Pass The Trash Tournament II - Round 1

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Lost to Heist in a close one. GG!
Lost to Eo, deservedly so. Well played man. I had no answer for that ridiculously good tictac. gg.
(22:54) DestinyUnknown: wanna play now
(22:54) DestinyUnknown: for pass the trash tour
(22:54) DestinyUnknown: ?
(22:54) badabing: o um
(22:54) badabing: just take the win imo
(22:54) badabing: i dont even
(22:54) badabing: understand that tourney
(22:54) badabing: lol
(22:54) badabing: i gave u like
(22:54) badabing: my teams sweeper
(22:55) badabing: oO

Andy Snype

why pokemon shouldn't fight on their own
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This is a friendly reminder to send in all battle logs and for winners to send in the Pokemon they intend to swap out for Round 2! Activity will be checked within the week for any necessary substitutions.
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