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Since I have a pretty good idea in mind, I'll be looking for a experienced co-host to hopefully host what will be Pokemon Attack Mafia. I'm still working on the bare basics, not speaking of the concept itself, so I'd love someone experienced in making a mafia game help me as a co-host.


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looking for a cohost just to give opinion #2 and collect PM's and reminding me of stuff etc

I need a co-host and an artist who can draw humans (they can be the same person).
This is currently planned as a big game but depending on how weird Mekkah considers me to be it might end up being small. Actually it might not even be defined as a "mafia game" so we'll see.

I need a co-host and an artist who can draw humans (they can be the same person).
This is currently planned as a big game but depending on how weird Mekkah considers me to be it might end up being small. Actually it might not even be defined as a "mafia game" so we'll see.
I'd happily draw art for this, as long as I don't need to draw hands.
And although I couldn't host for shit, I could give a second opinion, if you wanted one.
If you're interested please PM me a drawing of a character - it can be anything, just show me your idea of a character who could kill and follows the tone of the 'poster' above. Thanks :)

edit: cool b_l, i'll keep you in mind.
Well, I'm not getting anywhere with my ideas. So I'm willing to try something different.

If anyone wants to host a mafia and has some good experience with it can contact me and we can start from scratch. All I want to do is plan & host a mafia game, and I don't have the experience to do it all alone. o_o

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If you follow the following criteria, please contact me if you are willing to cohost:-

1.Good knowledge of a lot of experimental concepts used in Smogon mafia(optional though).
2.Are free to cohost.
3.Are experienced.
4.Are willing to help in game designing(this is still nebulous).
5.Are able to update between 9:30 PM and 6:00 AM +5GMT(not all the time, but are able to do so now and then).


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Looking for a cohost with experience, particularly one with experience with anonymous games. PM me for more details.
I was thinking of doing a war-type game, where everyone is a different country of the world, and every player plays a country. However, each person is also given a Government type which they have to use to run their country. Every Government Type has different advantages and disadvantages, and do better when allied with certain Government Types than others. I was thinking something like this:

-Each player chooses a country of the world to play as, and once all countries are filled or there are enough people to start, I hand out Government Types. I will get to those later.
-After receiving their Government Types, players are also given a list of their type's advantages and disadvantages, as well as who they work with best in alliances. Each Government Type also has it's own unique abilities.
-Once they receive all information, the game may begin. Players are allowed to make alliances with other players or declare wars on other players. Each player needs to achieve at least three of their faction's Victory Objectives to win, or be the last one standing.

That is just a brief overview of the rules, and I will get more in depth with them once I see who is interested in this.

Countries to choose from:

Each nation are located where they normally would be on the map of the world. Each country is divided into territories, and the more territories you control, the more Supply you get to build units. Different Government Types also get different Supply Rates, but, more on that later.

Supply is what is used to purchase units and upgrades. The more territories the player controls, the greater the Supply Rate. Supply Rate is the amount of Supply you get every turn.

Research is separate from Supply. Researching allows you to develop new technologies and units, and also makes certain kinds of upgrades possible. Research is measured by Research Points, and different research costs a different number of research points. To gain Research Points at a quicker rate, players need to either build a Research Facility or capture a territory that has one.

Different buildings are required to build certain units, upgrades, or research. For example, you need an Airport to build a Fighter Jet or Paratroopers, you need a Barracks to train Infantry, and a Factory to make Tanks. Some buildings also have the capability of increasing Supply. I will develop a full list of buildings later on. To build a building, you need to choose which territory to build it on. You may build it on either your own territory or one of your allies' territories (with permission, of course).

Each unit is unique in one way or another, and each unit is broken down into a Unit Type. The Unit Type the unit is depends both on where the unit is built and what strengths and weaknesses it has. Some units may be classified into more than one Unit Type category. So far, the list of Unit Types look like this:
-Navy Vessel

This list is not final and is subject to change as I develop the game more.

Government Types:
Before the game begins, each player is assigned a Government Type. Government Types of each country will remain hidden, and players must figure out for themselves which country has which Government Type. As of now, the list of Government Types is:
-Imperialism (Empire)

The Government Type of the country gives the countries' advantages and disadvantages, abilities and special units, as well as Victory Objectives. Each Government Type are better allies to certain other Government Types than to others, and some are opposites entirely.

Victory Objectives:
Victory Objectives are objectives the player must complete to win the game. In order to win, players must complete at least three of the Victory Objectives on their list. Allies may also decide to share their Victory Objectives, so that they can help each other win. If this happens, the number of Victory Objectives it takes to win is increased. The amount is determined by the number of players sharing Victory Objectives.

Each nation has a Capital. The Capital of the nation is chosen by the player before the game starts. If a player's Capital is lost in battle, all territories surrounding the Capital is lost as well. Whenever a player gains an opponent's Capital, they gain control of it and the territories around it. They also get both an increased Supply Rate and Research Point Rate.

