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what have you been listening to recently?
you mentioned wanting new tutors like in IoA- what would you add (be it an existing move thats now tutored or a new one entirely)?
what's your favorite main game Pokemon title (assuming you play the actual games and not just showdown)?
what do you think about the metagame revelation of Splash Plate Krilowatt?
1. currently i am listening to TF2 Highlander S14 GRAND FINALS - FULL VOD but you're asking about music so the album that's been stuck in my head lately is A Long Way to Fall by Ulrich Schnauss. I get to new music very slowly and somehow only discovered this one in like February? And it's immediately jumped up as my favorite of his work. Great stuff for my commute to and from work (especially when coming home at 4:00 in the morning).
2. it's sorta hard to think about what kind of moves i'd want them to add because well they don't exist, but overall i think stuff that interacts with tera would be neat as we only really have tera blast, idk maybe like a steel-type move that's always SE against a terastallized opponent. also i would like gamefreak to add ONE good bug-type move. they have not done this for two generations now and it really sucks.
3. i have only played gen 7 and scarlet, i do think i like scarlet more as although the game is sort of a disaster it's a pretty fun disaster and has a whole bunch of nice quality of life improvements even if they maybe forgot to balance the game around them.
4. oKAY SHSPY listenn it was a yoke you don't ackshully think i'd be that stupid to run splash plate krilowat right??


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Shnow to shner. tell me about you.
When you say your theology is far from the norm, do you mean norm as in being agnostic/atheist or normal Christianity?
What it do?
If you had to erase one of the primary meat types (pork, beef, chicken) which one would you choose and why?
how bad/good is your eyesight? why?
would you rather be a 3D modeler or a pixel artist?
what is your favorite legendary?
i am refering to christianity as a whole. like just as a primer i do subscribe to the theory of evolution because it's observationally impossible to refute it, which does create a very challenging timeline of earth's history, and stuff like lgbtq+ rights and drug use i don't have any real problem with despite recognizing their status as "sinful" because the way contemporary christianity has approached them shows a distinct lack of understanding, care, or awareness. in summary i am a christian but i have a very, very negative opinion on christianity as a religious institution and feel that we as a whole has failed in both serving communities and properly adhering to the example of ministry jesus left behind for us.
2. does
3. apparently beef production causes a boatload of pollution so i guess that one. i can never give up chicken.
4. my eyesight is actually very good despite everyone in my direct family needing glasses in some form and despite being the one to spend by far the most time in front of screens. it might be a curse as if i wore glasses i would probably look 3x better!
5. if we assume i have the credentials to be skilled at either, there are 500 million pixel artists. i would be a 3d modeler.
6. how do we define "legendary?" how do we define "favorite?" if we talking "favorite legendary to use in battle" it is heatran because it does everything, if we talking "favorite legendary for in-game reasons" i'm a big fan of zygarde's design and its role within the pokemon pantheon, if we talking "favorite legendary because you're a dickhead" it's Diancie and if we talking "favorite legendary based on its competitive design" man ho-oh is actually such a cool mon especially pre-boots. i also like koraidon because its official artwork reminds me of the drip meme.


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Whats your:
Favourite entry on the cap iceberg
Least favourite brambane set
7th favourite song
Bottom 3 pokemon designs
Preferred 1980s car
Best tip for cap contributors who do not play the meta
Opinion on lasen

Also how do you resist the urge to just make up absolute nonsense when you're doing confession at mass, I've had to do confession like twice and the urge to tell the priest absurd lies was overwhelming
1. gotta be Deck Knight Storms The Capital
Screenshot 2023-04-06 153844.png

3. specifically seventh? man i wouldn't know but you should look up
4. i would need to organize my thoughts on this more but off the top of my head i do not like sunflora (it just looks very weird and gross) unown (horribly unfinished concept done about as bland as possible) and phione (i do not know why this exists the way it does like have it evolve into manaphy and it's infinitely better).
5. i know nothing about cars here's a funny looking goober i found by searching "1980s car" into google

6. okay this is an actual question. ideally as a cap contributor you should play or at least closely follow the metagame but you absolutely don't have to as long as you can recognize people that do play the metagame and actively push it forwards within the highest echelons of competition, or simply limit your contributions to areas that don't have much competitive implications like art. and if you would like to get more into the metagame, best advice i can give is to just sign up for individual tours. if you're not sure about teams just steal them from any of the sample team or team dumps threads and practice with them a little.
7. lasen is okay, i enjoy listening to his funny accent and learning about a new thing he dislikes.
8. dog i never said i was catholic.


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1. please rank these
2. On a scale from 1-24, how likely are you to consume a raw onion on video?
3. favorite ice cream flavor?
4. whose walls should the 7OT gang move into next?

ranked mostly based on the way they prepare their steak
2. 13
3. so in the area i live there's this dairy company that makes a chocolate brownie ice cream and it's genuinely criminal up how good it is, otherwise as far as regular flavors it is either gotta be raw vanilla or snickerdoodle
4. uh idk maybe spoo since he hasn't asked me any questions yet (???????????????) (???)
And time! Thank you shnowshner for your time, I do apologize that you had to do this at the same time you had to lead Defining Moves.

Nominations for the next Player of the Fortnight are now open! My vote is:

Da Pizza Man

See you in 48 hours.

Also I updated the OP.
2. Please only vote for active users, as it'd be difficult for me to reach out to someone who's last post was pre pandemic. Activity on the CAP Discord server is preferred but not required if they have a strong forum presence.
EDIT: also forgot about the garrett ban. jordy hasn't been inactive for THAT long but something tells me reaching out to him would be difficult. I'll have to look into his Discord activity.

EDIT 2: I'm gonna take shnow's word for it
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We have had a lot of voters this time around, which is excellent!

With 6 votes, Brambane has received the honor of being our next Player of the Fortnight! I will send them the interview questions shortly.

Jordy vs Pannu.png

credits to spoo for the meme
it was a tie for those interested btw
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