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It speaks for itself that not everyone on the Pokémon Showdown simulator is familiar with commands, tricks and features. Therefore Milak and I decided to write a guide explaining commands, features, tips and tricks. We will try to keep this as updated as possible. Enjoy your read!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I become staff?
There is no straightforward path to earning promotions, just enjoy your time on the site and behave in the kind, polite and helpful manner preferable for all users. If you're an active and high quality presence, the current staff will notice. You can find out more about staff in general and how to become one here!

2. How do I find a battle?
If you want to find a battle, just click the Battle! button located on the homepage and start playing on the ladder. If you want to play a certain tier simply click format and choose the one you want, same thing works if you want to change the team: just click team and select the one you prefer using.

3. How can I fight my friend?
If you want to challenge a friend just click their name and then click Challenge, select the tier you want to play and choose the team you'd like to use. Alternatively you can use the /challenge [username] command. Which replaces you having to click their username. The other steps are still the same.

4. What do AG, Ubers, OU, BL, UU, BL2, RU, BL3 and NU stand for?
If you want to know more about a specific tier you can use the command /tier [tiername]; it will show you information about that format.

5. How do I get a new name color?
To get a new name color, you have to be a global staff member. If you do not meet the requirements, you can do /nick [new name] for a new name which most likely will give you a new color as well.

6. Why can I only use this move?
A lot of people who ask this in the Help room forgot what item they gave their Pokémon. Items such as Assault Vest, Choice Band, Choice Scarf and Choice Specs will limit your move choices.

7. How do I add a Pokémon to my avatar? / How do I get a custom avatar?
Adding a Pokémon to your avatar is not as simple as it seems. Those avatars are exclusive to staff members or contributors. Zarel has to upload these avatars individually himself, so not everyone is allowed to get one. Long story short, you can't.

8. How do I make a room?
If you want to request a private room you have to request one in the Room/Server Requests here! You can read about them here! You have to be global Voice (+) or Driver (%) or higher in a public room. Remember that, before requesting a room, you must prove you meet all requirements.

9. What do GXE / Coil mean?
GXE stands for Glicko X-Act Estimate. The number shown is the percentage that a player has of winning against any other random player.
COIL is a system developed for suspect tests. If you want to know more about PS! rating system, have a look at this link!

10. How to open 2 rooms at once?
To drag a room around; you click on the tab and move it anywhere you like by just moving the mouse. If you want to have 2 rooms open next to each other, you either use Shift and Arrow Keys, or drag the room tab onto the Home page tab

11. Why did my teams get removed?
Teams are saved using your cookies. So if your clear cookies, you clear your teams. This often happens by people that either; cleared their history and forgot to uncheck Cookies, they ran a program like CCleaner or even ran a virus scan. Back up your teams every once in a while to make sure you can prevent any damage.

12. Why was mega ... not faster than ....? (Only applies to generation 6!)
Turn order is decided beforehand. This is why megas like Beedrill and Diancie run protect on their set. If your base form is slower than the opposing pokémon the turn you mega evolve, you will be outsped.

13. What is a good moveset for ....?
Sometimes you find yourself to be undecided about the right moveset of a certain Pokémon, there's a fast way to know it and it's the /smogdex [pokemon] command; this will bring you to the analysis link and you can read and learn more about right movesets, team options, checks and counters of a specific pokemon.

14. Why can I not chat in the .... room?
The most obvious answer would be that the room is on Autoconfirmed. This means your account has to be 1 week (7 days) old and you must have won at least 1 ladder match in order to speak in those rooms. If you do not yet meet those requirements, you can consider friendly asking a Moderator or Room Owner in the room to turn it off.

15. When will I be unbanned?
Regular room bans only last for two days. If you happen to be blacklisted that means you won't be be able to join that room for a single year, unless a Moderator (@) or higher removes you from the blacklist.

16. What do I do if a staff member is abusing their power?
If you feel link a room staff member is abusing his power PM the Room Owner of that room, providing relevant proves. If you think that a global staff member, whether is a global% or global@, is abusing his power, send your complains here!

17. How do I join a tournament?
If you want to join a scripted tournaments just wait until the tournament is put in the signup-phase, then either click the "join" button or type /tour join in chat. Make sure you're not ignoring tournaments in the options (gear icon in the top right corner).

