Challenge Pokemon with Status Moves ONLY (Pokemon Black Complete!)

Hello, I'm CTNC and as you can tell by the title of this thread, I'm a mad man. Because of the insane nature of this run, I decided to document it. (And by document, I basically mean write a fan fiction. Hopefully it's better than most...) If you just want to know how this is possible without going through too much fanfiction there's the Game Play Summery.

The origin of this run

First of all, This was Not my idea, but as far as I know I might be the first to do it. It all started when the Youtuber/Steamer Gamechamp3000 played through Mario Odyssey without jumping... and won. When I heard of it I instantly became a fan and watched him go through the post game to get over 700 Moons. (I decided I had to try it, but that’s getting off topic.) He then did other challenges like Kirby without Eating, Splatton without the Hero Shot, and Mario Sunshine without FLOOD. People would suggest things to try in the comments and something that caught my eye was “Can you beat Pokemon Red without attacking?” I thought about it and it seemed insane, but possible. (Well, not on Red because of something that isn’t programmed in Gen 1) A month or two later I decided to replay Fire Red and after picking Squirtle I thought, “No, Let’s do Status Moves Only” and pressed A+B+Start+Select for the madness.


: No two Pokemon of the same evolution chain are allowed.
No Butterfree army, no matter how awesome it sounds for once.

2: No using Potions, Status Heals, or Revives in battle. Held items are fine.
Stalling is way too easy with Full Restore and Revive Spamming.

3: Battle Mode Set
No free switches from KOs. Do I seem like someone who wants Easy Mode on?

4: I Must Fight Every Trainer.
It’s something I do anyway, but here it makes things sound even more insane.

5: No Attacks. Status Moves ONLY.
No Tackle, No Poison Sting, No sanity.

With the obligatory stuff out of the way, it's time for the madness.

The Beginning of the Impossible Dream
Beginning to Rival Fight 1

Another tenth birthday in Pallet town has come and gone. The new ten year old is off to receive the traditional gift, his first Pokemon. This kid wants to be the very best, like no one ever was, but he has a core belief that violence is wrong. Nothing could sway him from that belief, but he still wants to be a Pokemon trainer no matter what. Everyone told him it was a choice between accepting Truth of violence of battles or keeping the Ideal of peace. He had accepted the Truth, but saw no reason to lose the Ideal. With Oak’s lab coming into sight and he smiled as he thought. He really would be like no one ever was.

Dude: ‘Sup Climmy

Professor Oak’s grandson was leaning on the wall between the front door and the No Loitering Sign. Climmy waved at his best friend.

Climmy: Hey Dude.
Dude: You know that’s not my name, right?
Climmy: What is your name?
Dude: *Shudders*
Climmy: Why bring it up then?
Dude: So you really think you can be the best without attacking?
Climmy: Yep.
Dude: You’re insane. What starter are you picking?
Climmy: Bulbasaur.
Dude: Really? Not Squirtle?
Climmy: It evolves into War-tortle then evolves into something with cannons.
Dude: Good point, but still.
Climmy: Besides, even if Charmander and Squirtle weren’t practically made for fighting, I’d still like Bulbasaur most.
Dude: Want to battle after we get out starters?
Climmy: Depends on the moves Bulbasaur knows.
Oak: Ah, Climmy are you ready for your Pokemon?
Climmy: Do you like rhetorical questions?
Oak: Ha, come on in and choose your first Pokemon.
Climmy: I decided a long time ago. I’m like to meet my new Bulbasaur.
Oak: Excellent. Bulbasaur, meet your new trainer.
Bulbasuar: Bulb!
Climmy: Oh, by the way, what moves does he know?
Oak: Tackle and Growl
Dude: Good Luck.
Climmy: Just Growl? I’m not ready for a battle.
Dude: Then you’ll never be ready.
Climmy: You’ll see. Oh, you’ll see...
Dude: Maybe, but probably not. Smell ya later.

(In game we fought and he won, obviously.)

Climmy headed north with his new ally through Route 1 and Viridian City. As they traveled Climmy told him about his dream and Bulbasaur listened fascinated by how different he was. When they arrived in Viridian Forest they spent a half hour in the tall grass. For most people, you’d assume they’re training or looking for a Pikachu, but this is someone so against violence that they wouldn’t even use Tackle, so who knows what this mad man was doing? Eventually they left the grass and walked up to a trainer that would obviously beat him. One violation of common sense later Climmy won.

Dude had seen the whole thing and needed to know how Climmy had trained Bulbasaur without Tackle and Climmy casually told him that after using Harden enough times Kakuna can attack and it's a move with recoil. Dude was dumbfounded. "You used Growl against a Kakuna until it used Struggle..." Climmy grinned and denied it. "Don't be ridiculous. I used Growl AND Harden. I didn't think Bulbasaur could take all the Struggles by himself, so I caught a Metapod. Too bad she couldn't take all the Struggles..." Dude made several noises but failed to to say anything even close to words, so Climmy said that he'd challange him when he could speek and with a smell 'ya later Climmy was off to baffle more trainers.

After easily defying common sense with every other trainer in the forest Climmy caught up with Dude to challenge him. Dude sent out a Pidgey and facing it wasn’t much different than fighting bugs so it went down with little trouble. Its Sand Attack may have seemed like a problem, but it doesn’t matter much when your aim only needs to be true once. Charmander unleashed a barrage of Scratch and Growl, but no Embers. When Climmy asked why Dude said he didn't need it. Dude changed his mind after Charmander fainted.

2:11 Dude Defeated

First thing's first. I lost the battle that happens after picking starters. You don't have to win it, especially if you can't win it.

The good news is Bulbasaur learns Leech Seed at Level 7. The bad news is you need Bulbasaur starts at Level 5. Without Leech Seed you can't do anything, to opponents, so I stall out cocoon Pokemon until they use Struggle. Bulbasaur alone can't survive Struggle, so I caught a Metapod to die tank Struggle. It got KOed. Twice. By cocoons. Can I have my badge of dishonor?

For the rival, who I named Dude, I just decided save before hand to try it. He never used Gust or Ember. At the time I assumed Gust was latter than Level 9, but no Ember confirmed this Dude battle has the RNG AI.


0:31 First Level Up
0:41 First New Move
0:51 First Trainer defeated!
2:11 Dude Defeated

The First Real Challenge
Goes until the first real challenge has been defeated

Climmy arrived at Pewter City, home of the first real challenge for any Pokemon trainer. Bulbasuar was ready and Metapod was... not doing much. Climmy thought better safe than sorry, so he tried to go to Route 3 for training. The key word being tried... Some kid dragged Climmy to the gym and when Climmy asked how long he's been doing this he said 8 years and Climmy wondered how he been arrested or put in a mental hospital. Climmy then trained in Viridian Forrest instead then headed to the gym when he felt he was ready.

When Climmy was ready he entered the gym and soon realized he may haveoverestimated Brock which lead to enough training for an easy, uneventful battle. Leech Seed’s drain and Growl’s Attack lowering allowed Bulbasaur to heal any damage he took. In hindsight, training to Level 15 for Poison Powder may have been overkill. What should have been the first real challenge was instead something barely worth talking about.

3:17 Bolder Badge!

(I like the idea of sharing my team after Gym Battles, but I think it’s better to wait until after the first real challenge to do that.)

Throughout Route 3 and Most of Mount Moon no one came close to beating Climmy, not even the so called crime family that was looking for fossils legally. Only one trainer came close to a challenge and she was definitely the first real challenge. Lass Miriam had a Level 11 Oddish. To stand a chance Climmy trained for hours to get Butterfree to Level 18 and hatched an insane plan. He would have his Butterfree or newly caught Zubat use Supersonic then switch between the two of them until Oddish Snapped out of confusion and have whoever was out use Supersonic again. If his madness wasn't apparent yet it became apparent when he chose Growl and Harden over other moves. Climmy challenged Miriam and when Oddish KOed itself Climmy had a moment of relief... then Miriam sent in Bellsprout. Climmy was not happy. Zubat couldn't stay in against Bellsprout because Supersonic would run out of PP while he was trapped by Wrap, so Buterfree had to face Bellsprout it alone using Harden while waiting for confusion to wear off.

8:58 Lass Miriam, The Road Block Finally Down!

I may have overtrained for Brock, and by that I mean Level 15 for Poison Powder. It was too easy. Lass Miriam in Mt. Moon on the other hand, much harder. I don't think you remember her because she's usually an easy forgetable trainer. My main offence Is Leech Seed, which doesn't affect Grass Types and Poison Powder, which doesn't affect Poison Types. Miriam has Oddish and Bellsprout. Grass/Poison Types. I needed another way to make Pokemon faint (For once that way of putting it works best...) and there was a way, confusion. The two options for getting it were to grind Buterfree to Level 18 for Supersonic something that leads to a sentence that isn't said much ussarcastically. The good news is Mount Moon has Zubat! This leeds to another rare sentence. The bad news is they don't know Supersonic at their levels. Once I leveled up Zubat I found out Bellsprout know Wrap, which forces Zubat to stay in and waste Supersonic's PP, and eventually make it attack while it's trapped in battle. You could try grinding until its next status move, but that's Confuse Ray at level 26. (28 with evolution.) I eventually grinded Butterfree to Level 18 and came up with a stupid plan. Use Supersonic then switch between Zubat and Butterfree until Confusion wore off. Bellsprout's Wrap made use the much more sane strategy of having Butterfree stay in and use Harden during the confusion turns.

Side note: I've now chosen Growl and Harden over other moves.

3:17 Bolder Badge!
8:58 Lass Miriam, The Road Block Finally Down!

Ivysaur - Level 20 - Docile (Neutral)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Butterfree - Level 18 - Sassy (+SpD -Spe)
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Zubat - Level 16 - Jolly (+Spe -SpA)

You may think that grinding for an optional trainer is overkill, but there would be many more Grass types to come.

I hope you like what you've read so far and that you'll keep reading if you do like it please read on.

Edit: Fire Red is Complete and I'm posting Soul Silver here: (Sorry for linking to a Fanfiction website, but you can't exactly make posts with over 50,000 words on Smogon.)

Quick Link to the start of the Pokemon Shield playthrough

Quick link to the start of the Pokemon Black playthrough
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I don't think the mods have any issue with consecutive posting if you're updating your own thread, and it's much better for visibility if you do so. I only realized you'd even updated cause I went back to check something in the OP.

Anyways, looking forward to seeing more of this. Thank god Magic Guard doesn't exist in this gen.
I really like the idea of this run, but the dialogue format is a bit grating. Maybe either keep it to a narrative description or just describe your plans / thought process?
I don't think the mods have any issue with consecutive posting if you're updating your own thread, and it's much better for visibility if you do so. I only realized you'd even updated cause I went back to check something in the OP.

Anyways, looking forward to seeing more of this. Thank god Magic Guard doesn't exist in this gen.
Good to get some conformation about the double posting in this case. The idea of being the only one posting in a thread also felt too egotistical for comfort.

Funny you mentioned future gens. I actually looked at other gens out of curiosity and the two most possible looking ones are Heart Gold/Soul Silver with Chikorita's Level 9 Poison Powder and Gen 7 with Ledyba's Level 5 Supersonic to get you to Grimer's Poison Gas. Hoenn looks impossible if you have to win the rival battle on Route 103 and even if you can lose that battle you need Dex Nav for Leech Seed Seedot or Confuse Ray Ralts. Gen V also looks like it sucks.
I really like the idea of this run, but the dialogue format is a bit grating. Maybe either keep it to a narrative description or just describe your plans / thought process?
Hmm... I understand what you're saying, but just dialog feels too restrictive when I want action, but just Naritive feels so awkward to write and I feel like good writing can't have the same words over and over like said. I'll probobly change that in the long run, but for now, I'm going to write a version without story for people that don't like it. (Spoilers: Team Rocket will probably be love it or hate it.)

Edit: When writing one Rival fight I realized that it's easier and more dramatic to have just action for battles where I'm not taunting the opponent. If I'm taunting the opponent, *coughcoughMockingRandomAIcoughcough* just Dialog is easier. I didn't realise it before because I was using dialog tell most of the story. Hopefuly segemnts I haven't written yet will be less jarring.
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Double Post! I'm breaking the rules and getting away with it! ... I don't like this... If you have any questions, criticisms, or notice any typos please let me know. (I'd rather have the last one be in private messages...) Any feedback is encouraging.

Cerulean City
Everything from after Mount Moon to Misty's Gym

Looking at the ledge between Mount Moon and Cerulean City Climmy saw he had reached the point of no return, but he wondered, is this more of a literal one or a metaphorical one. Buterfree would say metaphorical, but that’s not the point. What matters is he has sights to see, like the Pokemon Center and anywhere with trainers!

(I’m sorry I didn’t record the rival fight. I don’t know why I didn’t think of recording it, but I do remember I beat Charmander with Sleep Powder and Leech Seed. It also did only just over half of Ivysaur’s HP with Ember.)

After healing Climmy checked out The Nugget Bridge. Beat five trainers for a prize? Sounds fun... until the third trainer. Climmy was fine with her Pidgey, but her Oddish and Bellsprout were very annoying, but they still left him in a better mood than when he received his prize. The idiot giving out Nuggets asked Climmy to join Team Rocket, so with a glare Climmy loathingly said, "You call yourself criminals, but everything I saw you guys do in Mount Moon was legal. Name three illegal things you’ve done and I’ll consider it." Climmy waited for a moment but the Rocket said nothing. "That’s what I thought. Bye." The Rocket in his anger sent out his Ekans to attack Climmy. Needless to say, Climmy’s respect for Team Rocket went down.

After defeating every other trainer from Cerulean to some Clefairy’s house Climmy was ready for Misty. The second gym leader started the challenge with Staryu and Climmy with Ivysaur. Expecting a quick and easy victory Climmy called for Leech Seed and Poison Powder. Staryu's Water Pulses were healed by Leech Seed, so Climmy though that he had already won right until Staryu used Recover. The “battle” raged on like Deadpool’s Murder with a Zamboni. Water Pulse cause confusion, but the damage from that was healed when Staryu Recovered and eventually, something happened. Just when Climmy was about to use his phone to order lunch, Staryu, out of Recovers, fainted.

Misty's Starmie proved far more dangerous when it used Swift while Ivysaur used Leech Seed. Climmy realized he needed time more than he needed Poison Powder's drain, so he asked for Sleep Powder. Misty yelled Water Pulse slowly increasing panic as Starmie sleep continued and Ivysaur calmly Growled. When Starmie finally woke up it blasted Ivysaur with Water Pulse... then fainted...

11:44 Cascade Badge!

Climmy: Did... Starmie know Recov-
Misty: Shut up.

I had to look up Starmie’s moves after this battle to make sure it didn’t have Recover. It knew Recover. Starmie woke up on their last turn before being KOed and didn’t use Recover... Welcome to the stupid AI thread Misty!

I felt like this section was a bit short so here’s a battle from Route 11.

Gambler Jasper: Hey Kid, you’re a trainer, right? I have a good feeling about you.
Climmy: Are you challenging me?
Jasper: You bet!
Climmy: Butterfree, we’ve got a challenge.
Jasper: Get ‘em Bellsprout!
Climmy: Do your Pokemon know Poison Powder?
Jasper: Yep, scared?
Climmy: Usually I would be, but I haven’t been to the Pokemon Center since challenging the Electricians.
Jasper: Why does that matter?
Climmy: It means you can’t Poison Butterfree. She’s Paralyzed.
Jasper: Why did you send out a Flying type against an Electric Type?
Climmy: Doesn’t matter. What does matter is you can stop fighting any time you want.
Jasper: I fight until the end!
Climmy: That makes one of us.
Jasper: One?
Climmy: I don't fight. Butterfree, Whirlwind! I don’t want to deal with Wrap yet.
Jasper: Hmph. Oddish, your turn.

Much Later

Jasper: What was that? Why didn’t you attack?
Climmy: I don’t like fighting, so I don’t.
Jasper: You can’t be a coward in the world of Pokemon!*
Climmy: I’m not a coward. Cowards wouldn’t aim to be the number one Pokemon trainer while sticking to their ideals of nonviolence. Cowards don’t reach for impossible dreams.

*He actually says this when you talk to him after beating him.

The Rival fight was easier than you'd expect for someone with a Charmander. Charmander barely did over half Ivysaur's health with Ember and was taken down with Leech Seed and Sleep Powder. That move combo feels broken.

There were two more trainers with Grass/Poison Types. Yay.

Misty reminded me of Deadpool killing a guy with a zamboni. Staryu knew Recover and couldn't deal more damage than Leech Seed Healed. What confusion dealt was healed when Staryu used Recover. It went down eventually and Starmie was much stronger. After Swift I knew I needed healing more than I needed poison, so I used Sleep Powder. That sleep lasted until the last turn before fainting and when they woke up they used Water Pulse... I had to check to see if if knew Recover afterward. It did. Welcome to the stupid AI thread Misty!

Because this section was short I also included a battle from Route 11 against a trainer that had an Oddish and Bellsprout that both knew Poison Powder. I beat him by getting Butterfree Paralyzed before hand.

11:44 Cascade Badge!

Ivysaur - Level 23 - Docile (Neutral)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Butterfree - Level 22 - Sassy (+SpD -Spe)
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Zubat was boxed because of his disappointing bulk, lack of a consistent way of inflicting damage, and forcing Start+Select+A+B against Bellsrout after Wrap due to a lack of other status moves after running out of PP.

If you think I’m overleveled, I agree. The next Pokemon caught made me realize that I’m overleveled and underpowered after the daycare raised it to an acceptable level, which was just 5 Levels before evolution. It evolved before anything interesting happened.
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Thanks for the encouragement everyone. :D The lack of dialog and way battles were written for this part makes it feel really short to me, but it still has two important battles.

Vermilion City
Guess where this part is.

On Climmy’s trip to Vermilion City every trainer he saw learned about the power of peace and now so has everyone around Vermilion. Next to learn would Vermilion’s gym leader. No one can stop- who’s that?

Dude: Hey Climmy.
Climmy: Hey Dude.
Dude: Did you forget about me?
Climmy: Huh?
Dude: Um, Cerulean? Remember?
Climmy: Oh... Sorry about that, everyone makes mistakes.
Dude: You’re not forgetting me this time. Go Pidgeotto!

Climmy lead with his latest Pokemon, Hypno. With Poison Gas and Attract she took down Pidgeotto and Raticate and with little effort, then Dude brought out Kadabra. Without a second thought Climmy said Poison Gas, but Climmy had forgotten about Kadabra’s ability Synchronize which made Hypno share the suffering. Climmy waited for the last moment before Hypno reached her limit before switching to Buterfree, who waited through Kadabra’s last moments. Dude thought even though he was down to his last Pokemon he would still win... Then Buterfree used Sleep Powder on Charmeleon switched out so Ivysaur could use Leech Seed. After he lost Dude asked if Climmy knew he was annoying.

Now that Climmy had remembered everything it was time for the gym. Judging by the look on the gym leader's face, The Lightning American (What's an American?) thought beating a kid be easy. Judging be the laughter after Climmy told him about himself, this gym leader thought this was going to be really easy.

The battle between a seasoned veteran and mad man of peace began with Voltorb and Hypno who’s first moves were Shock Wave and Poison Gas respectively. Climmy called for constant Flashes in case moves that can miss were used. Hypno was blasted by Shock Wave and, despite the accuracy drops, two Sonicbooms. Climmy returned Hypno and sent out Ivysaur who able to shrug off Shock Wave with Leech Seed. From there it was waiting for Voltorb to faint.

Lt. Surge’s Pikachu was ready to dodge everything sent his way with Double Team, but Leech Seed only needs to connect once, so Pikachu went down easily. Climmy started getting a bit nervous about the power of Lt. Surge's next Pokemon, Raichu, but he proved to be not much of a threat after Climmy saw Ivysaur easily take his hits and his preference for Double Team.

Lt. Surge: You, your fighting style... This is Madness.
Climmy: Madness? This. Is. CORRECT!
Lt. Surge: ...
Climmy: I’ve always wanted to say something like that.
Lt. Surge Bwahaha you’re a mad man kid! Take this to prove your insane, but unquestionable victory.

17:00 Surge Badge!

With my latest Pokemon, Hypno, Dude's first two Pokemon were easy thanks to Poison Gas and Attract. I messed up with Kadabra because I forgot his ability was Synchronize and used Poison Gas again. I left Hypno in as long as possible to tank Confusions before switching to Butterfree. I didn't wait for Hypno to faint because letting your own Pokemon faint when you can prevent it just feels wrong. Buterfree stood against Kadabra easily and had a 97.5 Accuracy (Thanks to Compound Eyes) Sleep Powder for Charmeleon. Ivysaur used Leech Seed and then put Charmeleon back to sleep whenever he woke up.

