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PS is currently in open beta. Go play! http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/


As you may have heard, Pokemon Showdown is back in private beta.

There are a few bugs I'd like to fix before I plan on putting it in public beta again.

If you'd like to help me test them, here's the signup for a beta key.


If you want to be a beta tester, I'd like you to play PS on at least four different days out of the next month. If you plan to, but don't end up doing that, it's no big deal, but you should at least plan to. I'd like beta testers with reading comprehension, so I'd like to see your post contain some variation of the sentence "I'd like to be a beta tester" (but not in those exact words), followed by your favorite pokemon and more than one word on why it is your favorite. Make the last word of your post start with the last letter of your Smogon username. For instance, the last word of this post starts with a 'T', since my username ends in 'T'. If your username is something like "asdf123", the last letter would be 'F'.

A beta key allows you to make 5 accounts: Enough for you and 4 friends - this is so you can have someone to play with. Your friends don't need to play four days out of the next month. ;)

If I accept your application, you will be PMed a beta key. Keep in mind you can also just get a beta key from a friend - each key is good for 5 uses.

Good luck, and thanks!
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I'd really like to be a beta-tester!

My favourite pokémon... It's a tie between Absol and Haunter. Absol because of its attack states and looks (who can resist white on black!) and Haunter because I love ghosts and it's so wonderfully creepy!~

I must help Pokémon Showdown being a beta tester.

My favorite Pokémon is Tyranitar, that was before I played the metagame, its way to be strong and scary makes me all confident to its power.

And its weaknesses are nothing at all, it smashes and crashes, apart enemies'll fall.
I want to help improving Pokemon Showdown by becoming a beta tester because i see a lot of potential in it.
My favourite pokemon would be blaziken because it resembles captain falcon.
I would be very pleased to be applied as a beta-tester.
My favorite pokemon is Swellow, I love the sky and I played for the Benelux recently and I really liked having a Swellow as avatar. Before, I really liked Blaziken because I thought it was amazing, but now after that everyone used him in OU a few times ago, I don't really like him now.
I would like to be a beta tester please.

My favourite Pokemon varies depending on my mood and what I like. Historically it has been Charizard or Sceptile due to the complete awesomeness they displayed in fighting the E4 for me but currently it is Onix because that thing was such a beast in my most recent CAPASB match.
I would quite like to be a beta tester!

Though my avatar might suggest Beheeyem as my favorite, my favorite pokémon is actually Tyrogue. It has dreadful stats, even by LC standards, but aesthetically, I find him to be fantastic. I liked searching for him back in GSC, and he evolves into Hitmonlee, who I use quite a bit when playing some UU games.
I'd like to be a beta tester!
My favorite Pokemon is Scizor! Reason being, I really liked using it when it first came out. I still use it in competitive play. But I really love Blaziken too, I just can't seem to decide.
Thanks! and nice work!
I would like to be a Pokemon Showdown beta tester. I won't be able to be log in the next two weeks, but, I would be pretty much free after that.

Oh and my favorite Pokemon is Espeon, as it is the cutest 'mons, and Magic Bounce Espeon is really nice, remember?
I wish to be a beta tester for Pokemon Showdown. I think what you are trying to do is perfect for new players trying to get into pokemon. With that being said, my favorite pokemon would have to be Venesaur. It's a Dinoflower straight from the earth.


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I'd be really glad to be chosen as a beta-tester.

My favourite pokemon is... wait a minute... I don't have a favourite pokemon because I'm only playing competitively and I don't really care about pokemon. That's just a strategic game for me and I don't really pay attention to the pokemon's look. In a strategic point of view, I really love Toxicroak because it's quite a good wallbreaker thanks to its versatility (I mean : it can be sword dancer, nasty plotter, bulk upper and can surprise you're opponent)
I would enjoy being a beta tester.
The favourite has always been Charmeleon. It is described as a dangerous and violent pkmn and it really looks like it. While on the subject of it's aesthetics, it is much more realistically proportioned in comparison to Charizard, I'd even be as far to say Charmeleon could overpower Zard without much trouble just based on looks rather than base stats.


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So I'm not too interested in fighting and all, but I still wouldn't mind finding bugs and crap in my spare time which I have plenty of. So yeah, I'd like to do a little beta testing myself. As for a Pokemon...well I always liked Cacturne. The thing was a friggin' badass in Gen IV on Shoddy and was a staple on almost all of my UU teams.

By the way, you're such a troll aesoft, giving a balloon to a Rotom-F...DX
Being a beta tester would please me greatly. My favorite pokemon is Salamence because back when I still played ingame (Emerald), he had the most impressive stats of any non-legendary dragon. And it turned out he was a top threat in ADV OU too, which I found really cool.


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I want to be a beta tester. My favorite Pokemon is Pidgeot. Why? Well I'm not exactly sure. When I was young and created my first online account, I chose the name Pidgeot79, and since then it has stuck, although a year or two ago I shortened it to Pidge. The Pokemon Pidgeot itself isn't that bad, it looks pretty majestic, right? Also, Pidgey is the cutest Tiny Bird Pokemon.
Thank you for your consideration of my application.

Dear Aesoft,

I would very much like to be a beta tester.

Honestly, I find it very difficult to choose a favourite Pokémon from the current plethora of choice that we have among the various generations, but if I'm pressed to choose just one, I'd have to go with old faithful, Umbreon.

During my first ever run-through of Pokémon Gold, I spent a long time training my Eevee up to level 60 (Happiness, who knew?) in order to achieve evolution into the sultry, suave dark type that it became, despite the awful initial sprite choice.

It's probably my favourite because it taught me patience, and ever since, it's always been a true partner, getting me out of some serious jams with Ghost/Psychic pokémon alike.

I appreciate you (and your team) taking the time to create and offer this game, during the past few days I've had a play through whenever I could, and I must say that it is very impressive and enjoyable to play, as well as informative and helpful for those of us edging into more strategic play.

Whatever the outcome, please keep me informed of its progress.


I would like to apply to be a beta tester.

My favourite Pokemon is Mamoswine, partly due to his unique typing combination and also because he simply looks really cool. Mamoswine to me represents a pokemon which, whilst not being inherently exceptional such as pokemon such as Dragonite or Ferrothorn, is extremely powerful when played to its strengths. A lot of competitive Pokemon playing is about finding the right Pokemon to fit synergistically with the rest of the team, and in my mind Mamoswine embodies that principle. Therefore he is my favourite Pokemon.

Even if I am not chosen, I would like to thank you for all the work you've put into Pokemon Showdown, it already looks awesome, and I can't wait for release!

While pokemon showdown was up, I enjoyed it a lot and played quite often, and I think it has great potential. I would love to be a beta tester, and I think I would play much more than 4 times in the month. My favourite pokemon varies, but one of my all time favourites has always been scyther, as he is a kick ass bug, who despite being NFE is pretty capable. I also have a personal spot in my heart for nidoking, as on fire red (my first pokemon game) he managed to be the only other poke apart from my starter (charizard of course) to actually be useful and at a reasonable level. I have made teams in both uu and ou around him, and he exceeded my expectations too now that he has sheer force. I was also impressed with his ability to surf :3
EDIT:It would be my honour if i could be a beta tester.
Ambipom. I kinda fell in love with it at first sight. i was scrolling the pokedex and trying to make up my mind on which pokemon should i favourite, Pikachu or Charizard, when i saw Ambipom and loved it immediately. Its also fun to use in battles , with its hit and run tatics XD
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