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Pokémon Showdown: Forum Rules & Resources [READ HERE FIRST]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Showdown!' started by Vacate, Apr 22, 2016.

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  1. Vacate

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    May 29, 2013
    Hello and welcome to the Pokémon Showdown forum! Before posting in this forum, please read every rule:
    Only create threads that promote discussion and follow the rules. If your thread does not follow the above rules, it may be deleted and possibly warned.

    As a rule of thumb, if you're looking for advice on any given issue, any Driver (%), Moderator (@), Leader (&) or Administrator (~) can probably help, so you may as well private message them on Pokémon Showdown before posting a new thread here.

    This thread will be maintained as a useful resource for users.

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  2. Vacate

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    May 29, 2013
    Frequently Asked Questions (originally by Relados and Zarel; updated by Blitzamirin, Kalalokki, Kasumi, shnen, Sobi, Tiksi, Vacate and verbatim)

    Staff and Disciplinary

    How do I become staff?

    Please refer to our staff FAQ below.

    When will I be unlocked / unbanned?
    Regular roombans last approximately two days. Room blacklists last for one year. Regular locks last around two days, and week locks last for around one week. If you are using a proxy, you will be unlocked when you disable the proxy and logout/re-login.
    What does being locked mean?
    Locked users cannot chat anywhere except in private messages to global staff.

    I'm punished in a room: who do I appeal to?
    Type /roomauth (room) to see the member of staff of a room; if a name is bolded, that user is online.

    I was locked / globally banned unfairly. How can I appeal?
    Post a discipline appeal but make sure to read the guidelines before posting.

    How do I report a user?
    If you encounter a user breaking PS rules, enter the Help room and contact a Moderator (@) or above, providing relevant screenshots, explaining the incident.

    Chat and Client

    What updates has PS! undergone?

    To check what updates have happened, type /git in chat, and then click on "What's New", which will bring you to this link.

    How do I register my account, and how do I log in?
    To register, click on the settings gear in the top right corner, and then click on register. You will then be prompted to input your password twice, and answer a security question. Once you have done that, your account is registered. To log in, do /nick (name); you then need to put in your password, and you'll have logged in.

    Can I speak in a language other than English? In most rooms, no. However, PS offers many language-specific rooms: Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, and Japanese.

    How do I change my avatar?
    You can change your avatar by clicking on your name and then clicking your current avatar, or by clicking the settings gear and "change avatar". A list will pop up with all the public avatars available to you, and you can click on the one you prefer.

    How does x command work?
    Check out our user guide below this post to find out how to use PS commands. In addition, you can usually type a command with no additional information (such as entering in "/ds") to learn more about it.

    How do I get a new name color?
    It is not possible to change a username color. To get a new color you must change your username as colors are tied to usernames. This is because we calculate colors from usernames directly when they're displayed, and so the colors are never actually sent anywhere.

    How do I add a Pokémon to my avatar? / How do I get a custom avatar?
    Only Global Drivers and higher (%, @, &, ~) are permitted custom avatars. Custom avatars have to be manually implemented so it just isn't practical to add them for every user that asks. While there are exceptions to this rule, you likely aren't one of them.

    How do I make a room?
    If you want to request a private room you have to request one in the Room/Server Requests here! Before posting, read the requirements here! You have to be Global Voice or Driver or higher in a public room.

    How can I open 2 rooms at once?
    If you want to have 2 rooms open next to each other, you either use Shift and Arrow Keys, or drag the room tab onto the Home page tab.

    How can I move the position of rooms?
    Click on the room name and hold, dragging it to the desired position.

    What is autoconfirmed?
    To talk in autoconfirmed chat, you must have had your account registered for one week and have won at least 1 ladder match with it. Click the "Battle! button and select any format besides "Unrated Random Battle" to play a ladder match. If you do not yet meet those requirements, you can try asking a Moderator or Room Owner of the room to turn it off.

    Why did my teams get removed?
    Teams are saved using your cookies. If you clear your cookies, you clear your teams. This can happen if you clear history and forget to uncheck cookies, or run programs like CCleaner and virus scans. Back up your teams every once in a while to prevent damage by selecting a team, clicking the "import/export" button to the right of the team's name, and saving the text to a word processor or a site like Pastebin.

    How do I add my friend?
    Currently PS does not have a friends system; however, one is planned.

    Why did the server restart?
    Servers restart to implement updates and reduce lag. They are quick (taking under a second) and occur approximately once a week.

    How do I join a tournament?
    If you want to join a tournament, click the "join" button or type /tour join in the chat. If neither of these work, the tournament has already started and isn't accepting more entrants.

    What are groupchats and how can I make one?
    Groupchats on PS are user-created chatrooms that can be used to talk with friends on any topic allowed by global rules. Tournaments can also be conducted within groupchats. Only Global Voices (+) or public room Drivers (%) can create groupchats using the command /makegroupchat [name], [hidden / private]. Hidden lets global staff retain their ranks inside the groupchat while Private chats do not carry global ranks over.

    How do I change the look / background of PS?
    To change the background, click on the settings cog in the top right corner, then click on "Change Background". You can choose one from there, or upload your own. Alternatively, you can download the extension "Stylish" which will change the whole look of Pokemon Showdown.


    What is Smogon?
    Smogon is the most comprehensive and accurate online resource for competitive Pokemon battling, comprising strategy articles, guides, forums and its own simulator, Pokemon Showdown. Smogon's tiering is the basis for Pokemon Showdown.

    What do AG, Ubers, OU, BL, UU, BL2, RU, BL3 or NU stand for?
    If you want to know more about a specific tier you can use the command /tier [tiername]; it will show you information about that format.

    What is the difference between Random Battle and Battle Factory?
    Pokemon in Random Battles are randomly generated from PU and above, whereas in Battle Factory, all Pokemon from both teams will belong from the same tier, and movesets are competitive.

    What does GXE mean?
    GXE stands for Glicko X-Act Estimate. The number shown is the estimated percent chance that a player has of winning against any other random player.

    What does COIL mean?
    COIL is a system developed for suspect tests. Before banning a Pokemon, we host a suspect test. If you enter a suspect test your performance on the suspect test ladder will be kept separate from your original score on that ladder. To vote after the suspect test you must achieve a COIL of around 2700-2800. If you want to know more about COIL, have a look at Antar's rating guide.

    What is a suspect test?
    A suspect test is a ladder where the tier is testing a specific move, Pokemon, or ability to see if it is overcentralizing or outright broken in a given mode. Reaching a specific COIL would allow a user to vote on the suspect test and have their opinion be calculated in the tiering results.

    What is a good moveset for x?
    By using the /smogdex [pokemon] command you can find the updates analysis for any Pokemon of your choice, with an explanation on why the build is effective.


    How do I find a battle?

    Click the Battle! button located on the homepage which will instantly search for a ladder match. To change to a certain tier simply click the bar under Format: and choose the one you want. To change your team click the bar under Team:.

    How can I battle my friend or a specific person?
    If you want to challenge a specific user, click their username and click Challenge. You can also use /challenge [username], and then select the tier you want to play and choose the team you'd like to use.