Lt. Surge's Voltorb was kind of scary with Sonicboom. It made me switch Hypno to Ivysaur, but didn't give me too much trouble overall. Shock Wave also made me realise I had picked the exact wrong time to pick up Flash. Pikachu and Raichu tried to evade with Double Team, but Leech Seed only needs to hit once. They were pushovers.

17:00 Surge Badge

Ivysaur - Level 29 - Docile (Netural)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Butterfree - Level 26 - Sassy (+SpD -Spe)
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Whirlwind may seem like a weird choice, but it's planning ahead for the one advantage Fire Red has over Leaf Green.

Hypno - Level 27 - Jolly (+Spe -SpA)
Poison Gas

Attract was taught as filler because depending on gender makes it inconsistent in theory. Turns out in practice it’s actually very consistent. Male Trainers have Male Pokemon and most Trainers are Male. Hypno is Female. Cue the shipping with all of Kanto!
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Double Postin' like a rebel! Woo!
This story is all written a few days ahead of time using notes I make while I play and not all writen in cronolgical order, so this part is written like the most previous parts instead of like yesterday. After I'm done with this madness I'm going to update these parts to yesterday's style. (Except Team Rocket because it's more dialog than action. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of those parts.)

The Scenic Route
Route 10 to Lavender Town

Climmy checked out the map on his Pokedex. He couldn’t go east because a Snorlax picked the “perfect” place for sleeping and couldn’t go through Saffron because it was blocked off for some reason. That left just scenic route through Route 10 and the Rock Tunnel didn’t sound so bad... The first trainer made him on Route 10 made him think scenic routes suck.

Picnicker Alicia had two Oddish and two Bellsprout. Her first Oddish lead with Stun Spore which made Butterfree immune to poison while Supersonic made the first two Pokemon KO themselves. When the second Oddish came out Climmy knew Butterfree had used half her Supersonics for the first two Pokemon so she might not be able to outlast the next two, but Oddish know only Status moves which gave Climmy an idea. He'd stall for 100 Moves until Oddish used Struggle. After Struggle started and Ivysaur had taken heavy damage from it, Climmy realized he needed a new plan. He switched to Butterfree and called for Whirlwind. Now Supersonic could be used freely on the second Bellsprout and what uses remained could be used on Oddish. For Butterfree to endure Climmy needed to switch to Hypno for Flash, but when he did Bellsprout used Wrap then Poison Powder. Hypno was not only trapped but also having her health drained by two different things. Hypno spammed Flash waiting to faint, but Wrap ended right before that moment she would and Climmy called her back. Butterfree was summoned for Supersonic and through pure luck Bellsprout hit herself four times in a row and only Oddish remained. Buterfree could only take four hits from Oddish so it was going to be close, but in the end Oddish took enough confusion damage for Buterfree to endure the rest of the battle.

17:31 Picnicker Alicia, The End of Sanity is Defeated

In the Rock Tunnel Climmy found out that people were expecting to him eventually. They lured Climmy into a false sense of security with Normal Types before sending out their Grass Type. It was more effective than it should have been because Climmy was leading with Butterfree to give her experience and the last trainer who tried this almost won. Butterfree had fainted against their Bellsprout, but Bellsprout was still confused, so Climmy sent out Ivysaur and prayed. Bellsprout went down to confusion.

(It’s almost like the game knew someone would do something like this. With the trainer with four Grass Types at the beginning of Route 9 then trainers with Grass types hidden behind teams of Normal Types in the Rock Tunnel, it’s surprisingly good difficulty escalation.)

Finally, Climmy reached Lavender Town. After healing in the Pokemon Center he wanted to visit the Pokemon Tower, but was stopped by a familiar voice.

Dude: Sup Climmy? Did any of you Pokemon die from... *gasp* Violence!
Climmy: No, want to try to kill them?
Dude: Kill? No. Knock Out? Bring it on. Get ‘em Pidgeotto!
Climmy: Gladly. Go Venusaur!
Dude: He’s fully evolved already!
Climmy: Yep.

Venusaur used Leech Seed as Pidgeotto unleashed Gust. Venusaur then used Sleep Powder before being switched out to Hypno who took little for Pidgeotto until he went down.

Dude's next Pokemon barely fit on the floor. Man, Gyrados are big... When Climmy switched to Venusaur Gyrados started Thrashing. It was powerful enough that it could easily KO Venusaur in two hits, even after a little bit of time with Leech Seed, so Climmy called for Sleep Powder before Leech Seed this time then switched to Butterfree. When Climmy asked for Supersonic Gyarados woke up Thrashing again and with a panicked shout Climmy said Sleep Powder. Gyrados fell asleep again and while he slept Climmy switched back to Venusaur and Gyrados fell.

Dude sent out his starter Charmeleon to roast Venusaur, but Sleep Powder made sure that didn't happen. Leech Seed was used followed by Flash until Charmeleon woke up. When Charmeleon woke up he spit at Ember Venusaur, but missed. Climmy switched to Hypno who could definitely take Charmelion's attacks, but after Attract she didn't need to. She just needed to not freak out about being nuzzled by something that was literally on fire. Climmy could have swarn he heard Hypno do a sigh of relief when Charmeleon fainted.

After everyone got over what just happened Dude sent out Kadabra. To his amusement Hypno used Poison Gas against it triggering Synchronize two battles in a row, but Climmy said it was still less risky than switching in Venusaur for Poison. When Hypno was near her limit Climmy switched to Butterfree who could take the rest of what Alakazam dealt.

Dude's final Pokemon was an Exeggcute and when it used Leech Seed Climmy said, "I want one." Even though it was a Psychic Type it couldn't do much to Venusaur before being taken down by poison.

Sorry if that last "battle" was lower quality writing than usual. I usually write battles while they’re happening, but I wrote this after the battle, so I had to try to remember what happened.

Not much was lost from changing from a mix of dialog to action, but this bit of dialog was worth keeping.
Dude: Go Charmeleon!
Climmy: Sleep Powder.
Charmeleon: zzz...
Dude: You’re so annoying.
Climmy: Leech Seed. Flash.
Dude: Ember!
Charmeleon: Char... Char! ... Char?
Climmy: The more Flash causes moves to miss the more I think violence might be the less damaging in the long run... Venusaur, return! Go Hypno!
Dude: Ember!
Climmy: Attract!
Dude: Ember!
Charmeleon: *blush* Char... *nuzzle*
Hypno: *blush* Hyp... no?
Dude: Err... I said Ember?
Climmy: Um... do you want to keep fighting or...
Dude: ...fight...
Climmy: I feel so bad for this... Poison Gas...
Charmeleon: *nuzzle* *thud*
Climmy: Lets never speak of this again...
Dude: agreed...
Hypno: *nods*
Climmy: Want a moment to get over that?
Dude: yes please...
Everyone: ...

Route 10 began with a trainer that had 4 Grass/Poison Types. Her Oddish began with Stun Spore, so Buterfree was able to take it and the first Bellsprout out with Confusion. The first two took half of Supersonic's PP and Oddish knew only Status moves, so to be safe I went with Plan B, making it use ALL 100 of it's PP with switching between Butterfree and Ivysaur so it'd use Struggle. (Yes, it really was 100. I checked.) To make things worse, I used Flash because I didn't know Struggle can miss. In Misty's segment I said it was like Deadpool's murder by Zamboni. Turns out this was the trainer I should have used that analogy for. After my team was lowered to low yellow health, I realized I needed Confusion, but I didn't want to risk running out of PP, so I used Whirlwind to deal with the second Bellsprout first. Due to sheer luck, confusion made Bellsprout hit itself four times in a row for an easy KO. I also got luck with Oddish's confusion which didn't matter as much because of Struggle's Recoil.

In the Rock Tunnel there were a lot of trainers that had Grass Types sent out after luring me into a false sense of security with Normal Types, the last of which managed KOed Buterfree with their Bellsprout. I didn't Start+Select+A+B because they were still confused. Not doing it payed off when they hit themselves letting me win.

It’s almost like the game knew someone would do something like this. With the trainer with four Grass Types at the beginning of Route 9 then trainers with Grass types hidden behind teams of Normal Types in the Rock Tunnel, it’s surprisingly good difficulty escalation.

I challanged Dude in Lavander Tower after facing every trainer I could. His Gyrados was scary with Thrash, but other than that it wasn't too bad.

There’s no team update here because the Grass Gym is soon. Everyone had the same move sets though and are at least Level 30. The weird thing is I haven't been grinding on wild Pokemon since Mount Moon, but I'm still 10 Levels ahead of everyone else. I guess the game expected me to have more Pokemon to share experience by that point.

If you like my pain and suffering you're going to love the Grass Gym!
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By getting that far in the game, you do at least have the option of catching a Gastly and, with lots of healing items for support (how convenient, the Lemonade vending machines are right there!), using Ghost Curse to power through the grass types that are immune to Leech Seed.

Once you get into the Silph saga, the Lapras you get as a gift there now comes at level 25 instead of the original 15, and 25 is conveniently the exact level it learns Perish Song. It won't work so well against multi-mon teams unless you have a trapping move (and oddly, Haunter doesn't learn Mean Look here until level 64), but as a finishing blow it can be much faster than waiting for seeds.
By getting that far in the game, you do at least have the option of catching a Gastly and, with lots of healing items for support (how convenient, the Lemonade vending machines are right there!), using Ghost Curse to power through the grass types that are immune to Leech Seed.
Thanks for the ideas, but I've actually already done the Grass Gym and I have to ask, why didn't I do that? I dismissed Haunter despite the amazing move pool for having no Bulk, but now I'm really wishing I used it for the Grass Gym...
Once you get into the Silph saga, the Lapras you get as a gift there now comes at level 25 instead of the original 15, and 25 is conveniently the exact level it learns Perish Song. It won't work so well against multi-mon teams unless you have a trapping move (and oddly, Haunter doesn't learn Mean Look here until level 64), but as a finishing blow it can be much faster than waiting for seeds.
When planning ahead I considered Lapras, but in the end I decided against it because of the typing. I know that's a pretty bad sounding reason to pass up an easy finisher with amazing bulk, but I stand by it.

I've been feeling kind of guilty about being so far ahead of where the story is. It's like I'm keeping secrets I want you guys to know for no reason, so I'm going share the next part now instead of waiting for tomorrow.

The Grass Gym
I'm not saying where this takes place.

Climmy didn’t know who was in charge of Celadon Gym, but he knew he was ready. He came, he saw, he ran away. On second thought, he was pretty sure there weren’t any underage gambling laws in Kanto...

Climmy had a little bit of fun at the game corner and when he left Dude was waiting outside with Climmy’s lunch.

Climmy: Hey Dude, thanks for picking up my Stromboli. Want to take back Saffron City from Team Rocket?
Dude: You’re joking, right?
Climmy: Check out my social media.
Dude: ...You’re joking.
Climmy: Want to hashtag touch the poster to make sure?
Dude: *walks inside* ...what... YOU’RE NOT JOKING!
Climmy: You in?
Dude: Totally.
Climmy: I need time to prepare, but in the mean time there’s a bit of physiological warfare we can do.
Dude: So, what happened in there?
Climmy: It’s a long story that started when one idiot’s Raticate bit my hand. Team Rocket kept on with the violence and each time they attacked me I escalated my chaos. Their boss can’t stand yo boi Clim-may.
Dude: I need to hear it all.
Climmy: Okay. While I tell you, let’s go to the department store and buy out Undertale.

As they walked Climmy talked and Dude couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Well, he could believe the police sirens he was hearing, but that’s because he called the cops on the game corner. Who wouldn’t?

If this part gets too annoying, you can bail. Nothing interesting happens from a game play stand point. Not even Giovanni.

Rocket: Hands off the poster!
Climmy: Sorry, is there a reason?
Rocket: Err, no... Just... just keep your hands off!
Climmy: There’s a secret button under the poster isn’t there?
Rocket: No! No! Just back away from the poster!
Climmy: I’m touching it.
Climmy: You know what? I just want to gamble until I can get over your incompetence. Tell me which machine has the best odds and I’ll stay away until the shift change. Okay?
Rocket: ...
Climmy: Actually, I’ll just use that one by the door...
Climmy: You need to work on your anger issu- Did your Raticate just bite my hand? Please tell it to stop biting my hand.
Rocket: DDIIIEE!
Climmy: Should I just wait for the cops? No, my hand’s starting to hurt. Buterfree, use Supersonic.

One screaming idiot’s attack later...

Climmy: Oh, look, a button behind the poster. Lets press it! Is that the Team Rocket Hideout? Cool. I’m going to threaten to tell the cops for free prizes. By the way, I would have been nicer about the whole thing if you weren’t a depressingly stupid, needlessly violent “secret keeper.” I’ll raid your base when my hand stops bleeding.

4000 Coins in “winnings” latter Climmy went in for looting.

Rocket 2: Guard Duty is so boring...
Climmy: Hey, do you where the good loot is?
Rocket 2: ...!
Climmy: So...
Rocket 2: WHAT THE ****!
Climmy: I told your pathetic excuse for a “secret” guard that I’d raid his base when my hand stopped bleeding. So, where should I start? ...You look really twitchy are you okay?
Rocket 3: *enters room* Is everything okay in here? Hey, when this kid get in here?
Climmy: Your poster guard sucks. I’m looting your base just because of how much he sucks. You know, insult to injury.
Rocket 3: what
Climmy: Yeah, I don’t like violence, so when his Raticate bit my hand I decided to have some fun at the expense of the mental health of everyone here... Hey, you look twitchy too!
Rocket 4: *enters room* What’s going on? Should I call the boss?
Climmy: Good idea, he should know where the loot is.
Rocket 4: ...What’s the deal with you?
Climmy: I’m a pacifist that just declared war on you guys because your poster guy was a violent idiot.
Rocket 4: Haha! You’re funny but you need to get out.
Climmy: It’s true. Want to check the security video?
Rocket 4: ...
Climmy: I’ll take that as a no.
Rocket 4: WHAT THE ****!
Climmy: I’m going to look for loot now, it was nice talking to- Who just through a Pokeball at my head?

If that one moron had challenged Climmy in a normal way then Climmy’s raid would have been normal, but irritating. Because of one idiot’s actions Climmy’s rampage was as brutal as one without violence can be and so baffling Loki would be proud. Every potted plant had been flipped in the search for loot and at one point Climmy climbed in ceilings while challenging unsuspecting grunts below. He didn't expect anything there, it was just for show. When Climmy reached Rocket’s Boss everyone else in the hideout had learned why you don’t attack Climmy. Now he just needed to kick down the door and meet the king of these idiots.

Climmy: *WHAM* OH YEAH! Giovanni! What up mah man dude?
Giovanni: I’ve been watching you and I have to ask, What the **** are you?
Climmy: It’s yo boi Clim-may! The pacifist on the war path, Woo! Let’s have a selfie! Cheese! *flash*
Giovanni: ...
Climmy: Your poster dude sucks so I thought have some fun baffling yo other minions and let them know he’s why I’m doing any of this, so they’d all agree that he sucks, but it turns out your other old chaps suck too, so I just decided to declare all out war. Is you going to eat you cake? Yoink!
Giovanni: Get out.
Climmy: I took selfies with every moron that physically attacked me or had their Raticate bite my hand. I’ll bribe you with all my extorted “winnings” if you fire them.
Giovanni: Is that why you wanted to see me? That’s surprisingly merciful after all you’ve done. Let me see the selfies... Hmm... Yes... I hated this guy anyway... Did you seriously moon the poster idiot?
Climmy: Yes, is everyone fired?
Giovanni: They deserve to be fired, so consider them fired.
Climmy: That’s like totally the bee knees! I’m eating your cake now.
Giovanni: Aren’t you leaving?
Climmy: When I feel like it. Judging by your mini fridge that’s 30 hours from now. Thanks for the Dr. Cola.

(If anyone's skimming through for the Battle, it begins here.)

Giovanni: Onix, take out this intruder.
Climmy: You’re about to get owned by a vegan hippy mah man dude! Let’s pwn this noob, Venusaur! *digs through bag* Moments like this just beg for beef jerky. Yay! *nom*
Giovanni: Harden.
Climmy: Wrong move! Leech Seed!
Giovanni: Harden.
Climmy: Poison Powder. You ain’t worth me time. I’m ordering lunch. *pulls out phone*
Giovanni: Bind.
Climmy: Flash. *calls someone* Hello, is this Celadon’s Italian Restaurant?
Giovanni: Bind.
Climmy: Flash. Cool, I’d like combo two, pepperoni and sausage please.
Giovanni: Harden.
Onix: ONIX! *thud*
Climmy: You’s not very good at this mah man dude. I’m going to have a friend pick up my order.
Giovanni: Rhyhorn, take out this intruder.
Climmy: Leech Seed *calls someone* What’s up Dude?
Giovanni: Scary Face.
Climmy: Poison Powder. Yes, I’m calling you while someone’s fighting me.
Giovanni: Furry Attack.
Climmy: Work on your aim. Flash. Could you pick up lunch for me?
Giovanni: Tail Whip.
Climmy: Flash. Sweet, I ordered the Italian Restaurant
Giovanni: Scary Face.
Climmy: Flash. Yeah, you can get something too.
Giovanni: Tail Whip.
Climmy: GG Noob. Dude, I can’t believe how bad this guy is.
Rhyhorn: rhy... *thud*
Giovanni: Kangaskhan, take out this intruder! Bite!
Climmy: Leech Seed. Let’s meet at the game corner.
Giovanni: Tail Whip.
Climmy: I don’t think Bite uses Physical Defense. Poison Powder. I’m just taunting this idiot right now.
Giovanni: Bite.
Climmy: Nope, didn’t think so. Flash. Yeah, he deserves it.
Giovanni: Tail Whip.
Climmy: Flash. This so called battle is almost over. Bye.
Giovanni: Tail Whip.
Kangaskhan: KHAN! *thud*
Climmy: That’s was your last Pokemon? Okay. I’m leaving now, but before I go, please take this.
Giovanni: Undertale?
Climmy: *types on phone* The friendly RPG where no one has to die. I was going to have a jolly good time with it, but you could learn a lot from it, mah man dude. *puts phone away* By the way, you can keep the base. You have my word that I won’t tell anyone where it is.
Giovanni: What did you do with your phone?
Climmy: My BFF Dude sent me a funny Meowth Video.

Climmy’s Social Media: Lol just totally pwnd TeamRocket in their Hideout in Celadon City’s Game Corner. #TouchThePoster #PacifistWarPath (Posted 23 Seconds Ago)

Giovanni: *narrows eyes* Can I see it?
Climmy: That’d be so gnarly.

Recent Text Messages
Climmy: Send me a Meowth Vid.
Dude: Okay, but why?
Climmy: I’ll explain later.
Dude sent you a video.

Giovanni: Okay, that’s funny.

I forgot to write down when Giovanni was beaten, but I’m pretty sure it was around 23 hours.

I hope you love this part as much as I did. If not, you may want to skip the parts with Team Rocket.

I tried to see if the grass gym was tolerable. It wasn't, so I went to the Game Corner. Nothing interesting happened, not even Giovanni. He was a pathetic pushover that may have had the RNG AI. Don't believe me? For the story I wrote every move used without skipping over any part. It was so pathetic I even decided to have my character order lunch.

This is only for after Gyms. Read the story. The Gym didn't happen. :P
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Since you're pretty far ahead, there was some discussion the other day around your playthough in the discord. One of the Pokemon who got brought up for lategame was actually Jynx - a moveset of Perish Song, Mean Look, Lovely Kiss, and Protect would potentially work as an incredibly effective weapon if a very late one (level 57 for Perish Song is extremely late and probably needs to be raised in the day care unless you give it Toxic or use the EXP share). It's also one of the only three Pokemon with access to Mean Look, which is essential for Perish Song shenanigans before the opponent's last Pokemon. What are your thoughts on this, unless it'd be too spoiler filled?
Since you're pretty far ahead, there was some discussion the other day around your playthough in the discord. One of the Pokemon who got brought up for lategame was actually Jynx - a moveset of Perish Song, Mean Look, Lovely Kiss, and Protect would potentially work as an incredibly effective weapon if a very late one (level 57 for Perish Song is extremely late and probably needs to be raised in the day care unless you give it Toxic or use the EXP share). It's also one of the only three Pokemon with access to Mean Look, which is essential for Perish Song shenanigans before the opponent's last Pokemon. What are your thoughts on this, unless it'd be too spoiler filled?
I like the idea, but I'm thinking that Level 57 means Extra Grinding or Post Game (which I'm going to do) even if you have a Lucky Egg. (Trust me. The Chansey I caught while I was procrastinating the Grass Gym had one.) The idea of using Toxic to make it usable until then is something I really don't like because it means you're using the one TM that makes any Pokemon usable on a Pokemon that's already useable.

