Pokemon Showdown private beta applications

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I'm interested in becoming a beta tester because I'm one of the admins on AA's Mod Server. We're considering switching or converting to PS once it comes out thanks to your great mod implementation compared to PO. I'd like to try out the system so I can give some feedback to our community about the program that might become our future home (and give you feedback too of course).

I have a lot of favorite Pokemon, but one of my top picks since gen 2 is Typhlosion. He's really cool looking, and I love how gen 4 let him use a Choice Scarf set with Eruption.
I would definitely love to beta test this program! I have a friend (who got his from a friend) who wants someone to play against.

My favorite Pokemon is Shuckle (see avatar), due to its badassery and cool demeanor. It plays all gentle and calm (everyone knows these are terrible natures) UNTIL YOU GET CLOSE THEN IT RAPES YOUR SHIT. If his Attack stat didn't suck, my Shuckle would be Naughty.
I would love to be a beta tester if you would let me.

My favorite pokemon is definately Linoone/Zigzgoon simply for the fact that when i first got one and he picked up a rare candy, i knew we would be bros for life so...
I would love to beta test this program more. I've tried it and it's a great concept executed well: an online simulator.

Relicanth...is my favourite Pokemon. Head Smash just kills anything frail, and with Rock Head and decent defenses, you know you need a Grass-type. You can't say that isn't great.
I am interested in being a beta tester if you're still accepting applicants.
My favorite pokemon is Gallade because he has sweet swords and fighting types are super.
I'd like to test out PS as a beta tester. I have a lot of favorites but my last flavor of the month was Zoroark; testing out his Illusion was fun and watching Ferrothorns staying in on my Jellicent only to eat a Flamethrower was even more exciting.
I would like to become a beta tester for Pokemon Showdown.
Suicune is probably my favorite Pokemon (not really sure since I like a few) because it looks cool, can walk on water and it is blue.
I hope this post is done correctly and that I didn't miss any information that was needed.
I am very interested in being a beta tester for Pokemon showdown, potential is staggering! My favorite Pokemon would be Conkeldurr, since I have always wanted bulky fighting type with serious power behind it. Also I am always learning something new.


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All accepted applicants have been PMed a beta key.

If you were rejected, I'm sorry. :( You may still be able to get a beta key if you ask one of your friends - each beta key is good for 5 accounts.

In general, multiple applications will not increase your chances of being accepted. This is because if it took you, for example, 9 days to read a post, you probably don't qualify for the reading comprehension requirement.

Beta applications are still open.
Wow I feel like a dork for not reading it properly the first time.

So um yeah, I get it if this second attempt isn't gonna change anything, but here goes:
It would be pretty cool if I could be a beta tester.
My favourite Pokemon is Scrafty, because his name is Scrafty
I would appreciate it if you would kindly allow me to be a beta tester :D

My favourite Pokemon is without a doubt Sceptile, because he's a ninja dragon! His blades and seeds on his back make him look like a ninja, and he's a starter Pokemon, which is fantastic as it means I can use him everytime. Also, I like using underdog Pokemon, which Sceptile is more often than not.
I would very much like to be a Beta Tester. Mainly because I love experimenting with, and learning about, the metagame, as well as battling in general.

My favorite pokemon has always been Venusaur. Ever since 1st Gen he's been a on my teams, and always managed to kick ass. The fact that he's part dinosaur (which I love), and Grass (which is my favorite type) makes him even cooler. Not to mention his versatility as a pokemon; being able to go Physically Offensive, Specially Offensive, Mixed, ChlorySunGrowth, SubSeed, etc.

Speaking of ChlorySunGrowth, 5th Gen made him even MORE of a badass with Chloryphyll and Drought; allowing him to outspeed a huge portion of the metagame in the sun, while being able to take them down with powders, Growth, mixed attacks, Speedy-SubSeeding, etc. He's finally OU. :')
I would greatly appreciate if you could make me a beta tester. I've been playing Pokemon since I was a little kid and have been getting into the competitive scene about a year and a half ago.

My Favorite pokemon is Typhlosion, but I saw that someone already had picked him :'(. So, I'll pick the next best, Floatzel. I don't have any idea why I like the pokemon I do. They must appeal to my inner tastes.


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I would like to help test in this beta phase of Pokemon Showdown.

My favourite pokemon is Garbodor because it is a literal walking piece of art, and it has inspired me deeply.

Often seen as nothing more than trash, Garbodor is a delicate pokemon with depth that challenges you to look beyond the superficial and see a pokemon for what it really is. In fact, the beauty of Garbodor has moved me so much, that these days before I take out the trash, I stop and contemplate the elegance and wonder that lies within every single one of the bin's contents.
I would love to help test Pokémon Showdown.

My favorite Pokémon is Smeargle. Looking outside the poor base stats, this Pokémon has an enormous move pool making it usable for support roles in any team. Instead of looking at Smeargle’s poor offences, make sure you look at its entirety.
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