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This is probably off topic, but I still don't really understand how 252x5 eternamax can be used in PH/BH. I always thought the premise is anything without rom hack, or at least something that you can bring to local battles. But FWIK eternamax can be only obtained by rom hacking den raids, and while you can capture it and bring it to local battles, it always reverts back to orginal form after reloading the save. Without reloading saves for pkhex, wouldn't the total ev be limited to 510 in-game? Or is this a special case allowed by the community?
This is how true ph is, but it depends on if/when developers can actually implement this into PS.

Eternamax can be hacked in. (Crowned Dogs can be too; cant find a good post)
Also maxed out EVs can be hacked and used in local battles, too.
Here's the video showing the Crowned Dogs hacked in:
This is how true ph is, but it depends on if/when developers can actually implement this into PS.

Eternamax can be hacked in. (Crowned Dogs can be too; cant find a good post)
Also maxed out EVs can be hacked and used in local battles, too.
Yeah I was able to recreate crowned dogs with items and brought Eternamax to local battles without resetting, but maybe there's also a way to give Eternamax max EVs that I'm not aware of. Thanks anyways.
According to the SWSH Battle Mechanics Research Thread, add both variants of "As One" to the slim list of abilities not disabled by Neutralizing Gas:
Although Unnerve, Chilling Neigh, and Grim Neigh are all disabled individually while Neutralizing Gas is active, as components of As One they work fine.

As One also can't be Skill Swapped, overwritten by Entrainment, or copied by Role Play.
Now we just need an As One-using mon to KO some schmuck like Zacian-Crowned or Indeedee or maybe Calyrex-Shadow or Regieleki instead of the potentially 0-Defense/Special Defense Eternamax...


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Not much has been going on with this metagame during the Isle of Armor. The metagame had changed a lot during that time with the introduction of Chansey but we didn't have very many games played or discussions made about it. Presumably everyone had just been wanting to wait for Crown Tundra. Well...

Crown Tundra DLC is here now and lots of Pokemon have been added! We got all the old legendaries back, some new ones, and so many regular old Pokemon who look solid on their own. However, a bigger change than this DLC has been implemented.

Read this post:
A discovery has been made in Pokemon Sword and Shield which introduced a limitation. Pokemon in the game can naturally only have a maximum non HP stat of 654. If a Pokemon's stats overflow past this, they reset from 0 and add each additional raw stat point above 655. For example, if a Pokemon has 656 in a non HP stat, their non HP stat becomes 1. If they have 659 in a non HP stat, their stat becomes 3. If they have 780 in a non HP stat, the stat becomes 126, etc. In order for a Pokemon to have their stats overflowed, they must have a base stat higher than 248 on any non HP stat and a beneficial nature on this same stat.

Here are a few things to note about this discovery:
  1. Eternamax's Defense and Special Defense stats are able to overflow as their base exceeds 248.
  2. This only affects raw stats that come directly from the start of a match. Stat boosts aren't affected.
  3. Having a Defense or Special Defense stat at 0 (or what would normally be 655) would cause all moves targeting the defensive stat to have around base 2 power. This means the Pokemon is virtually invincible when getting attacked by base power moves that attack that particular defense stat.
  4. Attack moves that don't target defense stats (OHKO moves, Final Gambit, Seismic Toss, Super Fang, etc) aren't affected.

To put it bluntly, this metagame has completely changed to the point where what we had prior is barely recognizable. We're not just in a new era. We're in a new metagame.

Fortunately the timing of this discovery was great as we have even more Pokemon to deal with these changes than we did prior, but here's a rough speculation on how the metagame and its Pokemon have changed.


Eternamax is still the king and this time, there's no competition. This Pokemon is even better than it ever was before and teams are pretty much required to run at least two of these to cover each defensive stat. Anything running attack moves with BP will be forced to run mixed sets and have something up their sleeve to prevent themselves from being KOed. Otherwise, these Pokemon are only getting taken down by OHKO moves, Final Gambit, hazards, status moves, or fixed damage moves. Once these Pokemon are knocked out, it becomes significantly easier for any of the hazardous offense threats to snowball their way to victory. On average people are probably running 0-2 more Eternamax more than they have before this discovery, but running six still gives the whole team some significant weaknesses.