By the way, I encourage anyone with lots of free time to try this challenge if they want to and think they won't go crazy from it. If doing it for Gen III Kanto, my biggest bit of advice is play Leaf Green for Vulpix.
This segment has more Team Rocket, so I've separated the story into two parts for those who might not like the Pokemon Tower. It's filler anyway. (I'm not entirely sure if separating is necessary because I haven't heard any negative feed back about it... or any feedback. :P)

The Grass Gym, for real this time.
Pokemon Tower and Grass Gym

After spending the rest of the day walking around town and seeing Rocket Grunts fleeing from the corner in his eye Climmy has a well deserved rest. The next day Climmy was ready to take on The Grass Gym.

Climmy: Buterfree, I’m not going to lie. This gym is going to hurt... a lot. Are you ready?
Buterfree: Free!
Climmy: Good! Because this time- Hang on, my phone’s ringing. Hey.
Dude: Hey Climmy, Team Rocket’s at the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.
Climmy: Did you see any of them?
Dude: Yeah.
Climmy: Did you give them Undertale.
Dude: I tried. When I told them you said they could learn a lot from it they ran.
Climmy: I have to see how they feel about me in person.
Dude: Record it for me.
Climmy: Done. *hang up* Change of plans. We’re going to play with Team Rocket again! Sounds fun?
Butterfree: Butterfree!

As Climmy climbed the tower he could tell the spirits were angry about something. No doubt it was Team Rocket. When he approached the stairs to the top floor a ghost stopped him.

Ghost: Be Gone!
Climmy: I come in peace.
Ghost: No more intruders!
Climmy: No More? Did the last intruders have Rs on their shirts?
Ghost: ...
Climmy: Because I’m here to get rid of them and after yesterday they’re way more scared of me than they would be of any ghost. No offence.
Ghost: Prove it and you may pass.
Ghost: I feel their fear. I like it.
Climmy: Did they hurt you?
Ghost: They killed me.
Climmy: Oh... um... I think you’ll want to see what I’m going to do.

Climmy: Sup Old Chaps? *starts filming on phone* Hey poster guy! I thought mah man dude fired you.
Poster Rocket: Eep...
Climmy: I have something radical for you!
Poster Rocket: *flees* AAAAHHHHH!
Rocket 2: Come back here wuss!
Climmy: Aww... I thought he’d like a gift.
Rocket 2: Who do you think you are?
Climmy: You not hear about yo boi Clim-may? I wrecked yo base yesterday.
Rocket 2: You can’t be as bad as they say.
Climmy: There’s three eye witnesses that saw me flip potted plants looking for swag and you think I’m not as bad as they say? I’d show you pics of all the plants if I wasn’t recording this for Dude. Take this and get out before I destroy your mental stability. You could learn a lot from it.
Rocket 2: Undertale?
Climmy: It’s the friendly RPG where no one has to die. I’m pretty sure the ghosts here agree you should learn from it. Am I right ghosts?
Rocket 2: You should leave now.
Climmy: Yo boi Clim-may is the Pacifist on the War Path! He’s not leaving until you leave or learn from da gift.
Rocket 2: Sure, I’ll learn. Now get out.
Climmy: I don’t believe you want to learn about kindness.
Rocket 2: Do you want me to make you leave?
Climmy: I react very poorly to violence. You think yo boi Clim-may insane now? Push it you should not, dwag!
Poster Rocket: Don’t touch him! He only gets crazier!
Climmy: Yay, Poster guy! Why are you back?
Poster Pocket: Your friend wouldn’t let me run.
Climmy: Huh?
Dude: Hey Climmy. I saw him run out and tried to give him Undertale, but he just ran back in. It was hilarious so I followed him to see how else he’d freak out.
Climmy: Let him go. He’s suffered enough.
Dude: You heard em moron, get out.
Poster Rocket: *flees again*
Climmy: Here’s an Escape Rope. You know what to do?
Dude: That’s just mean.
Climmy: So?
Dude: Smell ya later!
Rocket 2: HOLY ****! How are you worse than they say?
Climmy: Want to leave now?
Rocket 2: I’m going to beat the **** out of you.
Climmy: *raises an eyebrow and snaps*
Ghost: LEAVE!
Rocket 2: HOLLY ****! *flees*
Climmy: That was fun.
Ghost: I know you can end Team Rocket.
Climmy: Can and will. Want to hear my plans?
Ghost: I don’t need to. I’m finally at peace.

For a moment before the ghost vanished Climmy thought he could see a Marowak waving good bye. With his job done Climmy used his other Escape Rope and found himself staring down the Poster Rocket, who was about to run back in, faint at the sight of him. That wasn’t planned, it was just perfect timing.

A few days later...

Climmy: Okay, We’ve gambled, messed with Team Rocket, got rid of the Snorlax road blocks by throwing Pokeballs at them, went fishing, visited the Safari Zone, trained some new Pokemon and worked on my Pokedex. Is there any other way we can procrastinate? ...No? *sigh* Well, it’s okay. Hopefully this won’t suck as much as I fear. Venusaur and Hypno, you know why I’ve put this off so long, and Buterfree, you really know.
Butterfree: *nods* Free...
Climmy: Exeggcute, you don’t want to know.
Exeggcute: Egg?
Climmy: Trust me, you’d get bored finding out. And finally, our latest ally. I’m sending you out first. Sorry about doing this with your type disadvantage...

Erika: Hello, I’ve seen you at the door a few times. Glad you finally came in.
Climmy: I’m finally ready.
Erika: For what?
Climmy: Isn’t this a gym?
Erika: Oh, sorry. Sometimes I dose off. Did you come here to challenge me?
Climmy: Yes, but it’s nice to meet a trainer that doesn’t just want to fight. If you want to relax some more feel free.
Erika: No, it’d be rude to say no to your challenge. Come out, Vitreebell!
Climmy: Okay then, let’s do this Cloyster.

Erika's Victreebell started with Stun Spore letting Climmy's Cloyster set up a layer of Spikes. Climmy got greedy and asked for a second layer, but it payed off when Cloyster endured Giga Drain. With Cloyster's job done Climmy switch to Venusaur who healed any damage he took with Leftovers Climmy found left behind by Snorlax. Venusaur stared Roaring to force switches and Climmy got excited when Tangela was sent out. Venusaur could use Poison Powder! Ingrain quickly killed the mood by counteracting the poison and Climmy switched to Butterfree for Supersonic only for his hopes to be crushed farther by Poison Powder. With Buterfree poisoned Climmy couldn’t have her in battle to keep Tangela confused the whole time. After enough confusion to make Erika use a Hyper Potion Climmy switched to Hypno to use Flash until Cloyster could finish what Buterfree started. While Hypno used Flash he suffered from Poison Powder and Climmy began to notice that Ingrain’s healing wasn’t quite canceling out the slow drain of poison. When Tangela’s accuracy couldn’t go lower Climmy called back Hypno and let Venusaur stand in to wait for Tangela to fall.

When Tangela could take no more, Victreebel was resummoned. Venusaur Roared to return her to her Pokeball making Erika send out Vileplume. Venusaur Roared again to bring back Victreebel and kept on Roaring until Erika was defeated. With her loss she smiled and gave Climmy his reward.

39:06 Rainbow Badge!

Erika: That was a lovely battle.
Climmy: Thanks. Before I go, *pulls out a letter* I have an invitation for you.
Erika: Oh, what for?
Climmy: Chaos.

For Erika you need more than just confusion, so I used the one advantage Fire Red has over Leaf Green, Cloyster. I managed to use Spikes twice against Victreebel's Stun Spore and Giga Drain. Cloyster even survived with about a third of his health left! He knew Supersonic and Stalling out Giga Drain's 5 PP would be easy with switching, so he could still be useful if I needed confusion. I switched to Venusaur who I had taught Roar and things went according to plan until Tangela. I used Poison Powder and they used Ingrain. I thought Ingrain was canceling out the poison so I switched to Buterfree, but got hit with Poison Powder. I tried Supersonic as long as I could and eventually realized that the Poison was dealing slightly more than what Ingrain healed. When Butterfree was down to her last bit of health I switched back to Venusaur who could take anything thanks to Leftovers. (Filling the Pokedex wasn't all wasting time. The using the Item Finder on the tile a Snorlax slept gets you Leftovers.) From there it was stalling Tangela then using Roar. I didn't even need confusion to finish off the last Pokemon standing.

39:06 Rainbow Badge!

Venusaur - Level 41 - Docile (Netural)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Flash was placeholder until Synthesis or until I needed a better placeholder move. That better move has come.

Buterfree - Level 37 - Sassy (+SpD -Spe)
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Hypno - Level 37 - Jolly (+Spe -SpA)
Poison Gas

Cloyster Level - 36 - Calm (+SpD -Atk)

This is the one advantage Fire Red has over Leaf Green and why I decided against using Lapras.

Exeggcute - Level 34 - (+SpD -Atk)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Stun Spore

I'm waiting for Sleep Powder to evolve him.
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This part's shorter, but tomorrow's update is going to be a really long one.

Edit: This part is really short after updating it for less dialog during battles so I kept the old version just so I didn't feel bad about how short it is. Also, the action between the dialog was mostly time skips to avoid talking about the many uses of Poison Powder.

The Poison Gym
Fuchsia City

Last time Climmy went to Fuchsia City it was for the Safari Zone and he took the Cycling Road. This time he was here for the gym and took the scenic route. He wanted to meet new people. When he arrived at the gym the leader tried to intimidate him, but Climmy was less than impressed.

Koga: A mere child like you dares to challenge me? The very idea makes me shiver with mirth! Very well, I shall show you true terror as a ninja master! Poison brings steady doom. Sleep renders foes helpless.
Climmy: I’m going to stop you there.
Koga: Oh? What do you have to say, insolent child?
Climmy: Clearly you haven’t heard the rumors about me. I hate violence, so I only use status moves. Lecturing me about their effects isn’t going to intimidate me, just bore me.
Koga: You? You are the one called Climmy?
Climmy: So you have heard the rumors.
Koga: I was looking forward to our battle, but I didn’t think you were a child.
Climmy: I surprise a lot of people, mostly people that expect attacks, but still.
Koga: Fwahaha! Koffing, let’s show this bold child our technique!
Climmy: Go, Cloyster!

Cloyster set three layers of Spikes while Koffing used Smokescreen and Sludge. To make switching less risky Climmy called for Supersonic. Koffing hit itself in confusion, but still managed to use Sludge when Climmy sent in Venusaur to use Leech Seed and Sleep Powder. Venusaur was prepared to use Sleep Powder when Koffing woke up, but he wasn't expecting it to happen so soon... or explosively...

With Selfdestruct knocking out Koffing, but failling to do the same to Venusaur Koga sent out Muk who was met with the same Leech Seed Sleep Powder combo. When Climmy was beginning to suspect Koga didn't have any Potions he asked Venusaur to Roar and let Spikes finish off Muk, but Koga used a Hyper Potion before Venusaur could force the switch.

Weezing was Koga's third Pokemon to face the Sleep Seed combo and whenever he woke up he used Sludge before going back to sleep, but everything Sludge did was healed by Leech Seed. When Weezing fell Koga resummoned Muk and Climmy asked for Roar to get more value out of Cloyster's Spikes. Again, before the switch Koga used a healing item and Climmy has to ask, "A Full Heal? Now? Why not any other time?" Koga sent out a second Koffing who went down the same way the first did. Muk was then resummoned again and fell easily to the same two moves that had taken out the rest of Koga's team.

43:48 Soul Badge

Koga: I could learn much from you in the art of using Status Moves. I would be honored if you were to teach me in your ways.
Climmy: Gladly, but I have something planed soon, so I don’t have much time here.
Koga: May I go with you so you can teach me on the way?
Climmy: Funny you ask that. I was going to ask you to come anyway, but don’t you think your gym more important than whatever my plans are?
Koga: Do you think I don’t know what your plans are? When you invited Erika she invited every other Gym Leader to take back Saffron.

Last time Climmy went to Fuchsia City it was for the Safari Zone and he took the Cycling Road. This time he was here for the gym and took the scenic route. He wanted to meet new people. When he arrived at the gym the leader tried to intimidate him, but Climmy was less than impressed.

Koga: A mere child like you dares to challenge me? The very idea makes me shiver with mirth! Very well, I shall show you true terror as a ninja master! Poison brings steady doom. Sleep renders foes helpless.
Climmy: I’m going to stop you there.
Koga: Oh? What do you have to say, insolent child?
Climmy: Clearly you haven’t heard the rumors about me. I hate violence, so I only use status moves. Lecturing me about their effects isn’t going to intimidate me, just bore me.
Koga: You? You are the one called Climmy?
Climmy: So you have heard the rumors.
Koga: I was looking forward to our battle, but I didn’t think you were a child.
Climmy: I surprise a lot of people, mostly people that expect attacks, but still.
Koga: Fwahaha! Koffing, let’s show this bold child our technique!
Climmy: Go, Cloyster!

Cloyster set three layers of Spikes while Koffing used Smokescreen and Sludge. To make switching less risky Climmy called for Supersonic. Koffing hit itself in confusion, but still managed to use Sludge when Climmy sent in Venusaur.

Climmy: Leech Seed.
Koga: Sludge!
Climmy: Sleep Powder.
Koffing: Zzz...
Climmy: Now we wait for him to wake up.
Koga: Selfdestruct!
Koffing: Zzz... Kof? Fing! *BOOM*
Climmy: Uhh... that didn’t take long?
Koga: Muk!
Climmy: Leech Seed.
Koga: Minimize!
Climmy: That evasion isn’t going to help you outlast us. But it might help against Sleep Powder.
Muk: Zzz...
Climmy: Or not...

Muk’s health drained as he slept and Climmy began to suspect Koga didn’t have any potions.

Climmy: Roar. The Spikes will finish him.
Koga: Heal! *Uses Hyper Potion*
Climmy: *sigh*
Koga: Weezing!
Climmy: Leech Seed.
Koga: Sludge!
Climmy: Sleep Powder.
Weezing: Zzz...

Whenever Weezing woke up Venusaur would put him back to sleep and Leech Seed would heal any damage done from Sludge. Eventually, Weezing fainted.

Koga: Muk!
Climmy: Roar!
Koga: Wake Up! *uses a Full Heal*
Climmy: Your timing with that raises so many questions...
Koga: Koffing!

Climmy dealt with the second Koffing the same way he did the first. It slept longer, but it still blew up when it woke up. Koga’s final Pokemon, Muk, was just as easy and suffered the same fate as Weezing.

43:48 Soul Badge

Koga: I could learn much from you in the art of using Status Moves. I would be honored if you were to teach me in your ways.
Climmy: Gladly, but I have something planed soon, so I don’t have much time here.
Koga: May I go with you so you can teach me on the way?
Climmy: Funny you ask that. I was going to ask you to come anyway, but don’t you think your gym more important than whatever my plans are?
Koga: Do you think I don’t know what your plans are? When you invited Erika she invited every other Gym Leader to take back Saffron.

There's not much to say. I started with Cloyster expecting Spikes to affect more than one of his Pokemon the switched to Venusaur use Leech Seed and Sleep Powder on everything. I wish I could say more about the battle, but that's pretty much all of it apart from Koga's extremely questionable timing for a Full Heal.

43:48 Soul Badge

Venusaur - Level 42 - Docile (Netural)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Butterfree - Level 37 - Sassy (+SpD -Spe)
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

I was starting to use Butterfree less because, even with a ten level advantage over almost everything, her lack of bulk was starting to show.

Hypno - Level 38 - Jolly (+Spe -SpA)
Poison Gas

Cloyster - Level 39 - Calm (+SpD -Atk)

You’d think I’d teach Toxic to Cloyster, but I have two reasons not to. One, there are very few usable Pokemon without Toxic. Toxic can turn any Pokemon from useless to very useful. Two, Cloyster feels like he’s pulling his weight, so I don’t mind waiting for Hail.

Exeggutor - Level 41 - Calm (+SpD -Atk)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder
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I wasn't kidding when I said this was a long section. Apologies to anyone who doesn't like Undertale. The whole thing started with one joke with being passive agressive with "The friendly RPG where no one has to die," but I felt like I had to build on it and things kind of got out of control. It doesn't help that I planed on things going out of control with this part to begin with.

The Siege of Saffron
Silph Co.

Before Climmy left for Saffron he gave Koga time to tell friends about what was going to happen and grab a few phones and music players. Koga returned with his daughter and a half dozen refuges that were ready to take back their city and said that this was on a small part of the people from Fuchsia that’s going. If things were going this well here then Climmy wondered how good things would be when he got there.

Climmy arrived at the gates of Saffron a day early so he could personally welcome everyone that came and to double check that everything was in place. Judging by the surprisingly well hidden shipping container, it was. Koga and his daughter, being the ninjas they are, went in for scouting and recruiting as Climmy set up camp.
Dude: Sup Climmy? I figured you’d come early.
Climmy: Hey Dude, did you bring any friends?
Dude: I mostly left recruitment to gramps and Officer Jenny, but I found out some hilarious news.
Climmy: What?
Dude: There was a convention planned for today, but it was canceled due to the whole City being taken over by Team Rocket thing, but I managed to convince a lot of people to come for their convention anyway.
Climmy: Cool. What kind of convention was it?
Dude: Gaming.
Climmy No... You can’t be serious.
Dude: Yep, anyway know why I came early?
Climmy: You want to fight yo boi Clim-may, the pacifist on the war path?
Dude: Yep.

Climmy lead with Cloyster and Dude Pidgeot. Pidgeot barraged Cloyster with constant Wing Attacks as Cloyser set up Spikes. It took three tries to confuse Pidgeot with Supersonic, but after the confusion started Climmy switched to Hypno to inflict Poison and stall with Attract.

Dude’s second Pokemon was Gyrados. Hypno had taken more damage that Climmy would have liked from Pidgeot, so he sent in Exeggutor for Gyrados. While Exeggutor was being summoned and using Leech Seed, Gyrados fired off two Dragon Rages that were more powerful than most moves Climmy faced. Sleep Powder was needed to heal off of Leech Seed and it fortunately put Gyrados to sleep the first try both when first needed and after the two times the beast woke up. Gyrados managed to use Bite and Dragon Rage during the brief awake periods, but Exeggutor was almost completely healed by the time Gyrados went down.

Charizard, the biggest threat, was next. Climmy was so used to his Pokemon enduring every hit from full health that he didn’t think he didn’t think Exeggutor needed to return yet. Flamethrower KOed the poor tree before he could use Leech Seed. Climmy had no good choice for next Pokemon. Hypno and Cloyster had both endured about half of what they could and the other choices were weak to fire. Climmy took a risk with Venusaur. Amazingly he went first with Leech Seed. Charizard slowed him with Scary Face then tried to blind him with Smokescreen. Venusaur saw through the smoke to give Charizard a face full of Sleep Powder. Climmy used this as a chance to heal Hypno with Venusaur’s Leech Seed and switched. Despite what happened last time Climmy asked for Attract. Hypno was not happy, but he still did it. With the infatuation and sleep from Hypnosis Charizard couldn’t do anything until his end.

Exeggcute went down easier than any of Dude’s other Pokemon. Attract, Poison Gas, then Nothing but Flash. Exeggcute managed to Paralyze Hypno, but not much else

The final Pokemon, Alakazam had come. Because of Exeggcute’s Stun Spore there was no need to worry about Syncronize, but it still took two turns to be able to move and the first Poison Gas missed. With Hypno’s amazing Special Defense and Psychic resistance he easily endured Alakazam’s Future Sights.

Dude: Aww man you are so ready for this.
Climmy: That was one of the toughest challenges I’ve ever had. Please be my second in command for the Siege of Saffron.
Dude: I’d be honored.

Climmy sent Dude and Koga to form secret camps around the city and signed things from the shipping container for them to prove that he had put them in charge. The other gym leaders had arrived early too and set up their own camps. Each camp was far enough away from roads and the city itself to avoid detection and each had a shipping container. The contents of each shipping container summed up what Team Rocket thought of Climmy. Shipping containers full of Undertale tend to give the image of a psychotic Undertale fan boy.

When the time came, Climmy opened a broadcast to the other camps and gave his speech. “First of all, thank you all for coming, especially the person who gave me the Frisk shirt I’m wearing right now. I was expecting maybe a hundred people at most, but I didn’t expect so many people to help with recruitment, so to those who helped recruitment, thanks for the overkill! When I stepped into Celadon’s Game Corner one fateful day I didn’t know what was going to happen, and to be honest, I’m still not entirely sure what happened. What I do know is I don’t like violence and when the Poster Idiot ordered its Raticate to bite me I got mad. When I get mad I’m not a nice person, and because the moment I realized that Team Rocket has absolutely zero morals was the moment I became not nice, things got interesting. I bought a copy of Undertale to use as a passive aggressive finishing blow against their boss and strolled their the hideout. There were idiots that attacked me even after I told them why I was looting their base, so I escalated my plans and got creative. I challenged grunts from the ceiling. I changed annoying accents mid sentence. I told their boss I wouldn’t tell anyone where their base is right after telling everyone where it is! They see me as an one man army, and now after recruiting everyone I thought would be even remotely interested, we have an army lead by a one man army. We have the numbers to make them run out just by running in, so prepare your music player and let’s do it!” The Siege of Saffron had began.

