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I would love to beta test the simulator out. My favorite pokemon is Abra since it's so abradorable. And because it has awesome teleportation powers.

Also, oranges.
I would really like to be a beta tester for the simulator.

I've been playing pokemon for 13 years and really enjoy competitive battling.

My favorite pokemon is Smeargle because he's adorable and destructive.


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All accepted applicants have been PMed a beta key.

If you have been rejected, you can still reread the first post and retry your application. As long as you haven't been calling people "dumbass" in this thread (you know who you are), you can still get in.

Beta applications are still open.


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I would like to become a beta tester because from what I've heard from others, Pokemon Showdown is amazing. I am particularly interested in how the metagame would change with a shift to a new server. Seeing as one needs to jump through some hoops to get access to Pokemon Showdown, the number of people online will be much smaller, and (assuming the rating system is the same) you will be able to fight a wider variety of opponents (skill-wise). With the top teams fighting the bottom teams, their is a better chance for the discovery of new sets (you generally won't see NU's on a 1500+ ranking player).

My all-time favorite Pokemon always has been, and always will be, Sceptile. It was my first pokemon in my first game, Saphire. I remember getting lost around Slateport city and in my youth, overleveled Sceptile to the point that I was easily able to finish the game with just him. I've always thought about writing a pokemon book with him as the protagonists starter. The pokedex entry in Saphire for Grovyle states that "This POKéMON adeptly flies from branch to branch in trees. In a forest, no POKéMON can ever hope to catch a fleeing GROVYLE however fast they may be." After reading Latios's entry that, "LATIOS will only open its heart to a TRAINER with a compassionate spirit. This POKéMON can fly faster than a jet plane by folding its forelegs to minimize air resistance." I concluded that Grovyle in a forrest could outspeed a jet, and that his evolution, Sceptile would be even faster.
I would like to be beta tester. The screenshots look too awesome, so I can't wait for the open beta to be realeased. I'm going to play this alot, if I get a key.
My favourite Pokemon is Virizion.It is pretty underrated in the current metagame, which adds the surprise factor to its effectiveness when I'm pulling of a sudden sweep (short example: http://pokemon.aesoft.org/replay-Frochtejohgurt-vs-ZooYork--2011-09-30-1 (really short)). Also it looks super awesome and compared to some other Gen 5 Pokemon even more awesome. It has the perfect balance between looking cool/strong and elegant. I even use it as my desktop background.
I really hope to receive your Pokemon Showdown Beta invitation.


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I would be grateful if I could be a beta tester. Idk why but PO teambuilder always crashes for me when I put in illegal movesets =( I can't wait for PS to come out!

My favorite Pokemon is Vaporeon because he's the blue one. =3


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I'd like to be a beta tester, my favorite Pokemon is MASQUERAIN because it's probably the coolest but most forgotten pokemon from gen 3, and is just so elegant!

thanks aesoft!
Heyo, I'd like to be a tester on the PS Beta server. Yeah also my favorite Pokemon is Umbreon - Eevee is just so cute, and Umbreon was my main Pokemon through pretty much all of XD, shame you couldn't get him easily anywhere else (it was so hard for me back then to make Pokemon happy!).
I would like to join and play in this wonderful simulator, for what I managed to play it's pretty awesome, and the work done looks incredible, my favorite Pokemon is Meowth (and Persian) cause they were the original classy cats, they remain so adorable and elegant, thank you for all the work dear.
i would like to be a beta tester alot

my favorite pokemon would have to be cobalion because it has alot of potential if used right.thanks for being so kind.
Aesoft, I would be thrilled to be chosen as a Beta Tester for Pokemon Showdown.

My favorite Pokemon is undoubtedly Lanturn because of its fascinating typing (the REAL electric/water!) and because of it's aesthetically pleasing sprites.

Thanks for considering my application!
Showdown has a great potential, so that's why I'd like to help with beta testing.

My favorite pokemon is heatran, because he slowly melts on his own lava.
yeah actually this is something i've been holding out for a while, i'd like to test this thing out. i've been asked a lot of times what my favourite pokemon is and people are always surprised when i tell them it's bonsly - it's just too cute to not like. by the way, is there any reason for the exclusivity of this simulator in the beta phase? seems to me like you'd pick up a lot more bugs if you just released it and let the masses point out everything that's shit
I'd love to be a beta tester, this simulator looks so awesome, and would love to help out in order to contribute and help improving it.

Magmar is my all-time favorite pokemon because he's fiery hot :P
I would LOVE to test your beta Mr Aesoft :)
Oh and my favorite Pokemon is Sceptile because his SubSeeding skills are:
wait for it
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I have to admit, this project has garnered my interest. I'd like very much to be a Beta tester not only for the purpose of enjoying what seems to be a wonderful feat of programming, but also familiarize myself with PS so that perhaps I could be a future programmer on whatever development team you have here.
That being said, I'd like to ask a question or two about this program should I become a future contributor...
A) What programming language is this written in?
B) Assuming an answer to the first question, how similar is it to some existing programming languages that I might already know?

...That'll do for now. Now to my favorite Pokemon. Since my first exposure to Pokemon as a young child, those of the Charmander family held my nearly exclusive interest, with some exceptions in Stantler, Regirock and Rhydon. However, with the advent of the Fifth Generation, I found some new Pokemon which I can't help but find myself being so intrigued with that they nearly overshadow my once-strong infatuation with Charizard.
In general then, bar Charizard, I tend to like Pokemon with fun/abusive movesets which have competitive viability as well as being right-out vile in some cases. This includes, but not entirely consists of, Torment Heatran, Cosmic Power Sigilyph, and Unaware Quagsire.

I hope that's enough reading comprehension for you! Good night, and thanks!
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I would like to be a beta tester because I really think this has the potential to be great, and I would like to see it develop into the final product.

Scyther is my favourite pokemon, for the stats and the visual aesthetics.
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