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Aw Phooey
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Hello OMM Players, I have come with the next round. Since Eggs and I made a little mistake, the next 2 weeks are going to be losers only, sorry to everyone in the winners bracket. Don't worry though, your wins this week will still be counted.

Screen Shot 2022-08-28 at 5.05.45 PM.png

Round 4 - Loser's Only
Arkeis vs MultiPokemon
Ransei vs Giga-Chandélure
BandedBodyPress vs Vynxpro
Mr.Bossaru vs Eggs
iKiQ vs Orangex733
oaklies vs r1dude

This week's pool of mechanics consists of:
  • STABmons
  • Camomons
  • Little Cup
  • Inverse
  • Flipped
Example Formats:
  • Camomons LC
  • Flipped STABmons Inverse
  • Flipped STAB LCamomons Inverse
(Challenge codes coming soon)

Banlists for the formats should be decided upon in this order:
- Bans of each individual format
- If a mashup of these formats already exists, take those bans as well
- If hosts specify any bans, add those in
- Players may agree on bans and restrictions between each other

General Info:
- If you and your opponent cannot agree on a format 3 days before the deadline it will be decided for you.
- This week's assigned format is Camomons LC.
- Deadline is Sunday, September 4h @ 11:59PM PST
- Replays are required. All matches without them will be coinflipped.
- All ruleset/banlist disputes that cannot be solved by the players will be decided by the hosts.
- Good luck, and have fun! I'm excited to see what you'll use!


won in FLINLCASTAB against Ransei, ggs
we had to rematch because I forgot Flipped Mod in this challenge code:
/chall gen8lc,@@@stabmonsmovelegality,*acupressure,*astralbarrage,*bellydrum,*clangoroussoul,*doubleironbash,*electrify,*extremespeed,*finalgambit,*fishiousrend,*geomancy,*glaciallance,*oblivionwing,*precipiceblades,*shellsmash,-shellsmash,*shiftgear,*thousandarrows,*thunderouskick,*vcreate,*wickedblow,camomonsmod,-calmmind,-psychicterrain,inversemod,flippedmod


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My opponent and I need an extension.
Also requesting the challenge code for Flipped Inverse STABCamo please


Where all is set.
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My opponent and I need an extension.
Also requesting the challenge code for Flipped Inverse STABCamo please
/chall gen8camomons,@@@stabmonsmovelegality,*acupressure,*astralbarrage,*bellydrum,*clangoroussoul,*doubleironbash,*electrify,*extremespeed,*finalgambit,*fishiousrend,*geomancy,*glaciallance,*oblivionwing,*precipiceblades,*shellsmash,-shellsmash,*shiftgear,*thousandarrows,*thunderouskick,*vcreate,*wickedblow,-calmmind,-psychicterrain,inversemod, flippedmod

I think this is it.
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