Pokemon Showdown private beta applications

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It would be cool to test this out and compare it to PO.

My favorite Pokemon used to be Masquerain (I was a huge fan of the youtube battler Overhazard in previous times; he used it to great success... also HELL YEAH HYDRO PUMP), but it's now Swadloon. I don't know why I like Swadloon so much; it's just aesthetically pleasing. It also kicks BW ingame's ass, which is nice as well. In addition, I guess you could say that it's ornate.
I'd like to be a beta tester. My favorite Pokemon would be Bayleef. While Bayleef may be considered an unorthodox choice, it really grew on me after watching it put the heart on the battlefield in anime and I've always liked its appearance. In addition to this, Bayleef has always been a valuable partner for me in both Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon HeartGold, proving that choosing Chikorita isn't an inferior starter choice, contrary to what is often perceived as "common knowledge". Thanks for opportunity and I'd be honored if, when beta testers are chosen, I was one of the few to be named.
I'd like to be a beta tester.

My favourite poke would have to be Haxorus, simply for the pure terror it strikes into the hearts of opponents when it comes in safely. Thanks to most people instantly thinking about CB Outrage spam, you can run all sorts of surprises on Haxxy...mold breaker Roar is an instant full stop to baton pass, lum DD can sweep, and draco plate taunt + SD 2HKOs Skarmory on a resisted move!


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Shoot me a PM if you'd like to have access to my beta key. I have 2 remaining slots left. I can't guarantee you getting it anytime soon but expect me to send it to you within 24 hours.
Dangit people you can just pm me you know...not to mention, half the people that already have their beta keys can just pass them around as well. It's not that tough...

Edit: I'm out. Other people should have beta keys though. Ask around.
I would like to have a chance to be a tester.

My Favorite pokemon is Bulbasaur. I have always loved it because it was the first pokemon i obtained way back when i started playing pokemon Red.
I would love to be a tester. It is no problem for me to play for 4+ times this month.
My favourite Pokemon is Virizion. It looks so elegant and classy. It would look awesome in a tuxedo and with a monocle. I use it on most of my teams in order to take out nasty water-types or just to sweep after 2 Calm Minds.
Can you make me a beta tester? My favorite Pokemon is Pikachu because I discovered Pokemon with the animated series: that cute mouse is now a major figure of my childhood. I can remember the awesome character development the screenwriter did with Ash and Pikachu, their friendship growing after the troubles they went through during the beginning of the series, my nostalgia goggles must be biasing my vision but anyway, Pikachu had a real impact on me when I was a kid.
I'd like a beta key please because my previous posts don't seem to have been accepted D:
Glaceon, my fav poke bcoz ice type <3
I'll be able to play atleast 7 times a week.


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It would be a great honor and pleasure to be a beta tester!
I was here for the previous closed beta and I've always been thinking Pokemon Showdown was cool and I'd be really happy to help out. (urgh not sucking up here)
Hmm, my favorite Pokemon? Well my favorite Pokemon to use this generation is actually Specs Gastrodon, lol, as it's surprisingly powerful and has pulled me through loads of times. Landorus and Mienshao come close as well for their immediate power as well as versatility.

I find it pretty hilarious that most people didn't fully read the OP, but I guess when it comes to choosing testers that's the kicker.


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edit: i pulled a stupid

can i try again?

if so, I would love to be a beta tester.

my favorite pokemon is actually probably genesect, because even if it isn't released yet its movepool, stats, and design are just nuts
Howdy there, I'd like to be a beta tester if that's alright with you. I have interest in programming and quite a bit of free time, so it'd be nice to help out with this simulator.

My favorite Pokemon is Ludicolo. Besides having nice typing, I feel this constantly happy demeanor is a nice thing to have in any situation of life. Plus he's a BOSS.
I would like to apply to be a beta tester. My favorite pokemon is gliscor because I have had lots of success with it and I like its sand veil acrobat set, which is troll. It has dodged many attacks with success.
Hi, I would like to be a beta tester for showdown. It looks a wonderful project and it would be an honor to test it.

My favourite Pokemon in Purugly as would be evident from my avatar. It is cute, despite the misnomer gamefreak gave it, although sadly not too usable in the metagame. Also I adore cats
Can I be a beta tester too?

Applying again, as the OP appeared to be edited after I submitted my request it turns out I lack basic reading comprehension. Then again, when I read the OP before applying the first time, it still said each application was good for 10 beta keys...so maybe i just didn't get in before the edit...

As before, my favourite pokemon is Haxorus, simply for the sheer power behind it. Frankly, Haxxy is Incredible.
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