    Why can I only use this move?
    Make sure you check your Pokemon's items - items such as Assault Vest, Choice Band, Choice Scarf and Choice Specs will limit your move choices.

    Why is mega x not faster than y?
    Turn order is decided before evolution. If your base form is slower than the opposing Pokemon the turn you mega evolve, you will be outsped. (Generation 6 Only)

    Generation 7 changed the mechanics so that mega evolving immediately changes the speed of the evolving pokemon meaning that if Pokemon A mega's and is initially slower then the opposing Pokemon that it will outspeed after mega evolving.

    How do I mega evolve my Rayquaza?
    Rayquaza needs to know the move Dragon Ascent in order for it to mega evolve. It is the only mega evolution that doesn't require a mega stone to mega evolve. Also, since Mega Rayquaza is banned in Uber, you must be playing a format like Anything Goes to use it.

    What is an endless battle?
    An endless battle is, as the name implies, a battle that cannot end. The common components of an endless battle are Pokemon that trap the target (via Block, Shadow Tag, or Arena Trap), moves that heal the opponent (usually Heal Pulse), ways to keep your own Pokemon healthy (Slack Off, Recover, or Roost), Leppa Berries to restore the user's lost PP, and continual generation of Leppa Berries (via Recycle).
    The opponent is forced to Struggle, and because Struggle can never run out of PP, the battle would go on forever since a player can continuously heal both Pokemon (and prevent them from fainting). Endless battles are banned - if you encounter a "strategy" like this, alert a staff member in the Help room.

    If the battle ends with both Pokemon fainting, who wins?
    Whosever Pokemon fainted last wins. For Selfdestruct, Explosion, Final Gambit, and Destiny Bond, the user faints before dealing damage, so the users of those moves lose. For recoil damage from moves like Brave Bird, the user takes damage after damaging the opponent, so the users of those moves win.

    Why was my team rejected?
    Teams are rejected for illegal moves / abilities or by breaking Smogon clauses.

    Why does this Pokemon show as "illegal" in the Teambuilder?
    It may be a Pokemon's alternate forme impossible to start a battle with. An example is Meloetta-Pirouette; you must use its standard forme (Meloetta-Aria) and execute the move Relic Song in battle. The Pokemon could also be a CAP Pokemon, one made by Smogon's Create-A-Pokemon Project. You can use /cap or join the CAP room on PS to learn more about those.

    Why can't I use my Shiny Legendary Pokemon?
    Certain rare Pokemon are "shiny-locked", meaning that their shiny forms have never been made legally obtainable. The seven shiny-locked Pokemon are Celebi, Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta, Zygarde, Hoopa/Hoopa-Unbound, and Volcanion.

    My Pokemon has no illegal moves, a legal ability, and it isn't improperly shiny. Why is it illegal?
    Often a Pokemon can legally fulfill multiple conditions individually, such as a learned move and shininess, but certain combinations are incompatible (impossible to have at the same time).
    For example, Surf Pikachu is legal, and so is Extreme Speed Pikachu, but one Pikachu can't legally have both moves. Pikachu only gets each move by event, and by different events, so no event Pikachu knows both moves. You can do /learn Pokemon, move to see how a Pokemon learns a move, and /learn Pokemon, move1, move2 to see if multiple moves are compatible on it.
    Similarly, Clefable cannot both know Softboiled and use its hidden ability Unaware at once, since Clefable only learns Softboiled in Generation III and earlier while Hidden Abilities are only usable in Generation V and later.

    How do I reset my win / loss ratio?
    Type /rank and in the box there will be a link to 'Reset W/L'. Following this link allows you to reset your ratio. Note that your other rankings will be unaffected; only your win/loss ratio will change. To change these other rankings, you can start off fresh with a new account.
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  3. Vacate

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    May 29, 2013
    wip (open)

    Introduction and History
    Pokémon Showdown!, often abbreviated to PS, is a popular competitive Pokémon simulator. It was created by Zarel and opened in October of 2011, but it was not until July 2, 2012 that it was adopted as Smogon's official battle simulator. Pokémon Showdown is a web-based project available on all major browsers and also has a downloadable client. This means you can play Pokémon Showdown on web browsers such as Google Chrome or download it from the internet and play it straight from your desktop.

    Pokémon Showdown was designed to simulate the conditions of Wi-Fi Pokémon games in a more stable environment, which creates a more efficient method in which to be involved in the competitive Pokémon setting. The aim of this guide is to explain to new users how PS operates and to become familiar with its various functions.

    Pokémon Showdown also allows users to customize their settings to their own preference. In order to change those settings, one should navigate their cursor to the top right of the main menu when logged in and hit on the gear button to open up the settings menu.

    Currently, it is possible to change one's avatar, change the background, disable animations, and change chat preferences. Most of these options are purely aesthetic, so feel free to alter them to whichever way you prefer. Using commands, it is also possible to change some settings relating to battles.

    Within any of the chats it is possible to type in commands (messages beginning with /) in order to perform a particular action. A wide variety of these commands exist, with some only available to certain users. For instance, the /wall command is only available to Drivers (%) and above. Similarly, only users ranked Leaders (&) and above (~, #) are able to promote other users within a room.

    This is a list of the most commonly used or practical commands that you will use on Pokémon Showdown.
    • /rules - Links to Pokémon Showdown's general rules. This may also show specific room rules of the room you are in.
    • /msg OR /whisper OR /pm OR /w [username], [message] - Send a private message to a user.
    • /rating OR /ranking OR /ladder OR /rank [username] - Get user's rating on all of the ladders they have battled in. Leave [username] blank if you want to view your own rank.
    • /learn [pokemon], [move, move, ...] - Displays how a Pokémon can learn the given moves, if it can at all.
    • /calc - Provides a link to a damage calculator.
    • /dexsearch OR /ds [type], [move, move],...
      • Search categories are: type, tier, color, moves, ability, gen.
      • Valid colors are: green, red, blue, white, brown, yellow, purple, pink, gray and black.
      • Valid tiers are: Uber/OU/BL/UU/BL2/RU/BL3/NU/BL4/PU/NFE/LC/CAP/Illegal.
      • Types must be followed by " type", e.g., "dragon type".
    • Search categories are: type, tier, color, moves, ability, gen.
    • Valid colors are: green, red, blue, white, brown, yellow, purple, pink, gray and black.
    • Valid tiers are: Uber/OU/BL/UU/BL2/RU/BL3/NU/BL4/PU/NFE/LC/CAP/Illegal.
    • Types must be followed by " type", e.g., "dragon type".
    • /data OR /info OR /stats [pokemon/item/move/ability/nature] - Obtain details on this Pokémon/item/move/ability/nature.
    • /dt [pokemon/item/move/ability] - Provides more details than /data. For Pokémon, it includes dex number, generation, height, weight, dex colour, egg group, and evolutions; for items, it includes generation introduced in and Fling Base Power; and for moves, it tells you the priority, generation introducted in, whether it makes contact and/or has a secondary effect, and what Pokemon it targets.
    • /movesearch OR /ms [parameter], [parameter], [parameter], etc. - Searches moves that fulfill criteria such as secondary effects, type, and numeric ranges
    • /nick [new username] - Change your username to [new username]. If the username is already registered you will be prompted to enter a password.
    • /challenge [username] - opens up the option to send a battle challenge to another online user
    • /help [x] - Gives information on a specific subject. Replace x with a different command, subject, or 'all.'
    • /away - Blocks challenges and PMs. Cannot block from staff.
    • /back - Unlocks challenges and PMs. (opposite of /away)
    • /blockpm OR /blockpms - Blocks other users from PMing you. Cannot block messages from staff.
    • /unblockpm OR /unblockpms - Unblocks other users from PMing you.
    • /blockchallenges OR /bch - Blocks other users from challenging you.
    • /unblockchallenges - Unblocks other users from challenging you.
    • /ignore [username] - negates messages from and ignores another online user. Note that you cannot ignore PMs from global staff members.
    • /unignore [username] - Opposite of /ignore [username].
    • /formatshelp - Brings up a list of Smogon Tiers, Tiering FAQ, and the banlists for each tier.
    • /formatshelp [format] - Brings up a list of all links related to a specific format.
    • /statcalc [level] [base stat] [IVs] [nature] [EVs] [modifier] - Calculates the stats of a Pokemon with specified parameters. You don't have to follow any particular order with the parameters.