A player loses when they have no territories left or do not complete their Victory Conditions fast enough.

Alliances between players are allowed to be formed freely. However, if you ally with another nation, be aware that they can turn against you, and be aware that there will be limit on the number of allies you can have. This is to avoid everyone being allied and stalling the game immensely.

-Supply can not only be used to build units or buildings, but can also be used to pay other nations to either leave you alone, ally with you, or wage war on another country.
-Players may trade Research with each other if they wish. However, be careful who you trade it with, as it can be used against you.
-Each player is given a list of the possible Research they could learn with their Government Type. However, you can trade Research with other nations of different Government Types to gain their research as well.

Okay, so, that is what I have so far. Nothing is definite, and everything is subject to change. If you are interested, please PM me. Also, if you are willing to co-host or help me plan the game, let me know. I am also looking for a Map Maker.


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Change of plans on my part: I have an idea for an FF3 game. (Cops and Robbers will come later)
This game will involve hitpoints instead of lynches. Contact me if you wish to help in development, as it is only in its rough stages.
Where's despotism and fundamentalism?
I can add them later, that was just a rough draft of the Government Types. I'm sure I will add them in eventually. The country list isn't final yet, either, and I may add or remove some of them, too. Now that it seems I have some support, I will start writing up the complete rules, and start building unit lists and building lists, as well as Research Lists and Government abilities. However, I still need a mapmaker. If anyone is interested, let me know!
I was thinking of hosting a Redwall Mafia. For those who don't know what Redwall is, it's a book series by Brian Jaques. I am here to request a cohost. I would prefer a cohost who has read the books before and has at least one game of experience hosting a game before, but if you haven't read the books and want to cohost you can PM me anyway. Please PM me if you're interested.

Edit: Found the Cohost - Coronis


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Some of you might know that I'm Trading Card Game designer. And while professionally I design for a game I didn't create, I've made two games myself. The one that isn't in the proto-prototype stage is Triple Triad, and after finishing half the lackeyccg plugin for it I thought I'd share it. The other half will be finished on my next day off.

Card Pics
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 7 is finished, but I'd to see people play with the first two sets before releasing it. I'll use that data to make Final Fantasy 10, and release 7 and 10 together.

If people are interested, I'd like to kick off with a tournament. It wouldn't be elimination style, because we're just trying to have fun and no one is going to be an expert at the game yet.

And last, the rules.

The majority of gameplay in Triple Triad involves the Triad, a 3x3 grid in the middle of the playing field. Each turn, players place cards from their hand onto the Triad. After 9 cards are placed on the Triad, the Bout ends. The player who controls less cards on the Triad loses, and discards cards from the top of their deck. The Triad resets, and play continues until one player runs out of cards in their deck. That player loses the game.

If you are not familiar with the basic rules of Triple Triad, refer to this page;

Building a Deck:

Each deck requires at least one Character card. This card begins in play, seperate from the Triad. The character card has two Elements on it, and every card in your deck must have at least one of those two Elements.

Each deck must include exactly 60 cards, including your starting Character card. You may have no more than 6 Character cards (including your starting character). You may have no more than 6 Summon cards. You may have no more than 6 Boss cards in your deck. You may have any number of Monster or Special cards. Refer to the section Types of Cards for what each card does.

Starting a Game:

To begin, shuffle your deck. Then decide which player goes first. You may decide any way you choose, but one possible way is to look at the bottom card of each player's deck. The player whose type of card has a higher priority decides who goes first. Priority from highest to lowest is Characters, Summons, Bosses, Specials, then Monsters. In the event of a tie, the card with the highest combined Attack Power wins (or in the case of Specials, whichever card comes first alphabetically). If there is still a tie, look at the second card, and so on.

After deciding who goes first, decide which direction the Triad will face. All cards on the Triad must face the same direction. Then, both players draw 5 cards.

Playing a Bout:

Each turn, a player may draw a card. The player who goes first does not draw a card on their first turn. During your turn, you may play one Monster, Boss, Summon, or Character card onto the Triad. You must indicate clearly which space on the Triad it goes onto (Top Left, Middle, etc.).

Each turn you must play a card onto the Triad, or a Main ability (see Abilities). If you cannot, you must reveal your hand.

Each card has an Attack Power on its top, left, right, and bottoms sides (An A is 10). When you place a card next to a card your opponent controls, you attack it. If your Attack Power adjacent to theirs (Left to Right, Top to Bottom) is higher, their card flips and comes under your control.

You need a way to indicate which cards each player currently controls. Possible ways include turning flipped cards slightly, or using coins.

When you flip an opponent's card due to an attack, the card you flipped then attacks all of your opponent's cards adjacent to it. This is called a combo.

Ending a Bout:

If at the of a turn there are 9 cards on the Triad, the Bout ends immediately. Both players count the number of cards they currently control. The player with less cards Decks (discards the top cards of their deck) the top X cards of their deck. X equals twice the difference between the number of card's each player controls. For instance, if your opponent controls 7 cards and you control 2, you would deck 10 cards.

