Propose-a-Game / Request-a-Host Thread

I'm trying to organize a Musicians Mafia, and I could really use a cohost. Said cohost will, preferably, 1) be active, 2) have a moderate knowledge of hip-hop, as I have none, 3) be a friendly all-around person, and 4) read this entire post. Please contact me somehow if you are interested in cohosting in the slightest.
danmantincan and I are already doing exactly this (and it's been approved etc). Not trying to discourage you or anything, just letting you know that such a game already exists.

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After several 'interesting' concepts and hundreds of shitty ideas, I have a concept in which I have some confidence for a village vs mafia game, with a small twist for novelty and to promote activity. The only problem is I have no experience with the logistics of hosting: priorities, balancing, etc. I know many of the more experienced hosts are very busy (or missing) at this moment, but I will take on most if not all PMs, updates, and other matters that take significant work. I just need an experienced host to help me get the game set up, and a second pair of eyes just in case I misread actions.
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I've noticed a significant lack of Beginner games lately, and it's past time I made another one. However, in normal 1v2 games, most of the village doesn't have a major role other then following orders, and I'd like to fix that if possible to make it more fun for everyone. But first I need a cohost.

Willing to help design the game from the ground up with that goal in mind.
Willing to help write role PMs, do updates etc.
Enough free time to design the game, write role PMs, do updates etc.

Not required:
Previous hosting experience

PM or VM if interested.

EDIT: Found someone
I've thought of some new ideas for mafia games, but I would like to get some hosting experience first so I don't ruin my (hopefully) cool ideas.

So would any one be interested in helping me host an Adult Swim themed Beginner game? Mostly I need someone with hosting experience for balancing and setting up the nuts and bolts of hosting. I already have some ideas for roles, but if there's something you want to include I would be open to suggestions. I have a lot (read: way too much) of free time currently, so once the game is set up and approved, you won't necessarily have to do too much work.

PM if interested.
Could someone be awesome for me, and host a chess tournament?

Chess is awesome, and I have time at the moment to play a tournament, I love chess myself, and I consider myself an able player. If anyone could, then you are awesome

Thank You
I would like to make a complex video game quiz. The quiz is about a game at a time and the questions are like 'How many things can make you lose your hat'. The answer would be 3 (Klepto, Ukiki and the snowman)


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That'd be more likely to be accepted on a forum (or 4m or whatever they're calling it now), but yea, like Quags said its probably a bit too pc++
Looking for a cohost for a NARUTO MAFIA!

Willing to help design game (I have a general outline in place but I need help finetuning), write PMs, do updates
At least a little knowledge about Naruto (if you know who Naruto, Sasuke, and the guys in the black and red jackets are you're probably good)
Free time
IRC access would be great but is not absolutely necessary

Not required:
Hosting experience

PM/VM/IRC if interested.


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I have a good expert mafia game design that forces everyone in the game to be somewhat involved. I would like a player who is good but doesn't really want to play to help me design the specifics. Thanks
I may not been the first guy to thought of this idea but I'll give it a shot. though, I'm in a bit of a hurry!

I would like to suggest a Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament For a 1vs1 and 2vs2 on a 32 entry grid! I want this tournament to be a fair game on having no items unlimited time and 3 live's Limit.
this Is a fighting game with all your favorite game characters from Mario, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Zelda, Link, Yoshi, Kerby, and... well... you get the idea.

If you have any questions, feel free to VM me and I will do my best to reply to your questions regarding to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. aka SSBB

PS. I may not be able to answer all your questions.


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Your best bet is finding who is available to play SSBB here.

That, or you could potentially try coming onto IRC and talking with people there (there are a few dedicated channels for SSBB, I think)...
So I was thinking of a way that could circumvent some of the challenges set with traditional Circus Maximus games and I came up with an idea that clears virtually every problem games have been having.

It's essentially a cross media mystery game that is collectively solved by the community as a whole. Although there would be a small commitment with some participating users, (team leaders and such) There would be very little time commitment. People could spend as little or as much time trying to solve or discussing the mystery as they wish. The game would reward thinking outside the box and looking for obscure clues. People could also just jump into the game. If a person wants to play they wouldn't have to wait a couple months.

I have very very little in terms of plot developed. I would love to discuss with some potential co-hosts about it. This idea has plenty of room to grow and it would be awesome for hosts too. There's very little in terms of updating and upkeep. Its almost all creative.


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So yeah, I've discussed with some people and they would like to see me host a Big Mafia. Theme is pending, but I'm thinking of doing Smogon Mafia Mafia as the theme. If I can get a veteran user, as a cohost, who has been around long enough to know what happened in some of the earlier Smogon Games, that would be great.

This does not mean I am abandoning Turnabout Engine. Daenym abandoned me so I'll probably need a very very good cohost (and I mean really good) to help me set up Turnabout Engine since it won't be like your normal Mafia game.
Proposal: Anime character draft (alternately, video game character draft if there is more interest).

Details: So I'm sure many of you have heard of or played Fantasy Basketball/Football/Baseball/whatever sport before. My idea is that, instead of picking players, "owners" draft anime/video game characters instead. Each owner selects, say, 10 characters in a snake-draft format with pre-randomized draft order; for the sake of expediency, I'd envision such a draft taking place on an IRC chat channel or something.

Then, every week, there's a theme (i.e. Most Badass, Cutest, Smartest, etc.) and owners are paired against one another. In each matchup, the owners pick two of their own characters and pool them with their opponent's pair of picks, creating groups of four. Voters can then pick the one character from each group of four that they deem the best by that week's criteria; owners can also vote, but not on their own matchup. At the end of each week, the votes are tallied and the owner with the higher combined total votes for their characters in each matchup wins the round. An owner cannot select the same character to be used in two consecutive rounds. After X amount of rounds, the top eight owners are seeded in the playoffs and compete in single-elimination style until only one owner is left.

During the season, owners can conduct trades amongst themselves.

Looking for: I'm looking to gauge general interest, as well as to see if anyone would be interested in co-hosting this game with me.

If anyone would like clarification or additional info, please let me know. I'd like to just throw it out there right now that this particular idea isn't completely original (I've seen it on a few other forums), but I'm more than interested to throw some unique twists in it for fun. The rules and exact numbers (i.e., number of owners, number of characters per owner, time period per round, etc.) are not set in stone; if you have any suggestions, please let me know.
I want to make a game similar to Paper Mario Mafia (that will work) that is either radically short w/ ~25 players or radically long w/ ~12 players. Leaning towards the latter. Contact if I know you and you're interested in making such a game from scratch.

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