can beat this chump his first Pokemon dies easily to my new arrival Nibbles but he sends out his own raticate with a smirk. Next he proceeds to launch a series of Quick Attacks at my team and one by one they fall. As he calls his own Raticate back I am in a state of shock and start to begin the long walk home to New Bark town wondering what Birch is going to say.

I reach goldenrod and whilst im minding my own business a guy called Bill pops up and asks me why I look so down I tell him the story and he feels sorry for me before rushing off. A minute later he returns with a Pokemon at his side I consult my Pokedex to find out its an Eevee he explains how he wants me to take the Eevee I take on the challenge and name it Cotton I then vow never to let it die on me and we begin again.

The Team

Lvl 20 Eevve.

Up above us.

Nibbles the Raticate
Kenya the Fearow
Chrome the Bayleef
Blossom the Butterfree
Hanley the Venonat
Caramekl the Togepi
Prism the Koffing
Hustle the Psyduck.
Been a few days since my last update, and my HG Nuzlocke is sitting just under 7 hours. Training for Whitney right now.


Luke the Croconaw (Male), Adamant nature. Lv 24
-General go-to Pokémon. Highest leveled Pokémon at this moment, and bulldozes through most trainers with ease. Will keep this till it dies.

ABRA the Abra (Male), Quiet nature. Lv 15
-Got this fresh from the game corner, still have to nickname him. I count the game corner and Bill's gift as different areas, so I don't cross here. A keeper once it becomes a Kadabra and later Alakazam.

Jay the Gastly (Male), Lonely nature. Lv 17
-A hoar to train, can't wait till this becomes a Haunter after licking countless of Pokémon to death. A keeper once it becomes a Haunter and then a Gengar.

Gloria the Slowpoke (Female), Jolly nature. Lv 15
-Got her from the Slowpoke Well, and haven't used her alot. Been in the daycare for some time, not to sure if I should keep training.

Hakbar the Scyther (Male), Bold nature. Lv 13
-Got this guy during the bug catching contest. Bit unlucky with the nature, but it'll do, I guess. Will keep this, probably.

Claire the Togepi (Female), Bold nature. Lv 17
-Not to strong, but defensively holds itself. Once this becomes a Togetic, it will become just that bit more useful. Hoping to keep this until it's a Togekiss.

Box Pokémon:

Horny the Nidoran (Female) - Could be useful against Whitney with poison and Double Kick, currently in daycare. Lv 12 atm.
Phil the Spinarak (Male) - Never used him, still lv 2.
Manny the Oddish (Male) - Never used him, currently lv. 6.
Harry and Worthless the Zubats (both Male) - Lv 4 and 7, and Worthless's name says enough, I guess.
Babe the Drowzee (Female) - Shiny Drowzee, I was so happy when I encountered this little bitch. My first shiny I ever legitimately caught :) Lv 10, don't think I'll actually use her.


Alex the Pidgeotto (Female), Jolly nature. Lv 4-20
- Bulldozed through Sprout Tower and was a great help against Bugsy and Falkner, but died to a Quick Attack crit from Bugsy's Scyther.

Going quite well so far, doing some training right now. Not to happy with some of the natures, but tough shit.
Juukka's Ruby Nuzlocke

Part Two: Third Gym Update

I'm now three Gyms into the game and my tussle with Watson was worst case scenario.

In the Dewford Caves I was hoping for a bulky Pokemon since my team really lacked a guy who could take hits well... And so the RNG spat out Abra. I was happy to get him, but I knew that my team was not only weak physically, but also really poor against Steel types.

I also fished outside of Dewford and picked up Miikka the Magikarp for my PC in case my core got decimated.

Jarri the Tailow decimated Brawly and I was off to Slateport with nary a worry.

Team Magma fell easily to my highly trained squad as I beefed everyone up a few levels before challenging May, adding Toni the Minun to my roster (another bit of horrible luck since that patch north of Slateport has two great Pokemon in it in Gulpin and Elektrike).

Prior to facing off against May I fought the Youngster, who unfortunately had Aron. I figured my Tailow, with +5 Evasion, would wear it down, even though I had Jaarpi the Kadabra more than capable of taking it out (a foolish mistake). Well Aron's Metal Claw connected and my second casualty took place.

Fighting May turned out to be way easier than I thought. Teemu my Grovyle took out Wailmer with Kadabra taking out Shroomish and Combusken.

I headed to Mauville and went straight for the Route to Verdanturf hoping to add some diversity and bulk to my lineup, even if it was Zigzagoon or Illumise.

Well instead Heike the Roselia was caught, who was sent to the PC since Grovyle was my Grass type already.

With the trainers fought and my team seemingly ready to go (plus Leo the Whismur evolving into Loudred), I figured I head what it took to out muscle Watson.

Things started great. Jaarpi muscled his way through Magnemite, and took a chunk out of Voltorb.

So I sent Teemu the Grovyle out to finish things, figured an Absorb would finish off the little thunderball. It didn't, and Teemu at Selfdestruct right to his face.

It was the first moment of my journey where I straight up wanted to quit and start over, feeling defeated without my starter. But I realized this was the challenge at its core, overcoming adversity even at the lost of my dearest ally.

Toni was next out to Paralyze it, and wear it down as best it could... But the poor little mouse was quickly vanquished...

So Jaarpi went out to face Magneton, having just learned Recover mid-battle, I had an all important healing move.

Both were paralyzed right away, with Jaarpi recovering whenever he got the chance and taking a shot at wearing Magneton down with Psybeam...

Then the parahax kicked in, and I watched as Jaarpi's health dwindled, unable to do anything. A Psybeam would have ended the battle, but a powerful Shock Wave ended my Kadabra's life.

So my hopes rested on Leo the Loudred, the new star of my team and the only part of my Core of 4 to survive. He went in, used Supersonic, and howled up as Magneton fought Parafusion. A single Pound ended the affair, and I came out with my third Gym badge, but less three of my friends.

Now comes a critical juncture in the game. Heike the Roselia has been added to the roster, as has Pekka the Beautifly (temporarily). I finally have some new routes opening up and with it a chance to add some new Pokemon. Leo and Heike won't last long without some help, especially with the abundance of fire types in the next stretch.

At first I figured this challenge wouldn't be so tough, but now with each battle becoming more high stakes, I've realized just how difficult it is going to be to win. But I've got my head held high with a renewed sense of optimism as I rebuild and head for my fourth Gym badge.


Current Team

Leo LV 21

Heike LV 13

Pekka LV 12

PC Pokemon

Miikka LV 5

Oskar the Wurmple


Lylli LV11 - Died to Machop

Jarri LV21 - Died to Aron

Teemu LV23 - Died to Voltorb

Toni LV21 - Died to Magneton

Jaarpi LV25 - Died to Magneton

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