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  • Leaders Choice - An additional temporary ladder chosen by the OM Leaders, based on activity.
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Other Metagames Index
  • 350 Cup: All pokemon with a BST under 350 have all their stats doubled.
  • Alphabet Cup: A Pokemon can learn any move if it shares the first letter in its name.
  • Automagic: When a secondary effect of a move activates, all the setup moves in the pokemon's movepool automatically activates.
  • Averagemons: All pokemon have a 100/100/100/100/100/100 stat spread.
  • Benjamin Butterfree: Instead of fainting, all Pokemon that have a prior evolution will devolve into that Pokemon, only properly fainting once their lowest evolutions faint.
  • Camomons: Pokemon change their type to match the types of their first two moves in their moveslots.
  • Chimera: A 1v1-based metagame where a single Pokemon inherits specific traits from your entire 6-mon team, based on their order.
  • Cross Evolution: Pokemon that can evolve can be "cross evolve"d by naming them after the intended pokemon.
  • Dancerability: Moves that would activate a Pokemon's ability get copied and used back at the opponent.
  • Dual Wielding: Pokémon can forgo their ability to equip a second item.
  • Follow The Leader: The first Pokemon provides the moves and abilities for all other Pokemon on the team.
  • Fortemons: Attacks can be put into item slots to grant their primary and secondary effects to the attacks in Pokemon's moveslots.
  • Full Potential: Attack damage is based on highest raw stat.
  • Godly Gift: Teams are allowed one Ubers tier 'God' Pokemon. The other teammates receive the base stat of the Uber Pokemon corresponding to their position on the team.
  • Gods And Followers: A Uber is selected to be "God" by placing on slot 1 and the rest of the team must share at least one of it's types. If the God faints, the rest of the team has a constant Embargo effect on it.
  • Hidden Type: Pokemon gain a new (secondary/tertiary) type that is the same as its hidden power type.
  • Hot Potato: Moves that deal direct damage to an opponent will 'pass' any hazard, status/volatile effects and stat debuffs currently on your side or Pokemon to your opponent's.
  • Inheritance: Any pokemon can inherit any pokemon's movepool and abilities.
  • Inverse: The type chart is inversed.
  • Last Will: Every Pokemon will use the move in their last moveslot before fainting in battle.
  • Linked: A Pokemon's first and second move can be used together in the same turn.
  • Megamons: Mega Evolutions can be used without Mega Stones, and with any item of their choice.
  • Mergemons: All Pokemon gain the movepool of the previous and next fully evolved Pokemon, according to the Pokedex. NFEs get the moves of their full evolutions.
  • Metagamiate: All Pokemon gain an -ate ability corresponding to their first type if not shiny, and second type if shiny.
  • Move Equality: All moves have the same base power.
  • Nature Swap: Pokemon's base stats are swapped based on their nature.
  • Partners in Crime: Played in Doubles, each Pokémon shares moves and abilities with its partner.
  • Pokébilities: Pokemon have all their abilities active at once.
  • Reversed: Every Pokemon has its base Physical and Special stats swapped.
  • Scalemons: Every Pokemon's stats, barring HP, are scaled to give them a BST as close to 600 as possible.
  • Sketchmons: Pokémon can each learn one extra move of your choosing.
  • STABmons: Pokemon gain access to all moves they get STAB on.
  • Statattack: Any Pokemon may replace one of it's moveslots with the name of a stat to get a +1 boost to that stat whenever it switches in.
  • Tier Shift: Pokemon get a +10 boost to each stat per tier below OU they are in.
  • Trademarked: A Pokemon's ability can be given up in place for a status move, which will take effect upon each switch-in.
  • Typemons: Teams gain access to all the moves of a single chosen type.
  • Ultimate Z: Any type of Z-Crystal may be used on any move and as many times per battle as desired.
  • Z-Shift: Z-Crystals can be used to shift the type, base power, and priority from one move to another one.
The metagames below are not eligible for OMotM:
  • All Terrain: All terrains are permanently active at once.
  • Fallen Friends: After a pokemon faints, its teammates get +1 boost in the fainted Pokemon's highest stat upon switch-in.
  • Lockdown: At the end of turn 6, all battlefield changes become permanent.
  • Shared Power: All of the teams' abilities are active at once.
  • 2v2 Doubles: Bring 4 Pokemon, Choose 2. A doubles version of the 1v1 metagame.
  • MediocreMons: Only Pokemon with all base stats below 100 are allowed.
  • Middle Cup: Only Pokemon that can both an evolution and a pre evolution are allowed. Battles are played at level 50.
  • Suicide Cup: Victory is obtained when all of your Pokémon have fainted.
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The following are rejected metagame ideas: (if you have questions about why a metagame concept was denied, ask in the "Simple Questions, Simple Answers" thread)

