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By this point, there should be a trainer (or at least an NPC) who explains the concept of lures and how they work with the rest of the team. The prime example that I can think of is EQ Latios, but the player doesn't have Heatran yet, so Fire Blast Life Orb Garchomp (a favorite of mine) and Superpower Band Azumarill should do just fine for this trainer.


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i actually don't like the "chosen one" aspect to be in the game, neither the ability of some wild pokes to mega evolve by themselves. I think this also addresses the "certain time of day" thing, but on a whole i won't mind some pokes to appear only at certain time of day if there are pokes like that(idk if there are, post examples if you wanna go with it).
estralita i disagree with the wild megas suggestion, but as for legends, you have to search for them and put in some effort cos they're legendaries, they've backgrounds and we've to show them e.g. heatran will be in the volcano cos that's his background, though we'll have to work something for keldeo learning secret sword cos virizion sin't on the viable list.
I have no problem With Virizion appearing just to teach keldeo Sacred sword. Just make so if the player attempts to battle her she'll refuse (or some Smogen official will interneve) and she'll only let you approach her if you have Keldeo anyway. Make it so that after you catch keldeo you can go back to the place you catch him and have virizion appear just to teach Him the move and then virizion disappears. Thats the sacred sword problem solved.
On the sacred sword thingie, we could just make it a move tutor move.

As far as the whole mega stones thing goes, if you don't like the idea of wild megas, that's fine. However, catching them really wouldn't be any more of a hassle then normal, because you have to catch the preevos to make use of the stones anyway. I actually think that by sticking them on wild pokemon would reduce the hassle because one: you already have a (respectably leveled) user of the stone when you get it and two: by making them appear in the overworld, it takes out the random element of hunting down wild pokemon via random encounters.

Under the counter proposals I've seen so far, players would have to track down NPCs or stores to get the stones and then find and catch something that can use that stone.
I don't have a problem with the wild Legendaries being caught in places where they are a semi-big deal, cause that's the way things work, but there are just a whole lot of mega pokemon, and I think having each one be a boss of some kind would get old, considering there are 35 viable and legal megas. Take them in conjunction with the 21 viable Legendaries, and that's almost 60 boss fights. I think the whole thing would make it actually less special.
The way how Mega Stones are handled should be the same way, the whole game is set up. If you want one, you should have the skill to obtain and use it. Depending on how viable a stone is, there should be a difference in difficulty that's involved in order to get it. While a random NPC might hand over a Steelixite for free, getting a Metagrossite should involve quite some work.

It's also a good idea to make them a good optional addition in certain situations. Let's say the next Gym Leader has a slight weakness to Mega-Manectric. In the same town there's a trainer who has a Manectite and who's looking for someone that's capable to use it. The only way to do that is to battle him and his team which happens to be built around Mega Manectric. After beating his team he hands over Pokemon and stone. That way the player now has: Pokemon, stone and a possible strategy that could be used to beat the gym leader (the same strategy that person used)

Exploration is also a good idea and it lets the player have that feeling of accomplishment. Let's say there's a hidden cave that's far off the main roads. In it is one of the more viable stones, but in order to get it, you need to solve a couple of puzzles. E.g. there's an image of a Pokemon on the wall; in order to get further, the first Pokemon on your team has to be a counter to that Pokemon. Coincidentally there are Pokemon (which might even be slightly more viable than what you'd normally get to this point) living in this cave, one of them being one possible counter for that Pokemon.
These Pokemon could also be useful for some of the upcoming bosses, which means that the player gets actually encouraged to rebuild his team. So at the end there's a new Mega Stone and the player has new options for teams giving him the opportunity to become more experienced in Teambuilding (especially useful for beginners).


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what i've been thinking is that we do them the way they were done in xy and oras, yk sparkling on the floor, with few exceptions for stones of metagross and our starter and diancie etc.
^ is how I am positively seeing it atm, but still need to get a bit of explaining on how everyone is capable of using em now since it seems they are literally growing out of the ground at this point.