A lone grunt was sleeping at the entrance to Silph Co. He didn’t see why they needed guards when the whole building was flooded with Rockets. He was disturbed from his sleep by something that made him run far and run fast, a mob screaming war cries and playing every Undertale song at the same time at max volume was coming his way. This couldn’t be Climmy’s work. Not even Climmy’s could do that, right? ...Right?

On the fourth floor a grunt stared out the window in disbelief. It took him five minutes to realize that someone had teleported in right behind him. “Thanks Alakazam. You can go back to Dude now.” The Alakazam teleported out, but left behind the embodiment of chaos. “What? Did you really expect yo boi Clim-may to use the front door? Just a sec, let me play my raiding music.” The nightmare pulled out his phone and played Spear of Justice. The Rocket did not run, he just fainted from fear. Climmy opened one of his camping backpacks and laid a copy of Undertale on him then called out, “Do anyone have pillow for mah bro?” The Siege of Silph had began.

Climmy started with restraint. If Team Rocket had learned not to mess with him, then there was no reason to go full chaos. If they haven’t learned, well, they had it coming. After nearly clearing out a floor one Rocket gave Climmy an idea.

Rocket: Stop messing with us kid!
Climmy: You know what? *mutes music* Sure, but before I go, take this. You could learn a lot from it.
Rocket: *phew*

Climmy had a feeling an idiot would cause an escalation during the break, so he figured he could spare one grunt for now. One floor higher Climmy found a break room.

Rocket 1: Just because it’s a break room doesn’t mean you get a break.
Rocket 2: Then why did I come here?
Climmy: Hey, don’t mind me. I’m just here for the vending machine. While I’m here, you guys want anything?
Rocket 1: This is why we don’t take breaks! Stop him Koffing!
Climmy: Chillax dwag. Ya bro downstairs told me to stop messing with his team, so I took a break. Is there a PS4 in here?
Rocket 1: Oh no...
Rocket 2: Yeah, right over here.
Rocket 1: Why’d you tell him? He’s going to make us play Undertale!
Climmy: No I won’t, but It’d be just swell if you want to play, amigos.
Rocket 2: Sure, I like Undertale.
Rocket 1: What!
Climmy: Cool, are you okay with my save spot? It’s right before Undyne
Rocket 2: That’s fine... *starts boss fight*
Other Room Rocket: HE’S HERE!
Rocket 2: What was that?
Climmy: Don’t sweat it.
Rocket 1: That’s the song he's been time he’s been here!
Other Room Rocket: BLOCK THE DOOR!
Rocket 2: Oh... *mutes game*
Climmy: It not you fault homes.
Rocket 1: Leave or I will make you leave.
Climmy: Why so serious?
Rocket 1: *stomps towards Climmy*
Rocket 2: *jumps up* Don’t touch him! I don’t want to see what he does if you try.
Climmy: You’re smarter than most Rockets. Let me get you a Dr. Cola. Cool, the machine takes $5 bills. Okay here- Did your friend just punch me in the face?
Rocket 1: Yes I did, now get out.
Rocket 2: you idiot...
Climmy: Here’s your Dr. Cola and a signed copy of Undertale. It’s my sign to tell my followers to leave you alone. Now run, you don’t deserve this. *calls Dude* Plan 8. *hangs up and leaves* Bye.
Rocket 1: Seriously?
Lt. Surge: Seriously. *starts music* Raichu, report for duty!

Dude and the gym leaders had been teleported in on various floors, ready to follow in Climmy’s chaotic footsteps. With a layer of restraint removed Climmy began having fun with his raiding music.

One floor lower the Rocket that made Climmy take a break had collapsed from exhaustion and was experiencing pure relief, then Spear of Justice begin again from right behind him. Climmy smiled. “Sorry, I was punched, so I removed a layer of mercy. Did you know that No Violence and No Mercy are not opposites? By the way, have you seen any potted plants? Erika’s collecting them on Floor 6. Oh, did you pass out?”

Continuing the chaos, Climmy wanted to make a dramatic entrance on the next floor with the elevator only to find Brock was waiting there to ambush fleeing Rockets. They high fived then Climmy left him to do his thing. It made Climmy come up with a way to make a more dramatic entrance. He told a Rocket to warn the next floor he was coming.

Rocket: He’s coming. Do you know of any way to knock him out?
Scientist: I wouldn’t be much of an evil scientist if I didn’t.
Rocket: Good, go do it.
Scientist: You’re Climmy, our savior? It’s an honor to Shoryuken!
Climmy: *death glare*
Rocket: Seriously! You call that a way of knocking someone out? You’ve doomed us all moron!

Climmy stopped his raiding music and, never taking his glare off them, placed a call. “Dude, operation Thirteen E Seven.” Climmy hung up, gave two copies of Undertale to the idiots, and finally stopped the death glare when he walked away flipping them off. They understood how badly they screwed up when the intercom throughout the building blared Spear of Justice.

As Climmy strutted to the stairs he saw some poor Rockets waiting at the elevator. On the stairs Climmy heard a single word come from the elevator, “Hi.” On the next floor he thought saw he Koga hiding in an air vent in the ceiling, so Climmy yelled, “What’s up! It’s yo boi Clim-may, the pacifist on the war path! Yay!” That gave Koga the chance for his sneak attack, and that sneak attack gave a chance for Misty to come out from hiding in the bathroom for another sneak attack. With his work done Climmy moved to the next and final floor. In the security room Climmy saw the Rockets staring in horror at the footage, Climmy’ favorite was the lobby camera, where a well dressed old man was tap dancing in front of the exit to disbelief of grunts that tried to run. Climmy decided to go in to tap a shoulder, but was greeted with a roundhouse sucker punch instead. He anticipated and dodged the next attack then asked a simple question.

Climmy: Do you want to apologize?
Scientist: Enough of your silly games!
Climmy: Your funeral.

Climmy challenged and easily defeated the idiot along with everyone else in the room that dared to challenge him then slowly walked to a window in the hall and casually opened it. He stretched just to give the idiot more time to let the dread sink in then waved at the security camera, pulled megaphone out of one of his bags, and screamed. “Team Rocket!” The intercom went silent. “Get Dunked On!” Windows on every floor started glowing with Psychic energy and opening, then chaos truly started. Climmy’s army released all their flying Pokemon and gave them copies of Undertale to deliver to everyone who needed to learn from the friendly RPG where no one has to die. To make things even worse for those who should learn, half of the Pokemon were also carrying music players that were all playing different songs from the soundtrack. With all of Team Rocket fending off their gifts Climmy was able to strut to Giovanni while enjoying the karma. It might be overkill, but no one was going to mess with him after this.

Climmy: Mah Man Dude! You thinking about go now? Yo boi Clim-may thinks you should go now.
Giovanni: No, you cost me so much. Why do you think I’ll just walk out of here.
Climmy: Because Mr. Silph wants to go *texts Dude* and Dude has an Alakazam.

Alakazam teleported in and Climmy got a good look at Giovanni's face before waving bye.

Mr. Silph: Thank you for saving my company.
Climmy: You’re welcome, but I’m not done yet. You might want to go now, or at least hide somewhere with a good view of here.
Mr. Silph: Why? What else is there to do?
Climmy: I can still cause more damage to Team Rocket. I crushed their moral with an army and destroyed their boss’s reputation by getting you out of there, so he’s going to want to crush me. I’m going to give him that chance sooner than he expects, then destroy whatever remains of his self respect and authority. If what I do now doesn’t do that, someone in the audience putting it on Youtube will.

Climmy lounged just out of sight from the Lobby’s windows next to a No Loitering sign and smugly waited. He knew the other exits were blocked and there were enough birds to make escape by air impossible. When he saw the front door open he turned on the megaphone and grinned evilly.

(For those skimming, the battle with Giovanni starts here.)

Giovanni: You. You will pay for this!
Climmy: Does you think yo boi Clim-may, the pacifist on the war path, has time to get his bloody wallet? No, he has war to not fight!
Giovanni: Nidorino, crush him!
Climmy: Cloyster, Yoloswag time! Legion of Dudes, three, two, uno, Megalovania!

From everywhere the song started and from nowhere the crowd came out to surround the battleground. The cosplayers were allowed move their way to the front just to irritate Giovanni more, the most noticeable being a box form Mettaton recording every glorious moment.

Climmy started break dancing while Cloyster laid down Spikes. Nidorino used Horn Attack twice before switching to Poison Sting. At that moment Climmy stopped goofing off for a moment to declare, “No True Final Boss uses Poison Sting! Switch songs to Your Best Nightmare in san, two, ichi, play!” The crowd obeyed and Climmy started beat boxing to the music. After the last layer of Spikes and Supersonic were used Climmy switched to Venusaur to use the classic Leech Seed and Sleep Powder combo. Everything Nidorino dealt with Poison Sting was immediately healed and Giovanni sent out his second Pokemon after a pathetic excuse of a first one. Leech Seed and Sleep Powder were yelled between the beat boxing and Nidoqueen was only able to use Tail Whip before being put to sleep. When she woke up Climmy’s jaw dropped. Poison Sting. He felt insulted that the so called crime boss was this pathetic. “No! No, just NO! You. ****ing. SUCK! Dogsong time!” Without a countdown no music player was in sync adding to the insulting use of the song, just as Climmy wanted. He wanted this source of pain and misery to feel his anger from the insult of Poison Sting from a Nidoqueen of all things. Venusaur was fully healed by the time any of Giovanni’s Pokemon woke up, even with better moves like Body Slam. Nidoqueen and Kangaskhan both went down without doing any damage worth mentioning to Leech Seed and Sleep Powder and Rhyhorn only managed to do an amount of damage wroth noticing with Rock Blast because of three Tail Whips. After Rhyhorn couldn’t take it anymore Climmy told the crowd to let Giovanni go because he wasn’t worth their time and spat at his feet.

48:56 Giovanni was shown the amount of respect he deserves!

Mettaton: This day has been ****ing awesome!
Climmy: Dude?
Mettaton: Yep, someone let the mad one’s BFF borrow their cosplay for Silph. The look on everyone’s faces as I ran through was hilarious! Should I take it off now?
Climmy: No. Actually, could you make Alakazam levitate me so it looks like I’m standing on you?
Mettaton: I’m not sure if he can do that for long.
Sabrina: Excuse me, but I, Sabrina, Leader of Saffron Gym and gifted Psychic would love to do the honors. For all you’ve done for this city, doing that ridiculous favor is the least I could do. Run through the city and declare our freedom!
Climmy: *jaw drops* Would it be too much to ask to also ask for a fountain of that moment for Silph Co’s Lobby?
Mr. Silph: ...
Climmy: I’ll take that as a no.
Mr. Silph: It’s not that, I was just dumbfounded by that request.
Climmy: Really, even after everything today?
Mr. Silph: I was going to give you a Master Ball, but if you really want the fountain...
Climmy: You’d really build the fountain! I was joking!

Climmy took the Master Ball and showed his selfies with traitors that would soon be fired thinking that was the end of that.


Dude: How’d your vacation go?
Climmy: Pretty good. I challenged someone on Route 4 and went sightseeing at the abandon power plant on Route 10.
Dude: Why there?
Climmy: *pulls out Pokedex* I thought what’s left of Team Rocket would like a reminder of who they’re messing with.
Dude: You caught Zapdos! How!

6: Must catch every Legend.

49:24 Yes, I caught Zapdos.

Climmy: Yeah, I just threw a bunch of Pokeballs after Confusion damage and Thunder Wave. Cloyseter tanked amazingly with Leftovers and Withdraw. For some reason Zapdos’s only attack was Drill Peck. I think I’m going to take another vacation on the way to Cinnabar Island. Is Sabrina at her gym?
Dude: You... How are you so casual about this?
Climmy: I bet that’s how Team Rocket feels about everything I do. Smell ya later
Dude: Wait, before you go you need to see Silph Co.
Climmy: Okay?... *walks in* *jaw drops*
Dude: Yep.
Climmy: ...
Dude: So?
Climmy: They built the fountain!
Dude: Yep, to honor you and the spirit of trainers. Smell ya later.

When Climmy recovered from the shock enough to think he released his Pokemon so they could see the glorious fountain. Metaton was just like he was in the fountain in Undertale and Climmy was posed with one foot on the top of Metaton’s head and one on the face. On the statue he was holding two Pokeballs victoriously in the air with water coming out of them and his screaming mouth. Climmy didn’t understand why a serious business would even consider putting something like this in their lobby, no matter how much they owed him, but he loved it.

Dude is the only trainer I've been remotely afraid of that doesn't use Grass/Poison Types. I lead with Cloyster for Spikes then used Supersonic three times (the first two missed) and switched to Hypno for Poison gas. When Pidgeot was KOed Hypno and Cloyster had taken just over half damage. Gyrados was sent in next so I switched to Exeggutor and became nervous when Gryados used Dragon Rage. I used Leech Seed + Sleep Powder and managed to heal most of the damage Gyrados caused, even after another Dragon Rage and Bite.

With Charizard I stayed in to use Leech Seed because I was used to everything surviving at least one hit. Flamethrower KOed before Exeggutor got to do anything. X( I had to chose between a weakened Pokemon or a Fire Weakness and chose Venusaur for Leech Seed. Venusaur went first with Leech Seed then was blasted with... Scary Face? Okay, I guess that means he can't OHKO Venusaur? I took a gamble with Sleep Powder and it payed off when Charizard used Smoke Screen and I hit anyway. I switched to Hypno to be healed by Leech Seed and it payed off big time. Between Attract and Hypnosis, Charizard did nothing until he went down.

Dude's Exeggcute was a joke at best. It even helped by Paralyzing Hypno so she wouldn't be affected by Alakazam's Syncronize, which is his only way of defeating Hypno. Silph Co's Final boss was down.

I know you're thinking Giovanni is the real final boss, but he has a Nidorino that knows Poison Sting. That's forgivable. Giovanni also has a Nidoqueen that also knows Poison Sting. Finding that out made him the lamest team leader for me. Curb. Stomp. Battle. If you need details, Leech Seed + Sleep Powder fully healed Venusaur while the opponent was asleep. It took three Tail Whips to even do an amount of damage that I cared about with any Pokemon, and even then it was his last attack.

48:56 Giovanni was shown the amount of respect he deserves.

As a bonus, a I added a new rule to the challange.

6: Must catch every Legend.

49:24 Caught Zapdos.

I used a Dratini to Surf and it knew Thunder Wave so lead with it. Zapdos's only attack was Drill Peck, so after Dratini was KOed Cloyster was able to use Harden and Leftovers to not care about any damage. Supersonic took a while to get Zapdos down to red health, but after that it didn't take long.
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Hey this actually really cool. I remember playing FR and LG when I was a kid and loving them. To this day they are still my favorite main series games because every pokemon looked great spritewise and the story is just fantastic. Keep up the good work m8!
I don't know if it says more about me or the mobile game, but this thread has more views than Pokemon Quest's thread.

The Psychic Gym
The rest of Saffron City.

When Climmy entered Saffron Gym the greeting he got caught him off guard.

Sabrina: You can take your badge now or after the challenge.
Climmy: Don’t I have to beat you first?
Sabrina: I’ve had visions of your challenge and my visions always come true. You’ve already won, so take your prize.
Climmy: Really?
Sabrina: I’ve written out everything we do. Do you want to look over it?
Climmy: I don’t want to cheat, so I’m just going to take a picture to make sure you don’t change it. Prove it's real and bring it on.
Sabrina: First on the list is Kadabra and Exeggutor.
Climmy: Lucky guess... I think.

They sent out the two named Pokemon. Sabrina read off Calm Mind and as Climmy called for Leech Seed she read it too. Reflect and Sleep Powder were next followed by sleep, waste a turn with Reflect, sleep, Reflect, wake up Future Sight, Reflect, Future Sight, and Sleep Powder. Climmy was started to get weirded out and tried seeing what would happen if he told Exeggutor do what was read off. Everything read was what he would have done. He was too stunned about what was happening to focus on the battle until Kadabra went down. Not only did she know everything in advance, but she was doing things she knew wouldn’t work like Future Sight twice in a row. Why wouldn’t she stop herself from those mistakes if she knew in advance?

Venomoth As Climmy withdrew Exeggutor Sabrina read Cloyster and Supersonic miss. She even called the misses! The list went on. Spikes, Psybeam, Spikes, Psybeam, (Cloyster can’t take a third hit, better switch out.) Exeggutor, Psybeam, Leech Seed, Leach Life, (Wait, Leach Life is useful for once?) Reflect, Supersonic miss, Sleep Powder miss, Leach Life, Sleep Powder, sleep, Poison Powder, Leach Life, (Better to switch than to risk being KOed because of a Sleep Powder miss.) Hypno, Supersonic, confusion damage, Leech Life, Hypnosis, sleep. Venomoth was almost down from Leech Seed when Sabrina read off Hyper Potion. Climmy called for nothing but Flash until Venomoth woke up, at which point he called for Hypnosis. At the last second before Venomoth’s fall Climmy switched to Exeggutor. It was pretty safe between Venomoth sleeping and Flash. Climmy tempted fate and fate didn’t care. Exeggutor was back in unharmed.

(Mr. Mime, Leech Seed, Barrier) Climmy was over the shock of Sabrina’s list by now, but still didn’t get why she doing stuff like Barrier. Mr. Mime could barely do anything to Exeggutor and when it was down to its last bit of health Sabrina read Baton Pass, Alakazam. Climmy was cautious just in case Calm Mind boosted Psychic was as powerful as he thought and asked for Sleep Powder. He didn’t need Leech Seed again because Baton Pass passed it from Mr. Mime to Alakazam. By the time Alakazam woke up Climmy felt in the clear and Sabrina was reading Poison Powder. Alakazam fainted before Poison Powder connected.

Sabrina sent Mr. Mime back out and Climmy was ready to face it. Mr. Mime immediately fainted. Oh, he’d forgotten about Spikes.

50:48 Marsh Badge

Climmy: Let me check the list... You knew those moves were bad ideas, but you still did them? Why!
Sabrina: I don’t know.
Climmy: What!
Sabrina: Every time I tried to fight fate I failed, so I just go with whatever I see.
Climmy: This doesn’t make sense! You’re messing with me somehow, how could you even plan this?
Sabrina: I was messing with you, but not in a way I could plan. After Silph Co I knew I had to mess with you somehow and when you were on vacation I had a vision of using the vision I was seeing make you feel what you make everyone else feel.
Climmy: You... used a Time Paradox just to mess with me!
Sabrina: Yes. Your badge is in the fourth place you’ll look.
Climmy: You’re awesome.

There’s only so many times you can make Leech Seed + Sleep Powder interesting. Venomoth atleast made me switch to Hypno because Leach Life was somehow useful for once against Exeggutor, (Keep in mind, Leach Life had Power 20 until Gen 7.) but other than that nothing I did was that interesting.

When Mr. Mime used Barrier I realized something kind of funny. The AI was built around players that attack, so it was wasting turns waiting for me to do what it expected. I also found out the AI doesn't plan around entry hazards or your only offense being Leech Seed after Mr. Mime used Baton Pass to pass Leech Seed then was KOed when it was sent back in. Oops... :P

50:48 Marsh Badge

Sorry, I forgot to record the Levels of my Pokemon after this gym and the next one. X( I know there were around Level 42 though...

Venusaur - Docile (Netural)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Hypno - Jolly (+Spe -SpA)
Poison Gas

Cloyster - Calm (+SpD -Atk)

Exeggutor - Calm (+SpD -Atk)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder
I wonder how much time I would have saved by turning Battle animations off...

The Tap Dancer
Sea Foam Islands and Cinnabar Island

On his way to Cinnabar Island Climmy was explored the Sea Foam Island caverns. Every cave was big enough to make Climmy think a few buildings could fit in there and that a city could be built throughout them. In one room he could barely see the ceiling and couldn’t see the other sides of the room. He was admiring it when something swooped at him.

Climmy: I thought you’d be outside, but with how much room there is in here I can’t say I’m surprised you live in here.

Cloyster took on Articuno without much trouble. With Supersonic to lower its health, Leftovers to restore health, and a Quadruple Ice Resistance, Articuno was caught without too much trouble. It was a lot like catching Zapdos, except Climmy didn’t have Dratini’s Thunder Wave.

I know I wrote down the time I caught Articuno, but apparently I didn’t save my notes after writing it down... -_-

When Climmy was almost to the exit he saw someone he didn't expect.