Commonly Submitted (or at least has multiple similar submissions)
  • Monocolor: All the Pokemon in your team must share the same Dex color.
  • Hoarding: Pokemon can hold X items (where X = 1+n).
  • I want to be a Smogon Tier Leader when I grow up: Tiers made up of Underused(/Bad in ubers) Uber pokemon or a usage based tier under ZU. Basically, no usage based tiers.
  • I Know my egg groups!: Pokemon have access to moves/abilities of Pokemon in the same egg group.
  • Mr Mime For Ubers!: Make all pokemon Uber level in terms of power/bulk.
  • Only 6 pokemon? PLEASE: You can use X (X = 6+n) Pokemon in your team.
  • Hate good moves: Only level up moves allowed/TMs disallowed/only unviable(or "Usually useless moves" from PS builder) moves allowed.
  • Nice Death: All Pokemon come into the field with Perish Song/Mons faint after X turns.
  • Budgetmons: The total base stat in your team must not exceed X/The total value of your team must not exceed X, with individual Pokemon being assigned values like this: [insert rule here].
  • ABCAB: Pokemon learn moves and abilities that start with the first letter of their names but we have a ton of complex bans to try and balance it!
  • OM X and Y are so good: Mashing up two OM concepts to pass off as a new one. (Your om can be similar to another one but it should be a new concept that adds something new or interesting/improves the existing one, assuming the existing one is dead)
  • First Blood: The first person to KO a Pokemon wins.
  • Chaining: Primary type of a Pokemon in a slot must be the Secondary type of the Pokemon in the slot before it.
  • Ew who switches: Switching is not allowed or hindered in some way.
  • I Sure Love Ability X: All/Some Pokemon get X ability over their normal abilities. Metas where X = Poison Heal/WonderGuard/Prankster have been rejected.
  • Huge Power is so cool!: All/Some Pokemon get Huge Power (or a Huge Power variant for another stat using rule X).
  • Zombies: Pokemon don't die upon fainting the first time. Matches can be won by [insert rule here].
  • STAB moves are the best: You can only use your moves you get STAB in.
  • Random: Your Pokemon's moveset/ability/typing is randomized but you get to pick the rest.
  • Ooh what if we swapped X stat with X stat: No, we have enough of those.
  • Man I hate these Pokemon: X Pokemon/X Typed Pokemon are banned.
  • Priority Moves suck!: All moves have the same priority (0).
  • My formula is not complex: OM concepts that use formulas to calculate Pokemon stats.