    These commands are useful in battle rooms. When you are battling, you are temporarily given a rank called Player (★). These commands can only be used by Players and any global staff members who join the battle room.
    • /timer on - Turns the battle timer on.
    • /timer off - Turns the battle timer off.
    • /roomvoice [username] - Makes user a room Voice.
    • /roomdevoice [username] - Removes someone's room Voice.
    • /modchat + - Makes it so only room Voices and Players can talk.
    • /modchat ac - Makes it so only autoconfirmed users, which are users who have won one rated battle and have been registered for a week, can talk.
    • /modchat off - Turns off any modchat.
    • /modjoin - Makes the room hidden and adds /modchat +
    • /hiddenroom on OR /hideroom - Hides the room so other users can't join unless they have a link to the battle.
    • /hiddenroom off - Makes the room public again.
    • /savereplay - Saves a replay of the battle so you can share it with others!
    • /addplayer - Allows you to add a new player to the battle. This player will be able to substitute one of the existing players. Does not work in ladder matches.

    If you've spent any time in the Lobby, you may notice users refer to a concept of 'highlights.' In a nutshell, highlights are words that trigger a message to appear at the corner of your screen, akin to private message alerts. You may choose to highlight on specific words such as your name so that you know when people are directing discussion, questions, or answers towards you specifically.
    • /highlight add, word - add a new word to the highlight list.
    • /highlight list - list all words that currently highlight you.
    • /highlight delete, word - delete a word from the highlight list.
    • /highlight delete - clear the highlight list.

    The commands listed below are all relevant to the rooms. This topic is discussed more in-depth in the Rooms subsection.
    • /rooms [username] - Show what rooms a user is in. Omit [username] to see your own rooms.
    • /roomauth [room] - Shows the particular staff for a room in a pop-up. Without [room] it shows you the roomauth of the room you used the command in.
    • /roomhelp - Gives information on all commands that a staff member in a room can use.
    • /roomintro - Shows the room intro of the room you are in, which usually has helpful links and relevant information pertaining to the room.
    • /roomdesc - Shows the general description of the room you are in.

    This is a list of the rest of the commands which aren't as commonly used or don't fit under any other specific categories. Here you will find commands you may have never even heard of, such as /faq doubles or /opensource!

    • /me - Changes your username to the subject of a sentence, most commonly used in the Roleplaying room.
    • /mee - Identical to /me, but removes the space between the username and the message.
    • /reply OR /r [message] - Send a private message to the last person you received a message from, or sent a message to.
    • /invite [username] OR [room] - Invites a user to the current room or specified room.
    • /ip - Get your own IP address.
    • /avatar [new avatar number] - Change your trainer sprite.
    • /whois [username] - Get details on a username: group, and rooms.
    • /randpoke - Gives you the stats on a random Pokemon.
    • /effectiveness [type1], [type2] - Provides the effectiveness of a [type1] attack to a [type2] Pokémon.
    • /user [username] - opens up a small tab which gives you the option to challenge, PM, and check the rooms / rank of another online user.
    • /analysis [pokemon], [generation] - Links to the Smogon University analysis for this Pokémon in the given generation.
    • /smogdex OR /analysis [pokemon], [generation] - Same as above.
    • /groups - Explains what the + % @ & ~ next to people's names mean. (This is also covered later in the guide)
    • /opensource OR /git - Links to PS's source code repository.
    • /avatars OR /avatar - Explains how to change avatars.
    • /intro - Provides an introduction to competitive Pokémon.
    • /cap - Provides an introduction to the Create-A-Pokémon project.
    • /om OR /othermetas - Provides links to information on the Other Metagames.
    • /weakness [pokemon/type] - Returns the type weaknesses for a specific Pokémon or type.
    • /faq [theme] - Provides a link to the FAQ. Add deviation, doubles, randomcap, restart, or staff for a link to these questions. Add all for all of them.
    • /clear - Clears the chat that you're currently in of all text.
    • /restarthelp - Gives information regarding server restarts.
    • /om month - Links to explanation of the Other Metagame of the month.
    • /userauth [username] - See what rank a user has in all public rooms.
    • /uptime - Tells you how long the server has been up.
    • /staff - Links to a list of global staff members.
    • /auth - Same as /staff, but instead of a link it gives you a pop-up list of all global staff members.
    • /timestamps [all/lobby/pms], [minutes/seconds/off] - Sets your timestamps preferences.
      • all - Changes all timestamp preferences.
      • lobby - Changes only lobby timestamp preferences.
      • pms - Changes only PM preferences.off - Sets timestamps off.
      • minutes - Shows timestamps in the form of [hh:mm].
      • seconds - Shows timestamps in the form of [hh:mm:ss].


    The teambuilder is a large part of Pokémon Showdown and enables users to create their own teams from scratch, important other people's teams, or edit any of their currently existing ones. Some formats on the simulator will not require you to create a team and let you jump straight into battle. An example of this is the very popular 'Random Battle' mode, or as it is commonly referred to, 'Randbats' for short.

    Other tiers and formats, such as OU, Ubers, RU, and NU will require the user to create a team that coincides for the rules of that tier. If you'd like a listing of what you can and can't use for each tier, click here. If you intend to create a team for playing the Sixth Generation, there are different rulesets for each tier, which are also listed on the same page. In order to create a team, click on the 'Teambuilder' button in the main menu.


    Building a team is fairly self-explanatory with the teambuilder guiding you along each stage of the process. You can select a Pokémon's Item, Ability, Moves, Stats, and other details such as its Level (from 1 to 100), its Gender (None, Random, Male, or Female), Happiness, and whether or not it is Shiny. Keep in mind that some sets may require a Pokémon to have particular attributes. For example, Entei can only obtain the moves Flare Blitz, Extreme Speed, Crush Claw, or Howl from a specific event which dictates that it must have an Adamant nature and be Shiny. If you attempt to enter a battle with an moveset which doesn't abide by these rules, you will be prompted to alter it before you battle.

