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Thanks Guys

They are not vectors as the shading is done with a brush, they shouldn't distort too much when stretched however.
wow! thanks man. that ariados looks awesome. i feel like its going to jump out of my screen. thanks again
Just bumping to say I have done a Slowbro, Raikou and Metagross.

I also did two pictures for the smog so look out for those.
Snorlaxe I use photoshop

Undisput3d, I will try however I have already kept someone else waiting a whole day for their misdreavus, I will try to get them both done today.

Also the amount of pictures done per day is going to go down as each one takes just over an hour and I can't be donating 3-4 hours each day any more. I will still try to do 2 and probably 1 per day when school starts up again.
Misdreavus looks great, it does look so realistic like it's about to jump out of my computer screen. Thanks.
ColdRAIN I will decline this request for a variety of reasons.

1. New pokemon have very few pieces of art making it hard to draw an original piece of art without making it look a lot like the original art that you copied from.

2. You asked me to create a Dragonite which you didn't thank me for or even acknowledge I had done it. I may be sounding rude but most of my pieces take over an hour and for you to just go onto everyone in SS's thread requesting pokemon without showing any gratitude or acknowledgement makes me feel that you think you are more important than everyone else here.
Great job on Latias! Looks real playful ^_^ And the delibird is soooo friggin cute ^_^_^ I wanna give it a hug </3
Thanks KidX

Anyway here is my first attempt at a sprite which is a pixel over of poliwag

I don't particularly like it but its a first attempt.

Crit appreciated
Wow, I'm loving these tuned-down renditions of the pokemon. It gives them a certain degree of life, like they could just jump off the screen ready for battle.

I'd like to see what a Crobat would look like in this style.
Shit, sorry dude, I thought I did complement you but please don't be so judgmental, I didn't mean to be so rude. My internet went out for a while by the way during that period of time and when it did come on I couldn't see any pictures from any thread. I thought the Dragonite was fantastic, don't mind on the declining of the new one.

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