Everything Else
  • 2v2 Singles: You can use only 2 Pokemon to battle.
  • 6 Mix: Your 6 Pokemon must have their best stat in a different category.
  • 24 Moves: Every move your pokemon have, are shared between the rest of the pokemon, giving all of them 24 moves in total.
  • Abilimash: All abilities starting with the same letter are mashed together.
  • Ability Share: Pokemon that share a common ability gain access to all possible abilities those Pokemon can have.
  • Adaptamons: Only ability that Pokemon can use is Adaptability. Luckily, they all get it too.
  • Allocation Wars: Pokemon EVs determine the base stat. e.g 252 speed EVs = 252 base speed.
  • Almost Any Move: Pokemon can use any move. (So it's not really almost.)
  • Alphabet Attributes: Pokemon gain boosts based on the first letter of their name.
  • Alpha Order Mons: Pokemon can only use the first 4 or last 4 moves they learn.
  • AscentMons: Everything learns Dragon Ascent.
  • Ban Bird: All Bird Pokemon are banned. (Flying Type + Bird based pokemon)
  • Chainmons: There are no team building restrictions, but in battle you can only switch to a mon that shares a type.
  • Change-Type Mons: Types change to the Type directly after it alphabetically.
  • Chessmons: Mixed Tier teambuilding based on chess pieces.
  • ChoicedMons: All Pokemon must be holding a Choice Item.
  • C-M(Classic-Modern) OU: OU with some old mechanics brought back and some newly created ones introduced.
  • Color Catastrophe: Pokemon get new moves based on Dex color.
  • Confidence: KOing a pokemon with Attacks/Special Attacks raises the stat by 1. Being unable to KO lowers the stat by 1.
  • Conversation Parade: Pokemon can learn any move from another Pokemon's movepool as long as they share a type (minus smeargle).
  • Consistency Mons: "Hax Mechanics" are changed to become formulated, rather than random.
  • Crazy Field: A random field effect will activate when a battle starts, and will stay until the end.
  • Custom Stat: You can customize your Pokemon's base stat using moveslots. The stats are calculated using: (Base Power) x 1.5. Your base stat total cannot exceed 720.
  • Deal Back Double: For every super effective hit that a Pokemon takes, they deal double of the damage that they took, to the foe that damaged them.
  • Defeatistmons: All Pokemon get defeatist.
  • Delaymons: All moves work like Doom Desire.
  • Delta Wars: All pokes gets "Delta Stream" like ability on top of their original ability, which nullifies the weaknesses of the poke's secondary type (because of Mega Rayquaza).
  • Dexmons: Pokémon get the moves from the evolutionary lines above and below themselves in the National Pokedex.
  • Direct Contact: Pokemon can only use moves that directly affect their opponent.
  • Duotype: Pokemon in your team must have either Type A or Type B.(A & B are different types)
  • Eggy Stat Boosts: Base stat increases handed out based on egg group.
  • Extremesped: Moves in slot 1 get +2 Priority.
  • Family Values: Doubles Based, your team must have 3 pairs of Pokemon; each pair must have 2 Pokemon from the same evolution change and they must battle together.
  • Feather Cup: Pokemon's Speed stat is replaced by it's weight.
  • Fermentation: All held items take an extra turn to come into effect.
  • Four Boosts: 4 stat ranges get a multiplier. Lower stat ranges = Larger Multiplier.
  • Freedom-Mons: You can teambuild, but battles work like they do in Emerald's Battle Palace.
  • Fully Evolved LC: Fully evolved pokemon can be used in LC, but must be level 5 and are confined to moves they can learn at level 5.
  • Funkymons: Pokemon/Move's typings change based on given chart.
  • Gotta Go Fast: All Pokemon get Speed Boost + Are afflicted with Perish Song when they switch in.
  • Group Eggs-Change: Pokemon can learn any move from it's other members in it's egg group.
  • Hazard Mashup: All hazards are the same type as the primary type of the Pokemon using it.
  • Highblock: Pokemon cannot use their highest stats.
  • Huge Stat: All Pokemon gets a clone of Huge Power that doubles their lowest stat.
  • Illegal Mons: Pokemon can use any moves bar the ones they can normally learn.
  • Intense Gravity: The field is affected by permanent Gravity (the field effect) and is not removable.
  • Interdependence: Slots 1&2, 3&4, 5&6 are linked. If a pokemon from a linked slot (slot 1) dies, so does the Pokemon in the other linked slot (slot 2).
  • Inverted Status: All status effects (with secondary effects) do the opposite of what they normally do.
  • JudgmentMons: Every Pokemon learns Judgment.
  • Leg Up: Pokemon in tiers lower than OU can have more than 4 moves. Lower tier = more slots. The extra slots can be used to use moves that are not in the Pokemon's movepool.
  • Let it evolve: Pokemon with an evolution can evolve midbattle once to that evolution.
  • Lightweights: All pokemon's base speed is recalculated using the formula new speed = 150/([weight]^1/5)
  • Max PP Revision: PP cannot be increased from the base number. AKA no PP Max/PP Up.
  • MewMons: Provided your highest stat is below 150, all your stats reach that same level.
