Pokémon XY Data Collection

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A bit hard to show without a video, but debunked that rumor that wrap-type moves like infestation will damage a pokemon on their turn as well as after the turn ends. It only deals damage to pokemon at the end of a turn as usual.
From someone on Something Awful.

Ok, here's Blazkien's stats and how they change upon Mega Evolution. My Blaziken is level 39 with a Modest Nature and like only 10 EVs:

HP: 121 -> 121
Attack: 99 -> 128
Defence: 67 -> 74
Sp. Attack: 102 -> 119
Sp. Defence: 61 -> 68
Speed: 75 -> 91
46 - 61/49 - 64/43 - 58/ 73 - 89/ 55 - 70/ 94 - 109

How sure are you about the EVs considering it's Super Training, and what is Super Training like,
also any clue about the other 4 EVs?
I am pretty certain. Super training is a mini game shmup. There are 3 levels. Level 3 giving 12 evs. You also get a training bag that can give 1 4 or 12 evs depending on the size. You tap this bag repeatedly until your Pokemon does a finishing move to it.

My certainty comes from the fact that when I maxed both stats I did a final LV 3 training in hp and received 6 instead of 12.
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