Pokemon Jams

these are, in my opinion, three of the best tracks in the series and since none of them has been posted yet...

this one is just so catchy and overlooked and the loop point is brilliant.

quite different from nearly every other track in the series. beautiful and atmospheric.

similar to the last one with a really great crescendo buildup. I wish this was longer.
Hey everyone! Just listening to all this music makes me feel nostalgic xD

Here's one of my favorites:


Feel dat smooth jazz ┘~


The professor?
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I've just been through this thread and some of my favourites haven't been posted.

Accummula town is pretty cool as you can add drums and piano in with the game
and with more piano and drums:

Lilycove city is such a relaxing waltz, I could listen to it all day

Also my favourite bike theme by far has to be DPP. I don't know what people have against it, it has a really cool 'adventure' feel to it.

Also the smooth jazzy music in amity square was always fun.
Lately I got addicted to the Zeks&Reshi battle all over again.

I'm not sure if it "beats" DP's Dialga/Palkia Battle (oh God the Brawl version O_O), but there's something very pleasing about this tracks beat:

That 1:23 part ^_^

The BW2 Kyurem remix is awesome too:

The following link has 2 awesome Zekrom/Reshiram cinematic tracks that nobody seems to remember, they're worth checking out tbh:

Have you guys heard the battle tracks in BW2?
The Rival, Ghetsis, N, Plasma, Corless battles are all great.
Iris gets a..."unique" champion theme which sounds anticlimatic at first. but gets too catchy really quickly. I personally love it now.

And anyone notice how each gym has a different version of the Gym Theme?
They're unique and worth checking out, not just a slight change in the track.
Couldn't agree more about Iris' theme, at first I thought it would be like Alder's where it just gets more underwhelming with every listen, but it fits her really well and it's a great listen in general.

BW2's soundtrack is amazing, I honestly think it rivals HGSS for the best soundtrack in any Pokemon game. Game Freak truly outdid themselves on the music for this game, from the BW1 remixes to the new battle themes to the unique Gym themes. It's like they kept the best songs from BW1 (read: E4 battle music) and just remixed and improved everything else. Some favourites:


This has grown on me a lot. It's a mish-mesh theme, kind of crazy, really good after a few listens.


So much better than the original, the bit after 1:10 is especially good. Actually all the Plasma-related music is great in this game, Achroma and Ghetsis have awesome themes and the incidental music on/inside their Frigate is excellent too. They even threw N's Castle Bridge in the lategame.

A thread search said this was mentioned earlier, but was never really touched upon! I just like the departure from epic or adventurous music like in most of the soundtrack to produce something silly, whacky, or even just different. Nice little techno tunes, too :D
I've always been a fan of the PMD spin-off, and most of my favorite
music is from there.

Anyone remember the feeling this gave you?


The feeling it gave you...it was just intense...

I'm getting nostalgic from hearing this...


Makes me want to start playing again...
Continuation of my picks from the series that I started in the now-locked thread. No more than five from each generation that stand out, and I'm too lazy to post links.

Route 1. Of course. It's where it all started, those first steps out of Pallet Town, and it helps that it's as memorable as the Mario theme. It's possibly not the best song of the whole series, but I think it has to be the most iconic. (Well, after the first anime theme.)

Viridian Forest. Great atmospheric early track with a strong beat running through it.

Gym Leader Battle. Great fast-paced battle theme that nicely develops even with the limited duration available.

Pokemon Mansion. Really unique from the soundtrack and in one of the most remarkable places in the game. I'd love to see a similar abandoned lab in a future game, this time with the subject of the notes making a later plot appearance.

Indigo Plateau. This really conveys the monumental occasion, the final grand event of your journey.

Comments on obvious tracks that I didn't pick:
Lavender Town and Pokemon Tower. The former's attained some memetic notoriety but both are actually musically cliched.
Champion Battle. It's an epic song, but I slightly prefer the Gym Leader one which you hear more too. Also GSC's Champion Battle is better than RBY's.
Any town themes. Vermillion City nearly made the top five but Indigo Plateau kicked it out.

Gold and Silver:

Even considering only original tracks and not the rearrangements from RBY this was really really hard to get down to five.

Dark Cave. A killer bassline going and a good melody on top.

Goldenrod City. GSC is full of good town themes, it was so hard to pick one, and if you asked me on a different day I'd probably end up with a different one.

Tin Tower. One of three tower themes in the game that all share the same leitmotif (which also appears in other tracks), along with Sprout Tower and Burned Tower, and it just edges the other two out for the spot. Grandest of the trio and sets the occasion very well I feel.

Champion Battle. Yeah, do I really need to justify it? The early bars echo RBY's opening video music in grand fashion, connecting the start and end of the Gameboy era of Pokemon, before it goes into a pumping battle theme really befitting of the event.

Kanto Gym Leader Battle. This is pretty much the highest-tempo, most frenetic Leader Battle theme across the whole series, a real great.

Obvious (well, maybe) non-picked tracks:
National Park. It's a fantastic composition but I feel the Gameboy's sound chip doesn't quite do it justice. HGSS's rearrangement added a bit too much embellishment.
Dragon's Den. There's a good track under there, but buried by a screeching cacophony.
Game Corner. It's a really strong track, but the best Game Corner song in the whole series is Sinnoh's so I don't feel so bad leaving Johto's out.
Any route themes. Route themes in general usually don't stand out as much as battle, town, or dungeon themes for me. That's not to say GSC's are bad.

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