18. When will the server restart?
Usually the server restarts every 5/6 days. You can check the last time the server was restarted using the command /uptime.

19. How do I report a user?
To report a user you can now use the /report command which will pop up a window where you select a situation that applies to you the most. A room will be created which notifies global staff who will be with you shortly to hear your story and they will deal with it accordingly.

20. What is a suspect test?
A suspect test is a ladder where the tier is testing a specific move, pokemon, ability etc. to see if it is overcentralizing or outright broken within the metagame. Reaching a specific ELO would allow a user to vote on the suspect test and have their opinion be calculated in the actual results.

21. How do I add my friend?
As of right now, Showdown has no friend system yet. But it has been requested many times throughout the years. This was added to the 'to-do list' but it does not have priority. You might see one in the future, but probably not any time soon.

22. Why did the server restart?
The server restarts can happen for a few reasons. The most obvious ones are:
1. The server is updating to a new version.
2. The server is having new changes implemented.
3. The server restart happened to clear up some lag.

Important to know about restarts:
- We wait a few minutes before restarting so people can finish up their battles
- The restart itself will take around 0.6 seconds
- Your ladder ranking and teams will not change
- We are restarting to update Pokémon Showdown to a newer version

23. What is an endless battle?
An endless battle is, as the name implies, a battle that has no ending. It could go on for 24 hours if the players wanted to. This is often done by a Pokémon that can trap the user (Block, Shadow Tag, Arena Trap), a move to heal the opponent (Heal Pulse), a way to recover a used item (Recycle) and a way to keep your own pokémon healthy (Slack Off, Recover, Roost). The item would be a Leppa Berry and the opponent would lose their moves by the causer to heal itself up. The opponent will Struggle and because Struggle has no PP, this war will go on forever since the causer can heal themselves up with endless Slack Off and keep the victim healthy with Heal Pulse.

24. This user is following me into battles and keeps insulting me, what do I do?
Obviously this is very annoying and can distract you from your battles. What you can do is, you can use /ignore [their username] to stop seeing their messages (this does not work if the user you're trying to ignore is a staff member). To stop them from joining your battles, you can use the command /modjoin. Modjoin sets the modchat to +, hides the room and makes it so only voice (+) or higher can join the room if they have the link.

If, for some reason, they still get into your battle or the harassment continues by them switching usernames, you can use the /report command and select the "Someone is harassing me in PMs" / "Someone is harassing me in a battle" options to create a help ticket. This will notify global staff members who will join you in the ticket for you to explain the issues to. They can handle it from there.

25. A bot banned me, what can I do?
If a bot banned you, you're most likely blacklisted. This means that you are permanently banned from a room and the bot bans you upon sight. To get off of this list, you can PM a Room Owner (#) from said room. If they refuse to take you off, you just got to live with the fact you can not join that room again. Another option would be that you are a Zero-tolerance user, meaning you have had multiple infraction in the room that the bot is moderating. This means that you could get banned from the room by spamming. The screen that pops up when you get banned will have 'Zero tolerance' as the reason of the ban.

26. If the battle ends in a double down, who wins?
Double down wins in battles are decided by the speed stats. The fastest pokémon will go down first, meaning the slower one will come out victorious. If the last 2 pokémon on the field have the same speed stat, this will be dealt with as a speed tie, meaning it's 50% chance for you to win or lose.

27. How do I change my avatar?
You can change your avatar by clicking on your name and then clicking your current avatar. A list should pop up with all the public avatars available to you and you can click on the one you prefer. As alternative you can use the /avatar [ID] command, but this obviously requires you to know the ID of the avatar you like. All of the avatars can be found in this link. They will also list the name / ID for you.

28. How do I change the look of my game?
You can change the look of the website using an extension called 'Stylish'. You can install this for free to your browser and look up 'Pokemon Showdown'. A list of available styles should appear and you can install the one you like the most. This should immediately change the lay-out of the website. If it does not, try refreshing. If you happen to have any knowledge about coding, you could even adjust the current styles to your preferences or create a new style all by yourself.