    Other features of the Teambuilder include the ability to rearrange the team slots (the "Move" button on the top right of the above image), delete existing Pokémon or teams, or import/export text versions of the team so that you can share your team with friends or the community.


    Organising a battle on Pokémon Showdown is very easy to do. One can either opt to play in a ladder game (in which you receive a random opponent), or to challenge a specific user. To play in a ladder game, select your format and team in the top left hand corner using the drop-down boxes. If your team is accepted and deemed legal by the server for that specific format, you will be put in a queue amongst other players to join a match. The server matches you with people with the closest rank to you ideally, but expands the parameters as time progresses.


    Alternatively, you can type /challenge username into chat or click on a person's name to challenge them manually. However, these types of games will not change your ranking on the ladder. From the point of two players entering a game, you'll either be thrown straight into a battle or into the Team Preview. Team Preview occurs in the majority of formats, in which case you will be given time to choose your leading Pokémon based on your opponent's team. After you've made your choice, the battle will begin almost identically to in the actual games themselves.

    The process of choosing your moves and switching Pokémon is quite straightforward altogether. If you wish to Mega Evolve a Pokémon, click the checkbox located next to the moves and the Pokémon will then turn into the respective Mega forme. If you're interested in improving your battling skills or learning more about a particular metagame, the Battling 101 section of Smogon can aid newer players. To learn more about this program, click the the link provided.


    Pokémon Showdown itself is coupled with a unique and vast community which ranges from each room on the simulator as well as its forums. If you're frequently in the Lobby, you will notice regular users who discuss a range of subjects in the chat. Because of this, if one has any questions, asking them in this Lobby chat might not be the ideal way of getting a response; for this reason, if your question isn't particularly complicated, feel free to join the Help room and ask it there. In the case that you believe your question is too difficult to answer accurately through the common knowledge of others, asking said question on the Pokémon Showdown forums is also an option. Alternatively, one can also post the question in its respective Simple Questions / Simple Answers (SQSA) thread.

    One of the most common questions I see on Pokémon Showdown would be, "How do you get that plus sign?", or "How do you become a mod?". These different symbols (+, %, @, &, and ~) all denote a particular level amongst staff or that the user is a "Voice."

    It is no mystery that people are interested in contributing to the site or gaining status and this can be done in a range of different ways. Primarily, one can potentially be promoted through user ranks for chat contributions. This essentially means being a good influence in chat by leading strong and intelligent discussion, answering questions of other users, and not breaking the rules. One can also gain the Voice status by being a well-known and distinguished member of the community, completing the (discontinued) Voice challenges, or contributing to the simulator itself.

    Being voiced marks you as a particularly good user, granting you a position at the top of the userlist, the ability to speak in moderated chat, and shows that you are a respected member to other users. Asking for status will not aid your cause and is most likely to set you back. In a similar vein, sucking up to staff is not beneficial and is not encouraged at all.

    The staff members of Pokémon Showdown have a particular set of roles. Above all else, these users will enforce the rules of Pokémon Showdown if they are breached. Exceptions exist for those that are given staff membership for programming abilities or are more focussed on Smogon Policy. It is recommended that users don't direct questions towards staff, especially Administrators, if they are answerable by regular users.


    According to the Staff FAQ, below is a list of ways one can be promoted. Take note that just because you fulfill these requirements doesn't mean you will instantly become ranked and that these requirements exist to set a standard, and help users understand what they can do to contribute to the site. Following these points will not ensure that you're added to staff; indeed, they are merely guidelines which can help you understand how you can join staff.

    Be on Pokémon Showdown regularly and contribute regularly to the chat. Being a staff member requires both a high level of activity and quality. Being on the chat regularly gives a good indication of your intelligence and will ensure, with good behaviour, that you earn respect from other users. Do not flame, be argumentative, or be a poor user in general. You obviously won't be given any power if you insult other users, break rules, or otherwise make more work for the staff. As well as the above, sycophancy is not beneficial and will not aid your cause. Know what you're talking about when answering questions or having discussions. Although you don't need to be a great battler by any means to be a staff member, it does help if you know the metagame, so as to make it easier for you to help others. Show that you are mature and level-headed enough to have the privilege of power, and the responsibilities that come with it. Moderators have the power of banning users for long periods of time, and to earn this power, you must show that you are level-headed enough to only use this and other Moderator powers when absolutely required. Most importantly, gain the respect of the users and staff members. You will only be considered for a staff position when you have the respect of all of the Pokémon Showdown staff and users. Rooms

    While the main room used on Pokémon Showdown is the Lobby, a variety of different rooms exist for different purposes. These rooms can range from different language rooms, rooms for people with particular hobbies or those dedicated to a particular playable format. Rooms can either be official, public (which means they're listed under "chat rooms") or they can be private.

    There are three official public rooms, and they are Lobby, Tournaments, and Help. Lobby is where most discussion and activity resides, Tournaments is a room that hosts scripted challenges constantly, and Help is the room to go to if you have any questions.Examples of public rooms include the Wi-Fi and Spanish (Español) rooms, which anyone may join provided they are not room banned. Private rooms are undisclosed to the public are generally for private communities or staff areas.

    Backing up
    Backing up teams are very useful so you do not get surprised by your browser or device that cleared your cookies. Backed up teams are easily restored. This is how you back up your teams.

    1. Go to the Teambuilder
    2. Scroll down and click on 'Backup/Restore all teams'
    3. A blue highlighted wall of text should appear. This is your team in text-format. Copy the highlighted text using Ctrl + C (copy shortcut).
    4. Open a word document, notepad or pastebin wherever you want to save your teams to, and paste the text using Ctrl + V (paste shortcut).
    5. Save the link or document somewhere where you can easily find it again to import the teams if they get removed.

    1. Go to the document or website where you saved your teams in text-format.
    2. Highlight all the text using Ctrl + A (select all shortcut).
    3. Copy the highlighted text using Ctrl + C (copy shortcut).
    4. Go to the Teambuilder on Pokemon Showdown, scroll down and click on the 'Backup/Restore all teams' button.
    5. A white empty page should come up in which you can paste the copied text using Ctrl + V (paste shortcut)
    6. Once you pasted your teams, you can click the 'Save' button that is listed on the top of the page.

    Once you went through these steps your teams will be save from any surprises you might fear.

    Using your team in battle
    If you want to use your team in a battle on the Showdown ladder or against a challenger, people find it very confusing to how to use the team they built. It is very easy and pretty self-explanatory.

    If you want to play a ladder battle, you go to the home page and find the 'Battle!' button. Above this button there is one button that has a little arrow behind it that represent a drop-down list. Once you click on this, a list of all formats will appear. From this list you select the format your built your team for. After you have done this, it will allow you to change the team you shall be using in the battle. If you click the button it will drop down with any teams you had already imported or built on Pokemon Showdown!. Select the team you want to use and proceed to click the 'Battle!' button. Good luck in your battles!