Also I believe it would be best to delegate the leader of the town giving us the ringbangle/whatever it is that allows the mega evolutions to happen (while also explaining how you get said stones to trigger the evolutions). It seems better to me, and possibly have it where this leader is one who's type is represented well by multiple megas would work best.
Also I believe it would be best to delegate the leader of the town giving us the ringbangle/whatever it is that allows the mega evolutions to happen (while also explaining how you get said stones to trigger the evolutions). It seems better to me, and possibly have it where this leader is one who's type is represented well by multiple megas would work best.
How about a Psychic-type gym then? Metagross, Gallade, Slowbro, Latias and Latios, Alakazam, and Medicham are all Psychic-type Pokemon with Mega Evolutions that are viable in OU. We could also throw in some trapping shenanigans with Wobuffet or Gothitelle.
I second the idea of a psychic type gym. Given how well repped psychics type megas are in OU, I'd say that the gym leader should absolutely be running a mega of some description. I personally would like to give the player his mega ring sometime before the actual gym match, so we'll need an excuse for that. Before we get to that though, let's think a bit about which megamon we should give the gym leader.

Megagross: On one hand, it's easily one the the best psychic type megas and is a defining element of ORAS OU. On the other hand, it's really friggen strong and we might want to save it for a later gym or the E4. It's similar to an unboosted megazard-x in power and is stupidly fast on top of very good typing.

Mega Gallade: Still strong, very hard to swap into, maybe a bit less liable to outright sweep like megagross. I'd say this would be a reasonable pick, if not ever so slightly on the strong side.

Mega Medi: A bit slower then Gallade, which is nice, but it's still one of the hardest hitters in the game. Not a bad choice though, as it's not unbeatable and it helps against dark types without outright countering them.

Mega Slowbro: No.... just no... there is no way the player is going to be able to break through this thing's 180 base defense.

Megazam: It's definitely fast and strong, but it's also frail, so it's not sweeping anytime soon. If we were overly concerned with being fair, this would be a fair choice.

I'd rather not introduce the lati twins at this time, but I'm open to discuss that.

The gym leader's mega will obviously be his/her signature pokemon and will do a great deal to define him/her as a character. We should consider this carefully.
Maybe we could introduce Lati@s here, with the player choosing one in some magical event or something, and have the leader's mega be the other after it joins the leader? Mega Latias is really good right now, and LO Latios is S Rank (though leader would use M-Latios). I'm not sure if we want to give out the Mega Stone right now though...
Maybe we could introduce Lati@s here, with the player choosing one in some magical event or something, and have the leader's mega be the other after it joins the leader? Mega Latias is really good right now, and LO Latios is S Rank (though leader would use M-Latios). I'm not sure if we want to give out the Mega Stone right now though...
Ehh, I don't see a huge reason why we can't let the player have mega latis. The general consensus is that mega latios is only marginally better then reg latios. Mega latias might be a bit more problematic though...
If we go Psychic I presonally dont want the latis being the Gym leaders mega tho I have no problem with either one in base form being on the gym leaders team. I would rather Gallade or Medicham as the mega At this point as I think the player would be best equipped to deal with those. Mega Latios is lackluster At best and would not be a fair representation of mega evolution while mega Latia's Calm mind set maybe to much for the player to handle At this point and would be more suited to an elite 4 or Victory Road Trainer (Mega Latias is scary to fight beleive me. Especially if you lose your darks and fairies quickly).

As for the Team (When we start discussing the town we can go into more depth). I would support Something Like Gothitelle, Latios (Normal), Slowbro (Normal) and mega Medicham with 2 wildcards added seems nice. Problably a U-turner/Volt switcher to aid Gothitelle and another pokemon to cover the Dark Weakness like say Sylveon or Conkulduur but we can discuss it more when the town discussion begins

PS: I would support the player getting a lati at this point and the gym leader having the other I think thats Cool. Just not mega'd lol
Right y'all, taking slight break from finals to osf and update title.

Anyway as we seem to be a bit split on the Mega thing here, we will be tabling it for now (as in set it aside) and move on to gym structure and design to help move things along. ATM it seems to be a psychic gym (how the hell did we go normal, fighting, dark, and psychic..) so unless there is a bit against this, let it be said now or else we will just keep rolling along.

Now sadly back to stupid exams...
Okay! Now that i wrapped up exams, i'll propose a bit about the gym then.

Gym Proposal
Here as said id love to do a psychic gym, as i think it be great way to show varied megas in use. Before gaining access, id think it be fine to mention that out of all the psychic megas, i think we could use most of em except Gross (due to it seeming more fitting for later possibly and id rather use it later). Id like the leader to leaning towards balance/stall as the lass two gyms have been offensive, but thats up for debate. Obviously the mega is an issue but id like either Latias, Gallade or Slowbro as the choice for the leader as i feel the player will be capable of beating those three.