29. How do I join a tournament?
You can join a tournament by clicking the 'Join' button that appears if the room is in sign-up phase. As alternative you can use the command '/tour join' in a room hosting it. This will obviously fail if the tournament has already started. You can find a list of all active tournaments by typing '/tours' in chats. For consistent tournaments go check out the Tournaments room on Showdown.

30. What does being Locked mean?
Being locked means you can not talk in any chat, battle or PM that is not from a global staff member. Locks will be lifted after 2 or 7 days depending on the kind of lock, or when a global driver (%) or higher decided to unlock you. How ever, there is a 'permalock'. This means you are permanently locked until staff decide to unpermalock you.

31. How do I reset my Win / Loss ratio?
Recently the possibility to clear you Win & Loss ratio was added. Your ELO and GXE would all stay the same. This only affect the wins and losses. If you want to clear them, you type /rank and in the bottom right corner there is a hyperlink with 'Reset W/L' if you click this it should redirect you to your user page. which shows your ladder ranking and the date you registered your name. Behind each ladder you played on there is a 'Reset' button. If you click it your wins and losses will both be on 0.

32. Is Showdown / Am I lagging?
If you suspect that Showdown is lagging, you can post a single . in the chat and nobody will see this. If it sends immediately, you are fine. If it takes a while to pop up in chat, either you or the simulator are laggy.

33. How do I get level 9999 and 24 moves in Custom Game?

Level 9999
To easily get level 9999 in Custom Game you can change your level to 99 instead of 100. This creates a new line in the import/export file of your team. If you click on "Import/Export" you will be able to change the 99 to 9999 by simply putting two more 9s behind the level. Do not forget to click the 'Save' button!

24 moves
Acquiring 24 moves on your Pokémon also uses the import/export files. If you click the 'import/export' button, you will see your current moves listed beneath each other using dashes. To add moves to this you simply press Enter, so you start a new line and use -[move name]. Brackets are unnecessary. After you chose the moves of your liking make sure to hit the 'Save' button!

33. What are the chances to find a shiny Pokémon in a Random Battle game?
The chances to find a shiny Pokémon in a Random Battle is 1/1024.

34. How are Random Battle levels generated?
It appears to be that the levels are based on the tier of the Pokémon. More detailed information can be found HERE!

Uber - Level 73
OU - Level 75
BL - Level 76
UU - Level 77
BL2 - Level 78
RU - Level 79
BL3 - Level 80
NU - Level 81
PU - ×
Unreleased - Level 75
Battle Clauses - Level 77 (Shadow Tag Wobbuffet, Baton Pass + Boosting move {exception to Ninask} etc.)

35. I lost my password to my Showdown account, what do I do?
To recover your lost password, you must submit a thread in the Other Admin Requests Forum. Please be prepared to answer questions about your account relating to when and where it was registered.

36. How do I use a Z-move?
You can use one Z-Move per battle. To do so, teach a Pokémon a move and give it a Z-Crystal of the same type (e.g. Fire Blast and Firium Z). The Z-Move will either be physical or special, depending on the base move. To check how powerful a Z-Move will be, or what the effects of a Z-Status Move are, type /dt name and it will appear at the bottom.Some Z-Moves, like Sinister Arrow Raid, are exclusive to certain Pokémon and base moves; /dt name will list their conditions.

For more Frequently Asked Questions that are not mentioned in this list, go to this link and see if it listed there. We will try to keep this as updated as possible.


Full commands list:

On a crowded simulator like Pokémon Showdown! it is unthinkable that there is no tools or commands to help you in your journey. We decided to list the commands for you and explaining what they do.The /help command does not list all of them, so I'll do my best to list them here.

What you need to know to understand how we classified these commands:
1. The actual command is listed in bold
2. [ ] indicates where you have to type your command input. The brackets are unnecessary.
3. | is not a lower case L or capital i, this is used to separate multiple options of 2 command inputs that do the same thing.

Let's get started!

Chat commands:

/dt | /details

Will show you base stats, abilities, typing, tier, weight, dex color, generation, evolution, egg group, height and dex number of a pokemon. For a move it will show priority, generation it was introduced in, whether or not it's affected by Magic Bounce (ability) and who is targeted by the move. This also shows how and at what level a Pokémon evolves as well as showing the base power of a potential Z-move.

