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can I request a suicune one? you know when they make the eyes all stupid looking like "duuuuuuurrrr <.>" ?
@ColdRAIN Don't worry about it, I wasn't being too judgmental, think about it from my point of view but anyway it's cool now. I am also still not going to do that for the first reason indicated

@Bambii OK I will do a suicune. I have no clue what the second part means, something about the way I draw eyes??

@midou OK


tits McGee (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
I'd love to see a Porygon2 from you! :) your Metagross might be my favorite, it looks positively awesome.
If everyone hadn't noticed, I have taken a small break from this thread, will hopefully restart in the next few days, also waiting on tablet to be delivered. SHould come in next 2-3 days.
JUst an update to say I got a tablet and did my first picture on it.
It is of my Dog, a golden Cocker Spaniel.

So do you guys prefer the tablet work like this or the photoshoped stuff I used to do with pokemon, I probably won't use the tablet much for pokemon as I struggle with drawing very smooth lines that are needed for line art via the tablet.
I lol'd at the Pokabu Chop picture. It's genius! I hope you keep up the good work. You're art is different, but it is still some of the best I've seen in quite some time. Props to you.
Well tbh honest I like your photoshop work a bit better, maybe its because you are a little new to a tablet? Anyways I think if you practice a bit more, your tablet art will better than the photoshop art.

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