  • Minimons: Only pokemon that are 2'00" feet or lower (0.6m) are allowed.
  • Mixmons: Highest offensive stat become both Attack and Special Attack. Highest defensive stat (not HP) becomes both Defense and Special Defense.
  • Moodymons: All Pokemon have Moody on top of their original ability.
  • Move Bridge: Pokemon can gain access to another Pokemon's ability if they have a move that the other Pokemon can learn in their moveset.
  • No NFE Tier Shift: Lower Tiered Pokemon get boosts to make them OU viabile, however, NFEs do not recieve said boosts.
  • OGmons: You can only use Gen1 Pokemon.
  • Overkill: If an attack does more damage than required to KO a pokemon, the surplus damage turns into a reward for the attacker.
  • Our Final Battle: If one of your pokemon faint, you lose.
  • Plate Expansion: Holding a Plate allows a Pokemon to learn every move of the Plate's corresponding type.
  • Pokemon Chess: Chess Based OM where role is decided based on team slot. There are prerequisites to qualify for a role and each role gets new toys. Player loses if Pokemon in King slot dies.
  • Pokemon Eviolution: Holding eviolite gives base stat boosts. Boosts vary based on base stats.
  • Pokemon Shuffle Showdown: Pokemon Shuffle based metagame.
  • Praise Mimez: All pokemon gain access to Mr. Mime's movepool and abilities.
  • Primal Soul: All Pokemon can become Primal using a "Primal Orb". They get offensive/defensive base stat changes based on shininess.
  • PriorityMons: Every Pokemon gets access to Prankster and every priority move.
  • Rank Shift: Pokemon are boosted based on their position in Tiers' viability rankings.
  • Redistribution: Stats are moved around according to what slot of the team each Pokemon is in.
  • Reverse Sleep Clause: You win if all your Pokemon are asleep but lose if all your opponent's Pokemon have fainted.
  • Sabeteur-mons: You swap teams with the opponent when the battle starts.
  • Secondary Effects Rebound: Moves' secondary effects affect the user of the move.
  • Sharing is Caring: Items held Pokemon on the field are shared with the opposing Pokemon, meaning they are both affected by it (life orb on one pokemon means both lose hp when attacking.)
  • Simplemons: All Pokemon have the ability Simple alongside its regular ability.
  • Smogon Bird!: No species clause on Talonflame.
  • SNABmons: Pokemon get STAB boost on status moves that match its typing.
  • Statistical Abilities: Pokemon gain access to abilities of Pokemon with base stat totals equal to its base stat total.
  • Stat Borrow: Pokemon borrow the highest stat from another pokemon in their team and vice versa.
  • Stat Groups: Pokemon get base stat boosts based on their Experience Group.
  • Stat Reversal: Base Stats are flipped: 5 -> 50, 105->501, 30->3
  • Stat Share: There are three pairs on pokemon (Slot 1 + Slot 2, Slot 3 + Slot 4, Slot 5+ Slot 6). Each pair has their stats averaged down, and that becomes the stat spread for both pokemon.
  • Status Attack Switch: Status moves become attacks, and attacks with secondary effects become status moves.
  • Stick With It: All Stat changes and statuses stay even if the Pokemon switch out.
  • Survival Cup: Every team has one Pioneer. The way to win is by defeating the Pioneer. There is no team preview and you can't know who the pioneer is.
  • Switchmons: Every three turns, you are forced to switch out.
  • Take Half: Take half of one stat and add it too another based on Nature.
  • Team Stats: Pokemon in slots 1&2, 3&4, and 5&6 can swap their stats with each other, provided that at least one pokemon in each swappable position is shiny.
  • The Classroom: Little Cup based metagame where your Pokémon are grouped into 5 possible classes based on their highest base stat (disregarding HP): Warrior (Attack), Knight (Defence), Mage (Special Attack), Cleric (Special Defence) and Thief (Speed).
  • The Wobuffet meta: Pokemon have 6 moveslots: 4 moves you pick in the teambuilder + Mirror Coat and Counter.
  • Tiermons: Teams must have one Pokemon from every tier.
  • Time Gears On: You can reset the last 5 turns one time.
  • Trickle Down Stats: Pokemon's stats are passed to the Pokemon below it alphabetically in the Pokedex.
  • Turbo Items: Item effects are doubled.
  • Turns: At the end of ten turns, the one with the most alive Pokemon wins.
  • Typeless Battles: All types are replaced to become Normal type.
  • Type Mix: Dual typed pokes only has weaknesses of secondary typing but resistances and immunities of primary typing.
  • Type Trinity: Pokemon in slots 1-3 must form a type triangle (like Fire Water Grass) and the primary types of the Pokemon from slots 1-3 are added to slots 4-6 in this order: 1->4, 2->5, 3->6.
  • Unawaremons: Every Pokemon gets Unaware on top of its regular ability.
  • Underdogs: Pokemon with base stats below a certain threshold gain unique buffs to compensate.
  • Utility Belt: Pokémon may hold extra items which will be placed in their moveslots. Any moveslots occupied by items will not be able to have a move in them.
  • Weather or not!: Weather related items give the holder the power to summon said weather.