This is technically the same as /dt or /details, except this does not show the weight, dex color, generation, evolution, height, dex number or egg group. This is useful to broadcast it, so it does not clog up the chats.

/ds | /dexsearch
Will show you which pokemon share a certain move, ability, dex color and base stats. If you add ',all' to your command and it will list all of them. Example: /ds Def>120, OU, gray, all

/nick [New name]
This command allows you to change your username. Changing your username will make your rating start from 0. Your old name will keep your current ratings. This is also an easy way to change your name color.

/rank [user]| /rating
This will allow you to look at your win / loss ratio, as well as that from another user by including their username behind the command.

Example: /rank Amaluna

/avatar [ID]
This command will allow you to change the trainer sprite that appears when you enter a battle or click on your own name. As alternative you can click your name, click the current sprite you have and select the one you like from the list that will appear. Custom Avatars can be obtained by global authority only!

Shows in which rooms a certain user is, shows if they’re unregistered and it shows their authority in the rooms they are in at that moment. Does not show private rooms.

/w | /msg
/w is one of the command that are rather useful. It allows you to send a user of your choice a private message. A message only you and the other person will be able to see.

Example: /w Amaluna, Hello!

/r | /reply
This command will allow you to reply to a PM (Private Message) you have gotten. If you accidentally closed a PM window and you want to PM them, but you forgot their name, /r [your message] will send it to the person you spoke with last.

This is a command that makes it so you don't see a specific user their messages and PMs. The user will still be able to PM you, but you will not be able to see it.

/bch | /blockchallenges
Will allow you to block challenges. Challenging a user who is blocking challenges will give you an error message that should look like:

/unbch | /unblockchallenges
Activating this command will make it so you are allowing challenge requests again.

This command will block PMs and any incoming challenge requests. Staff members will not be ignored.

Will undo the /away command, making it so you will be able to be challenged and PMd again.

A feature that allows you to know when a user mentions your name or anything you highlight on.

Adding highlights: /hl add, [word], [word]
Removing highlights: /hl delete, [word], [word]
Viewing your highlights: /hl list

Will turn on the timestamps in front of messages sent in chat rooms and PMs. As alternative the options button has a feature to allow these as well.

/ms is a command that allows you to look up which moves have priority, which moves are affected by a certain ability or have a side effect.

Example: /ms Punching: Will show all moves that get boosted by the Iron Fist ability.
Example 2: /ms burn: will show a list of moves that have a chance to burn your opponent.
Example 3: /ms priority>1: will show a list of moves that have +1 priority or more

Will show a list of all ranks, Globla and Room ranks, and what they can do.

This will display both Global and Room based punishments and the durations.

Will show a link to frequently asked questions. For a specific subject, you do /faq [subject].

Example: /faq staff - will show how you get promoted.

/roomfaq | /rfaq
This command will show you room related frequently asked questions. It will pop up a small box explaining your criteria.

Usage: /rfaq [topic].

Will give you a link that links to the rules from the room you're in as well as the global rules.

/roomintro | /topic
Will make the intro, that pops up when you enter a room, reappear.

Shows four links that are useful to read when you are new to competitive pokemon and Pokémon Showdown! in general.

/j | /join
Puts you in the room you wanted to join. Private rooms are often joined with this command.

Will link you to the Pokémon Showdown forums on Smogon!

Not too long ago, Showdown added a command that would list the subrooms of a specific public room. These rooms have always existed but have always been private. Now you are able to check for subrooms with the command and join them with /j.

This will show the alternative names the room was given. The aliases that pop up, can be used to join the rooms with /j.

Allows you to see if a pokemon learns a specific move. Also shows you if a move is from a prior gen, from an event, an egg move or pre-evolution.

Links you to the damage calculator created by Honko. Used to see how much an attack would do against a target including the range of min and max rolls.

Gives you informative links about a certain OM (Other Meta).

Example: /om AAA: gives you a link to the smogon page where the Almost Any Ability meta is explained.
Example 2: /om omotm or /om month: gives you the links to the Other Metagames Of The Month

/analysis | /smogdex

Gives you movesets for a pokemon of choice.

Example: /analysis Porygon-Z: will give you the sets Porygon-Z commonly runs. Also explains why they gave it the EVs, Item, Moves and Ability it has. As well as including team options and check and counters.