Climmy: You!
Blane: What about me?
Climmy: You’re the guy that was tap dancing in Silph Co!
Blane: Ohoho, you saw that?
Climmy: The view from the security room was pretty good. What are you doing here?
Blane: I’m preparing a back up gym incase Cinnabar Volcano erupts. Would you like to challenge me?
Climmy: Oh yeah! Hypno, let’s dance!
Blane: Growlithe, show time!

Hypno lead with Poison Gas and Attract as Growlite unleashed two Fire Blasts. Flash and infatuation gave Hypno lots of time to recover with Leftovers before the third one. When Climmy thought Blane was going to use a Hyper Potion he switched to Cloyster. He guessed right and was rewarded with a free switch. Spikes was used as Growlithe used Fire Blast a fourth time dealing half of what Cloyster could take and burning him. Climmy knew Fire Blast could only be used five times, so he called for Protect and the last Fire Blast was blocked. Cloyster took a Take Down as he used Spikes again, but couldn’t endure another turn. Climmy smiled at the irony with a switch to Exeggutor. Growlithe could only use Take Down as Exeggutor set up Leech Seed and Reflect.

Ponyta was sent in looking for an easy KO only to be put to sleep with Sleep Powder and infested with Leech Seed. Climmy then sent Hypno back in to use Attract, Poison Gas, and Flash. Between the infatuation and the low Accuracy, Ponyta only hit with Fire Blast once before going down. Arcanine was Blane’s third Pokemon and another to easily fall to Attract, Poison Gas, and Flash, but he did do better than Ponyta by getting in two Fire Blasts.

Rapidash proved to be more of a challenge. Attaract bought one free turn, but when Hypno was trying to use Poison Gas she was hit hard with two Fire Blasts, the second of which burned Hypno. Climmy knew there was no good option because everyone was ether nearly KOed or weak to Fire, so he let Hypno stay in to use Poison Gas again. Rapidash was finally poisoned... and infatuated judging by the nuzzling... Climmy called for Flash twice and Rapidash was making Hypno uncomfortable with his heat and nuzzling. Hypno was now almost at her limit, so Climmy called her back to summon Exeggutor. Fire Blast missed twice as Exeggutor used Leech Seed and then was hurt a lot when Fire Blast hit. He took it better than expected, but clearly couldn’t take another. Climmy was getting nervous, but then there was a thud as Rapidash fainted.

Blane: A wonderful performance, but I’m afraid the show is over. Oh, how I wish for an encore.
Climmy: Thanks, I agree that we should dance again some time.
Blane: Perhaps, but for now, your trophy, the Volcano Badge.

57:26 Volcano Badge

Climmy: But seriously, could teach me to tap dance? It'd be really fun to use to mess with Team Rocket.

Articuno was a lot like Zapdos. Weaken with Confusion and tank Ice Beams with Cloyster holding Leftovers. I didn't have Dratini for Thunder Wave because it can't learn Strength until it's fully evolved, but that didn't matter much.

With Blane I lead with Hypno who used Poison Gas. Attract, Flash, and Leftovers let her take three Fire Blasts from Growlithe and when Blane was going to use a Hyper Potion I switched to Cloyster. The fourth Fire Blast did half his health and burned, but the fifth Fire Blast was blocked with Protect. I got two layes of Spikes up before switching to Exeggutor. Fire Blast only has 5 PP, so there was nothing to worry about as I used Leech Seed and Reflect.

I used Sleep Powder then Leech Seed on Ponyta before switching to Hypno. With Attract and Flash she only took one Fire Blast before Ponyta went down and Arcanine hit with two Fire Blasts before going down in to Poison Gas.

Attract was used first against Rapidash and when Poison Gas missed twice Hypno was Burned and nearly KOed. Considering my other Pokemon were two Grass Types and an almost KOed Cloyster I stayed in to use Poison Gas, which hit, and two Flashes. Hypno was still alive, but couldn't take any more, so I switched to Exeggutor. Fire Blast Missed twice and I got to use Leech Seed. Rapidash had one turn left and hit with Fire Balst which only dealt 2/3 of Exeggutor's health.

I know I wrote down the time I caught Articuno, but apparently I didn’t save my notes after writing it down... -_-
~53:00 Articuno Caught
57:26 Volcano Badge

I forgot to record the Levels of my Pokemon two Gyms in a row, but I know their Levels ranged from 47 to 49 with Cloyster being the only 47. The good news is I remembered to record the Levels for Giovanni. The move sets are the same, but I still listed them becasue why not and Copy/Paste is easy.

Venusaur - Docile (Netural)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Hypno - Jolly (+Spe -SpA)
Poison Gas

Cloyster - Calm (+SpD -Atk)

Exeggutor - Calm (+SpD -Atk)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder
It's pretty easy to guess the moment I went from planning letting Giovanni have an honorable loss for his final battle to making a joke out of him. There are some things they should not be fateful to the original games about, like knowing that move.

The Viridian Gym Leader
Viridian City

Climmy had reliable information about who the last gym leader is, very reliable, as in “I’m so scared of you I’m going to scream all my boss’s secrets so you don’t kill me” reliable. The source was so depressing that Climmy told him to use the elevator to get out. Climmy had called the Pokemon League about it and arranged an agreement about what to do about it. Now that the gym was open again, Climmy slipped on his new shoes and announced his presence with a dance. No. This feels wrong, there needs to be dancing music! Ooh, Asgore seems like a good song for tap dancing.

Giovanni: You’ve ended Team Rocket. Why are you still torturing me?
Climmy: Because it’s fun and I hate you mah man dude!
Giovanni: *death glare*
Climmy: You’re a crime boss that chooses to hire idiots that are violent as they are dumb, how can I not hate you?
Giovanni: They’re not dumb, they’re obedient.
Climmy: You told them to punch me in the face? That’s why I kept on exculpating things!
Giovanni: I know, Team Rocket was incompetent if they couldn’t beat up a kid like you.
Climmy: what... What? Hahahahahaha! Oh, I was worried I might have planned overkill tonight, but screw you. You deserve it. Hahaha! This is going to be fun! No more mind games, I don’t need them to get under your skin anymore. I’m just going to be very honest about how I’m feeling. For example, I know you’re going to hold nothing back, but I still feel like this is going to be very easy for me.

Giovanni: RHYHORN! KILL!
Climmy: Cloyster, let’s humiliate this pathetic thing again. Spikes.
Giovanni: Earthquake!
Climmy: Oh, you really are holding nothing back this time. Why did you hold back at Silph?

Climmy called for a second layer of Spikes and mocked Giovanni for using and missing with Scary Face. Climmy thought he should be a little worried about Earthquake, so he asked for Supersonic. It took two tries to work, but Giovanni ordered Scary Face again twice. Rhyhorn snapped out of confusion and used Scary Face again while Cloyster was laying down the last layer of Spikes. It took three Scary Faces for Rhyhorn to outspeed Cloyster and it wasn’t even going to matter after Supersonic. Cloyster took an Earthquake before switching out for Exeggutor. Leech Seed missed the first time, but Rhyhorn hit itself twice in confusion then went back to Scary Face when faced with Poison Powder. Climmy realized Giovanni was going for three Scary Faces before attacking, so Climmy waited for the second one before stitching to Cloyster. Giovanni even stupid enough to waste a Hyper Potion on the Pokemon that would do nothing while Climmy waited. With Cloyster, Climmy let the third Scary Face affect him then used Protect for the coming Earthquake. Giovanni demanded Rhyhorn to get up after that, but it was down and out.

“Rhyhorn, Kill!” Climmy rose an eyebrow and did a slow clap to applaud Giovanni’s variety of Pokemon. Needless to say, it was a very sarcastic slow clap, more like lazily slapping his hands together than clapping. Supersonic took two tries again and Giovanni impressed Climmy by using Earthquake twice. With Rhyhorn confused it was Exeggutor’s turn again. He didn’t care about Earthquake or Take Down as he used Leech Seed and Sleep Powder. The first Sleep Powder missed, but Rhyhorn’s confusion kicked in for a free second try. No matter how much Giovanni screamed, Rhyhorn wouldn’t get up. Climmy told him that screaming is bad for the throat.

“Nidoqueen, Kill!” Climmy laughed, “Does she still know Poison Sting?” (After this battle I checked. She does.) Giovanni yelled an order that went unheard because of Sleep Powder. Climmy smiled as Exeggutor used Leech Seed and gave Cloyster his next turn. Supersonic was used just in time for Nidoqueen to wake up and hit herself. Protect was used just in case, but Nidoqueen’s confusion went on. Giovanni used another Hyper Potion as Cloyster used Withdraw. Earthquake was blocked by Protect, then did so little after another Withdraw that it was instantly healed with Leech Seed and Leftovers. Giovanni didn’t like Climmy laughing about that. From there until Nidoqueen’s fall Cloyster had fun with Supersonic and Withdraw.

“Nidoking, Kill!” Climmy told Giovanni he was getting bored of the attempted murder. Climmy went for the slow drawn out KO with Supersonic. Earthquake did nothing that Leftovers couldn’t heal and Climmy started calling for lunch. There was an Italian Restaurant in Viridian too! When Nidoking couldn’t use Earthquake Climmy started paying attention again just to see what Giovanni had. Double Kick? Forgivable, but stupid when his base was in the same city as the department store that sells Brick Break TMs. Confusion Damage? An oldie but goodie. Double Kick again and... no. Just no. REALLY! “I know I said no psychological stuff, but if you’re going all out and STILL using Poison Sting then I’m playing Dogsong. Mah. Man. Dude.” Climmy pulled up the song on his phone with one hand while flipping the bird with the other. Giovanni was pissed off and demanded... Poison Sting... Cloyster was already poisoned from the first Poison Sting... When Cloyster couldn’t use Supersonic Climmy thought Nidoking wouldn’t go down before he had to switch out Cloyster, but then Nidoking used Thrash, and Climmy grinned. “Your funeral mah man dude!” With self inflicted confusion Climmy thought he wouldn’t have to switch before Nidoking fell and with one last confusion hit Nidoking was... barely standing. How was he still standing? Climmy sighed and switched to Venusaur. He could just finish it with Leech Seed, but Climmy would rather do something more insulting, Roar. “Dugtrio, Kill!” Spikes dug into Dugtrio and Climmy casually said Roar. Nidoking landed on the battlefield hard, knocked out hard. “You know, if you just surrendered you wouldn’t have had to KO your own Pokemon. Now bring out Dugtrio.” To say Giovanni was not happy is to make an understatement. The battle ended after Leech Seed, Poison Powder, and a turn of gloating at Giovanni.

62:59 Earth Badge

Climmy: Stay. I’ll be back right after healing my Pokemon.
Giovanni: What makes you think you can boss me around?
Climmy: Yo boi Clim-may is a unstoppable force that Does. What. He. Wants. Are you willing to risk what might happen if someone he hates tries to run? Mah. Man. Dude.

Giovanni glared as Climmy left. Giovanni stayed and Climmy returned. Giovanni was speechless with rage and the silence broke when a challenger came.

Dude: Giovanni? What are you doing here?
Giovanni: I am the gym leader of-
Climmy: No.
Giovanni: Excuse me?
Climmy: I said no. Dude, record this is your phone.
Dude: *grins* All right.
Climmy: Dude, for your final badge would you like to challenge someone who has proven themselves to be a worthy challenge, or a failed crime boss who still uses Poison Sting?
Giovanni: This is about Poison Sting! You’re such a petty child!
Dude: He may be petty, but he has a point. I accept your challenge, Gym Leader Climmy.
Giovanni: I can’t believe your stupidity. You are not a gym leader! You do not make the calls here!
Climmy: Actually, I do.
Giovanni: WHAT!
Climmy: When I found out who was in charge here I called the heads of the Pokemon League and they said they’d grant me permission to take over this Gym if I could defeat you, and now selfie time with the Earth Badge. Let’s send that to the Pokemon League.
Dude: Are you serious!
Climmy: Oh, my phone’s ringing. When I get off I’ll officially be the placeholder Leader of Viridian Gym. Giovanni, you now know the pain and suffering you’ve caused. You are dismissed.

Giovanni with his face wet with tears screamed his throat raw and charged at the kid that had destroyed his life. Climmy’s adrenalin rushed as he jumped out of the way. He was readying Venusaur’s Pokeball for Sleep Powder, but Giovanni was frozen mid rush glowing with psychic energy. Dude thanked his Alakazam, stomped right up to the frozen thing’s face and screamed, “You do not hurt Climmy!” Dude wanted to do so much more than restrain the thing in front of him, but out of respect to Climmy, he just had Alakazam teleport it to the Police Station. Dude said he needed time to calm down and that he was going home, then with a smile, “Smell ya later.”

That night Climmy decided to go home too. After all, it’s just one town over. The next morning when Climmy returned to the gym Dude was waiting for him. Climmy said considering the history of the gym he thought he should play battle music. Dude grinned at the idea and nodded. Climmy had never gotten a final boss from Team Rocket, but Dude was close enough, and after all, this was Dude’s Final Boss before the Pokemon League. When Climmy picked Megalovania Dude said perfect.

For their final boss battle they sent out Hypno and Pidgeot. Climmy lead with Hypnosis preventing Pidgeot from doing anything and let Hypno try out a new toy, Nightmare. It was an anticlimactic debut with Pidgeot waking up immediately to use Wing Attack. It took three tries to put Pidgeot to sleep again and Climmy tried something else this time, Double Team. Hypno’s other new move was used three times before Pidgeot woke up and used Wing Attack, but missed. Hypnosis gave Pidgeot another nap. With Nightmare, it wasn’t a nice nap, but I gave Hypno two more uses of Double Team. Pidgeot woke up with Wing Attack which hit and Climmy wanted to see what would happen if he used Swagger. After Leftovers and Double Team there wasn’t much risk. Wing Attack missed, but when Hypno went for a sixth Double Team it hit. When going for Hypnosis both Pokemon missed, but Hypno succeeded the second time then used Nightmare. Hypno watched as Pidgeot suffered a turn, but was caught by a Wing Attack when he woke up. Climmy tried Swagger again and Wing Attack missed again. Now it was night night time for Pidgeot again with more bad dreams. He was KOed before he could wake up.

Dude’s second Pokemon was Rhyhorn. When going for Hypnosis the first one missed and Hypno took a Take Down easily. The second Hypnosis put Rhyhorn to Sleep for Nightmare and while he was sleeping Climmy thought Swagger was a good idea. Rhyhorn took a lot of damage from Nightmare before he woke up to use Take Down, which missed. Climmy took a chance with confusion and it paid off immeditly when Rhyhorn KOed itself.

Climmy saw no risk with using Swagger against Exeggcute, so he asked Hypno to used it three times in a row. Maxumim Attack, Maxumim Damage... Sometimes even status moves feel kind of violent. Exeggcute manages to paralyze Hypno with Stun Spore, but Solar Beam ether missed or was interrupted by Confusion. Gyardos also didn’t get to attack between Sleep and his confusion.

Charizard is when things started getting challenging. A critical hit Slash dealt a lot of damage before Hypno could use Hypnosis. After a turn of Nightmare Charizard woke up and blasted Hypno with Flamethrower before she could put him to sleep again. Charizard slept enough for Hypno to use Nightmare and Swagger this time, but woke up again with a Wing Attack that barely left Hypno Standing. Climmy held his breath hoping that the next Wing Attack would miss while Hypno used Hypnosis. Charizard slept again and was KOed by Nightmare.

Dude’s final Pokemon, Alakazam, had Swagger used against it and nearly KOed itself in two hits before being finished off by Nightmare.

Dude: You just 6-0ed me with one Pokemon... You’re Sans...That music, that brutal beat down, you are Sans.
Climmy: I’m an impossible final boss that stops the violent. I guess I am Sans, but you’re the only trainer that made me work for my victory. I feel like that’s enough to give you the Earth Badge.
Dude: You don’t have to.
Climmy: You would have beat the last guy and I’m so much more than he could ever be, so it wasn’t exactly fair.
Dude: You’re not taking no for an answer.
Climmy: Take it, I’m the gym leader and I feel like you earned it. The only rule with handing out badges is you don’t have a choice if you lose.
Dude: Thanks. Can’t wait for the rematch.

Giovanni's first Rhyhorn loked good at first because of a first turn Earthquake, but was pretty pathetic due to going for Scary Face three times before attacking. Cloyster got up Spikes easily and after that I switched to Exeggutor for Leech Seed. After the second Scary Face I switched back to Cloyster so he'd wast more time with Scary Face. I let the third Scary Face happen against Cloyster because I could Protect for one Earthquake, which is what there was before he went down. At some point he even wasted a Hyper Potion on the Pokemon he didn't attack with... noob.

I hit the second Rhyhorn with Supersonic to make swithcing to Exeggutor less risky, then Rhyhorn went down really easily to Leech Seed and Sleep Powder. Nidoqueen made me worry about a possible Sludge Bomb, so I used Sleep Powder before Leech Seed then switched to Cloyseter. With Leftovers and Leech Seed he healed every Earthquake he took and set up Withdraw to make his next Pokemon deal no damage.

Nidoking is when things got interesting. Part way trying to see if I could KO Nidoking with Supersonic I realized I had gotten into charater with tormenting Giovanni. I could have switched to Exeggutor, but no, I wanted to see what Nidoking had after Earthquake. The moves were Double Kick, Thrash, and... Really? Poison Sting? and it poisoned? After Supersonic ran out of PP I let Nidoking confuse himself with Thrash and I thought he was going to KO himself, but he lived with a sliver of health left. Cloyster couldn't take any more so I switched to Venusasur to use Roar.

I can't remember what Dugtrio did, but it was probably pathetic. I started with Roar to KO Nidoking with Spikes and bring Dugtrio down to half health then Leech Seed, Poison Powder, and one more turn was all that was needed.

Dude was less interesting, but more impressive. With Leftovers and a move set of Hypnosis, Nightmare, Swagger, and Double Team Hypno 6-0ed Dude by herself. A 66% dodge rate with moves that prevent the opponent from attacking is really mean.

62:59 Earth Badge

Venusaur - Level 50 - Docile (Netural)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Hypno - Level 50 - Jolly (+Spe -SpA)
Double Team

This moveset was actually changed to this after Giovanni, but she wasn’t used in that battle, so I feel okay posting the battle after move set. Judging by the last two moves, I’m a horrible person.

Cloyster - Level 48 - Calm (+SpD -Atk)

Withdraw’s getting replaced by Hail when I get it.

Exeggutor - Level 50 - Calm (+SpD -Atk)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Muk - Level 43 - Quiet (+SpA -Spe)
Poison Gas
Acid Armor

He’s been holding the Exp Share since I caught him.

Between writing slow, the next update being a really long one, and liking the idea of leaving you waiting for the finale, I'm going to wait two or three days before the Elite Four update instead of doing it tomorrow.
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The Elite Four. Enjoy.

After a week as gym leader Climmy was restless and knew he had to reach for higher heights and set his eyes on the Pokemon League. He called Koga’s daughter to offer her the role as a placeholder gym leader and set off to pass through Victory Road. Many trainers challenged him and many trainers lost as Climmy made his way to the Pokemon League. Eventually, he made it and when he did, tickets for his challenge instantly sold out.

On the night before Climmy would take on the Elite Four he watched the sun set reflecting on how far he’s come. From the beginning waiting for Kakuna to use Struggle and suffering against Grass Types to Siege of Saffron and capture of legends. After enough success with them, even impossible dreams of madness can feel mundane.

Time going in 74:25

The sun rose the stadium where Climmy’s final challenge would take place. The stands were packed with people excitedly waiting to see the living legend take on Kanto’s most powerful trainers and erupted with cheering as Lorelei of the Elite Four took her place on the battlefield. Lorelei lived for days like these. “Are you ready to see me take on our latest challenger?” The crowd roared with excitement. “Then let’s do this! Presenting, the man, the myth, the legend, CLIMMY! The crowd became deafening as they saw him enter the arena.

Climmy vs Lorelei

Climmy’s first opponent started with Dewgong and Climmy lead with Venusaur for Leech Seed. While Venusaur used Leech Seed Dewgong used Hail. Climmy may be stupid enough to lead with a Grass Type against an Ice Specialist, but he wasn’t stupid enough to keep it in when Ice Beam was coming. He switched out Venusaur for Cloyster and took next to no damage from the incoming Ice Beam. What was dealt by Ice Beam was healed with Leech Seed and Leftovers immediately, but the same could not be said about the two Surfs he took while setting up Spikes.

Climmy really wanted to not use Power Points so he switched to Venusaur to take Surf then back to Cloyster to take Ice Beam and repeated until Dewgong went down.

Venusaur was out when Lorelei’s summoned her second Pokemon, Slowbro. Climmy asked for Sleep Powder and Leech Seed then switched between Cloyster and Venusaur again. This time Cloyster had the honors of seeing Slowbro faint.