    Features on Showdown!:

    Drag 'n drop:
    A relatively new features that allows you to have 2 rooms open at once. To drag a room around; you click on the tab and move it anywhere you like by just moving the mouse. If you want to have 2 rooms open next to each other, you either use Shift and Arrow Keys, or drag the room tab onto the Home page tab

    Bold: **text** | Often used to announce something.
    Italics: __text__ | Often used to put emphasis on a specific word.
    Monospace: ``text`` | Mainly used by people in the Help room to show how a command is done. Also used by developers to point out source code.
    Hyperlinking: [[text]] | A format used a lot in The Studio room to link to music videos. It will create a hyper link with whatever text you put in between the brackets.
    Strikethrough: ~~text~~ | A format that is mainly used to jokingly hide your messages.
    /me: /me | A command used to display an action.
    Spoilers: Spoiler: text | Often used in rooms like TV Books & Films to discuss a move or book without spoiling it for the other users. To view the spoiler, simply hover your mouse over the faded area. Remember that, in certain rooms, spoilers are not allowed and using them excessively could be lead you to a punishment.

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    Staff FAQ (originally by Birkal and michael; updated by Vacate)

    Who are the staff?
    Staff are represented by the symbols next to their names and appear at the top of the userlist. They are the senior users of Pokemon Showdown and are responsible for the smooth daily running of the simulator. A full staff list can be found below.

    What's the difference between room staff and global staff?
    Room staff have permissions tied specifically to the room they were promoted in, whereas global staff have increased permissions across the server. Room staff can punish for behaviour in their rooms only, whereas global staff have the ability to globally lock or ban users and thus should be sought instead of room staff for PM or battle abuse. Global staff may also hold higher positions as room staff. Global staff can be identified by the "Global" indicator when clicking on their username.

    What is the difference between the ranks?
    Room Drivers (%)
    can: warn users, mute users for 7 or 60 minutes.
    Room Moderators (@) can: do all of the above, as well as promote users up to +, ban users from the room, host tournaments, and alter moderated chat up to +

    Room Owners (#) can: do all of the above, as well as promote users up to @, make unsigned declarations, set the room introduction, and alter moderated chat up to #

    Global Drivers (%) can: warn users, mute users for 7 or 60 minutes, lock users from talking, forcibly rename users, check users' alternate accounts, check logs of past moderation actions, and check past chat logs
    Global Moderators (@) can: do all of the above, as well as ban users from the server, set moderated chat up to +, and check users' IP addresses

    Global Leaders (&) can: do all of the above, as well as promote users up to #, force ties and wins in battle, make unsigned declarations, create rooms, ban a range of IP addresses, and permanently lock / ban users
    Global Administrators (~) can: do all of the above, as well as promote users up to ~, restart the server, reset usernames, make unsigned global declarations, and acc
    ess the debug console

    How do I become a staff member?
    You do not join the staff by asking for it; staff are appointed with internal nominations and without an application process. If you are determined to be promoted, there are ways to display your aptitude:
    • Be both active and positive everywhere on the sim. We select staff from the pool global Voices so being a positive presence on the server is essential.
    • Do not flame, be argumentative, or break any other PS rules. Staff members are designated exemplary users and represent PS in an official capacity.
    • Gain the respect of PS users and staff alike. Being a kind and considerate person to every user is an essential trait of a good staff member.
    • Demonstrate your ability as a trusted user. Members who have demonstrated themselves to be active, decisive, and level-headed in other rooms with authority positions (% / @ / #) are more likely to be promoted. While room ranks do not guarantee a global promotion, they can help assert desirable staff characteristics.
    How do I become a Voice?
    In order to become a Driver you must first become a Voice. Being a Voice (+) marks you as a particularly good user, although it is not a staff rank. It grants you a position at the top of the userlist, the ability to talk in moderated chat, and shows that you are a respected and helpful chat member. While obeying the following will not guarantee you voice status, it's a good start and will certainly improve your image in the staff team's eyes.
    • Be helpful to others. Not everyone who uses Pokemon Showdown is an experienced battler, and answering their questions or otherwise helping them will gain respect from other users.
    • Encourage newcomers to Smogon and competitive Pokemon. The majority of new users have not played competitive Pokemon before and may even be in an internet chat room for the first time. As such, treat them with respect, help them if needed, and make Pokémon Showdown a better place for them.
    • Respect authority. While you might not agree with the decisions of staff members at times, please do not question or otherwise call out their decisions. If you feel that a staff member has made a wrong decision or abused their power, please PM higher ranked staff in a polite manner.
    • Be a generally positive presence in the chat. Answering questions, helping users, and contributing intelligently and respectfully to discussions are ways we can discern good Voices.
    • Exceptional contributions to PS rooms may also result in a global promotion.
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    Roomauth Guide


    1. Introduction
    2. General Guidelines
    3. Room Ranks (Voice / Driver / Moderator / Owner)
    4. Other Useful Commands
    5. Conclusion
    Hello Showdown! As many of you know, all public rooms in the server have their own specific ranks for users. Just like from the PS staff, these ranks grant a variety of commands that are used for moderating the server. These ranks appear on the room's user list, in order of level of authority (Room Owner, Room Moderator, Room Driver, and Room Voice), and are given to exemplary users that are trusted to run the respective room. This guideline will clarify the philosophy and use of each rank to help ensure your success as a room auth on the server!

    Pokémon Showdown! standard rules still apply, regardless of the room.
    • Pokémon Showdown! Staff are assigned to moderate all of the public rooms in the server. As a result, we ask that you do not alter their status in any way that hinders their ability to moderate the room. The only exception to altering a global staff's rank is if you're willing to promote a Global Driver to Room Moderator.
    • Please only use your moderating powers when it is required, and don't deliberately abuse them by any means. Your level of authority is given based on trust, and if you prove that you're not mature or trustworthy enough, you will lose said position. All legitimate claims of abuse (including joke punishments) will be taken seriously, so please show that you are able to use your position responsibly.
    • If there is a situation that's more suited for a global staff member to handle, then don't hesitate to report it to us and we'll handle it accordingly. This includes dealing with users with inappropriate names, serious offenders that have left the room (as room commands only affect users in the room), users evading punishments, or PM harassment of any sort. We're also happy to accommodate you if there's a need for more staff to watch the chat.
    • It's not a good idea to interfere with another Room Mod's decision without consulting them about it first. It's also important not to publicly argue with other room staff members, so if there is a situation that you think requires it, take it to PM or contact a higher up.
    • You can use the /roomauth command to display a box that lists every ranked user in the room the command is used in. The best way to use this is to not promote alts of room staff so that you don't lose track of who moderates the room.
    • Room Drivers and up can only use the redirect command for another room in which they have room auth.
    • As room staff, your role is to improve the chat; a standard warning is not always needed. A verbal warning can sometimes be more effective than a physical warn. For a situation such as light caps, a verbal warning may be suitable.
    • One of the most important traits to becoming a competent room staff member is the ability to work with the rest of the staff. You are trusted to discuss important issues with, and ensuring that everyone is on board when it comes to handling promotions, discipline appeals, and major changes pertaining to the direction of the room.
    Room Ranks
    Note: If you're a Room Owner and are currently reading this, please keep in mind that these ideas are based on the opinions provided among the Pokémon Showdown! Staff. Whether or not you decide to practice all of these for your rooms is up to you, of course. This is to help users become more adept in having authority within their rooms. We'd like to ensure that we can provide a healthy decision-making process for all rooms.