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Tournaments Index


Other Metas Premier League VII
Winner: The Five-Star Jolteons - managed by Ransei and snow
Runner up: The Klink Shamers - managed by Chloe and Pigeons

Other Metagames Premier League VI
Winner: The Hotshot Honchkrows - managed by Jrdn and Snaquaza
Runner up: The Buyer Bewears - managed by ScarfWynaut and Uselesscrab

Other Metagames Premier League V
Winner: The Bedroom Blisseys - managed by The Immortal and E4 Flint
Runner up: The Five-Star Jolteons - managed by Ransei and ScarfWynaut

Other Metagames Premier League IV
Winner: The Five-Bidoof Fighting Battalion - managed by Uselesscrab and Chloe
Runner up: The Legendary Pikachus - managed by Ransei and Pikachuun

Other Metagames Premier League III
Winner: The Bedroom Blisseys - managed by The Immortal
Runner up: The King Kois - managed by Eevee General

Other Metagames Premier League II
Winner: The Bedroom Blisseys - managed by Birkal
Runner up: The Mewtwo Maniacs - managed by Snaquaza

Other Metagames Premier League
Winner: Rocket Base Honchcrows - managed by Solace
Runner up: Lavender Luvdiscs - managed by Hyperbeem


Other Metagames Grand Slam IV
Winner: highlighter | Runner up: Megazard | Round Up

Anything Goes | Winner: Silent Mobius | Runner ups: Skarpherim & highlighter
Mix and Mega | Winner: Zephyr Dragon Lord | Runner up: Hamhamhamham
ZeroUsed | Winner: Pohjis | Runner up: czim
Almost Any Ability | Winner: xavgb | Runner ups: Quantum Tesseract & highlighter
Balanced Hackmons | Winner: highlighter | Runner up: sugarhigh

Other Metagames Grand Slam III
Winner: Hamhamhamham | Runner up: Catalystic | Round Up

Almost Any Ability | Winner: Jrdn | Runner ups: Hamhamhamham & Plas
Anything Goes | Winner: Hamhamhamham | Runner up: Highlord
Balanced Hackmons | Winner: Willdbeast | Runner up: Quantum Tesseract
Camomons | Winner: itsKimbo | Runner: Catalystic
Mix and Mega | Winner: Isotonex | Runner ups: Akashi & MultiAmmiratore
STABmons | Winner: Megazard | Runner up: Racool

Other Metagames Grand Slam II
Winner: Megazard | Runner up: Level 56

Almost Any Ability | Winner: Jrdn | Runner up: Level 56
Anything Goes | Winner: HunterStorm | Runner up: Thimo
Balanced Hackmons | Winner: jasprose | Runner up: TheBurgerKing99
Mix and Mega | Winner: Akashi | Runner ups: Megazard & Quantum Tesseract
Monotype | Winner: Suspensse | Runner ups: Croven & Nightwingg95
Sketchmons | Winner: Level 56 | Runner up: racool

Other Metagames Grand Slam
Winner: Klang | Runner up: Lax

Almost Any Ability | Winner: rozes | Runner ups: Klang & Sabella
Balanced Hackmons | Winner: MAMP | Runner ups: HeadsILoseTailsYouWin & s0me1 b0red
Monotype | Winner: Shining Yin | Runner up: EricSaysHi
STABmons | Winner: all falls down | Runner up: WhiteLion
Tier Shift | Winner: Laxpras | Runner up: shartruce


World Cup of OMs
Winner: Team US Northeast - managed by sed and drampa's grandpa
Runner up: Team US West - managed by Anaconja and Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request)

Second Round of Seasonals
Anything Goes - Spring 2019 | Winner: Kong Harald | Runner up: default0

First Round of Seasonals
1v1 - Spring 2018 | Winner: Osra | Runner up: Blazikin
1v1 - Summer 2018 | Winner: ggopw | Runner up: Daze
1v1 - Fall 2018 | Winner: Houston | Runner up: akaFila

Anything Goes - Fall 2017 | Winner: Paycard | Runner up: iLlama
Anything Goes - Winter 2017 | Winner: Holy Break | Runner up: Megazard
Anything Goes - Spring 2018 | Winner: Hamhamhamham | Runner up: HunterStorm
Anything Goes - Summer 2018 | Winner: Silent Mobius | Runner up: Megazard
Anything Goes - Playoffs | Winner: Pigeons | Runner up: hamhamhamham