Lorelei sent out her Cloyster who blocked a Supersonic with Protect, but was affected by the second one while setting up a layer of Spikes. Without risk free switching Climmy needed someone who could take out a team by themselves, Hypno. Confusion and Spikes caused just enough damage for Nightmare to take down Lorelei’s Cloyster down without it waking up.

Lapras was ready to turn the tide of the battle. Hypno did the usual Hypnosis Nightmare Swagger and even got off a Double Team then tried Hypnosis again after Lapras woke up with a Confuse Ray that missed. Hypnosis failed and Lapras’s confusion kicked in making Lorelei use a Full Restore. Hypnosis failed twice more and Lapras show that she had had enough of Hypno with a Paralyzing Body Slam. Seeing through the illusion of Double Team she Body Slammed Hypno again who was still failing to put Lapras back to sleep. A third Body Slam ended what remained of Hypno’s resistance. With a heavy heart, Climmy called back his KOed friend.

Climmy sent out his latest ally, Muk. Lapras used Confuse Ray to make Muk hit himself and show that she was on the warpath with Body Slam. As Muk’s Poison Gas missed, Climmy thought that in hindsight using Swagger on Lapras wasn’t worth it. Muk didn’t look like he was going to endure another Body Slam, but Climmy had to risk trying Poison Gas again. Amazingly Muk endured with what seemed like pure will power, was Paralyzed, and still managed to Poison Lapras. Now that there was no reason to keep Muk in battle, Climmy told Muk he was impressed and that he didn’t have to take any more from Lorelei. Climmy switched to Cloyster who took an Ice Beam without noticing. Lapras unleashed Body Slam after Body Slam dealing a disturbing amount of damage with each despite Cloyster’s physical defense bordering an immortality and Supersonic failed to stop any of it. Cloyster only endured until Lapras’s Poison ended her rampage because of Protect, and even then, one more Body Slam would have finished it.

Lorelei was down to Jynx, who couldn’t do much, but wouldn’t go down without a fight. Ice Punch did more damage than Leftovers would heal, but with Supersonic and Protect Cloyster defiantly refused to be defeated. After Jynx couldn’t use Ice Punch anymore and had used Double Slap a few times Cloyster finally reached the point where he could be KOed. Exeggutor was chosen to finish the job but was put to sleep with Lovely Kiss before he could act. Attract made Climmy think this may take awhile, but Exeggutor woke up and used Leech Seed. With that everyone knew that Climmy had won the crowd cheered for his first win against the Elite Four.

In the challenger’s waiting room Climmy was resting on an impressive sofa with a frame of solid steel sculpted into the shapes of Pokemon and seats that felt like layers of mattresses and cushions. His Pokemon had been fully recovered from the first challenge for a while, so he didn’t know what was taking so long with the next one. It was noon, so it has to start soon. Climmy was startled when the sofa was lifted into the air and stared moving toward the arena. Throughout that stadium Lorelei’s voice boomed, “Presenting, the second of the Elite Four, Bruno!” When the couch was dramatically dropped onto the challenger’s place Climmy realized three things. That the seats really were layers of mattresses and cushions, he was very jealous of Bruno’s abs, and he wasn’t just a challenger, he was a show, and the Pokemon League had gone all out.

Climmy vs Bruno

The man of a thousand abs started with what was probably one of his weights, an Onix. Climmy knew size wasn’t everything, so he had Exeggutor use Leech Seed then switch out for Muk. With Leftovers and just one Acid Armor, not even Earthquake did enough damage to make Climmy care. Roar, on the other hand, annoyed Climmy. Venusaur was forced in, and Bruno used a Full Restore right before Venusaur’s Sleep Powder. Climmy switched back to Muk who prepared with Minimize until Onix woke up to use Roar. Roar missed and there was a massive thud as Onix fell.

Muk was nearly unstoppable with Poison Gas, Minimize, and Acid Armor. Bruno’s second Onix, Hitmonchan, and Hitmonlee all failed to do anything to Muk, but Machamp with a Bulk Up managed to score a Critical Hit with his last Cross Chop to OHKO Muk, but by that time it was too late. Exeggutor used Leech Seed even though it wasn’t necessary and Machamp went down too.

When the cheering died down Bruno lifted the sofa over his head again to return Climmy to the waiting room.

As Climmy came out for round three he saw a little old lady walk onto stage. He could tell even from a distance that she didn’t care about the showmanship going on and just wants to fight. This was clearly someone you don’t want to call a little old lady.

Climmy vs Agatha

The challenge stared with Venusaur vs Gengar. Despite Gengar’s speed Venusaur was faster and didn’t let Gengar do anything before Sleep Powder. Venusaur then used Leech Seed before retreating for Hypno to use Nightmare. The nightmare failed to do anything before Gengar woke up to use Double Team. Climmy didn’t want Hypno to take too many Ghost Type moves, do he switched to Venusaur, who took a Shadow Punch to the face, to use Sleep Powder again. Now it was time for Hypno to use Nightmare again. The Nightmare did nothing again with Gengar waking up for Confuse Ray. A Full Restore was used as Climmy switched back to Venusaur. Leech Seed was still draining Gengar’s health, so Climmy decided to see how good Muk could take a hit. When Muk was sent out he didn’t take too much from Shadow Punch, but Climmy didn’t want to waste Power Points, so he called out Venusaur again. Sleep Powder put Gengar to sleep again and Climmy decided to try Hypno’s Nightmare again. This time it finally did something. Gengar was going down very soon, so Climmy switch to Venusaur again to prepare Leech Seed for the next Pokemon.

Golbat was a bad thing to see, but Climmy still went for Leech Seed instead of switching. Golbat retaliated with a Critical Hit Air Cutter. Seeing how much it hurt Venusaur made Climmy call for Sleep Powder. Now that he was calmed down he asked for Synthesis, which with two turns of Leech Seed healed everything the Air Cutter dealt. Muk was switched in to take the rest of what Golbat could throw at Climmy. Confuses Ray prevent Muk from using more than one Acid Armor and with Air Cutter. Leftovers and Leech Seed didn’t allow much damage to stick, but Muk still had more than Climmy would have liked. When Climmy thought Golbat was about to go down he switched back to Venusaur again. Turns out Climmy guessed a little early, but that wasn’t a problem with Sleep Powder.

Agatha was starting to get annoyed when she sent in Haunter. Climmy asked for the move he always asks for first, Leech Seed, and Haunter used what Climmy considered the ultimate status move, Curse. Climmy called back Venusaur to send out Cloyster, just in time for Mean Look. Agatha was not amused, but she got the last laugh against Cloyster when Haunter used Hypnosis and attacked with Dream Eater three times for the KO before Cloyster could wake up. Hypno took ironic vengeance with Hypnosis and Nightmare before Haunter could act.

Arbok tried to intimidate Hypno with its belly pattern only to be put to sleep with Hypnosis, tormented with Nightmare, and infested with Leech Seed after a switch to Venusaur. Agatha sighed as she used a Full Restore. Climmy switched to Muk who started using Acid Armor to take next to nothing from Arbok’s attacks right until the last moment when Climmy resummoned Venusaur to face the last Pokemon.

Agatha was annoyed when she sent in Gengar. To Climmy’s surprise this one outspeed Venusaur managing to use Hypnosis before Venusuar could use Leech Seed. Fortunately, Hypnosis missed allowing Leech Seed to affect Gengar. When Climmy called for Sleep Powder Gengar’s second Hypnosis put Venusaur to sleep first. Climmy returned Venusaur for Hypno who was blasted with Sludge Bomb. Both trainers called for Hypnosis. Gengar’s Hypnosis would have worked if it weren’t for Hypno’s Insomnia, but no ability prevented Hypno’s Hypnosis from working. Climmy thought that evasion would be more important than a quick KO from Nightmare, so he asked Hypno to use Double Team. After two Double Teams Gengar hit with a nasty Shadow Ball and Hypno tried to put Gengar back to sleep, but was nearly KOed by another Shadow Ball in the attempt. If it weren’t for Leech Seed and Leftovers, Hypno would have been KOed. Hypno managed to put Gengar to sleep before a third Shadow Ball could connect and Gengar soon went down. The audience started chanting Climmy’s name and it felt good.

The sun was setting when the last of the Elite Four had to face Climmy, but to his confusion, no one was there. After a moment a Dragonite dove out of the sky like a meteor and the last opponent jumped off of its back onto his place on the battlefield with a perfect super hero landing. If this guy was as good at fighting as he is at showmanship, then this was going to be a good challenge.

Climmy vs Drake

Drake’s Gyrados entered the battlefield with a massive roar while Venusaur acted cheerful and friendly. As always, Venusaur started with Leech Seed which healed off Gyrados’s first attack, Bite. Venusaur then went for Sleep Powder, but missed as Gyrados unleashed Dragon Rage. Another Dragon Rage went off after Sleep Powder missed. Climmy asked Venusaur, “If this is all he’s doing, do we care about preventing damage?” Poison Powder was used this time as another Dragon Rage blasted Venusaur. Thinking they were safe, Climmy asked for another Poison Powder just to pass the time, then Gyrados released the pure power of Hyper Beam. Amazingly Venusaur endured it and even shrugged it off after Synthesis. Unable to do anything from the recoil of Hyper Beam, Gyrados stood still until the thud caused by his collapse.

Drake’s Aerodactyl came out of its Pokeball charging with Wing Attack. Venusaur was able to make Sleep Powder work this time then used Leech Seed and Synthesis before being called back. Muk was summoned to face the prehistoric beast with Acid Armor. When Aerodactyl woke up he struck with a Critical Hit Ancient Power. Even without Leftovers or Leech Seed another Critical Hit wouldn’t have resulted in a 2HKO. Muk started with Minimize when he was blasted with Hyper Beam to his mild annoyance. Muk then used Poison Gas after Drake used a Full Restore and continued to use Minimize until Aerodactyl fell.

Dragonite’s time had come. Both his Outrage and Muk’s Poison Gas Missed, but Outrage’s miss was a blessing in disguise for Dragonite. It allowed him to block the next Poison Gas with Safeguard. While Climmy waited for Safeguard to wear out, Dragonite started Outrage again landing one blow before confusion that caused him to hurt himself twice. When Safeguard ended Muk was ready with Poison Gas and then it was a game of outlasting the opponent. With three blows from Outrage, the third being a Critical Hit, Dragonite almost outlasted Muk.

When Drake sent in Dragonair, he immediately finished what Dragonite couldn’t with the beginning of Outrage. Venusaur was sent in for Leech Seed and Poison Powder. Two more strikes from Outrage was almost enough to make Climmy want Synthesis, but he decided to wait to see if it could be used more efficiently. Safeguard and one instance Dragonair’s Confusion gave Leech Seed enough time to mostly heal Venusaur. Climmy switched to Exeggutor as Drake used a Full Restore, tried Sleep Powder forgetting about Safeguard and was “rewarded” with Outrage, then back to Venusaur. Safeguard had worn off letting Venusaur go for Poison Powder, but it was immediately healed by Shed Skin. Venusaur tried Poison Powder again, but missed allowing Dragonair to use Safeguard. Climmy decided to call back Venusaur to try something different. Hypno was summoned for Swagger to boost the confusion that was already being inflicted by Outrage and it paid off instantly with Dragonair KOing itself.

Lance’s final Pokemon was another Dragonair. Climmy switched to Venusaur for Leech Seed, but was Paralyzed by Thunder Wave. Dragonair went with Outrage wile Venusaur used Leech Seed and Poison Powder, the latter of which did nothing because of Shed Skin. Another attempt at Poison Powder was blocked by Safeguard, so Climmy switched back to Hypno for Swagger again and again Dragonair KOed itself in confusion. The audience became deafening at Climmy’s victory against the last of the Elite Four.

Now, only the Champion remains.

The story has more detailed battles and no dialog, so even if you're just here for the battles, then I'd say check out the story.


Her first two Pokemon went down without much if any trouble with Leech Seed ans switching between Venusaur and Cloyster to tank Surf and Ice Beam respectively, but when her Cloyster put up a layer of Spikes I had to change strategy. I went with Hypno for Nightmare to take down Cloyster.

I was not expecting Body Slam from Lapras, so I used Swagger after Nightmare. This backfired when Lapras KOed Hypno with boosted Body Slams. I needed to poison Lapras baddly, so I sent in Muk. Before he could use Poison Gas he was hit with Confuse Ray, himself because of Confuse Ray, and Two Body Slams before he could use Poison Gas. Muk survived at 2 HP and was Paralyzed and managed to poison Lapras. I then switched to Cloyster to stall out Lapras which worked, but also nearly got Cloyster KOed.

The last Pokemon was Jynx and I refused to let Cloyster leave without a fight. Ice Punch was dealing more than Leftovers could restore, but between Protect and Supersonic I was able to stall out Ice Punch's PP. To my disapointment, I had to switch to Exeggutor for Leech Seed at the end to stop Cloyster from going down.


Onix knows Earthquake, but has Base 45 Attack. Muk was able to set up Acid Armor and Minimize then stall with Poison Gas. The End. (Well, Machamp OHKOed with a Critical +1 Cross Chop, but everything else went down pathetically.)


The first Pokemon, Gengar, was taken down with Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, switch to Hypno, use Nightmare only for Gengar to immediately wake up, switch back to Venusaur, and repeat. Golbat was Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Synthesis, switch to Muk who takes nothing then switch back to Venusaur right before the opponent goes down.

Haunter was the first threatening Pokemon. It used Curse as I used Leech Seed, so I switched to Cloyster. Turns out that wasn't a good choice. Mean Look, Hypnosis and three Dream Eaters KOed Cloyster, but Hypno was able to take revenge with Hypnosis and Nightmare.

The fourth, Arbok, was put to sleep and put in a Nightmare before I switched to Venusaur for Leech Seed. I then switched to Muk to tank everything and switched back to Venusaur right before Arbok went down.

The second Gengar was faster than Venusuar, but missed with Hypnosis while I used Leech Seed. Hypnosis hit the second time, so I switched to Hypno and put Gengar to sleep then used Double Team because I thought evasion was needed more than a quick KO. When Gengar woke up it nearly 2HKOed Hypno, but was put back to sleep before the third hit.


Gyrados did nothing until Hyper Beam which was shrugged off with Synthesis and Aerodactyl was put to sleep then Shrugged off with Synthesis before I switched to Muk who took nothing. Muk was nearly KOed by Dragonite, but finished off with the first Dragonair. For the two Dragonair I used Leech Seed with Venusuar then switched to Hypno to boost confusion damage with Swagger.

Venusaur - Level 55 - Docile (Neutral)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

You’d expect me to use Poison Powder a lot, but Sleep Powder is far more useful because it gives you time to heal and/or switch.

Hypno - Level 55 - Jolly (+Spe -SpA)
Double Team

Hypno’s entire move set is like gambling. Hypnosis and Nightmare have love accuracy and a reliance on the opponent staying asleep respectively, but they work on everything. With Leftovers, Double Team, and Hypnosis she like a set up sweeper because she usually heals what she takes before taking more. Swagger is a massive gamble, but unlike Poison Gas it doesn’t stop Nightmare.

Cloyster - Level 55 - Calm (+SpD -Atk)

Hail sucks and Confusion is unreliable, but Spikes alone makes him worth it. My Leftovers are usually held by Hypno and Muk, but when I need Cloyster’s resistances or massive Defense stat, he can have a snack.

Exeggutor - Level 55 - Calm (+SpD -Atk)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Leech Seed is so good that I’ll gladly take the weaknesses that come with two Grass Types. I meant to replace Reflect with Substitute, but who cares?

Muk - Level 55 - Quiet (+SpA -Spe)
Poison Gas
Acid Armor

I wasn’t planning ahead when I caught Muk, but he made Bruno easier than he usually is a really nice Tank. I should teach him Rest. Won’t use a Chesto Berry though, Leftovers is too good.
The Final Battle
The Champion Battle

The moon has risen and the final challenge was about to begin. Climmy stood at the challenger’s spot waiting to see the Champion. “Presenting, grandchild of Professor Oak and Champion of Kanto, Daisy!” Climmy wasn’t expecting Dude’s sister to be the latest champion. Dude’s sister wearing a simple but beautiful white dress and carrying what looked like a log when she emerged from the champion’s gateway. When she reached the champion’s place of honor, she placed down the apparent log and pushed it back to the gateway to have it unroll into a red carpet. She bowed as Dude confidently strolled down the carpet onto the battlefield. Dude remarked, “I guess you know why I kept my name secret and got a restraining order against my parents.” what... “Yeah, they named both their kids Daisy.”

Climmy vs Dude

The final battle started with Venusaur and Pidgeot. The oldie but goodie Sleep Powder and Leech Seed were the first moves. After that Climmy switched to Hypno to set up Double Team only for Pidgeot to wake up with Sand Attack. Climmy knew that it was better to set up latter than to set up with an accuracy drop, so he switched to Cloyster. Everything Aerial Ace did was healed by Leech Seed, so Climmy asked for Hail once and Supersonic until it worked. Dude used a Full Restore then Supersonic worked right before Pidgeot went down to Leech Seed.

The Champion’s second Pokemon of the battle was Rhydon. Cloyster used a successful Supersonic then set up three layers of Spikes, Hail, and another Supersonic. Rhydon’s barrage of Take Downs and Earthquake during Cloyster’s set up was starting to make Climmy with he had Cloyster hold Leftovers for this battle instead of Muk. When the set up was done Cloyseter was nearly KOed, so Climmy called her back for Exeggutor to use the classic Sleep Powder Leech Seed combo and Rhydon fell before waking up.

Dude released Gyrados to deal with Exeggutor with Bite. Exeggutor flinched then flinched again at another Bite, but Dude made the mistake of Dragon Rage instead of another Bite allowing Exeggutor to use the repetitive Sleep Powder and Leech Seed. Climmy saw an opportunity and took it. He switched to Hypno to set up Double Team. After one, Gyrados woke up Thrashing. Climmy called for Hypnosis, but it missed and Hypno was brutally beat down by Thrash. Hypnosis missed again and Thrash hit again, but Hypno still stood. The third Hypnosis worked and Hypno got to use Double Team two more times before Dude used a Full Restore. Hypnosis put Gyrados to sleep again and let Hypno use Double team a last three times before Gyrados woke up Thrashing again. Hypnosis put a stop to the attack and Nightmare put an end to Gyrados.

Charizard had a look in his eye that said that he refuses to lose this time. Before Hypno could use Hypnosis he was struck with Aerial Ace. With the amount of damage it dealt Climmy thought he was safe with Swagger after Nightmare, but when Charizard woke up he fought through the confusion to roast Hypno with Fire Blast. Hypno was struggling to stay up, but pulled off a Hypnosis. After a little bit of Nightmare Climmy anticipated when Dude would use a Full Restore and ordered Hypno to use Hypnosis at that time. Climmy had the timing right, but Hypnosis missed. Charizard ended Hypno’s resistance with Aerial Ace.

Climmy sent out Venusaur for an attempt at Leech Seed, but Venusaur was KOed by Fire Blast before he could move. Muk was next to try Disable on Fire Blast, but it missed and a Critical Hit lead to the second Fire Blast KOing. With one more Fire Blast and Slash, Exeggutor and Cloyster went down too. Climmy had lost.

Author’s Note: I saved right before challenging Dude and restarted after losing, but I liked the first try battle more than the second try where I won and it seemed like an interesting twist for the story to lose. I know you want to see Climmy win and it’s just wrong to just end with the loss when people come for the wins, so here’s an “Alternative Version” where he wins. Even though game play continued from the win, the story will continue from the loss.

The final battle started with Venusaur and Pidgeot. The oldie but goodie Sleep Powder and Leech Seed were the first moves. After Leech Seed, Pidgeot woke up with Sand Attack making Climmy switch to Hypno. Pidgeot used Sand Attack again making Climmy switch to Cloyster. Yet another Sand Attack was used and Climmy just called for Spikes three times then Hail. Cloyster didn’t care about the Aerial Aces she was taking while using her moves. When Climmy predicted a Full Restore he switched to Hypno. Hypno tried to use Hypnosis and failed, but Pidgeot used Aerial Ace giving Hypno a second chance. This time it worked and while Pidgeot slept, Hypno used Double Team. When Pidgeot woke up he used a defiant Aerial Ace, but went down to Leech Seed before he could do anything else.

The Champion’s second Pokemon of the battle was Gyrados, who unleashed his anger with Dragon Rage. Hypnosis took three tries, but when it worked it gave Hypno time to set up the rest of her Double Teams, even after using Nightmare. Climmy was overconfident enough to ask for Swagger and nearly paid the price when Thrash slammed into Hypno. Hypno was barely standing and Climmy reflexively yelled Hypnosis. With time to think Climmy realized that now it was too risky to not use Swagger because Nightmare would make Dude use a Full Restore curing Gyrados’s Sleep and Confusion. The only thing to do now was to make sure Gyrados would KO itself with confusion. Climmy called for Swagger on the already confused Gyrados which woke up, snapped out of confusion, and started Thrashing. Fortunately, it missed letting Hypno use Swagger again. With Gyrados now at maxed out attack, this was gambling and Climmy hit the jackpot with Gyrados’s confusion. With a massive thud, Gyrados went down.