    Room Voice (+)
    Much like the standard global rank on the server, Room Voice is awarded to users who display a positive presence in the room. This means that they are the ones who actively contribute to the chat, able to help out others when needed, and can get along with the room authority and the rest of the users. When promoted to this rank, it is important that you do not overestimate the influence or power that you have in the room. This means that mini-modding or questioning higher ups are not acceptable. You are expected to be a model user and should set good examples for other users on the chat.

    Room Driver (%)
    As the next status level, Room Driver is given to users who are trusted to keep room discussions on topic and handle users who are breaking rules on the chat. In order to show that you are able to handle the chat with such commands, you must be able to lead discussion in the chat, help users when necessary, and show that you are mature and capable of handling troublesome situations that may arise on the room. These powers include:
    • Warn (/warn, /kick, or /k) - An authority command used to remind an unpleasant user to not break a rule.
    • Mute (/mute or /m) - An action that is used to prevent a troublesome user from talking in the room for 7 minutes. This should only be reserved for minor offenses such as a mild amount of spamming or a single line of harassing or insulting someone.
    • Hourmute (/hourmute or /hm) - A command that prevents a user from talking in the room for 60 minutes. This should be only be applicable for situations where the user breaks a rule to the point where a 7 minute mute won't alleviate the problem.
    • Unmute (/unmute or /um) - Lifts a mute from a user. Only undo moderator actions of your own.
    • Redirect (/redirect or /redir) - This command is designed to immediately remove the user from the room and send them into the designated room. This option should only be reserved for when a user is completely off topic from what the room suggests, or if otherwise they are still better off post their content elsewhere (tournaments, language, etc.). You can only redirect from and to rooms in which you are a Driver.
    • Announce (/announce or /wall) - This command alters your text to make it appear as white text on a blue background in order to make a noticeable announcement on the chat. This can be used for situations where a user needs to announce an important message to the chat.
    • Modlog (/modlog [info]) - This command brings up a log of all of the mod actions taken on a user. To search one room's modlog, do /modlog [username].
    • Modnote (/modnote [message]) - This command is generally used to communicate with your staff in the room, or to list reasons in your room bans/hourmutes if you haven't mentioned them already. Note that this is a text note, whereas modlog intends to search for text.
    Room Moderator (@)
    Once you are promoted to a Room Moderator, you have access to a position of great influence within the room. Members with this position have access to tools that enable a user to deal with a wide variety of situations that they didn't have as a Driver, which means that Room Owners have to be very careful when considering someone to this rank. Because of that, this position requires a potentially-promoted Room Driver to be trustworthy and mature, as well as having the judgment and responsibility required to handle any situation that may arise from the room. These members are considered leaders of the room, and are able to appoint Room Voices as well. Including the commands from above, Room Moderators are also equipped with:
    • Room Ban (/roomban or /rb) - This command bans the user from the room for about 2 days. This command should only be considered in serious situations where a user is being a highly negative presence to the point where a mute won't suffice. Situations may include harassing several users, spamming, or constant repeat offending.
    • Room Unban (/roomunban) - Unbans the user from the room.
    • Modchat Autoconfirmed (/modchat autoconfirmed or /modchat ac) - Sets the chat to where only users who are registered for one week and have won a rated battle can talk. This should be used in situations where there are repeated spammers or rule breakers and is helpful in discouraging them away from the room. If it is the same user repeatedly spamming or breaking rules and evading punishments, contact a global staff member.
    • Modchat + (/modchat +) - Sets the chat to where only Voices or higher can talk in the room. This should only be used in situations where you may need to tone the chat down from bad topics or situations, or for when you need to mute multiple offenders at a given time.
    • Room Voice (/roomvoice) - Promotes a user to a Voice in the room. This command should be used wisely, and you must keep in mind that this is a position of status and Voices are considered to be exemplary users that regular users would admire. As a Moderator, you are encouraged to discuss with the other room authority about who you feel may be worthy of Voice. It's always recommended that you check with the rest of the staff on whether they approve or not before promoting someone to Voice.
    • Room Devoice (/roomdevoice) - Removes Voice from a user in the room. This is similar to the process with promoting someone to Voice. Much like how promoting a user to voice is handled, it's recommended that a candidate has approval from the majority of the staff before taking action with this command. This is typically considered for Voices who prove to be poor users.
    • Hide Text (/hidetext [username]) - Removes every message sent from a specific user in the room. This should only be used if a user was breaking many rules or disrupting the chat and is now banned.
    Room Owner (#)
    As the most powerful position within the room staff, Room Owners are considered the heads of the room and thus have the final say of everything that goes on in them. This ranges from the direction of the rooms to bans, promotions, and demotions. They are appointed with approval of a Leader or Administrator and support from all of the other Room Owners. While Room Owners are typically not as active in their rooms as the rest of the room staff, their roles are based on leadership potential/experience, the ability to compromise, level of judgement, and the ability to work with the rest of the staff. In order to adapt to this position, one must keep in mind of the following:
    • You are most responsible to what goes on within the room staff, regarding the users that you choose to work with/promote, the additional guidelines and topics that take place in the room, and situations that may require your assistance within the room staff and userbase.
    • Communication among the staff is the key. It's a good idea to hold regular staff meetings and owner meetings using a communication service such as IRC, Discord (I like this one and I can personally recommend it) Chatzy, Skype, Smogon (PM Conversations), PiratePad, or a third party server. In these meetings, make plans to improve the room and keep it on the right track! Some things to talk about might be promotions, demotions, room suggestions, and more. Give the chance for all staff to voice their view, as their views shouldn't be considered inferior because of a lower rank.
    • Try to think of things that your room can offer users (getting the Pokémon Showdown! staff involved in some way can really work wonders!). Give users a reason for them to come to your room and keep coming back. As a room owner, your job is to provide users with a place to discuss the room topic freely.
    • When dealing with disputes between two of more of your room staff members, one of the most important steps to take is to try to avoid taking sides in arguments. As a Room Owner, your job is to hear from each side and work towards a solution that will compromise any issues that may arise within the room staff.
    • While you are entrusted to run the room, remember that no one is always right and that you should take into consideration others' thoughts on room decisions. However, remember that you always have the final word.
    Including everything mentioned above, Room Owners also have access to the following commands:
    • Roomintro (/roomintro) - Sets the room introduction to the room, and the message will appear as you join the room. This command is an important feature that allows you to describe aspects of the room, as well as any specific guidelines for users to go by. This message should make clear what the room is for in order to attract interested users.
    • Room Rules (/rules) - Sets the link to the room rules. This will be shown along with the global rules when the command is broadcast.
    • Room Driver (/roomdriver) - Promotes a user to Room Driver.
    • Room Moderator (/roommod) - Promotes a user to Room Moderator.
    • Room Demote (/roomdemote [user], [rank]) - Demotes an existing user to the room rank of choice.
    • Room De-auth (/roomdeauth) - Demotes an existing room staff member from the room staff list.
    • Declare (/declare message) - Makes a declaration more prominent than one from the /wall command, and removes your name from the message. This allows links/images to be broadcast responsibly.
    • Modchat # (/modchat #) - Sets the chat to where only Room Owners can talk. Technically, Room Owners can also set the modchat up to '~' as well, but modchat # is important to mention in case there's an important announcement for the Room Owners to make for the room.
    • Enable/Disable Tournaments (/tour on/off) - Allows or disallows mods to start tournaments.
    Other Useful Commands
    Room staff members are given access to many new commands that may help in running the room or promoting discussion. They are:
    • Staffintro (/staffintro) - Displays a room introduction that only staff members can see. This is useful for conveying information to staff members unable to access Smogon or Skype, and are generally used to provide information on potential promotions or blacklists. Room Moderators and above can change the staffintro by using the command /staffintro [text].
    • Tournaments - Room Moderators and above can create tournaments, but any Room Driver can use other commands to help a tournament run smoothly. Room Drivers may also be able to start tournaments with the help of a bot if the room has one. These commands can be accessed by typing /tour help on PS:
      • /tour create/new [format], [type] - Creates a new tournament in the current room. For single-elimination tournaments, "type" should be listed as "elimination." Can only be used by Room Moderators and above.
      • /tour end/stop/delete - Forcibly ends the tournament in the current room.
      • /tour begin/start - Starts the tournament in the current room.
      • /tour dq - This command disqualifies a user from a tournament. This should only be used in cases where a participant exhibits an unsportsmanlike behavior in the form of activity or poor conduct when dealing with their opponents in a scripted tournament.
      • /tour autodq [minutes|off] - Sets the automatic disqualification timeout. This is preferable for the beginning rounds, ensuring that the beginning portions of a scripted tournament can run in a smooth and timely manner.
      • /tour autostart [minutes] - Causes the tournament to automatically start in [minutes].
      • /tour getusers - Lists the users in the current tournament. As rounds progress, users will be removed from this list. This can be used by regular users and broadcasted by starting the command with !.
      • /tour scout [on, off] - Allows or disallows scouting in the current tournament. You may use /tour scout to check if the current tournament enables scouting or not.
    • Polls - Room Drivers and above may create polls. They are useful for gathering opinions relating to the current discussion. Only one poll may be run in a room at a time. These commands may be accessed by typing /poll on PS:
      • /poll create [question], [option1], [option2], [...] - Creates a poll in the current room.
      • /poll timer [minutes] - Sets the poll to automatically end after [minutes].
      • /poll end - Ends a poll and displays the results.
    • Hangman - PS now supports hangman through the server instead of forcing rooms to use bots in order to start a game.
      • /hangman new/create [word], [hint] - Starts a hangman game in the current room. Note that adding a hint is completely optional.
      • /hangman end - Ends the current game of hangman.
    The Showdown community is always willing to provide users to contribute and provide an entertaining experience for everyone involved, and this guide will certainly be of help here! If you have any further questions, feel free to contact a global staff member.
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    Tournament Script Guide (originally by kota; updated by sirDonovan)

