#oi Movie Nights

So guys, I have some good news! Movie nights are back, and I'll be the new host for the foreseeable future.

I'm hoping we can get more of the community members in on watching, so I'll be posting both at the beginning of the week and right before we watch, which is still 10:00 PM EST.

This week, we'll be watching movie 6, Jirachi: Wish Maker

I hope to see you all there! To watch, just show up in the channel #orangeislands on synIRC before 10:00 PM EST, you can use this mibbit link if you don't want to install a client.

And don't worry if you don't have a copy of the movie! You don't need one!

Hope to see everyone there!

(Feel free to bring up any questions or concerns)
Good thing is, Jirachi Wish Maker is pretty legit compared to the other two movies behind it. Also everyone loves it when Jirachi flinches you to death, right? ... Okay maybe not but this week is gonna be legit.


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I can make the October 10th showing :o I have the 11th off in anticipation for XY coming a day early :P

I'll just have to be quiet ;)
Hey everyone! This week we'll be watching movie 7: Destiny Deoxys. Make sure to catch it, because the movies with Max are running out and you don't want to miss your chance to make fun of him! :P

This Thursday at 10:00 PM EST, as always! Hope to see you all there! And again, don't worry if you don't have a copy of the movie!

(oh, and thanks to Stellar for giving me this cool custom title, it was a very pleasant surprise :D)
It was so fun to watch Jirachi. Despite not having the most time for it, I did it anyway and really enjoyed it. SUPER bummed, though, that I can't watch Destiny Deoxys, as that is my second favorite pokemon movie next to Pokemon Heroes. Oh well, hope I can go to more in the future!

Oh - an Hula. I didn't even noticed what you had said about Max. He is an amazing character, stop making fun of him.

But this was really fun, and it would be great if people were there. Just, no more lullabies.

"Max the Great"
A neat thing I liked about Platinum was that in the Japanese versions, there were trainers who had rosters based off of movie only characters. I recall one trainer using Mightyena and Salamence, but the English versions never picked up on the joke, so their English names don't match up with what the dub calls each trainer in said movies.

Also I'll totally be here to talk about random darn trivia about Destiny Deoxys, wasn't too bad compared to, say, Pokémon Heroes.
Hooray! Destiny Deoxys was a favorite of mine for being science fiction done right; with Pokémon and laser beams.

I remember watching the behind-the-scenes of M7 and trying to answer all the questions the director posed while the movie was going on, it was fun to get lost in thought trying to figure out why Deoxys came to Earth without defaulting to the manga's amazing backstory.

And "This Side of Paradise" is my favorite English title song of all time for Pokémon Movies. I am dead set on that.
This Thursday is gonna be fun :3
I might try and be there for this since I've got school holidays now. Honestly I almost certainly will be there - the problem is ill get easily distracted. Oh well, I'll be there. Whether I watch the movie or just make fun of various users, whatever.
I really need to learn to calm down and stop worrying if anyone will show, because these always turn out great, haha.

Thanks to Arcticblast, General Spoon, Lady Salamence, LightningKimba (aka Ming-Ming), Wyverii, Yveltal, and even Nexus who all showed up! (I hope I didn't miss anyone?)

This Side of Paradise is a great song!! That little scene was the best minute or so of my life @_@

aaaaand I just want to say that I might have a special surprise next week! No promises, but stay tuned. :)

That is all.
Hula, you really are doing a fine job at movie night. Things will prolly pick up after XY releases and people can stop worrying about discovering every spoiler.

For anyone who missed this movie night for whatever reason, I would suggest that you go look up This Side of Paradise if you've never watched Destiny Deoxys. You don't need to watch the movie to enjoy the cheeriness and feel-good mood of this song. It's something that everyone would sing along to! We certainly did during the movie, anyway.
Don't judge, it's a good song. It's certainly not something I'm ashamed to make my 1,000th post about

I have one con with DDeoxys, though, and it's that after 4 years of calibrations and testing, the scientists working on the second Deoxys' core never thought to overload the system by telling a Pikachu to use Thunder while in the lab. But, I guess if there was a mad scientist there to solve all the problems, there wouldn't be a story.
Can't wait for next week!
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Destiny Deoxys this week was totally fun, and Plusle and Minun are still the cutest darn things. Love those two.

I legit forgot the fact that Munchlax even evolved in the film, but he was at least there to be a cool dude around the cast, and I felt he's treated better than Bonsly in the Lucario film, buuut... It's been a while. Too much of a while! (Also Max thankfully wasn't too bad, woo!)

(Also always be sure to enhance your laser's trajectory beyond .5 it's important if you're looking into some alien space crystals.)
Hello again, everyone!

I know it's been out for several days so everyone has seen it already, but this Thursday we will be watching the Pokemon Origins special! I think this will be the perfect time to watch it, considering XY will be released just a day or two after.

If you haven't seen Pokemon Origins yet, or if you just want to re-watch it with all of the cool people, make sure you're on #orangeislands this Thursday at 10 PM EST!

And super special thanks to Ming-Ming for hooking me up with the subtitled episodes!


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So glad I am going to come to this weeks! :D I can't wait to see Origins and this is the best way to see it! I probably won't even read much of the subtitles, I'm more in for the animation (some of the Gifs Ive seen are *stunning*).

I hope its as good as the hype has been trending it as!
I actually have watched part of it (to make sure the subtitles were there and whatnot) and I've got to say I am really impressed with the animation and the fighting! Haven't seen all of it though, so I'm really looking forward to watching it tomorrow night with everyone :D

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