Lists all the commands a room driver, moderator or owner can use.

Allows you to find a user. It also shows in which rooms or battles they at that moment.

Shows you a list of room in which the user has a rank. This does not show rank from private rooms. It will if you're ranked in a privateroom and type /userauth [your name].

/roomauth [room name / alias]
Used to show the roomauth from the room you specified. If no room is specified, it will display the auth for the room you are currently in. Usernames in bold indicate they are in the room at that moment.

Clears the chat from every message sent. Rejoining the room makes you able to see the chat again.

Similar to /whois but /ip includes your own IP and shows the private rooms you are in at that moment Also shows your authority in the rooms you’re in.

Shows you four links that can introduce you to the CAP (Create-A-Pokemon) format.

/git | /opensource
These two commands will bring up the source code.

A command that allows you to do an action in the chat. Basically a roleplaying command.

/mee works the same as /me, but it removes the space between your name and the first word in your action. Remember that, if you use this command instead of /me, you can not start your message with a letter or a number.

Displays the time between now and the latest server restart.

Gives you a completely random Pokémon. You can specify tier, typing, generation, dex color and format.

/hidetext [user]
A command for (room) Moderators. This will clear the text from a specific user if they are locked or room banned.

This is quite an unknown command, so not many people knew what it did. What this does is, it resets your username. If you have a custom avatar but do not have it 'active', you can use /trn and it will apply it back to your username.

This command is similar to /ds, but instead this is for items. It will find items that match the given key words.
/itemsearch Natural Gift 100[/ICODE] - would show you all berries that make Natural Gift a base 100 power move.

Example 2: /itemsearch boosts Atk - would show you all items that boost your attack.

A command that is used in chat rooms. This command allows you to see who joins and leaves the room. Alt changes will not be shown.

This command undoes /showjoins.

/mnm [Pokémon] @ [mega stone]
This command is used to display a Pokémon their stats, ability, weight in/decrease and potential type change for the Mix and Mega format.

/350 [Pokémon]
This will display a Pokémon their stat changes if their BST is 350 or below for the 350cup format.

/ts [Pokémon]
Will display a Pokémon stats after applying Tier Shift boosts to their current stat.

Links the veekun page for your specified search criteria.

This will link Pokémon Showdown!'s code repository.

Battle commands:


Makes you forfeit your current match. Opponent gets the win.

This command is used to challenge a specific user directly. These battles will not be rated and do not count towards Autoconfirmed rank. Quite a few formats are only accessible by challenging a user directly to them.

Allows you to add a new player to the battle. This player will be able to substitute one of the existing players. Does not work in a ladder match.

Promotes a user to room voice (+). This user will be able to broadcast commands in the battle chat.

/roomdevoice Removes a room voice (+) from the battle chat. This person will no longer be able to broadcast commands or talk in moderated chat.

Hides the battle you are in. People are still able to join, but only with a link to the battle. This battle will not appear on your user tab. You can disable this with /hideroom off.

/modjoin [rank]

Makes it so only voiced users will be able to join the battle once it’s turned on. This does not work to keep players out.

/modchat +
Modchat + makes it so that only voiced users and above can talk in the chat. Regular users will no longer be able to speak in the battle.

/modchat off
This command will undo the /modchat + command. Regular users will be able to speak in the battle chat again.

ioo, or invite only on, works the same as modjoin and it will hide your battle from public view.

It works the same as /ioo. However, this causes the next battle to be started as a hidden room.

/makegroupchat [name]
This command allows you to create a groupchat, which is technically a new room on Showdown that will be removed after 40 minutes of inactivity or if the server restarts. Do note that you are entirely responsible for what happens in this room, and if it's used to break global rules or cause any sort of disruption on the server, you will be held accountable and punished.

/statcalc [level] [base stat] [IVs] [nature] [EVs] [modifier]
This command calculates the actual stat of a pokemon with given parameters. You don't have to follow any particular order with the parameters.

Example: /statcalc Manaphy hp 252evs - gives the exact number of HP that Manaphy reaches at level 100 with 252 EVs invested.

