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I was checking out the FR/LG music updates from R/B/Y to get myself pumped for my Scramble, and I found this:


Such frantic, synth-powered flair! Now I wish I could get a Deoxys ;-;


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This is the song that plays when you enter the room with the legendary cards. Very simple song in F Major with a nice synth on top, played in 7/4. Very fitting for an end of game theme.
Since we've seen both Mt. Pyre and Miror B.'s Colosseum music, I'll present some of my other favorite tracks.

Route 123 in R/S/E:

Regi's Battle theme in R/S/E:

Both are epic. I can't describe them any other way.

Pokemon Card GB 2 doesn't get a lot of love since it was one of the only Poke-games not released in English, but like the original it does have some pretty good tunes for a GBC game with limited synth:


I like the melody of this one. It's kinda layed back and a good background to a game of cards with an evil guy.
God damn, this was awesome.

A metal remix needs to be made for this song.

You've just awoken an angry legendary Pokemon, and the fate of the world is in your hands.

I'm surprised no one's posted this one yet.

I love both versions of this theme, but this one is especially awesome when you've heard the other one a million times before.

This might be the best track in the game. Too bad it's only used once, and for such a short amount of time.

And of course, Blue and Lance/Red's themes.
who forgot to post these



easily the best theme in dp hands down (except for dialga/palkia theme which is overrated imo)


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Mini "How To Embed Youtube Clips" for Thought and anyone else wondering ^.^

[noparse][youtube]the long string after the = in the youtube URL[/youtube]

So your first one would be [youtube]kv2KNaKmNQM[/youtube][/noparse]
Thanks Jellicent that helped a lot!

*Insert a how could anyone forget this one here*

This classic RBY trainer battle music sets a great tone for battle. I love its speed.

how can you forget about the two best route themes?

three renditions of route 42.
since my memories of playing silver are so incredibly faint, my first concious experience with this music was in FRLG where i was like "WHOA JOHTO MUSIC" when i first set foot on the latter four sevii islands. i just love this tune. it's so dreamy, adventurous and wonderful at the same time.

route 120 has been mentioned before in this thread, but i don't think a vid has been posted soooooo i just kinda took the liberty.
this is another song i adore for its dreaminess and beauty. the endless rain splashing down on the rainforest, followed by the (rather) clear skies in the south (where you can see the fucking clouds in the puddles!) are wonderful scenery to go with this tune, and it's just omg wow in general.

i feel a bit dumb for not being able to post a full musical analysis, lol, but what can you do.

also realllllly late reply to cobraroll, i've known of that site before (not too long ago) and i must say, it's pretty darn awesome. so yeah, i urge y'all to check that thing out because it's pretty swell and stuff.
This music was amazing and nobody can prove otherwise. I also can't believe nobody posted this.


This tune always made me shiver in fear, yet it's so awesome!


This always made me sad, yet it can't be left out!


This is always needed. I love the theme to death and it is for sure, my favorite pokemon theme.


As you can see, Gen III was my favorite.
I love a lot of the Pokemon music, but a few stand out. Tying not to repost...

Dragon's Den (HGSS) - I prefer it to the GSC original, but that one is awesome too.

Route 10 (BW) - Loses a bit of its majesty out of the game (Route 10 is just an amazing place) but still a great track.

Route 1 (RBY) - ba da bum bum bum ba da bum bum bum ba da bum bum bum... ba-bum... :D

Route 47 (HGSS) - Just so beautiful. Similar to Route 10 with the lack of context though...

Also, every single song that has ever been in a stateside Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game. There are a few others I can't think of at the moment.
So many great tunes... but to me, the one that will always get my blood going the most is:


Of course, the best version of this song is 不屈のポケモン:

as much as i don't like praising gen 1 (it gets too much love IMO. i don't hate it, though (pretty sure i'll get some hate for it, lol)), i can't help but admit that it's got the best gym leader theme, along with the most memorable gym leaders (+e4) in the series. an absolute marvel to listen to.

same goes for this theme:
those two themes just scream epic, as do the fights that accompany them.
Like Limi, I am not a fan of Gen 1 anymore (mainly due to it being broken and unbalanced as hell). In fact, I think Kanto is possibly the blandest region of the Pokemon world with the exception of the Pokemon Tower, which is still one of the most clever things the series has done, IMO. But I want to talk a little about this song for a moment. (I can't believe this one hasn't been uploaded yet.)

Despite my claims that Gen 1 is massively overrated... I just can't help myself. This starts to make my eyes well up when I hear it. I don't think it has to do with just the song, though. Whenever I hear the song in GSC, or even the version in Fire Red and Leaf Green, I have no strong reaction to those versions.

I think it's less because of the song, and more of both what it signifies and how it's played. Pallet Town is where you first began in the first game. It's the place you're leaving to set out into the world beyond. If you think of Pallet Town as the place of your childhood, then the simple Game Boy tones work extremely well. It's almost like a music box plinking away, a great way to set the idea of "childhood". And that's why I think it works on the original Game Boy versions.

In later games, it just sounds too complicated, and it's especially badly noisy in Gold and Silver (not that the music in Gold and Silver is bad; it isn't.) where there's just too much going on, and it sounds kind of lifeless due to the complexity. The idea that this is a place for beginnings, where childhood is cast aside for adventure, is lost in later games.

At least, that's how I see this song.
Two of my favourite city themes from Hoenn (which had hands down the best music):


Man. I swear hours and hours of my playtime in Ruby was spent sitting in this city listening to the song loop over and over..


The bells in the opening of this piece are really unique and it sounds so cheery and conjures the image of a really bustling environment.

If the inevitable RSE remakes change either of these songs one iota then they'll really have a lot to live up to.


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I wouldn't call Unova entirely a circle. I'd call it a line, which is even worse. During the storyline, you have NO choice of path anywhere. You NEVER retrace your steps or go back to earlier areas. Before the Elite 4, it's all:
- Progress to X where something blocks the road ahead
- Do stuff in the area around X
- Block at X disappears. You may now progress to Y
- Repeat

Then, in the post-game, it turns into a circle. You have a choice of path that boils down to "clockwise" or "counterclockwise" when you do the post-game stuff. The Seven Sages quest is the only storyline item that requires you to revisit other places than Opelucid/Nimbasa/Castelia.

All the other regions had shortcuts that opened as you progressed in the game (Diglett's Cave, Dark Cave, all of Hoenn, Mt. Coronet...). Unova's linear design, with its meagre two crossroads, is just disappointing.



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Oh my god I found the best in-game jam ever, it pretty much eclipses all of the posts before this (unless someone already posted it lol). I present to you, Oak's Lab from Pokemon Stadium 2. I was playing this game a lot yesterday and it really stuck out to me. The polyrhythms, chords, instruments... everything just works so nicely. Anyone with a semblance of knowledge of music theory will appreciate this.

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