Now im also gonna talk bout the puzzle, which i think is a hard bit to do, but here goes. What if it was like spoon based, where you are forced to hunt down the trainers, forcing them to use their psychic powers to bend the spoon till it ultimately creates a path to the leader. Not best but an idea non the less. Thinking 3-5 trainers here.

Now non gym proposal.

NPC Proposal

There is this house near the entrance of the city. A middle aged man lives here, an he will tell a story to those who wish to here.

"Oh looky here, its an young laddy! Would you like to hear a story?"

If Yes

"Well not to long go, there was this fella who had a legendary Pokemon, and everyone wanted to have something as strong as that one! They even tried stealing it, and ventually they gave up after they couldnt contain the wily devil."

"Then a scientist asked him, 'Could i take a bit of its DNA then?' and this he said alrighty then. He gave him a small scale and away he went off with it."

"Year later he saw another legend just like his with some fella. He asked how he got it and said that some people were stocking locations with legends so the battling scene could be more competitively fair."

The guy stopped talking then. "Long story short, a company stocks legends in certain locations to be caught by people. Thanks for listening, and in return i'll give you this."

He hands you a Legends Map.

"It shows the places where they stock em. Have fun with em."

If No: "Well, I'll tell ya anyway.''

Also I'm think we need two tradeable mons here in the town too..... thats all i got time for though in this proposal.


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my last exam is in 8 hours, and i'll sleep after that so prolly around after 24 hours i'll do the zarel bit of story here. I still don't know whether zarel is giving meloetta or mew or something else, so tell me what you want. Also, i think we need a long side-quest thingy similar to yacny's in BW2. SnazzySwampert OverlordDerp you 2 are the go-to writers so try to think of something(the side-quest can be anything, i compared to yancy for the span of the quest)
I'm finally off. I'm still working on my own hack, but I'll be happy to continue helping here.

Since we have already established the idea of cloned legendaries via the old lady, I am going to vote for Mega Latias to be the gym leader's main pokemon for heming reasons. Maybe afterwards, the gym leader can give you the location of the lati's so you can get them?

Possible set:

Latias @ latiasite
- bold, EV's are negotiable.
- Calm Mind
- Stored Power
- Recover
- Substitute for realness, or maybe Dragon Pulse to make things easier.

I'll lean towards stall just because atm I can only think of slowbro and mega latias for the team.
One thing people were worrying about was that the player might not be able to HANDLE M-Latias's CM set right at this point in the game. Maybe run Psyshock or something instead of Stored Power?

Also, to prevent this from being a one-liner and to get some ideas out here, I have some suggestions.

First, how about having Salemance's legend map NPC give you the Wish Tag? Potential Dialogue: "If you check that map I gave you, you'll see there's a legend living in Desire Cavern down on that route near our town. This tag should let you summon it. Be careful, though, because it will wipe out any weak team you bring against it."

Second, NPC suggestion incoming.
So if you enter one of the houses in town, a Hex Maniac will walk up to you slowly.

"Destiny... yes, we were meant to meet. You are surely the one who seeks to challenge this town's gym... yes, I can ascertain that. But it would be unwise to face such powerful Psychic-types without a suitable companion... yes... only Bug-types, Dark-types and Ghost-types dare to challenge such powerful opponents... indeed... perhaps if I gave you a new partner, it would be easier...? Would you like to trade a Pokémon with me?"

Trade: Sableye for Anything, provided said Anything is within 5 levels of Sableye (who is 45).

After Trade: "Sableye... both of its types are good against Psychic... yes, Dark and Ghost... when you beat the gym, come back to me... I might have something for you."

After Gym and Mega Ring: "You returned... as I knew you would... I have something for you... but before you take it... face me in battle. Yes, face me... face me to show your strength!"

Hex Maniac Kaya would like to battle!