Charizard had a look in his eye that said that he refuses to lose this time. Fire Blast would have been brutal if it hit, but it missed letting Hypno use Hypnosis, Nightmare, and the gamble of Swagger. Climmy knew Charizard would act if he could before Hypno could use Climmy’s requested move, so Climmy called for Hypnosis. Charizard woke up with another Fire Blast miss, but was put back to sleep. With another Nightmare Dude used a Full Restore only for Charizard to fall asleep and have another Nightmare. Hypno used Swagger then tried Hypnosis until Charizard woke up with a roar and anticlimactically KOed himself in confusion.

Alakazam’s turn had come. Hypno used Swagger three times while Alakazam failed to do anything. When confusion kicked in the second time Dude used another Full Restore and Climmy began to wish he remembered to use Ethers in the waiting room. Hypno used her second to last Swagger and Alakazam hit itself in confusion. Hypno then used Hypnosis and Nightmare and Alakazam couldn’t wake up until it was too late.

Rhydon wanted to finish this. Again, Hypno used Hypnosis, Nightmare, and Swagger. She couldn’t use swagger anymore. The sleep lasted until Dude had to use his last Full Restore and Hypno’s last two uses of Hypnosis failed to put Rhydon back to sleep. Rhydon then OHKOed Hypno with Earthquake.

Climmy sent out Exeggutor to finish the challenge with Sleep Powder and Leech Seed. While Rhydon slept, Exeggutor used Reflect then used a useless Reflect waiting for Rhydon to wake up. Rhydon woke up with Scary Face, which missed, and Exeggutor used Poison Powder. Rhydon then switched to Take Down. With Poison, Leech the recoil of two Take Downs, Rhydon went down quickly.

Dude’s final Pokemon was his Exeggutor. Both Exeggutor used Sleep Powder, but Climmy’s missed and fell asleep. Dude’s Egg Bomb after Rhydon’s Take Downs made Climmy switch to Cloyster, who was OHKOed by Giga Drain. In hindsight, that switch was stupid. Venusaur was sent in to use Poison Powder. The first missed letting him get blasted by Egg Bomb, but the second worked. Venusaur used Synthesis after thaking another Egg Bomb then was out to sleep with Sleep Powder, but Dude’s Exeggutor failed to KO Venusaur before he woke up. With another Synthesis Venusaur waited until Exeggutor fell to poison. Climmy had won.

The mad man wins.


If you want a more in depth version of game play against The Champion, I recomend checking out the story. The story in this part doesn't have any dialog and if you don't care about the story you can skip the first paragraph. If you don't care about the battle I lost then you can skip to the "Alternative Version" which is the one I won.

I'm not going to talk much about my first try, but the feeling I had when I lost was peace. I usually hate luck like a 10% Freeze Chance or Focus Blast Missing, but losing because I was relying on it felt justified. Honestly, being hit by Fire Blast from a confused opponent while I had +6 Evasion was awesome. It wasn't good for me, but it was still an epic moment.

I lead with Venusaur against Pidgeot just because I like the Hall of Fame to have the Pokemon in the order I caught them. It sound like a bad match up, but outspeeding with Sleep Powder then using Leech Seed and switching to Hypno makes it better. Pidgeot woke up and used Sand Attack, so I switched to Cloyster and set up Spikes. On the turn Dude used a Full Restore I used my free turn to switch to Hypno. I then unsed Hypnosis and starting setting up Double Team until Pidgeot went down.

Against Gyrados I used Hypnosis and Nightmare, then had the brilliant idea of using Swagger. Hypno almost got OHKOed by Thrash. At that point I knew that Nightmare would make Dude use a Full Restore which would cure the confusion, so I used Swagger again to make sure Gyrados would KO itself with confusion. (The logic was that it was already buffed enough to screw me over, so buffing it more couldn't make things any worse. If you think that's stupid, I'd like to remind you what stupid restriction I gave myself.) Escalating the stupid idea payed off when Gyarados KOed itself.

Charizard went down easily to Nightmare and Alakazam to a mix of Swagger and Nightmare. They did nothing to me.

Against Rhydon I tried Nightmare and Swagger again, but when a Full Restore was used Swagger kind of backfired. I say kind of because I forgot to restore PP before this battle and when Earthquake OHKOed Hypno, she only had 1 PP left and it was for Nightmare. Exeggutor took down Rhydon starting with Sleep Powder and Leech Seed then Poison Powder after Rhydon woke up and the recoil from Rhydon's Take Down sped thing up.

Dude's Exeggutor made me switch my Exeggutor out because of Egg Bomb. I chose to send Cloyster, and in hindsight, I should have seen the OHKO from Giga Drain coming. Venusaur then used Poison Powder and was able to stall with Synthesis because Dude's Exeggutor doesn't know any Psychic Type Attacks.

Time going into the Elite Four: 74:25
Time when I became Champion: 76:28

I think most people take less than two hours against the Pokemon League... :P

Venusaur - Level 56 - Docile (Neutral)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Hypno - Level 56 - Jolly (+Spe -SpA)
Double Team

Cloyster - Level 55 - Calm (+SpD -Atk)

Exeggutor - Level 56 - Calm (+SpD -Atk)
Leech Seed
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Muk - Level 56 - Quiet (+SpA -Spe)
Poison Gas
Acid Armor

Usually when I beat the Champion the feeling is, “Cool, I won.” This time, it was more like “I won... I... won!” After so many hours I had taken for granted what I was doing, but when I remembered that I left Farfetch’d and Nidoqueen in the box so the Hall of Fame would have only Status Moves, I laughed at the insane thing I had done, then I felt awe that I had done this. (Later I found out you can’t check the moves the Pokemon knew at the time with the Hall of Fame...)

I can't give a day for the Sevii Islands or Round 2 of the Elite Four because I haven't done the later, but when I do post the Sevii Island, expect Round 2 the next day.
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Sorry about the delay between this part and the last one. With a date given I feel anxious, but without one, I slack off. If you want gameplay, sorry this part's filler appart from the Legendary Pokemon, but tomorrow is the Elite Four Round Two.

I combined the Sevii Islands section from after the seventh gym and the post game sections for better storytelling, so the time Moltres was caught is much earlier than Round One of the Elite Four. I didn't try to write a way for catching Entei that would make sense in the story because I didn't think I could. It heavily abused game mechanics.

The Sevii Islands
Sevii Island Side Plots

After a few weeks spent as Gym Leader Climmy heard rumors about Team Rocket still being active in a near by region called The Sevii Islands. Climmy called Koga’s daughter again to fill in while he was gone and took a vacation. Vacations are always fun.

One Island

On the way Climmy realized that there was a slim chance he might not be able to connect to Kanto’s PC System here, so the first thing he did was test it.

Celio: Excuse me, but are you from Kanto?
Climmy: Yes, I’m famous there and thought my fame would have spread beyond Kanto.
Celio: I’m sorry to say that the PCs here don’t connect to Kanto, but I’m working on fixing that.
Climmy: I have the Pokemon I really want with me, so it’s okay. Need any help?
Celio: Yes actually. I need two special gemstones to completely upgrade the PC System here.
Climmy: Can they be found on these islands?
Celio: Yes, I heard the special Ruby I need can be found on Mt. Ember north of here.
Climmy: Cool, I was going to explore anyway. I’ve heard rumors about Team Rocket and wanted to have some fun with them.
Celio: Wait... Who did you say you were?
Climmy: I don’t think we introduced ourselves. Would you like to introduce yourself first?
Celio: Oh, okay, I’m Celio and I’m in charge of the PC System for the Sevii Islands.
Climmy: I’m Climmy, or as Team Rocket knows me, Yo Bio Clim-may, the Pacifist on the War Path. Have you heard about the Siege of Saffron?
Celio: You’re real? I thought you were just an insane rumor!
Climmy: Oh, so I’m famous here too?
Celio: No, but a friend from Kanto told me about you. It’s an honor to meet you!
Climmy: Thanks. Want an autographed copy of Undertale?
Celio: Yes please.

Climmy headed to Mount Ember and after nearly reaching the top he saw that the rumors about Team Rocket were true. Climmy was about to do his usual thing when he saw a flash of fire overhead that changed his plans slightly.

Climmy: Hey! Rocket Bros! Hold my beer, watch this.
Rocket 1: What’s with him?
Rocket 2: No idea.
Climmy: Here, birdie birdie!
Moltres: CAW!
Rocket 1: AHH!
Climmy: Sorry about calling you in such a disrespectful way. I’m a man of show when it comes to evils that need to be scared and those two guys need to be scared. I wish to challenge you. Would you like to give me the honor?
Moltres: Caw!
Rocket 2: Run.
Climmy: Don’t go Rocket bro. You’ll want to see this.

The Rockets didn’t know what to do. If they stayed they were with a kid that summoned Moltres, but if they ran the kid might send Moltres after them. They saw the mad man send out Hypno and started using Flash. After Motres’s accuracy had been drastically lowered he switched to Cloyster to use Supersonic. The Rockets didn’t get why the kid wasn’t attacking, but they watched as confusion gradually weakened Moltres. Eventually the kid started throwing Ultra Balls and one of the Rocket’s had an idea. When one of the Rockets moved to throw a Pokeball, the kid glared. “If you try to catch the Pokemon I’m catching then I will take it from your cold, terrified hands and I will have even less mercy than I did with Giovanni.” With that line Moltres’s respect had been won and it stopped resisting capture.

60:06 Moltres Caught

Climmy: I’m going to let you go so you can warn your leader, but before you try to fight me, remember this. As far as you know, I might have had only five Pokemon and facing me means Moltres, but on the other hand if I have six Pokemon then I have six Pokemon that were all trained by yours truly. *turns to leave* I’m leaving now so, good b- *death glare* I just caught Moltres and you still think it’s a good idea to hit me with your Pokeball? Do you even know about my Siege of Saffron? I was going to have mercy just in case the Rockets here weren’t stupid, but I see that’s not the case and The Pacifist on the War Path can start warring. Let me get into character. *ahem* Yo boi Clim-may’s going to teach you No Violence is no opposite of No Mercy! Get Riggity-riggity-wrecked my old chaps!

When the Rockets reported back to base they told the tale of the mad man that shrugged off everything they could do while break dancing. The legend of Climmy had reached the Sevii Islands.

Well, those idiots were fun to play with, now let’s see where they’ve been digging. Climmy checked out the tunnel which felt hot as lava. The wild Slugma weren’t helping much, but Climmy’s curiosity lead him onward and eventually to a special looking Ruby. When he returned it to Celio he confirmed that it was one of the gems he was looking for.

Two Island

Small island, not much to see. Climmy looked around anyway, after all he was a tourist. There was a game corner where you played with friends, but it gave him the feeling that it wasn’t something he’d ever be able to do. He went in because why not. The guy in charge looked panicked and Climmy asked him what’s going on. When the guy said that his daughter was supposed to have brought him lunch by now, Climmy promised to look for her.

On Two Island’s cape an elderly lady offered to teach Vensaur the ultimate attack. Climmy left.

Three Island

Three Island was overrun with bikers that were acting kind of like Team Rocket. Climmy looked for the biggest stupidest one and prepared to introduced himself.

Climmy: Hi, are you the leader of these bikers?
Head Thud: Yeah. What’s it to you?
Climmy: You could learn a lot from Undertale.
Head Thug: Who do you think you are?
Climmy: You know what happened to Team Rocket in Saffron?
Head Thug: Yeah, so?
Climmy: You know who did it?
Head Thug: Not a twerp like you. That’s for sure.
Climmy: Do you really not know who I am?
Head Thug: Why should I?
Climmy: Would you like me to tell you?
Head Thug: I don’t care.
Climmy: You should care about *leans in* YO BOI CLIM-MAY!
Back Row Thug: Run! *Vroom*
Climmy: I don’t know who just rode off into the sun set, but I respect him for being smart enough to leave me alone.
Head Thug: He’s stupid enough to run from a kid who talks big.
Climmy: See this?
Head Thug: *eyes widen*
Climmy: It’s a selfie of me in Silph Co’s Lobby, see the fountain? That’s me.
More Thugs: *Vroom*
Climmy: It’s funny to people be so afraid of someone they know won’t fight back, but at the same time, I earned it.
Head Thug: I’m going to crush you.
Climmy: That’s what Giovanni said. Why would you think you think you can crush me when the head of Team Rocket couldn’t? Leave these people alone and I’ll leave you alone.

The head thug jumped of his bike and stomped toward Climmy only to be stopped when bystanders sent out their Pokemon between them to protect Climmy to the shock of both of them. Climmy didn’t realize the effect he had on people that were on his side. After a moment of shock Climmy took the role of the hero these people saw him as and readied Venusaur’s Pokeball to declare, “If you want to crush me you’ll have to go through my friends, and even if you can you’ll still have to go through the friends of all who stand by my side!” The people of Three Island cheered and sent out more Pokemon in support for their hero. “If you still want to fight I accept your challenge.” The head thug turned to order his gang to attack only to see they had all left. He let out a roar of hatred before leaving too. As three Island cheered Climmy theatrically bowed and after a few seconds he coughed as though he was going to give a speech. “Well, they were annoying... Has anyone seen Lostelle? Her dad’s getting worried.”

Two Island Again

Climmy: Hi.
Lostelle: Daddy!
Guy: Lostelle, I was so worried!
Climmy: Wild Pokemon were after the berries she picked, so I had to stop them.
Guy: Thank you so much.
Climmy: You’re welcome.

Four Island

Climmy was surprised at the size of the island. Turns out Two Island wasn’t the smallest. Judging by the Ruby being at a volcano, Climmy figured the Sapphire being in Icefall Cave was likely because of his admittedly poor logic. He never found the Sapphire, but he did find Lorelei of the Elite Four facing some Rockets that were going to have a bad time.

Lorelei: Lapras isn’t happy about what you did to her friends.
Climmy: Stop! I have a better idea. *grins at the Rockets* Heh heh heh. Hahaha! AHAHAHAH!
Rocket 1: Eep...
Rocket 2: Um...
Rocket 1: Run?
Rocket 2: Run. *runs*
Climmy: Well, that plan worked better than expected.
Lorelei: What are you talking about? You didn’t do your plan.
Climmy: Yes I did. They knew what I could do, so I just made them think I was going to go full psycho.
Lorelei: That’s an awesome plan.
Climmy: Thanks. By any chance do you know where a Sapphire is? Celio needs a special one to upgrade the PCs here.
Lorelei: I think I know where you can find one.

Six Island

Climmy followed the instructions he was given to find the place where the Sapphire was supposed to be. The door had three letters written in Braille, so Climmy looked up the brail alphabet on his phone and asked for the move it said, Cut. Farfetch’d obeyed and Climmy was in. There were four holes and another word in brail which Climmy took as instruction for which hole to drop down. After three more drops Climmy found the Sapphire only for someone else to grab it.

Gideon: I knew following you was a good idea. I knew this Sapphire was here, so it’s mine.
Climmy: I knew it was here too and I believe the rule with treasure is finders keepers.
Gideon: No! I knew this was here first, so I deserve it.
Climmy: We can’t agree, so how about I challenge you for it?
Gideon: No, it’s mine!
Climmy: really... Would you at least be okay with the idea of selling it to me?
Gideon: Ha! There’s no way a kid like you could afford it. I’m selling this to Team Rocket.
Climmy: There’s so many people you could sell it to, including me or the guy on One Island that really needs it, but you choose the one illegal one? If you choose Team Rocket then you will suffer with them when I take them down. If you sell it to me, or at least anyone on the right side of the law, then I’ll leave you alone. I recommend looking up the Siege of Saffron before you decide.
Gideon: Whatever.
Climmy: You certainly have the brains of Team Rocket. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Five Island

When Climmy arrived he saw a beautiful meadow was desecrated by warehouse. This was clearly Team Rocket’s hide out. Climmy did some shopping in the nearby town and prepared to end Team Rocket again.

Door: Password
Climmy: Yoi Boi Cli-may don’t need no password!
Door: Accesses Denied
Climmy: If the security room Rockets can hear me, I’m going in through the front door or the roof. *pulls out a grappling hook* Make your choice.
Door: *opens*
Climmy: Thanks, but I’m still going through the roof.

Climmy had asked around town before coming to see if anyone wanted this building here. The unanimous answer and complaints from the man who owned the meadow lead to Climmy putting on safety goggles and using a blow torch to make a hole in the roof. He let the roof section fall into his hole, listened to the Rockets panic, and started another hole. He was going to enter when he got bored of making decoy entrances. When there wasn’t much room for holes left Climmy entered and announced his presence with more equipment from his shopping spree. In the ceiling he revved his Chainsaw with a mad man’s laugh and a lot of Team Rocket started running. Climmy called after them, “It’s okay! I may be pro vandalism, but I’m completely against violence, so I won’t do anything to you!” They still fled. Too bad Climmy had brought some cops to play “Hide and Go Arrest” and he couldn’t be charged for vandalizing something that had already had a demolition order. (The safety violations on the other hand... it’s Team Rocket, so who cares.)

Now that Team Rocket was sure Climmy was in the ceiling, he climbed out and went in through the front door. He saw the spinning one way floor tiles and immediately had a feeling of not wanting to solve the puzzle, so he revved the chainsaw and tried slashing the floor. The results looked promising, so Climmy stabbed the spinning tile, and needless to say, it broke. As Climmy ran around with glee stabbing every spinning tile he began to wonder if this level of vandalism was violence. He then thought “who cares?” and smiled as he realized something. He’s not a good person. He may have good morals and goals, but when he fights evil, he becomes something even worse. Cool!

When someone finally challenged Climmy he turned off his chainsaw and declared, “The Pacifist on the War Path is like totally going to pwn you, sir.” Climmy delivered on his statement and proceeded to the back room to trash that too. Upon seeing Gideon, Climmy thought that just to taking the loot and leaving would make more of an impact than more rampaging, so he walked Gideon into the main area.

Climmy: Look on my works, ye mighty and despair.
Gideon: *fuming*
Climmy: About that sapphire...
Gideon: You want it so badly? Then take it!
Climmy: Thanks. By the way, There’s a bunch of cops outside and I’m pretty sure that making deals with organized crime groups is illegal. Oh, and check out my wallet. If you just offered me a price back in the cave I would have been able to buy it. Bye!
Gideon wasn’t part of Team Rocket, so that was probably overkill, but he could have been less of a jerk and could have at least tried selling the Sapphire to legal buyers.

Seven Island

Climmy: ...Can I go home now?

Cloyster could be 2HKOed by Moltres, so I lead with Hypno to use Flash six times (This was back when Hypno knew Flash) before switching to Cloyster for Supersonic. With Leftovers and only taking about a third of the hits, Cloyster easily endured until the point where I started throwing Ultra Balls.

60:06 Moltres Caught

The way I caught Entei abuses something I found out about on Emerald. (No, not the Master Ball. I don’t usually use those on Lati@s because a Wobbuffet fresh from the Safari Zone and a lot of Hyper Potions are really good for catching it.) First I breed a Wynaut for Encore and gave it the Exp Share until it evolved. I then hunted for Entei and used Encore when I found it. My level 15 Wobbuffet could endure barely survive Ember and during the first encounter Wobbuffet was burned which KOed him and gave me a free turn that would have been used switching to Venusuar. I then used Leech Seed and Entei used Ember. Turns out using a move because of Encore has higher priority than running. (Don’t know if this is true in other generations.) Encore lasted until Entei was below half health and Entei fled. (I couldn’t have used a Revive on Wobbuffet then switch back in because, even if he could use Encore before getting KOed, Entei could still run on the turn I switched Wobbuffet back in.) After finding Entei again Wobbuffet wasn’t burned, so I had to take a turn to switch or let Wobbuffet get KOed. I used Leech Seed again and Sleep Powder when health was getting low. When Entei had just a sliver of health left, Encore ended. From there I saved before looking for Entei again. When found it yet again, I threw Ultra Balls until Entei KOed Wobbuffet or was caught. If Entei fled then I soft reset so it’d still be asleep next time. (Soft resetting also avoids the glitch where Entei or Raikou disappear if they use Roar.)

90:16 Caught Entei without the Master Ball using ONLY Status Moves!
I didn't see the need for a Game Play Summery because the Elite Four has no dialog and is already a pretty good Game Play Summery and catching Mewtwo can be summed up a few sentences that would be copy/pasted from the story. You'll also want to check out the Epilogue for a last bit of stupidity.

The Grand Finale

Feeling inspired by his second crushing of Team Rocket, Climmy scheduled a rematch against the Elite Four in a week. He figured that would be enough time for the word to get out. Later that day Climmy found out tickets had already sold out.