In between bouts, players may play Special Locations. Only one Location may be in play at a time, so the player who lost the last Bout gets priority over the opponent. In addition, each player may switch their starting Character with one from their Hand.

Both players may discard any number of cards in their hand, then draw any number of cards until they have no more than 5 cards in their hand. The player who lost the last Bout decides who goes first during the next Bout.

Types of Cards:

The most basic card, these will be the majority of your deck. Each monster has four attack powers, and an ability.

Bosses and Summons;
Cards like Monsters, but with higher attack powers. You may have up to 6 Boss cards and up to 6 Summon cards in your deck.

A vital card, you start the game with one in play. You may always use its ability, and every card in your deck must have one of the two Elements on your Character card. In between bouts you may switch your starting Character with a Character from your hand. You may not play abilities on Characters while they are on the Triad. You may have up to 6 Character cards in your deck.

Cards that have abilities, but no attack powers. They may not be played onto the Triad. There are several varieties.
Magic & Skills - One shot abilities that may be played from your hand.
Item - During your turn, attach this card to your character. You may always use its abilities. You may only have one item on your character at a time. If you play another, send the first to the discard pile.
Location - Cards that have global effects or abilities that both players may use. Only one may be in play at a time. They are played between Bouts, if both players want to play one then the player who lost gets priority. If another Location is played, the first is sent to the discard pile.
Rules - Played during your turn, these have global effects or abilities that both players may play. Any number can be in effect at once. If one Rule contradicts another, the first is sent to the discard pile.


In Triple Triad, every single card has an ability. Abilities may be played at any time if applicable. If two players play an ability at the same time, the player whose turn it is resolves first.

You may only play abilities on cards you own and control. If you control your opponent's card, you may not play the abilities on it. If your opponent controls a card you own, you may not play the abilities on it.

When an ability may be played as a response to an event, it may only be played once per event. For instance, if your ability allows you to draw a card when an opponent draws a card, you may only draw a card once after they do.

There are several restrictions placed on abilities. These are placed in parenthesis before abilities.

(#) A number inside a parenthesis indicates the number of times an ability may be played during a Bout. If an ability has a (1) before it for instance, it may only be played once during that Bout.

(Main) Only one Main ability may be used per turn, on your turn, and it must be used instead of playing a card onto the Triad.

(Secondary) Only one Secondary ability may be used per turn, on your turn.

(Static) This ability is never played. Instead, its effects are always active as long as its owner controls it.

(Link) You may use this ability even if your opponent controls the card.

(Capture) This ability may be played by whoever controls it, regardless of ownership.

(Cost) Many abilities have costs before them, such as (Discard 1 card) or (Flip 1 card). You must pay the cost before playing the ability, and if the ability is negated you still have to pay the cost. You may only pay the cost using cards you control.


Triple Triad contains terms familiar to card game players, and some foreign.

Draw; Add the top card of your deck to your hand.

Discard; Add a card from your hand to the top of your discard pile.

Undraw; Add a card from your hand to the bottom of your deck.

Deck; Add the top card of your deck to the top of your discard pile.

Undeck; Add the top card of your discard pile to the bottom of your deck.

Flip; Switch control of a card on the Triad from one player to the other.

Banish; Add a card from the Triad to the top of its owner's discard pile.

Bonus; When a card recieves additional attack power. In general, an attack power bonus may only be applied to one side of the card and goes away at the end of the turn. Only abilities that signify "All sides" or "Permanently" differ.

Penalty; When a card's attack power is reduced. In general, an attack power penalty may only be applied to one side of the card and goes away at the end of the turn. Only abilities that signify "All sides" or "Permanently" differ.

Own vs. Control; A player owns a card if they brought it t the game in their deck. They control a card if it is currently flipped in their favor.

In addition, there is an ever growing number of Status Effects in Triple Triad. The current list follows.

Blind; When this card attacks, flip a coin. If it lands on tails, the card fails to attack.

Mute; The ability on this card may not be played.

Poison; The player who controls this card at the end of the Bout decks a card.

Stone; This card may not attack, and may not be attacked.


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I need a new cohost for my mafia, as Outlaw isn't in the mood for mafia atm.

It will mostly just be for in game PMs etc, as most of the original legwork is done.


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I'm looking to host a good fairly normal mafia game before getting into some of the more eccentric ideas I have planned. I already have a theme that I want to work around, just looking for some input and someone to keep me from going overboard. So if you'd like to cohost, please PM me.
Requesting a co-host for a big mafia game. I want someone competent, but however i do want people to enjoy this game as well, so only sign up if you really want to host and not play. Also, you must be a player in my previous expert game to co-host. Finally, >< well... i will be handling a lot of the operations myself... so you might feel left out ><. Thanks for applying :)

Edit: Also a cry from other people, EW isn't allowed to co-host.

Edit: Found someone, lol.

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