    When tournament sign-ups are opened, you will see an interface drop down from the top of the chat area. There will be a button to join if you're not in the tournament and a button to leave if you are. Alternatively, the commands /tour join and /tour leave can be used. Please resist any urge to repeatedly join and leave as it causes spam and is a bannable offence. If the tournament is round robin, the bracket will be displayed during sign-ups. If it is elimination, the bracket will be generated once the tournament starts and in its place you will see the number of users who have joined and a list of their names.

    When the tournament starts, you should see the leave button replaced with information about any match-ups you have. A challenge interface will appear if you are matched up to another user. Use this to select your team if needed and challenge the user rather challenging the "normal" way because otherwise it won't count as a tournament match.

    • Run /tour by itself for a list of currently running tournaments
    • The tournament bracket becomes draggable and will be able to be popped out if it grows too large
    • You can toggle the tournament bracket by clicking on the header
    • If the interface messes up (e.g., the bracket disappears or challenges aren't working), try running /tour getupdate
    • You can cancel your challenge by running /tour cancelchallenge

    Management Commands

    All commands are to be run under /tour. For example, the command start would be typed into chat as /tour start.
    • create/new <format>, <type> [, <comma-separated arguments>]
      • Creates a new tournament in the current room. The arguments are explained below.
    • settype <type> [, <comma-separated arguments>]
      • Modifies the type of tournament after it's been created, but before it has started. The arguments have the same meaning as the ones in create/new.
    • banlist <comma-separated arguments>
      • Sets the supplementary banlist for the tournament before it has started. Current restrictions:
        • You can ban Pokemon, moves, items, and abilities (ignoring abilities of Mega Evolutions)
        • You can also unban things by prefacing them with '!'
          • Ex: Unban Soul Dew in an OU tournament with /tour banlist !Soul Dew
        • You cannot customize banlists for formats in which teams are randomly generated
        • You cannot change the banlist once the tournament starts
    • viewbanlist
      • Shows the supplementary banlist for the tournament.
    • clearbanlist
      • Clears the supplementary banlist for the tournament before it has started.
    • name
      • Sets a custom name for the tournament if it has a supplementary banlist.
    • clearname
      • Clears the custom name of the tournament.
    • end/delete
      • Forcibly ends the tournament in the current room.
    • start/begin
      • Starts the tournament in the current room. This means that users can no longer join the tournament.
    • autostart/setautostart <on|minutes|off>
      • Sets the automatic start timeout. The on argument will make the tournament autostart once the player cap is reached.
    • disqualify/dq <user>
      • Disqualifies a user from the tournament.
    • autodq/setautodq <minutes|off>
      • Sets the automatic disqualification timeout. Participants who have available challenges and aren't acting on them will be eligible for automatic disqualification after this timeout. The automatic disqualifier is run at the start and end of each tournament battle, on an interval determined by the minutes argument, and can be manually run with runautodq.
    • runautodq
      • Manually runs the automatic disqualifier.
    • scouting <allow|disallow>
      • Specifies whether joining tournament matches while in the tournament is allowed.
    • modjoin <allow|disallow>
      • Specifies whether players can modjoin their tournament battles.
    • getusers
      • Lists the users currently in the tournament. Can be broadcast.
    • on/enable <%|@>
      • Enables allowing drivers or mods to start tournaments in the current room.
    • off/disable
      • Disables allowing drivers and mods to start tournaments in the current room.
    • announce/announcements <on|off>
      • Enables/disables tournament announcements for the current room.

    Arguments for create/new

    <format> is the battle format, such as OU. Don't worry, if you type this wrong, you will be given a list of valid formats.

    <type> is the tournament type, of which roundrobin and elimination are currently supported.
    • roundrobin is your typical Round Robin tournament and is more suited for a low number of users (e.g., less than 6).
    • elimination is the more well known Elimination tournament style.
    <player cap> is a number representing the amount of players that can join the tournament.