/eff | /effectiveness
This command allows you to see whether or not a move hits the target for super effective damage, resisted damage or if it's flat out immune to it.

0.25× effectiveness = 2× resisted
0.5× effectiveness = 1× resisted
1× effectiveness = 0× resisted (neutral)
2× effectiveness = 1× weakness
4× effectiveness = 2× weakness

Note: This command ignores abilities. Therefor Ground will appear as super effective versus Rotom for example!

/weak | /weakness
This command will show you the resistances, immunities and weaknesses of a Pokémon or typing.

Usage: /weak [Pokémon name / typing]

This command can be used to see which types resist a combination of up to four moves.

Usage: /coverage [Move 1], [Move 2], [Move 3], [Move 4]

This command will invite a user to a specific room or battle. This command can be used in 2 different ways. The easiest use of this is typing this in the room or battle you want to invite a user it. The command for that would be '/invite [username]'

Example of inviting a user to the Lobby:

The other way is typing /invite [roomname / battle] in the PM from the user you want to invite. The outcome is the same, but the first method is slightly easier since battle names can be quite complicated.

Staff commands:

/mute [user], [reason] | /m [user], [reason]

This command will mute a user for 7 minutes. (Requires % or higher)

/hourmute [user], [reason] | /hm [user], [reason]
Will mute a user for 60 minutes. (Requires % or higher)

/rb [user], [reason] | /roomban [user], [reason]
This will ban a user from a specific room. (Requires @ or higher)

/l [user], [reason] | /lock [user], [reason]
This will lock a user from talking. Meaning they can not chat in battles, rooms or PMs that is not a Staff members. (Requires global % or higher)

/wall [text] | /announce [text]
This is a command Drivers (%) and up can use. It will make a wall of text that you basically can not miss. Often used to make announcements or host games in a chat room.

/declare [text]
This command can only be used by Room Owners (#). As the previous, it makes a huge wall of text that everybody can read, it's often used to make big announcements as well.

/alts [username]
This works the exact same way as /ip does. It shows alts of a specific user. This command can only be used by global driver (%) or higher.

/fr [user] | /forcerename [user]
This will allow global staff members (up from %) to forcibly change a user's name showing reasons. This usually happens when some users are using very offensive nicknames.

This is a relatively new command that allows you to check the reason why a user is locked. To use this command you require to be room Driver (%) or higher.

Usage: /checkpunishment [username]
How this command exactly works will be added once I figure out the details on it.

This command allows you to find out what a user's Autoconfirmed account is.

People who are in SPL this season have access to an avatar that represents their team. More info can be found here!

Tournaments commands:

/tour new [format], elimination / roundrobin

This command will create a tournament in the current room. (Requires @ or higher)

/tour getusers
This command will show how many users are there in the tournament.

/tour autodq | /tour setautodq
This command will allow you to set an automatic disqualification timeout (Requires % or higher)

/tour dq | /tour disqualify
This command will allow you to disqualify a user (Requires % or higher)

/tour scouting allow|disallow
This command will allow or disallow players joining other matches while they're in the tour. (Requires % or higher)

/tour modjoin allow|disallow
This command will allow or disallow players setting modjoin, i.e preventing people from joining unless they're global + or higher. (Requires % or higher)

/tour autostart | /tour setautostart [on/minutes/off]
This command will set an automatic start timeout (Requires % or higher)

/tour help
This will show you all commands related to tournaments.

/tour start
This command allows you to immediately start the tournament.

/tour banlist [(!)Pokémon]
This allows you to ban or unban a specific Pokémon for the tournament. To unban a Pokémon you use an exclamation point. To ban a Pokémon you simply type it's name. Check this link for more detailed information!

Ban: /tour banlist [Pokémon name]
Unban: /tour banlist ![Pokémon name]

Features on Showdown!:

Notification tab:

If you are not on the Pokemon Showdown! tab, you are able to see if you have been highlighted or PMd. This is done by the logo on the internet tab which changes when you have been PMd or highlighted.