Froslass @ Focus Sash
Ability: Cursed Body
Level 48
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
-Destiny Bond
-Ice Beam

Gengar @ Black Sludge
Ability: Levitate
Level: 48
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
-Shadow Ball
-Sludge Bomb
-Focus Blast

Gothitelle @ Choice Specs
Ability: Shadow Tag
Level: 48
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
-Energy Ball

Doublade @ Eviolite
Ability: No Guard
Level: 48
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD
Sassy Nature
-Gyro Ball
-Sacred Sword

Weavile @ Life Orb
Ability: Pressure
Level 48
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
-Icicle Crash
-Ice Shard
-Knock Off
-Low Kick

Sableye @ Sablenite
Ability: Prankster
Level 50
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 252 SpA
Bold Nature
-Calm Mind
-Shadow Ball

After battle, if win: "You... you are ready to wield the might of ghosts... take this..."
You have obtained the Sablenite!

You can re-challenge Kaya once a day. Her levels scale to the average level of your party, plus two for Sableye.
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Honestly Gallade should be the gyms mega. It can do both bulky and All out attack sets so it can be tailored to however the team gets built and Unlike mega latias doesn't force you to have a fairy or dark to necassarily beat it. Seriously Mega latias once it starts calm minding can wall greninja which at this point in the game would be scary for any player to face.

Anyway On to my town NPC i've been promising for awhile. Mr blacklist. The goal here is to do 2 things. 1. explain why pokemon end up blacklisted and 2. Introduce a member of the OU Council since I think it is the right time but I can change this

Basically Mr Blacklist is a conman who has been causing all sorts of trouble accross smog smog ruining viability debates with his constant rants on Florges, Darmintan and Donphan while scamming kids out of there viable equivilents (Sylveon, Victini/Zards and Excvadrill) and giving them the unviable blacklisted pokemon and by the time you enter town The OU council have had enough and want him arrested on the charge of attempting to ruin the metagame and stealing someone's manaphy after they refused to trade with him (Someone in this thread can play victom if they like). Problem is where is he. That's where you come in. Following your first trip to the towns pokemon center you exit and witness him in plane site scamming a child out of there Pixelate sylveon in return for a florges and when the child reliese's he's been dupped Thats where you confront him.

Mr Blacklist - Hey you look like your a suck....smart. How would you like a darminitan for whatever fire type you have. I assure you it will be the best decision you ever make. Unviable....Blacklisted what do you mean. I beleive you have heard wrong...I'm wanted You insult me, Look how about I throw in a Donphan and we'll call it even....Stealing the kids sylveon I did no such thing it was a fair trade and if the little squirt didn't doesn't like it to bad.... You fight me haha I have better things to do now be off.
"NPC runs". At which point you chase him eventually finding him behind the gym where a 2nd speech begins
Mr Blacklist - You look like another smart guy how about a florges for whatever other fairy you have......Wait your the same guy as before oh shit.....
"NPC runs" and eventually you see him in a playgorund trying to scam yet another kid and you butt in
Mr Blacklist - You again your as bad as Alexwolf and Haunter, Stop following me I'm doing nothing wrong and If I want to show people how good florges, Donphan and Darminten are I will. (Insert crappy arguement rant from any of there threads here)
''NPC runs again for the last time'' This time he doesn't go to far and can found hiding in the grass just outside town through the same gate you came and this time he is waiting for you.
Mr Blacklist - Still following me, Well time to put an end to you and show everyone once and for all what these pokemon can do you sucker
Battle begins
Mr Blacklists Pokemon Team is as follows

Donphan @ Leftovers
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Rapid Spin
- Earthquake
- Ice Shard

Florges (F) @ Leftovers
Ability: Symbiosis
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
- Moonblast
- Wish
- Heal Bell
- Protect

Darmanitan @ Life Orb
Ability: Sheer Force
EVs: 252 Atk / 4HP / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Flare Blitz
- Hammer Arm
- Rock Slide
- U-turn

Manaphy @ Salac Berry
Ability: Hydration
EVs: 4HP / 252 Spatk / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Surf
- Rain Dance
- Tail Glow
- Rest
Basically its a team with the 3 blacklisted pokemon he's been trying to peddle + The stolen Manaphy he hopes can utterly destroy you but knowing he is not his true master the manaphy will only use 3 moves before permantly disobeying him. The team is basically a functional balance team but the reality is outside Manaphy is truely lacking in any real power and should not be a problem to defeat

Inbattle Dialog.
Start of Battle - I'm not a badguy, After I'm done beating you I'll take all your pokemon, release them and leave you with a flababe.
After 1st Pokemon Goe's Down - You got lucky
After all 3 blacklisted pokemon are defeated - It cant be It wont end like this, screw it I'm ending you with my legendary go Manaphy
After Manaphy Starts Disobeying - It cant be, I Freed you your life of competive battle, noooooooo
Defeat Quote - This is not over I will show the world how great my these pokemon are!
Victory quote - Now none will doubt the power of Darmintan, Florges and Donphan.

