Propose-a-Game / Request-a-Host Thread

a standard mafia game in which the lynch votes are PM'd to the host(s) instead of posted in the forums.
I have been designing this game with help from the interwebs, but he doesn't want to be cohost and I don't want to host this game by myself, so if anyone (apart from Alchemator (sorry alch, interwebs told me not to have you as cohost)) is interested in cohosting this game, could you let me know?

Also posting here to see if people would actually be interested in playing this game.

Well I don't know if you expect me to do almost every update while I'm hosting my own mafia game do I.
I am not expecting the cohost to do every update.

EDIT2: OK, fuck interwebs' "protip".

EDIT3: Found someone.
I'm requesting a cohost for a mafia I've recently started thinking about. I would categorize it as an idea that hasn't yet hit Smogon Mafia. It isn't very far in the works, so my chosen cohost will likely have a big part in designing it. Please PM me if you are interested, and I can respond back with more details about the game if you ask.
I'm requesting somebody experienced to co-host a mafia game involving a (relatively) large number of competing wolves among other things. Please PM me ONLY if you are an experienced host and interested. Alternatively, I can be found on #feto.

EDIT: I have found somebody.
Hey, anyone who wants to work on a game to try to prove the point that beginner games don't have to be boring should PM me. I have literally no idea what I'm going to do atm, so you'd be building it from scratch with me. Anyways, the main goal would be to make an interesting to host/play game that would be exciting for beginners, which should hopefully get more beginner games going and bring up the quality of standard games.

Of course, if the game ends up failing, I'm gonna look like an idiot, but whatever.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I like someone who has hosted at least one game before, but it's not a requirement.

EDIT2: Found someone super-quick
Requesting somebody to co-host a beginner game with me. You don't need to be overly experienced. Just know that like all the pre-game work is already done, so don't expect to be able to do any of that. PM me if interested.

EDIT: Found somebody.


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I'm looking for a co-host for a mafia game after Romance Mafia. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with my next game, but the ideas I have already are very complicated and require extra legwork in the design and hosting stages, so please only contact me if you have prior experience hosting.
Well, I've been thinking of doing a YGOTAS mafia, but I want to do it after hosting several games so I can get some more experience.

With that out of the way, I do plan on hosting a mafia themed after a game called Tales of Symphonia, and I need a co-host to help me plan out the game as well as doing typical co-host duties when the game does start. It would be preferred if you have very good knowledge on the game, and you will play a good part in planning this game with me as well if you do decide to help me with this.

PM me if you're interested in co-hosting this game. I can provide you with more information with the mafia if you ask.

Edit: Just got myself a co-host.


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Okay, I have an idea of hosting a mafia game, which will happen after FF3 Mafia is over. The game will be called Senator Elections Mafia. The idea of the mafia game will be different from other games in this way:

Instead of voting for people to die, you vote for them to win.

I already have the basic layout for the gameplan set up. The way the game runs sounds cheesy, but you'd be surprised how interesting it will actually be. Anyways, the co-host will get to take part in a great amount of the work, so anybody experienced who is willing to try out something relatively experimental would be the most useful. Remember, this game is only in the rough stages, so the co-host will be able to do quite a bit with the game.


just who is the coon?
[07:16] <~Altair> hey everyone
[07:16] <~Altair> guess what im thinking of hosting an expert mafia this summer
[07:16] <~Altair> based on CWCs
[07:16] <~Altair> some say it will be the best game ever played
[07:16] <~Altair> by humans
[07:16] <~Altair> who wants to cohost

basically any cohost would help me with balancing the game / CWCs / helping host it :o

also PM me here not on irc because my irc has been acting up lately

edit: cohost found
I'd like to find a co-host for a possible Beginner game. Experience would be nice but if you don't have much, that's fine. Requirements are to know how Mafia works, I guess.

PM me if you want in.
Requesting a game co-creator and co-host for an experimental Brave New World mafia that I would like to have ready by Christmas break. I have several rather interesting ideas that I have been bouncing around and I would like someone to help decide how these concepts would be balanced. An understanding of the novel would be greatly appreciated. Please Smogon PM me rather than contacting me on IRC.


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So is there some sort of queue, or do you guys have sign ups in the actual game thread?
If you want to sign up for a game, wait for a new game sign-up thread to be posted.
This thread is for people proposing to design and make new games.
Read the stickied Circus Maximus Rules for more details.
DISCLAIMER: I'm running under the assumption that this is the correct way to use this thread. If it isn't delete this post.

I have been thinking for a while to bring a game I ran elsewhere, here. (serebii if you must know. I'm so ashamed)

Basically it was like a creative thinking game. Contestant were given some sort of obscure obsticle course and they had to navigate a way through often with restrictions. The game kinda went to shit last time but only because I let someone co-host and they ruined it with stupid challenges.

Anyway basically it promoted ingenuity and strategy where I rewarded quirky ideas that would still work. The game was supposed to be fun because the contestants enjoyed thinking up weird ways to do things. I had a magikarp make the final four because the guy who was using it was so funny and actually clever about it. So there is no prejudice.

I can go in to more detail about the game if you guys want me to but I think that is enough to give a general idea.

What I want to know is if you guys would be willing to give that type of game a go and if so would you want it pokemon themed as it was originally or would you prefer it to be a bit of a free for all but with some limiutations like no telepathy or flying to erase and cheapness?
If you want to sign up for a game, wait for a new game sign-up thread to be posted.
This thread is for people proposing to design and make new games.
Read the stickied Circus Maximus Rules for more details.
Thanks man, I'm new to the forum but i've played mafia games elsewhere, just wondering how it worked here.

I look forward to playing one of these with you guys!
Not really. Umm two good examples (I'll keep them simple) from when I did it before.

Scenario 1: You are a Magikarp and you have to get past some rolling logs.

Magikarp uses tackle on the ground to make a depression. Then Magikarp uses splash to get in the hole and wait. When all the logs have rolled past use bounce to get up the hill. (That was kind of lame but eh.)

Scenario 2: You are Glalie and you have to get accross an icy path with no grip.

Use Spikes on yourself so that you have spikes sticking out of you. Use rollout now that you can grip the ice with your spikes.

Scenario 3: You are a Nidorino and you are tied over a pool of Sharpedo.

Use scratch to loosen the ropes. As you are falling aim at a Sharpedo's face and blast it with water gun so that you fly up in the air and to safety.

Things like that. Of course I would dress those up a bit when I reveal results so they actually sound exciting.

Do you get the idea now?
Looking for a cohost for a Standard/Beginner game based around Fallout 3. Experience of the game is not necessary, and experience hosting is preferred, but not necessary (as I have none myself).

Contact me either by irc (on #metroidvania) or by PM/VM. Thanks.

EDIT: Found one. Definitely.
Requesting a cohost for a Beginner game, preferably someone who has played at least 2 games. Whoever wants to MUST be willing to work with me to make the game, write role PMs, etc. if you're interested, PM me or talk to me on #brawl.

EDIT: Found someone
came up with a pretty promising idea yesterday, built on it a bit and from here on i'd rather have a cohost helping me with further planning. If anyone is interested, contact.

(i'd rather have someone with some sort of hosting experience, though..)
i hope no one said this before or else that would be creepy. i was thinking that of a alphabet game, like i would start my post with a word that has an A at the start, and then someone else would do the same thing accept with a B, and so on. once someone does Z, then someone would do A and then it would repeat the process. comments? criticisms? do you think my name is stupid?

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