Drag 'n drop:
A relatively new features that allows you to have 2 rooms open at once. To drag a room around; you click on the tab and move it anywhere you like by just moving the mouse. If you want to have 2 rooms open next to each other, you either use Shift and Arrow Keys, or drag the room tab onto the Home page tab

Bold: **text** | Often used to announce something.
Italics: __text__ | Often used to put emphasis on a specific word.
Monospace: ``text`` | Mainly used by people in the Help room to show how a command is done. Also used by developers to point out source code.
Hyperlinking: [[text]] | A format used a lot in The Studio room to link to music videos. It will create a hyper link with whatever text you put in between the brackets.
Strikethrough: ~~text~~ | A format that is mainly used to jokingly hide your messages.
/me: /me | A command used to display an action.
Spoilers: Spoiler: text | Often used in rooms like TV Books & Films to discuss a move or book without spoiling it for the other users. To view the spoiler, simply hover your mouse over the faded area. Remember that, in certain rooms, spoilers are not allowed and using them excessively could be lead you to a punishment.
Lag test:
Pokémon Showdown has added a feature which allows you to check whether or not you are lagging. This is done by posting a single . in the chat. Only you will be able to see this, other people will not see it. This way you don't obstruct a conversation in chat rooms by typing "test". In PMs, people will still see it.

Introduction to clauses:

As you might have noticed, your team could be rejected because you broke one of the clauses. You might have wondered what this means. Well lucky you, I shall explain to you what clauses there are and how to avoid them.

Self KO Clause: If both players have only one Pokemon left, moves which KO both the user and the opponent are not allowed (e.g. Explosion, Destiny Bond). If recoil damage would cause a tie, Self KO Clause does not activate, and the player who last attacked is the winner.

Swagger Clause: Swagger is banned.

Baton Pass Clause: Limited to one Baton Pass user and can't pass Speed and other stats simultaneously.

Sleep Clause Mod: Limit one foe put to sleep, Rest does not count towards this clause.

Species Clause: Limited to one of each Pokémon

OHKO Clause: OHKO moves are banned.

Moody Clause: Moody is banned.

Evasion Moves Clause:Evasion moves are banned

Freeze Clause: Two or more Pokemon on a team cannot be frozen at the same time.

Item Clause: All Pokemon on a team must hold different items. This is not a standard clause in competitive play, but it is used in Nintendo tournaments.

Endless Battle Clause: Forcing endless battles is banned.

HP Percentage Mod: HP is shown in percentages.

We hope this will help you on your journey through the wonderful world of this Pokémon simulator and understanding how this all works. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy your time!

If we have missed any commands, questions or features that you think would be useful to include, let us know by messaging us on either Smogon or on Pokémon Showdown.

Amaluna's Showdown name: Amaluna
Amaluna's Smogon name: Amaluna

Milak's Showdown name: Milak
Milak's Smogon name: Milak


Written by:
- Amaluna
- Milak

Art from:
Eevee Art: https://www.deviantart.com/skylor1819/art/Pokemon-23-Confused-Eevee-779108214
Meloetta art: http://pre13.deviantart.net/

Thanks to:
- Joim
- Quite Quiet
- Ridaz
- SparksBlade
- Azuuli
- HamSandwich335
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/mee works the same as me, but it removes the space between your name and the first word in your action. Remember that, if you use this command instead of /me, you can start your message with a letter or a number. Remember that if you use this command instead of /me, you can only start your message with a letter or a number.
Recently, this was changed. You cannot start your /mee message with a letter, number or space


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It's a mistake, I was meant to type "can't". We'll correct it and thanks for telling us!
I'd just like to point out that "Zero tolerance" for bots can mean the user has infractions in multiple rooms, and not just one room. It increases by 1 point for every infraction that is a mute or above, and a user is considered "zero tol" when a user has 4 zeroTol points. It's designed that way to catch spammers that hit multiple rooms so the bot would moderate them much more harshly.

This on the downside, can hurt users who meme epically in private rooms, and constantly get muted, since zeroTol carries over from all rooms.
well rip /mee...
anyways, this effort on doing this guide for PS! users will really help with the community. Props Katsumi ^-^


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This thread kinda reminds me of the thread Alter made (A Beginner's Guide to Pokémon Showdown). Both that and this thread are very well done in educating players about the site. Nice work c: though this thread ruined the /mee command I never used.


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Doing /ME instead of /me caps your entire name out now in addition to doing what /me usually does. Minor thing but still.

Cute guide.
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