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I like your creativity .. Those arts are just AMAZING! I love the fact that you change Pokemons into 'the real life' (I can't explain it very well :3).

Anyway, you're talented and I think you're born to draw (I did too much? :p).
I just hope they keep changing each others' thread names. It's great :D

Alch edit: I live to please.

icay edit:*Looks at mod tag* I have been bested. 3:
I just saw your team canada eh, with beartic.



That was amazing. It definitely makes me feel happy to be canadian, eh. =D
You should do Ace Dick (from MSPA Problem Sleuth) riding a buffolaunt like a mechanical bull
It would make your imagination level go through the roof

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Ha ha. Awesome work Fatecrashers.

I have an odd request:

Golurk the Robo (from Chrono Trigger).

If that's not your style, Gengar the Magus would also be p. boss. It'd care the bejeezus out of CAP ASB.

One of my favorite games with one of the cool new mons.
Hey Fate, love your art. I think you are one of the best artists on smogon, and that your art can depict so many different things.
If you don't mind, I have a request for you. I'd like you to draw Shaymin (regular or sky), and if you're up for a challenge: make it a Shaymin Swordsman. Zoro from One Piece would be a pretty good person to base this off of. If you could do it, I think this would turn out amazingly.
Love your work fate! Could I request an avatar of a sudowoodo with a headband and sunglasses? Kind of like the avatar I have now, but with sudowoodo and drawn fatecrasher's style.

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