#pokemon Late Night I Tournaments - Season 2- Week Three

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fun fast-paced tournament, got to see some pokemon shine that otherwise seem to be overshadowed in the current metagames (Virizion, Gyarados). looking forward to playing more of these


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I'm going to get the formality of announcing this weekend's theme out of the way now because it's going to require a bit of research for players unfamiliar with earlier generations.

The rule for Saturday, May 25h's LNT is as follows:

If a Pokemon can learn a move in any generation, be it first through fifth, it may legally use it. Furthermore, restrictions on move legality based on breeding/tutors/events are removed. In example, the Crown beast legendaries are not locked into natures, nor do they have to be shiny for this.

Due to the limitations of PS, you will need to use the Hackmons tier to satisfy the requirements for the tournament. The ruleset is still BW2 OU.

Due to an extremely specific case in this, I will be removing OHKO clause for this weekend's tournament.

Don't sign up yet, but start building your teams for this weekend!
just bumping this because i pushed this theme back a week. It will be the theme for the next LNT so be ready for it!
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