Pokemon Showdown private beta applications

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I'd be honored to be a beta tester. My favorite Pokemon is Sceptile, because, when Emerald came out, I decided to use Treecko as my starter and it be the only Pokemon I used the whole game. At the end of the game it was level 88. It's now level 100 and sometimes use in Wifi Battles, just for the fun of it. I checked its stats and it had 252 special attack evs, 216 speed evs, and the rest in hp. And it was Timid! It was not even on purpose, it was all luck. I got it into 5th gen and beat that weird guy with it, that guy named N.
I wanna be a beta tester.

Obiously, my favourite poke is lapras, i just think that he's incredibly adorable, and its movepool amazed me when I was a kid (and it still amazes me now)!!!
Hello there! :3

I would love to apply to be a beta tester!

My favorite pokemon is Darkrai, because he is a pure dark that doesn't need a second type to be a boss! :pimp: Thanks!
I would like to become a Beta Tester for Pokémon Showdown.

I don't really have a favorite Pokémon, to be honest. There are about a hundred that I love. I've always been a fan of Houndoom, so I'll say that it's my favorite. :D


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Hi. I'd be happy to beta test Showdown.

My favorite Pokemon is Quagsire. I love its typing, I loved that it was a salamander-type thing, and it getting Water Absorb was just perfect. (Unaware is cool, too.) It's just sublime.
Everyone who qualified and posted before this post has been PMed a beta key.
I really need to learn how to read the entire first post... xD

I would like to become a Beta Tester for Pokémon Showdown.

I don't really have a favorite Pokémon, to be honest. There are about a hundred that I love. I've always been a fan of Houndoom, so I'll say that it's my favorite of all.
I want to be the VERY BEST tester.

I really apologize for not getting back to you about the programming thing, but I got sidetracked by real life stuff. But, now I'm here! :D
Hey, I wanna be a beta tester if it's not too late. My favorite Pokemon is Skiploom. Because who doesn't like Skiploom? Just look at that thing. It's just too nice.
I'd love it if you gave me the opportunity to beta test this program. :)

My favorite pokemon is, and always has been Charizard. When I first bought Pokemon Red for my Game Boy Color I chose Charmander, and ever since then no other pokemon ever gave me the same joy. My fascination with Charizard is timeless :)
I would positively love to be a beta tester - Pokemon Showdown, even in its current state, looks so chic! My favorite Pokemon is Gengar, since it has loads of immunities and kicks ass - everything gets raped!
Does this mean that people that did not post before this post are not allowed to get a beta key? Because I'm quite keen to be a tester, but my timing's just a little off.

And my favourite pokemon is Sawsbuck. I just love the Season changes, as well as the fact he's a solid Physical Attacker with 2 great abilities to boost that amazing prowess.

EDIT: Ohh, nevermind. Didn't see that the above was just a re-iteration of something 3 days ago.
I'm jayjinde, and I'd like to re-apply for a beta testing position due to the fact my last sign-up was done in about 12 seconds easily.
I'm an avid competitive battler, mostly OU with some Ubers and UU during the evenings. I peaked at 1400 in OU with a team that I haven't used in eons.
My favorite Pokemon is Garchomp, due to its design as well as its typing, causing dead Flygon, most likely from the shock, everywhere. I always liked Dragons, and it doesn't hurt to have a STAB Earthquake. I was really disappointed that Smogon had banned it and even more when it was banned everywhere. Sure, I can use it in a Nintendo tourney, but why do that when I can use my other Pokemon I've had since they were eggs.
Hey, I would absolutely love to be a PS beta-tester!

My favorite pokemon is without a doubt Magnezone, because Magneton was the pokemon that carried me throught first gen and magnezones its upgrade (or downgrade depending on your view point :') ) It also looks cool and its a freakin robot for gods sake! XD I hope he gets something to boost it upto something more that just a steel trapper in 6th gen though, Id love to see him more in OU would you not?


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Hello, if you are looking for more beta testers, then I would like to be one!

My favorite Pokemon at the moment would be Wobbuffet. A lot of the OU metagame is sorely unprepared for it and it's evident that many battlers are rusty on how to handle one correctly. Plus, its artistic design is lovely!
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