Past Generation Analyses: Reservation Index v2

Yo, this will probably be good content on a Pokemon that at least deserves a new analysis at this time, so we will allow this analysis to move forward, but please read the reservation index so you get a better sense of how this forum works. By default, you need to clear it with the QC team if you want to write an analysis on a pokemon that is not in the reservation index. So please let us know in the future, thanks!
Well, the rby reservation index is empty and a lot of analyses haven't been updated in some time so I guess I'll go through all the analyses that don't seem to have any recent updates. Of course, whether something deserves an analysis is just my opinion and I expect there to be some disagreement. I'm also ignoring UU. Also yes, I am pretty much transplanting my thoughts from this post.
Not updated on dex, but there's a dead thread here

Stuff that has been updated, but I disagree enough to mention it here
Gengar. I know this one's recent, but I don't like the analysis.
Starmie. The content is really good, but I think it could maybe be condensed?
Lapras. I'm being really nitpicky, but the slashes on the set bother me.

Stuff that I think needs an update
Slowbro? Idk, this analysis is clearly more recent than a lot of rby analyses, but it's quite the wall of text and there are a lot of details I have objections to
Articuno? This one's semi-recent so it's not too bad, but I think it could use some touching up
Dragonite. Not terrible, but it should at the very least slash TWave

Stuff that has an OU analysis but shouldn't imo
Mr. Mime

Things I've written stuff for

There's also a bunch of pokemon with analyses that are categorised UU, but it was obviously written for OU

Special shoutout to Mew/M2's ubers analyses for being an astonishingly bad joke
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i may be mini-modding but since bkc's words in discord has been pinned, will the unreserved list of adv ou be updated?


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neither a qc nor an expert of rby ou, but i will write some quick thoughts for ur post

u should tell why u don't like the analysis

u should tell how it could be condensed

u should tell how to slash them.
To be completely honest with you, I don't feel that strongly about the existing analyses, I was more interesting in starting a discussion about what needs to be done with fixing the rby analyses, since there's a LOT that could be done. Unfortunately, that was met with a deafening silence. It seems that my glacial pace is too much for past gen c&c to handle.

The Gengar analysis talks waaaay too much about it sweeping, when that is just not its role. In my mind there are two ways to play it- either milk its defensive utility by switching into BSlams (as described in the intro), or just abuse its powerful offensive tools by sleeping something and then blowing up on something else. I think MD ought to be slashed (I really like NS/MD Gar in terms of maximising the value of its boom), and the only thing in OO that I feel belongs there is Psychic, which is a bad option but not unusable (also I think it should mention shredding opposing Gar). Maybe Submission could be nice for Chansey, idk, never seen it. Counter and CRay have no business being mentioned imo. There are also more minor nitpicky things that I could touch on if I wanted to do a comprehensive review of the analysis (I don't, but I would if there was interest in it)

Honestly cbf going through the Star analysis rn, it's a looooong read. I feel like an analysis should be simple and concise, whereas the anaylsis that's there goes into way more depth than that. That's not a bad thing at all, that kind of content is fantastic, it's just I feel like that's not what analyses are generally for (that said, I don't know where this more comprehensive article would go). Maybe that's just me though. Also something I didn't mention at the time is that I think Surf Star is bad- it technically has a niche, but in practice I think it's outclassed by Psychic/HPump

For Lapras' set I think CRay is absolute garbage and shouldn't be mentioned at all, while HBeam and BSlam should be swapped- HBeam is way too situational imo, as it's often very difficult actually getting things to HBeam range, whereas BSlam para is nice, especially since Starmie is bloody everywhere.


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well, i think there can be players agreeing that mega drain is slashed on gar and bslam is slashed over hyper beam on lapras, but these things should be judged by the qc team:)
well, i think there can be players agreeing that mega drain is slashed on gar and bslam is slashed over hyper beam on lapras, but these things should be judged by the qc team:)
Sure would be nice if the qc team was actually around to discuss things like those analyses and the reservation index
Hi. It looks like you're aware of this since you posted there, but there's a thread to discusss changes on existing analyses. You could try to suggest what you want here, you may a better chance of being heard by doing so:

If you still don't get any answer from the QC teams, maybe you could discuss the matter with them on Discord

With that out of the way, I'd like to reserve ADV Jirachi.

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