Post battle scence
Mr Blacklist - So you beat me you think I'm gonna stop, hahaha I'm just getting started, Soon every kid will have a florges, Donphan and Darmintant and when I torment this manaphy into obeying me nobody will ever question me again...I'll be fleeing now...
Enter Alexwolf, Huanter and the trainer of the stolen manaphy
Haunter - Good Job (Insert trainer name here) But we'll take it from here. This guy has caused smog smog enough trouble
Alexwolf - You'll be handing back that manaphy to (Insert manaphy trainer here) and coming with me. Your days of ruining the viability thread with crappy posts, taunting mods with oneliners and evading are over. I'll ensure every one of your post's are deleted, every kid gets there viable pokemon back and that you are forever Banned.
Mr Blacklist - Huanter, Alexwolf please noooo, I'll give you each a flabebe if you let me go
Alexwolf - Just shut up and stop talking your bribe attempts are as bad as your arguements now lets go.
Manaphy Trainer - Thank you sir/mamn I was starting to think I would never see my manaphy again poor thing. Anyway Take this. ''Player gets sludge bomb TM''

Alexwolf and Manaphy trainer walk off with mr Blacklist south away from the town leaving you with huanter

Haunter - So your the up and coming trainer the Gym leaders have been talking about. Uuxies spoke much praise of you after beating TLS, taming a mega genger and then beating him. Hmm and now you've done the council a favour by ending blacklists condays. Before I leave do you know why a pokemon ends up blacklisted from debate and battle. It's because it has no hope of ever being viable due to the existence of other pokemon. Im not talking crap like sunkern or Typhlosion but stuff like florges who due to Clefable and Sylveon can never ever be used in OU. Same with Donphan and Darminten who are likewise outclassed completly by Exvadrill and victini.

Thats not to say all unranked pokemon are useless Some currently Like say Roserade and Mantine do have workable niche's and if the meta ever changes in there favour may become viable in future and get a rank but For Donphan, Florges and Darmintan there is no hope so for the quality of debate its better there not mentioned and thats why mr blacklist was so dangourous. He was a threat to very competive spirit off this land and had he continued would have reduced the quality of battle's which we cant have. So I say thank you.
Still you have a long way to go and many more threats to face before you reach us. The next gym leader is psychic and has a pokemon called gothitelle that's extremly dangourous to slower pokemon and I beleive this item maybe off assitance to you. Im sure we'll be seeing each other again

''Hands Player shed shell'' And then rush's off to join Alexwolf, Blacklist and the manaphy trainer.
Anyway guys sorry about the long post/Sequence but I hope everyone likes it and I can change it if you want. I just figured its a good time to explain what blacklisted means as well as introtuce some prominent members of the council and make an NPC out of one us lol (Who wants to be the trainer of the stolen manaphy). Tell me all what you think

PS: I reserve doing the Gym leaders gothitelle set which will be specs trick + 3 attacks
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Huanter? Dn't you mean Haunter? Or are we renaming him for this?

And should there be any fishing Pokémon in this town, like on a little pond's water tiles? Maybe some Alomomola carrying Heart Scales (since using Luvdisc is absolutely unconscionable?

Oh yah, go for it! Think we need to do one of the move guys anyway (deleter and releaner). Like the Alo idea
Sounds like a good idea to bring the Move Relearner and Deleter here. Really opening up movesets.

Also, if we're going to have Heart Scales available being held by Pokemon, you think we should introduce the TM Thief? With extremely clear instructions to only use that move to take items from wild Pokemon, of course.
Sounds like a good idea to bring the Move Relearner and Deleter here. Really opening up movesets.

Also, if we're going to have Heart Scales available being held by Pokemon, you think we should introduce the TM Thief? With extremely clear instructions to only use that move to take items from wild Pokemon, of course.

Thats an interesting bit but i mean its just a bad move competitively so it wont matter anyway (or last i checked). Could still advise it though if you wish to bring it in
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