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I feel like introducing 6* units, at all much less only a year into a game's life, is a questionable decision.
Realized that when everyone is a 5* (and they have been approaching that point at the speed of light) nobody is so they needed something Even Further Beyond.


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Huge update, hope you guys are ready
  • 6* EX Sync Pairs will be introduced, with Sync Moves even stronger than 5*
  • 6 stars will be able to unlock and change their outfits
  • Game's name will be changed to Pokemon Masters EX
  • Champion Stadium will be introduced, starting with the Kanto elite 4 and Blue. Begins August 27th
  • Normal Champion's cup has fixed weaknesses, Hard will change weaknesses weekly
  • Synga Suit Cynthia is available as a Poke Fair
  • New World Dilema Event is under way, Featuring Cyrus and Palkia
  • Latios Legendary Event launches Auguest 19th
  • Training with Legends solo event launches August 27th
  • Grass/Water/Fire Egg event launches September 2nd, with a chance to get Kanto starters that have different moves than the ones gifted earlier
  • Family Ties story event launches September 9th, featuring Lillie, Gladion, and Lusamine
  • Synga Suits and Seasonal outfits will be increased in production thanks to fan demand; next seasonal is Halloween
  • 3k free gems on August 27th for everyone
0:46: EX? Boy, that takes me back to the TCG days. How long ago were EX Pokemon... oh, they lasted until Gen VI. Okay not that far back as I thought.
2:04: That's not Red, it's his evil twin brother, Zed!
2:42: Still, this is nice. Sure, it's just palette swaps, but as they shown with Red they've put some thought into it so curious what references they could make with others.
4:16: Ah yes, remember everyone, when you face Loreli the Ice specialist make sure to use her weakness: Grass-types.
4:44: Jokes aside, good to see the Elite Four getting some love for once. For Masters would be easier to do the Elite Four & Champion instead of all the Gym Leaders. Heck I think they can do Johto too right now. Hoenn still needs Sidney; Sinnoh needs Aaron, Bertha & Lucian; Unova is good to go unless they want Alder as Champion; Kalso needs all its girls: Malva, Drasna & Diantha; and Alola needs either Hala or Molayne. Curious what they would do if they ever get to Galar, randomly switch around which Galar Gym Leaders they have available to act as the Elite Four?
7:51: I mean, of all holidays, I think Halloween would be the next expected batch of seasonal outfits.
I'd stopped playing Masters seriously for a while, i.e. I just log in for rewards and complete daily quests. Somehow pulled SS Cynthia yesterday and proceeded to try to get CS2 on Kommo-o, which took me close to a hundred cookies I had saved up. Tried to get Vigilance on Alakazam as well, and after over 100 cookies (25 of which were the 3☆ one), I still don't have Vigilance.

Now I remember why I had stopped in the first place.


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So next story event, Family Ties, has the Aether family joining the fray: Lillie with Clefairy, Gladion with Silvally, and Lusamine with a Pheromosa. Huh, like, I guess it makes sense why Lusamine would choose Pheromosa being they did sort of design at least one's pose after the other (guess it would also be insensitive for her to use a Nihilego after all it did to the family, lol). That said, I do question Lusamine's choice of EX colors. Lillie's turns her white dress a light pink cause Clefairy, Gladion's colors match Silvally, and Lusamine I guess sort of matches Shiny Pheromosa's colors though with the fading purple and black leggings it also resembles her appearance while she was the Mother Beast (which I guess is no longer in continuity due to USUM?).
lmao, get a bunch of cookies from Battle Villa, shafted by RNG and they all go to waste because I can't roll the lucky skills I want.

Here she is, with some nice announcements to boot!
Gloria comes November 30th
Synga Suits for Red, Blue, and Leaf all return
a surprise sync pair later in december
up to 10k gems from daily log ins over a period of time
new Prestige event
New seasonal synga suits for Skyla and Erika


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He finally arrives:
And, in a surprising twist, he's using Zekrom instead of Reshiram! A lot of the more apparent media (anime (including the Generations specials) & merch) often give him Reshiram; only time he's paired with Zekrom is usually with manga adaptations. And I do feel Zekrom makes more sense for N to use since it's the dragon of ideals which is what N is truly following (yes you can twist it enough that N is following what he truly believes if truth which is how it worked in the games, but if you're adapting the story in another media and gotts choose one dragon for N...).
Of course they'll probably reveal N's Synga Suit has him using Reshiram, probably N dressed in his king attire as we saw in the beginning cutscene of Black & White.

