Propose-a-Game / Request-a-Host Thread

I've noticed we don't have very many pokemafias. On Smogon. Just sayin'
Also, a Red vs Blue mafia would be fun, and I'd be more than willing to host one of those


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Yo billymills, you still have to approve Cops & Robbers Mafia. You said you'd look it over like 2 months ago.
Hi all! I'm surprised nobody has said this yet, but I'd like to propose Minecraft Mafia. It's a standard-ish mafia with a few twists along the way. Now, I'm in the rough-draft stage of the whole process, but here's a few things which could be included

~All hostile mobs as the two mafias (Including Endermen and Zombie Pigmen, there are 16, so more than enoughto fill two mafias)
~Villagers as the... villagers
~New roles
~The idea of emerald trading
~Items such as swords and armour
~24 players (4/4/15/1)

And many more. You don't have to play Minecraft to join, since the rules are pretty straightforward. If anybody wants to help me, or be a co-host (has to be an experienced cohost), than notify me via PM please. Feel free to comment saying if you think this is a good (enough) idea. If this gains enough support, and once the final structure of the mafia idea is complete, I'll PM billymills and see if it get's accepted. Yes, I know I'm not an experienced player (why I asked for an experienced cohost), but I feel I can do a pretty good job with this.

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I have an anonymous NOC planned out that I should put signups up for sometime next week. I don't think I'll need a co-host necessarily, but if you do not want to play, it would be nice to have someone else around to answer questions or to update if I am not available.

This is the set up, except it will be Tracker instead of a choice between Tracker and Vigilante.

Contact me through PM or on IRC (I will be on #circus) if interested.
I was considering trying my hand at hosting another beginner game since its been a while since PMD. Half because it would be fun to do, and half because I want to prove to myself that I can actually host.

It'll be a fairly small game, 17 players max and possibly less then that depending on interest. In the sign up thread will be a list of roles that could be in the game, as well as the number of vanillagers and mafia. However, not all the roles in the list will actually be in the game, and there may be duplicates of one or two roles.

I just have a few questions:

Would it be better to do this as an NOC or regular?

Is creating a list of balanced and simple roles, then randomizing the ones the town gets a workable setup? (Here's an example: 5 person town, Tracker, Role Inspect, BG, hooker, and Backup is the role list, and there are guaranteed to be 2 vanillagers in the 5 man town. Three random roles from the list are chosen to fill the three slots)
I'd go for a regular game, since there's been quite a few NOC games recently. I don't know about Beginner NOCs, though, so it might still be worth a shot.

Also, SS, if you'd be looking for a co-host, I'd be willing to give it a try. I have never hosted before, but I'm willing to learn :)


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A quick tidbit:

I would highly suggest if you plan on presenting roles in the signup thread that you make it NOC. Reason being is that most "regular" games tend to have roles hidden and secret for the purposes of it being not NOC (i.e. Mafia can mole more efficiently, village is already powerful if there's a village leader-please see Luigi's Mansion mafia for reasons why in beginner games village leaders are OP, etc). Structure-wise you could say that there are x amount of players per team but otherwise the actual roles imo should remain hidden. IF you plan on making them visible to everyone pre-signups like ANOCymous Mafia, then make it NOC because that way it creates a fair advantage for the Mafia to do their stuff behind the scenes.

I mean, you definitely could try making roles public, but I think it just makes steamrolling the mafia 10 times easier and you don't want that if you want a balanced game.


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Open role games should take special care to not be broken by a massclaim, since in a game with no vanillas the village will have a bunch of 1v1s to choose from and the setup needs to account for that.
Well, there'd be a list of roles that COULD be in the game....but there'd also be a healthy amount of vanilla. Mafia would still be able to get in counterclaims, which I guess was why I had the idea...

or maybe I just didn't want to have to worry about balancing a game...back to the drawing board


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I have an idea/concept for a very innovative game that requires a lot of individual thinking. It is adjustable in size but preferably would be a big game. I'd rather not host two games back to back, so I'm willing to give this idea to someone else if they want to host it after Pocket Monsters Mafia. Otherwise I'd put it on the shelf. PM me on the forums on on IRC if you are interested.
Anyone interesting in a League of Legends mafia? It wouldn't be anything to special, just a beginner/standard with ~24 people and 2 mafias. I don't have that much experience with mafia, but I feel confident in my ability to cohost with a slightly more experienced host willing to help.


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And tbh, making another beginner game isn't worth it. Just make it standard since some people are itching to play but don't have a reason to because all they see are either expert games with small playerbases or beginner games which people who are experienced end up joining anyways.

Anyways, I have been working on Turnabout Engine for the longest time and I keep putting it off and I think it's about time I got it back together. HOWEVER, I want to push out this idea:

What are people's thoughts on using Skype? I heard it was used in PSW to a great degree of success so I wanted to see if there'd be enough people interested in playing a murder mystery-style game with mafia elements.


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Is skype only needed for video/audio? I'd be fine with skype but would prefer a game without it. I might not be interested in the game though, depending on what it entails.
What are people's thoughts on using Skype? I heard it was used in PSW to a great degree of success so I wanted to see if there'd be enough people interested in playing a murder mystery-style game with mafia elements.
I don't recall it ever being used for PSW. It was, however, used to great effect for Pathfinder Society, which is a bit different. I don't think it would usually be a good idea for circus stuff, but it can be built around (means: it's a good idea if you think you can arrange the game around it)


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Umm so I changed my mind about Skype. I figure it's probably better off if I keep it simple and sweet.

Just so I know for reference, how many people would actually be interested in playing Turnabout Engine?

It's been my brainchild-project for quite sometime now, and gauging the number of players is necessary for some of the in-game elements.


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Nothing that hasn't been said before.

It's going to be either tagged as an Expert or Other game depending on how the Mods perceive it.

Turnabout Engine is a game I've been working on and off on for about three years now. It is going to be a murder-mystery style game with mafia elements in it. I had originally planned for cohosts but recently came up with an idea that will not require the need for them.

What I've said on IRC:

It will likely have around 12-14 players depending on interest. I can cut the numbers definitely if there isn't enough, but if there's more than enough I can stretch it to 15 max.

It will likely be a FFA.

It might possibly be NOC depending on what happens between now and 25 posts, by yours truly, later.
I'd like to see if there is enough interest in Forum Nomic. For those of you who don't know, Nomic is a game in which a very basic "Constitution" regarding the game rules, and how to modify the rules themselves are given. The neat thing of a game like this is that you basically get to make the game whatever the players want. In person the game is difficult simply because of the logistics, but various "forum nomics" have been successful.

The original rules may have to be modified slightly to fit the format of a forum (for instance, the original Nomic has turn based play, this might be changed to 24-48 hour windows for proposing idea and then voting on them).

An example of a very successful forum nomic can be found here.

I think an initial playerbase of anything over around 5 people would be enough to start- it would be easy enough to add in more later. This is basically just an interest-gauging post!

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