Tournament OM Madness Tour - WON BY Chrome8

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Opponent and I have been running into difficulties regarding scheduling. We're both still in it, but if it's impossible to extend the time, I'm willing to take the bullet and withdraw since the scheduling issue is mainly a fault on my end.
because it isnt really good anyway?? there are so many other options it is incredibly niche
oh wait what format are u even talking about
GGSP, it gets passed to everything on the team, so now everything has Multiscale+ aka Shadow Shield. There's a reason Multiscale is banned in reg SP.


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Hello OMMers, sorry for the delay, but I am back to share round 3 with you guys

Screen Shot 2022-08-14 at 10.09.38 PM.png

Round 3: Winner's Bracket

ToiriX vs PociekMociek
Mysterious Player vs Career Ended
Don Vascus vs Rex15808
Chrome8 vs ezlaturbo
Rofna99 vs Clastia
The Dragon Master vs swag god

Round 4: Loser's Bracket

vs Runoisch
WindWarrior75 vs Arkeis
BandedBodyPress vs Codename C.A.T
Orangex733 vs KaiserKaiba
wut vs Ransei
MorganORNot vs Vynxpro
vs Spook
r1dude vs Wes8888
DaneyTheManey vs iKiQ
vs monothmallard
Cojack vs Mr.Bossaru
vs Bye

This week's pool of mechanics consists of:
  • Category Swap
  • Anything Goes
  • Pokebilities
  • Scalemons
  • Alphabet Cup
Notes on the mechanics
Example Formats:
  • Category Swap AG
  • ABC Pokebilities Scalemons
  • POKESCSAGLEABC (Pokebilities Scalemons Category Swap ABC AG)
(Challenge codes coming soon)

Banlists for the formats should be decided upon in this order:
- Bans of each individual format
- If a mashup of these formats already exists, take those bans as well
- If hosts specify any bans, add those in
- Players may agree on bans and restrictions between each other

General Info:
- If you and your opponent cannot agree on a format 3 days before the deadline it will be decided for you.
- This week's assigned format is Category Swap AG.
- Deadline is Sunday, August 28th @ 11:59PM PST
- Replays are required. All matches without them will be coinflipped.
- All ruleset/banlist disputes that cannot be solved by the players will be decided by the hosts.
- Good luck, and have fun! I'm excited to see what you'll use!
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