Also looks like N and (Hilbert) will finally have that talk which N has been wanting to have with (him) since BW2.

(TOTALLY got this in the correct thread first try. Totally. Why are you even doubting? Don't look in other threads like the one for Pokemon's other major current mobile phone game, you won't find a trace of an "accidental" posting there. No sir, cause I got it right the first time...)


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hello friends! i usually do not post in here because i usually have friends to hype up the updates and datamines with me, but i have to actually share this here for everyone to see.

These are the new sync pairs datamined. They're your standard attempts to get you to pull for them. Serena has Go Viral 9 for Paralysis, which is hilariously like her base form, Dawn has a 50% chance AoE Fake Tears, which makes her a really good support. 50% AoE Charm is really good as well. Lysandre looks really good on the surface, but I think it's not really worth it to pull for him, personally. He can max out his crit rate, and strongly boost his special attack, which is good, but he has way too much healing for his own good. Healthy Healing is unnecessary, not when you have Oblivion Wing for it.

Now, I would like to redirect your attention to Xerneas. It is the free sync pair we're getting, as mentioned in the dev letter recently. And hoo boy, it is quite the doozy. Already out the gate, Xerneas has Team Shout 4, and a move gauge acceleration, which basically makes him lite Sygna Suit Blue, so if you're a F2P player that didn't get lucky on the SS Blue banners, now's your chance to get a slightly worse version of him for free! But that's not why he's really good. The really big thing here is the Sync Move. If you don't want to look at the pictures in the spoilers, I'll summarize it right now. The sync move boosts the team's Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed depending on move level. Now, if it didn't mention a maximum, I would have assumed that at 5/5, it rose all three stats by 5 stages. This is already really good, but the sync move specifically mentions +6 in all stats depending on trainer move level. So at 5/5, this maxes out three stats for free. If you don't see how broken this is already, you need a wake up call. This is a TEAM Geomancy that just so happens to be able to boosts 3 stats to +6 for free. Team Geomancy is already really hilarious to think about, since we have Leaf and Eevee, which does the same thing, but slightly better. At 5/5, though, Scyamore and Xerneas just BLOWS Leaf and Eevee out of the water. And this isn't getting in the attacks and grid option on top of it. (You read that right. Xerneas is coming with a grid when it comes out. If it wasn't broken enough already, it now has really good grid options on top of it.) Just looking at the grid quickly, he has Moonblast On A Roll 1, which gives Moonblast a 51% chance to drop Sp Atk (How On a Roll works is that it gives extra reroll chances on the move's side effect, and the number of extra rerolls is dependent on the number. It's 1, but it's still an insanely high chance originally, especially since Moonblast has a 30% chance to drop Sp Atk at base.) It also has Recuperation 1, and Healing Hand 2. There's also fun options like Horn Leech Master Healer or Impervious, but I personally will be going for Recuperation 1 + On a Roll 1 + Helping Hand 2.
Xerneas is honestly the dream F2P support at this point. If you missed out on Sygna Suit Blue, don't miss out on Scyamore, especially since he's free!


I got carried away with this post, but I really needed people to see that Xerneas is broken as fuck, and it's the ideal F2P Support Pair right now. This isn't even going in the potential for Xerneas to be a striker with the sync move boosting all the right stats for it to do such a thing.


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Sycamore gets Xerneas and Lysandre gets Yveltal, I see what you did there Masters (EX).

Anyway, you missed one notable one:
Piers & Obstagoon! Our second Galar trainer. Guess with Marnie now running Spikemuth that gave Piers an opportunity to do some globe-trotting.

Though I'm surprised they're adding Piers now, or rather before adding in Maxie and Archie. You'd think a good time to add in Piers would be when they have all the all antagonist team leaders and Maxie, Archie, and Piers (if we don't count Rose) are the only ones missing (well, we also don't have Archer... which is odd cause he was in the original Master's trailer along with Giovanni and Ariana, yet only Giovanni has been released).
This game really needs to do away with PP being a thing in Battle Villa. Re-entering the same battle over and over again hoping for that MPR roll sucks the fun out of everything.
Finally deleted the game today. Been trying to do so but I had nothing else to play so I just kept it for dailies and whatnot. Figured I gotta bail before they introduce the new unit for 1.5 anniversary lol.

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