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I would like to be a beta tester for this project because it honestly looks like it has to potential to be amazing and i just started my holidays so i have plenty of time to spare.

My favourite Pokemon is Bulbasaur, because i always found it to be the best looking and the most useful of the starters in Pokemon Yellow and i have liked it ever since.
i would like to be a beta tester please.My favorite pokemon is lucario because he has amawzing base Atk and Sp.Atk and has a cool shiny form.And i hope i get the beta key or ill destroy everyone >:)


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All accepted applicants have been PMed a beta key.

If you have rejected, you can still reread the first post and retry your application.

Beta applications are still open.
*trying again after reading the first post carefully*

I would like to be a beta tester because this thing looks awesome than PO and it works on iOS devices, which I love using.

My overall favorite Pokemon is Pikachu, because to have a lot of figurines and plushes of him from when I was younger. In terms of battling, I would say Mandibuzz is my favorite Pokemon because he's bulky like a boss and he has the moves to assist it. Go UU and under!!
I think it'd be a fantastic treat to beta-test Pokémon Showdown.

My favourite 'mon is Rampardos; there's just something extremely satisfying about doing a Head Smash with one of the highest base Atk stats in the game. The damage is unbelievable!
I would greatly enjoy becoming a beta tester for Pokemon Showdown.

My favorite pokemon is Espeon; I fell in love with the little pink cat after Pokemon Colosseum; and I've made it a point to put him on as many of my teams as I can.
Please can I be a beta tester.

Dragonite. He's boss and when he is used in a rain team, specs STAB hurricane will make him he will wreck things like you can rip paper.
I would very much like to help you in any way with this testing, Showdown sounds great!
My favorite Pokemon is probably Aggron, being one of the biggest baddest, and most fun pokes in this meta-game, and all knowing...
This new project is really something. I'd like to say that I helped make it better by play testing it.

My favorite pokemon would be Arcanine. Followed closely by Scizor. One of the main reasons I like Arcanine is because of his ability to aid Scizor in covering his nasty fire weakness courtesy of flash fire. The other reason is his great move pool with attacks like Extremespeed, Close Combat, Wild Bolt, Morning sun, Crunch, and Flare Blitz. Oh, I'll probably play PS every other day if not everyday. Pokemon is my hidden addiction.
A new project to kick PO's ass huh? Count me in, I wanna test.

My favorite pokemon would be scizor, salamence, and gliscor. I liked all of them at first sight, when i attained them in the games themselves, I felt a little more...complete. Scizor is just amazing- I mean, a bullet punching insect, that high attack stat supports that pretty well. Salamence is dragonite's daddy. It has immense attack with a great movepool. Gliscor is a ground and flying which nullifies those pesky electric types, and it stiil has roost. Plus it's the greatest vampire ever. I promise you, when i get on pokemon showdown, i won't slip.
I'd like to apply for beta testing as well.

My favorite pokemon is Scraggy. Great design, great movepool, great unique typing, cute as a button, the guy's got it all. Also Xatus.
I'd like to be a beta tester. My favorite pokémon is Reuniclus, since the combination of cuteness and bulky offense. For me that's total ownage.
Can i be a part of this testing you speak of?
My favorite Pokemon is Reshiram, because Dragon and Fire are my favorite types,plus he looks cool. ^_^
Sorry, I can't think of a word beginning with x.
Hey there. As a fellow programmer, I would like to try my hand on this beta.

As long as the firewall at work doesn't block any doors that PS need, I can test it every day of week. My favourite pokemon is Jirachi, because abusing hax is just so uber.


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Hi! I'd like to be a beta tester, so that I can see how PS will translate into both normal battles and the CAP program.

My favorite Pokemon is Drapion, probably because of the fact that it's a scorpion. Scorpions are obviously pretty neat, but it's a unique design in Pokemon. Drapion isn't the strongest, but it has a really neat movepool that comes in handy in all sorts of situations! On the right team, Drapion has a chance to really dominate. Yes!


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Hello aeo. I would relish the opportunity to be a beta tester for Pokemon Showdown.

My favorite Pokemon is Terrakion. Its power and speed allow it to apply pressure to pretty much all of OU, and its incredible STAB moves allow it to run a double boosting set without fear of losing too much coverage, a statement that many Pokemon in OU cannot boast. Its speed also allows it to revenge kill most of OU quite efficiently. In fact, it just might be the best sweeper in the OU metagame!
Beta Testing? Sounds friggin' awesome!

My favourite Pokemon is Serperior because he just owns in OU. Honestly.
Leaf Storm with Contrary? That makes him just about the best Grass type ever. Double Screens and Glare and he's just such a bro.
It would be awesome if I could get a beta key for me and my friends.
My favorite Pokemon is Sandshrew because he looks like a mini dragon and looks cute.

Now for to fulfill my last requirement... COOL IT!
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