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OMG would you mind making that Link/Shaymin-S avatar-sized :D

Edit: Nevermind, Eos already has it as his avatar >.<
The Sissel Infernape and Inspector Empoleonela are good, but they're missing a third partner:

Torterra as Jowd.
fate can you make this and also do this
dont feel like you have to do it immediately just soon please!!!!!!!!!!
I've always wondered why artists never insist on anything in return for (often time preposterous) requests. Sure for many of us the mere "feeling" of creating something is enough, but even then, evidently seen through the myriad of trade threads here, the mere "feeling" of making a 31/31/31/31/31/31 piece of work is not enough. Undoubtedly there are people who are willing to not only meet, but also freely distribute their creations, but alas, that is as common as a Feebas in the river.

The solution to this abstruse conundrum? Offer us something in return. We understand not all of you have the need/want/money for a commissioned work, but any small incentive is worth exponentially more than a lazy demand. Have one of those perfect trade threads? Why not feature one of our pieces there with some sort of recognition (like a link to our thread; you'll be surprised how many people don't even know about this place), and then ask us for some work, maybe even with one of those perfect 'mons in tow. I assure you that more exuberant (*coughlesscynicalcough*) response might be in place.

However, if you do insist on being parsimonious about how you obtain you art and wish to perpetuate the impecunious stereotype of artist, at least have the decency to include a sincere expression of gratitude in your (outlandish) demand, despite the fact that we will never get around to doing it.

Nevertheless, if the planets do somehow do line up on the night of a blue moon and we do fill that request, it would be just wonderful if you acknowledge that we did something for you (this of course, stemming from the fact that seemingly all artists pine for social acceptance as resultant from unmet expectations, lost potential, and/or father issues in their childhood that they wish not to address and instead manifest in creations and "I do what I want" attitudes; at least, that's what my therapist told me).

The last aside being a piece of farce, if not evident enough.

lol good joke


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That tldr was much appreciated because I really didn't want to read all of that text.
Naw shit I just read it never mind.
If you have the time, I'd like to request a Ninja Wartortle. Your art is awesome! I love how you theme the poke. Shaymin Link is just a beast!


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um hey fate i hate to be a bother but...
remember when i asked for this and this?

is there any status on when thats going to be done?? thanks :3


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Oh damn, I haven't checked this for a while :/

Fatecrashers you just get better and better. Your art is too pro.
Just kick out these nasty trollers now :D


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Note that he hasn't updated in like two weeks.

He also said he wouldn't be taking requests.

I think all of that should pretty much ring a bell here folks...


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the most best

Not as jaggy or rough as the original image, but the reference immediately comes through and you did a good job with drawing them in that style!
Im trying to think if I should be flattered or embarrased that you named your thread after my post.

Oh and your finally back to making art

and you made me waste my 700th post...

worth it

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