Balanced Hackmons - Spring 2018 | Winner: Quantum Tesseract | Runner up: aki0s
Balanced Hackmons - Fall 2018 | Winner: xavgb | Runner up: Greenheroes
Balanced Hackmons - Spring 2019 | Winner: Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) | Runner up: tzop

Mix and Mega - Fall 2018 | Winner: xavgb | Runner up: Chazm
Mix and Mega - Spring 2019 | Winner: xavgb | Runner up: Catalystic

ZU - Summer 2018 | Winner: RawMelon | Runner up: Pohjis
ZU - Fall 2018 | Winner: RawMelon | Runner up: Absolute Infinity
ZU - Spring 2019 | Winner: a fruitshop owner | Runner up: Dj Breloominati♬

Forum Tournaments

1v1 - Bo5 Tournament | Winner: The Official Glyx | Runner up: Chloe
1v1 - Ladder Tour | Winner: UnleashOurPassion | Runner up: Downcoming3
1v1 - Premier League | Winner: Vivacious Virizions | Runner up: Dancing Diancies
Almost Any Ability - Little Cup | Winner: OM Room | Runner up: Sambo
Anything Goes - Ladder Tour | Winner: GarbodorIsHot | Runner up: Velvet Blood
Anything Goes - Ladder Tour II | Winner: Velvet Blood | Runner up: Zenithial
Anything Goes - Team Tour | Winner: Team Broken | Runner up: HAMSLAM
Balanced Hackmons - Snake Draft | Winner: Malefic Mega Rays | Runner up: Nice Natus
Balanced Hackmons - Ultimate League | Winners: aki0s, Balanced Freakmons & Transcendent God Champion | Runner ups: Funbot28, Halliday & Klang
Balanced Hackmons - Winter Tour | Winner: highlighter | Runner ups: pinkdragontamer & Pikachuun
Balanced Hackmons - Team Tour | Winner: the clan x | Runner up: Team Cruxis 2
Balanced Hackmons - Ladder Tour | Winner: xavgb | Runner up: Akashi
Camomons Bonanzomons Tour | Winner: Matiss98 | Runner up: Catalystic
Camomons Tour II | Winner: Matiss98 | Runner up: Chazm
Hidden Type - Tournament | Winner: Knuckstrike | Runner up: Brancus
Mashups Anniversary Tour | Winner: ice-master-523 | Runner up: damflame 3
Mix and Mega - "Mix but you have to Mega" | Cancelled
Mix and Mega - Mix and Mega + STABmons Tour | Winner: ihhca | Runner up: MultiAmmiratore
Mix and Mega - Stones Unleashed | Winner: ihhca | Runner ups: InfernapeTropius11 & Quantum Tesseract
Mix and Mega - The Good Old Days | Winner: Capita_L | Runner up: Isotonex
Mix and Mega - Tournament | Winner: M'joe'ra | Runner up: MiyoKa
Partners in Crime Banhappy Tournament | Winner: Eisenherz | Runner ups: Mark_K and OM room
Pure Hackmons tour | Winner: cscl | Runner up: highlighter
Shared Power - Unity | Cancelled
STABmons - Bad STABmons | Winner: ihhca | Runner up: Jajoken
STABmons - Open | Cancelled
STABmons - Tournament | Cancelled
STABmons - Ubers | Winner: Multiammiratore
Tier Shift - Hit It & Quit It | Winner: Willdbeast | Runner up: Mark_K
The Gen 7 Negative Tournament | Winner: None
ZU - Open | Winner: Quantum Tesseract | Runner up: HJAD
ZU - Team Tour | Winner: Skill Swap Sandyghasts | Runner up: eXtReMe EvObUnK
MAMP's Multi-Meta Mashup Minitour | Winner: Quantum Tesseract | Runner up: chartung17
OM Auth vs Non-Auth | Winner: Auth | Runner up: Non-Auth
OM Farm League | Winner: The Off-Topic Octilleries | Runner ups: The Leftover Liepards & The Undrafted Umbreons
OM Snake Draft | Winner: The Crabominable Snowmen | Runner up: The Partying Poliwags
OM Snake Draft II | Winner: The Lavish Luxrays | Runner up: The Partying Poliwags
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