    <type modifier> is a number that will modify the tournament based on its type.
    • roundrobin becomes a Double Round Robin tournament with any number, meaning that each battle is done twice.
    • elimination becomes a different type of Elimination tournament depending on the number. For example, with 2 the tournament becomes Double Elimination.
    • /tour new ou, roundrobin: OU Round Robin
    • /tour new ou, roundrobin, 6, 1: OU Double Round Robin with a player cap of 6
    • /tour new ou, elimination: OU Single Elimination
    • /tour new ou, elimination, 32, 2: OU Double Elimination with a player cap of 32
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    Staff List

    Administrators (~)
    Antar (stats), antemortem (policy), chaos (owner), The Immortal (tech), Zarel (owner)

    Leaders (&)
    asgdf (tech), atomicllamas (smogon), Birkal (smogon), Bummer (smogon), Celtic (smogon), DougJustDoug (smogon), DTC (policy), Eevee General (policy), Hikari (smogon), IronBullet (policy), Jellicent (smogon), Jirachee (smogon), kamikaze (smogon), Mekkah (smogon), nerd (smogon), Nexus (smogon), Oglemi (smogon), Orda-Y (policy/tech), Raseri (policy), Raven (policy), Sam (policy), Scotteh (policy), sirDonovan (tech), TDK (smogon), tennisace (smogon), V4 (tech), verbatim (policy)

    Moderators (@)
    Ace, Acedia, Advantage, Albacore, Alter, AndrewGoncel, Asty, Austin, Beowulf, Berserking Now, biggie, bumbadadabum, cant say, CoolStoryBrobat, Coronis, duck, Eos, Eyan, Feliburn, Former Hope, galbia, Giagantic, grimAuxiliatrix, Halite, Haund, HiMyNamesL, Hippopotas, HYDRO IMPACT, innovamania, Jac, jas61292, jdarden, Jin Of The Gale, kupo, Layell, Leftiez,Legitimate Username, Level 51, Marshmallon, Morfent, Nani Man, Osiris, Paradise, phil, pookie, prem, qtrx, Quite Quiet, Quote, Ridaz, RosieTheVenusaur, scpinion, Scyther NO Swiping,shrang, Sigilyph, Skitty, SpaceBass, Steamroll, Subject 18, Temporaryanonymous, Teremiare, TGMD, Theorymon, Tiksi, Timbuktu, Trickster, urkerab, WaterBomb, Winry

    Drivers (%)
    2xTheTap, Acast, Aelita, Albert., Amingo, anto, Articuno, ascriptmaster, Astara, AuzBat, barton, Bondie, Brandon~, Cerberax, Chloe, Ciran, Crestfall, Darnell, don't lose, DragonWhale, E4 Flint, Electrolyte, Freeroamer, GeoffBruedly, GoodMorningEspeon, HeaLnDeaL, h_n_g_m_n, HoeenHero, Hugendugen, imas, Joim, Kalalokki, Kay, LifeisDANK, makiri, Marty, Megazard, MochaMint, MrAldo, nv, Okuu, panpawn, PenQuin, qsxsqsxs, Raseri, Reverb, Slayer95, Soccer, SolarisFox, SteelEdges, Struchni, Sweep, Swirlyder, Team Pokepals, Toast++, VacateVapo, xfix, xJoelituh, Yuki, ZeroLuxGiven, Zodiax
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  8. Blitzamirin

    Blitzamirin God's Emissary
    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Aug 7, 2011
    Rooms and Room Owners (#) List

    Anime & Manga

    Acele, Crestfall prem, Yuyuko

    Anything Goes

    Megazard, Chloe.


    Bummer, Jac, SolarisFox

    Battle Dome

    Aelita, Asthmere Sivolisk, Galom, pancake

    Battle Spot

    cant say, CoolStoryBrobat, Hulavuta, NOVED

    Cafe Le Wow

    biggie, imagi, Osiris, raPtor

    CAP Project

    cbrevan, DougJustDoug, HeaLnDeaL, jas61292


    Ango, John, Moo, PenQuin, Reverb

    中文 Chinese

    bobochan, qtrx, starbloom, Yuyuko

    Competitive Tutoring

    Eyan, MrAldo, Truth,




    Cori, Marshmallon, Orda-Y, Silver99


    Asty, Hipster Sigilyph, Iyarito, Joim, KingSwordYT, Overneat


    Cicada, Leftiez, qtrx, Unamed

    Game Corner

    Astara, Ceteris Paribus, sirDonovan

    Health & Fitness

    frysinger, hngmn, Paradise~, RosieTheVenusaur, thebagman


    duck, Haund

    日本語 Japanese

    DragonWhale, Reimu Raymoo, Yuyuko

    Little Cup

    Coconut, OP, Quote


    grimAuxiliatrix, LifeIsDank, Trickster


    Aelita, ajhockeystar, rssp1


    Berserking Now, Arrested, MochaMint


    Acedia, Crestfall, Hippopotas


    Acast, Bondie,


    bumbadadabum, Grim


    Disjunction, Kiyo, rozes

    Other Metas

    Chloe., E4 Flint, Eevee General, The Immortal


    Giagantic, Orda-Y, playerW17, Reverb,

    Pokémon Go

    Scyther NO Swiping, Sigilyph, Soccer


    AndrewGoncel, Andromeda Galaxy, woolf

    Pro Wrestling

    Bhris Brown, Peef Rimgar, Quote, SpaceBass


    2xTheTap, Akir, Anty, galbia


    atomicllamas, dtc, Spirit (Phantom), The Leprechaun

    Rate My Team

    Celticpride, IronBullet, Team Pokepals


    Articuno, Rico, Skitty

    Ruins of Alph

    Austin, Crestfall, Jellicent, Typhlito


    Flerovium, GoodMorningEspeon, Painter Espeon


    DoYouLikeCriminals, Not Canadian, Raven, SteelEdges, verbatim, Struchni


    Crestfall, Lord Tentacruel, Mistrals, verbatim

    Smogon Doubles

    Arcticblast, kamikaze, Level 51, Memoric, talkingtree


    Arcticblast, Rei Keima, V4


    AuzBat, biggie

    Sun and Moon

    biggie, HYDRO IMPACT, Misaka Mikoto, Zodiax,


    Bon Dance, PenQuin, Swirlyder

    TCG & Tabletop

    Berserking Now, bumbadadabum, MochaMint

    Tech & Code

    Scotteh, xorhash

    The Happy Place

    Cerberax, pookie, Saburo, Sigilyph

    The Studio

    Amingo, Brandon~


    Scyther NO Swiping, sirDonovan


    Coronis, rxdb, whis

    TV & Books & Films

    Aelita, Saburo


    Aberforth, Fireburn, Hack, mccauley, Minority shrang, Sweep


    CoolStoryBrobat, Hikari, Hogg, LeoLancaster, Sam


    blarajan, Feathers, Firestorm, makiri, Unreality

    Video Games

    halite, Raineko


    bumbadadabum, Ciran, HiMyNamesL, Dratias, joethemaster

    Subroom: Breeding - Jk Howling, RosieTheVenusaur


    Coat of Clouds, sirDonovan, XTheElegantShadowX


    Kie, Quote, ZeroLuxGiven
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