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Stats for March are now up at Thanks for your patience, everyone!

When listing item usage, would it be possible to combine the stats for the 50% Berries (Figy Berry, Wiki Berry, Mago Berry, Aguav Berry, Iapapa Berry) into a single figure? They are functionally identical to each other but, particularly in VGC thanks to the item clause, the usage on each of them is often quite split. Having to pull out a calculator to determine their actual usage compared to other items is a pain, and even that may not always be an accurate method if a certain variety of 50% Berry doesn't show up on the list.
I would love to do this, and in fact combine all abilities / items that are functionally identical (I think I already combine neutral natures FWIW), but building up that mapping (and then maintaining it!) is a nontrivial amount of work, so I'm unlikely to be able to do it.

Right now, Gyarados's ability usage statistics in OU look like this.I can already tell from Gyrados's Bulbapedia article that it always has mold breaker after it evolves, so this information is probably not very useful. On the other hand, I would like to know what percentage of Gyaradoses had intimidate before they mega evolved. Can moveset stats files show these statistics from now on?
This is actually a PS quirk that I dug deep into at one point--the issue here is that people are creating the Pokemon as Gyarados-Mega not Gyarados-with-Mega-Stone, so IIRC PS just chooses a random ability for these mons. If it's showing up as 100% "Mold Breaker" I must be doing some fudging somewhere though. Let me look into it. PM me if you don't get an answer in, say, a week.
Is there a way to combine a pokemon and their totom forms' usage? There's negligible differences between them but for some the usage is split pretty evenly, understating their actual usage. I don't know if this has any impact on Smogon tiering. However, in VGC the usage for Araquanid is 3.7% and for totem-araquanid is 2.8% (for less heavy slam damage).

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