Time Going In 95:50

Climmy vs Lorelei

The first Pokemon of the first match were Venusaur and Dewgong. Dewgong started with Double Team, but it was practically pointless with Venusaur infesting her with Leech Seed before she could dodge. Climmy switched Venusaur out for Cloyster who started using Supersonic. Climmy had forgotten to give Cloyster Leftovers for this challenge, so Dewgong’s Surf was able to whittle down Cloyster. It wasn’t doing much after Leech Seed, but it was still doing something. When the second Supersonic missed Climmy asked for two layers of Spikes before getting back to Supersonic which missed four more times. After a lot a Surfs and a Full Restore, Dewgong tried going with a second Double Team. Ironically, that’s when Supersonic finally worked and Dewgong started hitting herself. The third layer of spikes was lay down and Cloyster used Protect, just incase, as Dewgong hit herself twice more. Climmy wanted to use Sleep Powder on the next Pokemon, so he switched back to Venusaur and Dewgong KOed herself.

Climmy was really glad about his Sleep Powder plan when Lorelei sent out her Cloyster. Climmy did NOT want Spikes used against him. Sleep Powder then Leech Seed were used, but after Leech Seed Cloyster woke up and used Rain Dance. Climmy requested another Sleep Powder then called Venusaur back to summon Hypno. Climmy expected Cloyster to wake up soon, so he asked for Swagger. When Cloyster stayed asleep Hypno used Nightmare only for Cloyster to wake up to use Surf. Expected a Full Restore, Climmy called for Swagger. Not only did Lorelei not use a Full Restore, but Cloyster snapped out of confusion to use Supersonic. With Cloyster at her limit Hypno used Hypnosis to deny a final move.

To Climmy’s surprise, Lorelei’s third Pokemon was Piloswine. New Pokemon, same Plan. Hypno used Hypnosis and Nightmare, but Piloswine woke up with Earthquake before the Nightmare could do anything. Climmy didn’t see the point of using only Nightmare when there were more consistent options, so he switched to Exeggutor who took an Earthquake without noticing much. The irritating to face combo of Sleep Powder and Leech Seed was done, but after Leech Seed Piloswine woke up again and tired to blast Exeggutor with Blizzard but missed. Climmy didn’t expect a Pokemon with such a low Special Attack to have an Ice Type Move, but he should have seen it coming. Now that Leech Seed was up Climmy could switch to Cloyster. Blizzard missed again, but Cloyster’s Supersonic worked making Piloswine hurt herself. Cloyster wasted time with Spikes not expecting anything to matter and was shaken by Earthquake. Climmy thought a Full Restore would be used this time, so he called for Supersonic. Instead Cloyster was smashed by Rock Slide. Climmy denied another final move with Protect and Piloswine went down.

Lapras was Lorelei’s next Pokemon. Cloyster used Supersonic to make Lapras hurt herself and then Climmy switched to his sixth Pokemon. Judging by the audience’s reaction and the look on Lorelei’s face, Climmy had outdone himself. “What? Haven’t you ever seen a Legendary Pokemon before? Mewtwo, Toxic” Lapras used Surf to take down Team Rocket’s repurposed weapon, but Mewtwo didn’t care. Safeguard was used in case of Ice Beam and with another Surf taken Mewtwo used what Climmy considered the ultimate pacifist’s move, Recover. Mewtwo just stod there staring at the opponent using Recover after every second hit, and after a Full Restore, Mewtwo used Toxic again then waited for Lapras to surrender.

Jynx was Lorelei’s final Pokemon again and Mewtwo greeted it with Toxic. Jynx tried Lovely Kiss even though Lorelei knew Safeguard was up and when the Safeguard wore off, Mewtwo set up a second one to block another Lovely Kiss. The next three Lovely Kisses were just pure stupidity and Climmy, sensing a pattern, requested Recover so he could save a Hyper Potion. Jynx used Ice Beam to spite Climmy and fell to poison. Climmy glared. “For trolling me like that instead of fighting to the last moment, I’m going to look for someone who can replace you as an Elite Four member.” Climmy then had a thought, “How about a Psychic Specialist?” and noticed a masked man in purple lean over the railing to wave at him. Climmy liked that telepathic guy’s lack of subtlety.

Climmy vs Bruno

The second round started with Climmy summoning Exeggutor and the man of a thousand abs started with his now compressed weight, Steelix. Climmy, like always, called for Leech Seed. Steelix unleashed Rock Tomb to Climmy’s amusement and requested Reflect. Steelix went with Iron Tail to smash Exeggutor, but it missed letting Exeggutor use Sleep Powder. One Poison Powder was wasted waiting for Steelix to get up. When he did, he threw out another Rock Tomb. Sleep Powder was called for again, but Steelix now outsped Exeggutor and was able Crunch before going back to sleep. Reflect was refreshed during the sleep and when Climmy predicted a Full Restore Sleep Powder was used again. After the Full Restore two more Poison Powders were wasted. Before the second one Steelix woke up and delivered a savage Critical Hit Crunch that lowered Exeggutor’s Special Defense. Another Crunch nearly KOed Exeggutor while he went for Sleep Powder. With Steelix asleep again, Exeggutor use Reflect before switching out to Muk. Two Acid Armors were set up while Steelix slept and Steelix was still asleep when he fell.

Climmy had hoped to lure in the second Steelix, but instead Hitmonlee was sent in. Oh well, Muk could take care of- Muk was OHKOed by a Critical Hit Earthquake. Venusaur could take care of this. Sleep Powder took three tries which allowed Hitmonlee to fire off two Mega Kicks. The first one missed, but the second one hit the target. While Hitmonlee slept, Venusaut used Leech Seed and wasted two Poison Powders. When Hitmonlee woke up he launched another Mega Kick which missed. Sleep Powder took two tries this time and while trying Venusaur took another Mega Kick. Climmy switched to Exeggutor in an attempt to recover his health with Leech Seed, but Hitmonlee woke up quickly and nearly KOed Exeggutor with yet another Mega Kick. Climmy thought Exeggutor could put Hitmonlee back to sleep before he could do anything, but instead Rock Slide finished off Exeggutor. Venusaur was sent back in to wait for Hitmonlee to faint. Poison Powder was used to speed things up, but not only did it miss, but Hitmonlee went down slightly sooner than expected.

Hitmonchan came and went. The most it could do to Venusaur was Rock Slide and that was immediately healed by Leech Seed, so Venusaur just relaxed until Hitmonchan fainted.

The second Steelix had come. Venusaur was slammed with Iron Tail, but got to use Leech Seed. Climmy grinned as he switched to Mewtwo. Nothing could stop him now. Mewtwo used Barrier three times with complete indifference toward the opponent before they switched from Iron Tail to Crunch. It lowered Mewtwo’s Special Defense, but Mewtwo didn’t care. The next Crunch only had enough power to call for Recover after two hits. Mewtwo kept standing in the line of fire shrugging off everything thrown at it and was amused when Bruno used a Full Restore. Eventualy Crunch lowered Mewtwo’s Special Defense again to the point where it could only take three hits if it weren’t for Recover, but Mewtwo still didn’t care. Mewtwo just stood there until Leech Seed finished off Steelix.

The final Pokemon, Machamp didn’t look like something that could beat Mewtwo. As Toxic poisoned Machamp he unleashed an Earthquake. Climmy didn’t think Mewtwo could endure a Critical Hit and with that thought, Machamp’s second Earthquake scored a Critical Hit. Amazingly, Mewtwo barely endured and with two Recovers Mewtwo was back to full health. When Machamp was at his limit, Climmy requested Recover so he could save Oran Berries and the amount of damage the last earthquake dealt was just a little bit more than one Oran Berry could heal.

Climmy Vs Agatha

For Round Three the leads were Venusaur and Gengar. While Venusaur went for Leech Seed Gengar used Psychic. It was a clear 2HKO, so Climmy switched to Exeggutor who shrugged off the next Psychic. Before Sleep Powder could be used Exeggutor was put to sleep with Hypnosis then confused with Confuse Ray. When a Shadow Ball was launched Exeggutor woke up and used Sleep Powder. Confusion made Exeggutor hurt himself twice, but when Agatha used a Full Restore Exeggutor was able to use Sleep Powder. With Gengar asleep Exeggutor set up Reflect then Climmy started switching between Exeggutor and Venusaur. When Gengar woke up she used Confuse Ray on Exeggutor, but Climmy switched to Venussaur who was put to sleep with Hypnosis. Confuse Ray was tried, but Climmy kept on switching and when Hypnosis was aimed at Exeggutor Climmy was already switching to Venusaur. With those futile last moments Gengar went down.

Climmy expect Agatha’s second Pokemon to be Misdreavus. He thought she was a Poison Specialist. Climmy left Venusaur in hoping he’d wake up, but after seeing Psychic he changed his mind and sent out Exeggutor who was pelted with Shadow Balls when he was trying to use Leech Seed then Sleep Powder. Both of Exeggutor’s moves missed and Climmy couldn’t afford Exeggutor getting KOed, so it was time for Hypno to see what she could do. Hypno took a Shadow Ball on the switch in, but was able to use Hypnosis before anything else could be done. Climmy boldly switched back to Exeggutor who managed to use Leech Seed before Misdreavus could wake up. Climmy switched to Venusaur to recover some health, but Misdreavus woke up with Shadow Ball. Hypno was sent back in for Hypnosis, but it took two tries letting Misdreavus blast her with another Shadow Ball. While Misdreavus slept Climmy swiched to Venusaur, Exeggutor, and then Cloyster. It felt safe to go for Supersonic, but Misdreavus woke up again and proved Climmy wrong with Thunderbolt. Cloyster endured it but was Paralyzed and couldn’t use Supersonic. Before Misdreavus could finish off Cloyster, Leech Seed finished her off.

Agatha sent in Arbok to finish the job. Climmy wasn’t entirely sure what Arbok would do, so he didn’t switch. That indecisive choice lead to Cloyster getting KOed by Giga Drain. Neither of Climmy’s Grass Types could stand upto Arbok, so he summoned Hypno. Hypnosis put Arbok to sleep instantly and Hypno took her opportunity for Nightmare then Double Team. Arbok Woke up throwing Sludge Bomb, but Hypnosis but it back to sleep. Another Nightmare was inflicted and amazingly, it stuck until Arbok was KOed.

Crobat was next. Shadow Ball was launched while Hypno tired Hypnosis and both missed. Crobat’s second Shadow Ball connected and KOed with a Critical Hit. Climmy knew nothing that could do anything to Crobat couldn’t take anything it dealt, so he came up with a plan. It was a tedious plan, but it was still a plan. Mewtwo was sent into battle. With Barrier and Safeguard Mewtwo unflinchingly stared at the opponent while they used all their Power Points in Shadow Ball and Confuse Ray. Those weren’t the moves Climmy wanted wasted, so he kept Mewtwo in to shrug off Air Cutter and Sludge Bomb. Air Cutter’s Critical Hits weren’t even enough to Make Mewtwo care because they somehow still dealt less damage than what Recover could heal. When Crobat finally used Struggle Climmy switched to Exeggutor to use Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, and Reflect. Climmy wanted to get as much healing from Crobat as he could. To Climmy’s shock, Agatha used a Full Restore at one point. When Exeggutor was fully healed Climmy switched to the still sleeping Venusaur. Crobat woke up first, but Venusaur woke up shortly after and put her back to sleep. Crobat’s fight was done.

The second Gengar was summoned for Agatha’s defiant final stand. Venusaur used Sleep Powder, but Gengar stayed awake with a Chesto Berry and blasted Venusaur with Psychic. Climmy knew this was going to take a long time as he sent out Mewtwo. A near endless barrage of Shadow Balls and Thunderbolts raged at Mewtwo, who like always, did not care. After a few Special Defense drops Climmy switched to Venusaur then back to Mewtwo so Recover wouldn’t need to be used every turn. After Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt ended Psychic and Sludge Bomb began and Mewtwo continued to not care. When Struggle started, Mewtwo. Did. Not. Care.

After the barrage ended, even with 32 Power Points in Recover, Mewtwo needed a Max Elixir.

Climmy vs Drake

The last of the Elite Four started with Gyrados and Climmy with Venusaur. Venusaur’s first move was the obvious one, and Gryados’s was Thunder Wave. Climmy called for Poison Powder and when he saw Gyrados use Dragon Dance he switched to Cloyster. The switch gave Gyrados another chance to use Dragon Dance then he used Earthquake as Cloyster used Supersonic. Lance used a Full Restore and Supersonic missed three more times while Gyrados danced twice more before annihilating Cloyster with Hyper Beam. Climmy summoned Exeggutor and called for Sleep Powder. Gyrados’s Sleep gave Exeggutor time to use Reflect, but the sleep didn’t last long. Gyrados danced again while Exeggutor bathed him in Poison Powder giving him one move left before falling. For his finale Gyrados unleashed a massive Earthquake before his fall. The damage was impressive for a resisted move, but disappointing for something that came after five Dragon Dances.

Lance released his second Pokemon, Kingdra. Climmy expected Ice Beam, so he switched to Muk. When Kingdra started using Dragon Dance, Muk started using Acid Armor. After two Acid Armors Kingdra started attacking with Surf and after the third Muk switched to Minimize. Leftovers was letting Muk not care about Surf and after the sixth Minimize he finally used Poison Gas. After a few more Surfs Climmy smugly grinned as he said Rest. From there it was just waiting for Kingdra to reach his limit. Lance’s First Dragonite only hit with one Dragon Claw before falling to Poison Gas and Aerodactyl’s Aerial Ace barrage did nothing until a Critical Hit made Muk use Rest and a second Critical Hit happened during Muk’s sleep. Climmy didn’t want Muk to be asleep when the next Pokemon came out, so Climmy just waited for Aerodactyl to fall.

The final Pokemon of the Elite Four was Lance’s second Dragonite who started a brutal Outrage on Muk. Muk endured the first hit and managed to use Poison Gas, but Outrage’s second hit KOed Muk. Climmy released Hypno to finish it. Double Team was used in an attempt to dodge the last hit of Outrage, but it still hit and Dragonite avoided confusion with a Prism Berry. Double team was used again as Dragonite unleashed another Outrage. After another Outrage and another Double Team, Climmy was ready to speed things up with Swagger. The last hit of Outrage missed and when Hypno went back to Double Team, Dragonite Snapped out of confusion and unleashed a Hyper Beam that made Climmy think he may have made a mistake, but it missed. Climmy was committed to his mistake, so he called for Swagger again. The confusion failed to kick in as Dragonite used Hyper Beam twice more before falling to poison.

Climmy vs Dude
The Final Battle

Climmy summoned the friend that had been with him since the beginning, Venusaur and Dude showed off his work on the Pokedex with Heracross. Venusaur lead with the move that had proven valuable from the beginning to even the final moments, Leech Seed. Heracross used a combo of Rock Tomb and then Megahorn before Venusaur could finish his combo with Sleep Powder. Heracross was asleep and Megahorn did a lot of damage, so Climmy sent out Muk and started setting up Acid Armor. After the second one Heracross woke up and caused an Earthquake. Muk wasn’t hurt too bad and use a third Acid Armor. As Dude used a Full Restore Muk started with Minimize. Heracross’s next Earthquake was healed immediately by Leech Seed and Leftovers, so Muk continued with Minimize until Heracross fainted.

Dude sent in Exeggutor and tried Sleep Powder, which failed while Poison Gas Succeeded. Muk waited to see if Exeggutor could do anything against him, but it only managed to hit with one Psychic that barely failed to KO Muk.

When Dude summoned Alakazam Climmy called for Poison Gas only for Psychic to take down Muk before he could use it. Climmy released Exeggutor who used Leech Seed while Alakazam used Calm Mind. Calm Mind was used again while Exeggutor tried to use Poison Powder. When Exeggutor tried again he was blasted with a Psychic so powerful that he couldn’t endure another. Climmy thought about his options and didn’t see any good ones. With an apology he let Alakazam KO Exeggutor. Climmy sent in the Pokemon that doesn't care, Mewtwo. He just stood there setting up Barriers and Recovering as needed. When Alakazam couldn’t use Psychic anymore he used Shadow Ball which was instantly healed with Leech Seed because of Barrier. Mewtwo stared at Alakazam while he fell to Leech Seed.

Dude’s fourth Pokemon was one that could finally threaten Mewtwo, Tyranitar. Mewtwo’s Toxic Missed and a brutal Crunch lowered its Special Defense. Mewtwo wasn’t winning against this one. Climmy called Mewtwo back to its annoyance and released Cloyster. Cloyster took a Crunch, but retaliated with Supersonic. Tyranitar hurt itself and while Cloyster used Protect just in case he hurt himself again. Cloyster went for Spikes, but was KOed by Thunderbolt afterward. Climmy resummoned Venusaur to use Leech Seed and got a free chance when Tyranitar’s confusion kicked in again. The predictable Sleep Powder was used next then Synthesis, although weakened by Tyranitar’s Sand Stream, was able to fully heal Venusaur with Leech Seed. A Poison Powder was wasted waiting for Tyranitar to wake up and when he did he used a surprisingly weak Aerial Ace. Dude used another Full Restore only for Venusaur to put Tyranitar back to sleep and heal with Synthesis. Two more Poison Powders were wasted waiting for Tyranitar to wake up and he woke up with Aerial Ace again only to be put back to sleep again. Climmy switched to Hypno, only for Tyranitar to wake up and use Aerial Ace again. Hypno’s attempt at Hypnosis was “rewarded” with a swift KO by Crunch and Venusaur was sent back in. Tyranitar was at his limit and Sleep Powder was out of Power Points, so Venusaur used Synthesis before taking one last Aerial Ace.

Dude’s starter, Charizard, had a vicious look in his eye and Climmy knew he had to take a loss. He called for Leech Seed and to Climmy’s surprise, Venusaur managed to pull it off before being incinerated by Fire Blast. Now it was time for Mewtwo to do what it does best, not care about anything. Recover was needed immediately because of Crunch earlier and two more Fire Blasts made Mewtwo need two more Recovers. When Dragon Claw was used Mewtwo could use another move. Climmy knew Dude would use a Full restore soon, so Mewtwo used Barrier. Another Dragon Claw and another Barrier later Dude used the Full Restore and Mewtwo use Toxic. From there it wasn’t long until Charizard fell.

Dude was down to his final Pokemon, Gyrados. Mewtwo used Toxic while standing in the direct path of Hydro Pump. Gyrados then set up with Dragon Dance before using another Hydro Pump when he outsped Mewtwo. Climmy expected a possible 2HKO because Mewtwo had to endure Gyrados’s next move before it could Recover. To Climmy’s relief that move was Dragon Dance and the final match was as good as done.

Climmy had won. Climmy was the Champion. Climmy had achieved the impossible dream.

Round 2 Victory 98:07

Guard: Excuse me, but are you Climmy?
Climmy: Yep.
Guard: You’re considered strong enough to enter Cerulean Cave
Climmy: Cool. I thought I’d have to become Champion before going into this cave... I wonder what’s in- Ow! My face! You’re an evil clone made by Team Rocket, aren’t you?
Mewtwo: *nods*
Guard: And that’s why guards are needed here.
Climmy: *sigh*

Climmy sent out Venusuar to use Poison Powder then switched to Hypno and started using Double Team. When Mewtwo's health dropped below half Climmy started throwing Ultra Balls. If Mewtwo healed he's tell Hypno to use Double Team until Mewtwo dropped below half health again, but...

Climmy: You’d expect an evil clone of a mythical Pokemon to take more than Four Ultra Balls...

87:04 Caught Mewtwo

The next day Climmy noticed he still hadn’t used his Master Ball. He’d already caught every Legendary Pokemon in the region, so there wasn’t much to use it on. He decided it was better to use it than wait for a perfect opportunity that will probably never come...

In the Unpopular Opinions thread there was a discussion about the Master Ball and someone had a really stupid idea.
I feel it's fitting for Mewtwo and Rayquaza. It just feels right.

... not much else, though.
FEAR Rattata
That’s right, I caught a Level 2 Rattata with the Master Ball. (It took longer to find than expected. Level 3s are way more common. I also soft reset if it wasn’t the stupidity highlighting nature of Bold. :P) If you want to chew me out for wasting a Master Ball, keep in mind that I’m not going to find a shiny before restarting for my next playthrough and I’ve already caught every available legend including Entei. Also, this playthrough ran on insanity, so it’s a suitable ending if you think about it.

The Rattata known as Omega Rat (or whatever Tapu Koko Loko wants to me name it :P) will be taught Quick Attack and Endeavor with Heart Scales after transferring it.

You may think I'm insane to have gone through this, but the more insane thing is that I've been looking forward to the next Status Moves only Playthrough. Today, I'm starting Soul Silver. If you think I should see a psychiatrist, I'm not going to argue.

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