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Thanks for all the submissions! Here's the top 10!
1. Partners in Crime - 17 Votes
2. Tag Team Singles - 8 Votes
3. Revelationmons - 5 Votes
4. Alphabet Cup - 3 Votes
4. Camomons - 3 Votes
6. 350 Cup - 2 Votes
6. Shared Power - 2 Votes
6. Trademarked - 2 Votes

NOTE: did not include metagames with only 1 nomination as we would have too broad of a voting range and 8 is a good amount of options still
Voting will be up ASAP!


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October 2022 - Nomination Stage
- Nominate a metagame by including its full name in your post.
- You may nominate up to five metagames.
- You may nominate the same metagame as someone else.
- The ten metagames with the most nominations will enter the voting stage.
- Do not nominate metagames from the blacklist (below), or those without a thread in the Gen 8 forum.
- You may only post once. If you post more than once, none of your votes will be counted.
- Do not try to influence other voters and do not bash any metagame.
- You are not allowed to make any posts except to nominate.
- You must have at least five forum posts before your post.
- Your account must be at least one week old by the time of your post.
- If another user breaks these rules, let us take care of it.

If any of the above rules are broken, your post will be deleted. Continued rule breaking will result in an infraction.

A list of all eligible metagames can be found in the index.

Blacklisted OMs:
Ladder already exists:
- 1v1
- 2v2 Doubles
- Almost Any Ability
- Anything Goes
- Balanced Hackmons
- Free-For-All
- Godly Gift
- Mix and Mega
- STABmons
- ZU

Cooldown period:
- Re-Evolution (Ineligible until Generation 9
- Category Swap (Ineligible until Generation 9)
- Broken Record (Ineligible until Generation 9)
- Inheritance (Ineligible until Generation 9)
- Tier Shift (Ineligible until Generation 9)
- Inverse (Ineligible until Generation 9)
- Chimera 1v1 (Ineligible until Generation 9)
- Partners in Crime (Ineligible until Generation 9)

- Ubers/UU/LC/National Dex Versions of Existing Metagames
- Pet Mods
- Previous generation OMs
- Fusions of two or more OMs
- BDSP Versions of OMs
Sample Post:
Sectonia said:
350 Cup, Cross Evolution, Inheritance, Inverse
Nominations will close on the 25th.
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