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I got a tablet very recently and here are some of the things I have drawn since getting it:

Susan Coffey:


My Dog:

I used to do pictures of pokemon using the pen tool on photoshop. I used thick outlines with bright colours and shading giving the Pokemon a cartoony effect, Here are My old pieces of art:
Pikachu Yes this isn't as good as the rest, I know, however it is the first one I did and I am extremely happy with how it came out for the first time, Just skip past if you wanna see some decent art, if you want to see some improvement over only a few days however, look at them all in order.

First drawing scan
Unshaded digitized version

First drawing scan
Unshaded Digitized version


Racoon concept for CAP by Wyverii (I only took the concept, I still drew it out from scratch by myself)




Shiny Charizard


EspeonCute right?



Pokabu Chop
This is Jibaku's own Pokabu which he specifically requested. I think we should all show the care and support this young man needs as he tries to cope with such a disturbed mind. =P








Please don't request legends too much. Especially the 4th gen ones as I will just refuse. They take up too much time.
OH yeah thanks.

OK now I know what to do, you can request whatever pokemon you want and I'll do it. Please stick to single pokemon for now though
Doing Kyogre now. May get Dratini done today but that is it for today. If you request anything else you will have to wait for tommorrow.
Fixed the Dratini, Flygon should be fun. I want to make the pictures look like they are in fight which has been hard with kyogre and Dratini but flygon should be easy enough.
I decided to start posting throughout the thread form now on instead of all in first post. Anyway I wanted to do the Flygon in action so I asked the IRC what Flygons signature move was. MoP said it was getting spikes set up on it by Skarmory. Now everyone LOLed at his comment but little did they know I would actually reproduce it as a picture. Hope you all enjoy:

Dragonite tonight hopefully. I decided to not do requests from the thread any more at this time. I want to see if I can get a bit of feedback instead of posts just saying "Hey Do this one!"
I also want to do a few more with humour in them like the above one.
wow these are really awesome. Anyways, could I request an Elekid using Volt Tackle? (I know it doesn't learn it but that'd be amazing) If asked so many people to do one but no one has :( Anyways, great artwork!
Towelie, have no fear for I will try it at least. I'm not sure how elekid would do it though. Maybe kinda lunging with his fist/hand thing pointed forward with thunder surround him kinda like my pikachu but with more movement?


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these are really cool; dragonite in particular stands out to me, I really like the shading as well as the draco meteor effect. could you draw me an espeon? I think it would look adorable in your style ^_^

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