Zacian-Crowned has been worsened off due to DLC2 increasing this metagame's speed tier and Eternamax's capabilities of having an invincible defense stat. Zacian-Crowned however is still great and this Pokemon will continue to run the metagame to some extent as the bulk and speed combination makes Zacian-Crowned the most reliable Taunt user. Status moves are still going to be incredibly frequent for players to get around opposing teams. Double Iron Bash is a little less relevant now due to the move being able to get checked more easily so this Pokemon. Because of this, we are expecting to see Zacian-Crowned start running reliable coverage moves more often to go against these checks.

These two are out. Use Eternamax instead. They are both the bulkiest and least bulky Pokemon who have max base HP.

These are probably going to be the next best Pokemon under Zacian-Crowned in this metagame. Ghost-types are lot more valuable now because hazards are more important, Final Gambit is going to be more rampant, and they are immune to two OHKO moves. What separates these two Ghost-type Pokemon from the rest is that they're bulky and would be able to perform in a lot of roles because of this ghost-typing + high bulk combination. If they're not getting hit by OHKO moves or Final Gambit, powerful Pokemon are likely going to launch all sorts of different BP attacks at them.

With an immunity to Final Gambit and all 30% accuracy OHKO moves, Drifblim now has the most valuable type combination in the metagame. Its defensive stats leave it much to be desired in order to reach top tier but they're not low enough to where its usage might not be justified. This Pokemon is likely gonna be restricted to running Heavy Duty Boots and King's Shield on each of its sets just so it could survive.

Calyrex-Shadow is the new best sweeper in the metagame. This Pokemon has a Ghost-typing paired with base 165 Special Attack and a Speed stat higher than Zacian-Crowned. It has the second highest speed stat of any Pokemon that'll end up being relevant in the new metagame. Because of this it'd be able to use Normalize Entrainment sets to run set up and properly run mixed with Psystrike/physical moves and Stored Power. This Pokemon won't be great, especially in the long-run, but it'll definitely see some good usage and may be ranked decently high in the future.

Overshadowed by Calyrex

These Pokemon, while weaker, can still carry a niche over Calyrex by being Normal-type. They don't have to rely on Entrainment to stop their stats from being stolen and are able to run coverage moves to hit more Pokemon. Despite this, they are still much worse off due to the speed tier increase and this metagame possibly becoming more aggressive before any phases of stat boosting.

Many people may be unaware but Black Kyurem got better in DLC1 and with the new changes in DLC2, it has become better than White Kyurem in battle. However due to the stat overflow these Pokemon are now going to struggle when it comes to performing a sweep. Unlike Calyrex-Shadow, they don't necessarily have anything good to prevent other Pokemon from stopping its setup. They don't have the speed to Normalize or outtaunt, they don't have the typing to block OHKO moves or Final Gambit, they are even weak to Zacian-Crowned. In order for these Pokemon to see the light of day they most definitely would need each Eternamax on the opposing team to be knocked out.

Very similar case to the Kyurem formes, except it's more capable of becoming mixed but weaker on targeting one specific stat.

Reshiram's hopes and dreams as a sweeper have been shattered. Instead, this Pokemon will only retain its more passive role of forcing Zacian-Crowned out with fire and predicting when they have the opportunity to run an OHKO move. Zacian-Crowned is still going to be around and it's still going to be among the best. If you can force it out to Eternamax you've mostly landed yourself an opportunity to freely use an OHKO move. Ho-Oh can follow the same path.

Regieleki is the new fastest Pokemon in the franchise and it's so much better than Ninjask was before. Its bulk is low but good enough for it to cheese some sets by subbing and spamming Fissure. Aside from that it can do everything Ninjask has done before and more, from setting up hazards, to phasing. It can also run Bolt Beak to 2HKO other various threats like Zacian-Crowned, Calyrex-Shadow, and most Flying-types since they are immune to Fissure anyway.

With Regieleki existing there is no reason to run Ninjask anymore.

Here's now the metagame has changed in terms of archetypes:

Yes, I consider Eternamax to be its own archetype. It can do many things from setting up hazards, setting up stats, sweeping, running OHKO moves, running Final Gambit sets, you name it. Very nearly anything a Pokemon can do to win the game. Eternamax grabs the metagame by its throat and pieces it together with its two hands. Yes, I mean TWO hands. You are getting mopped through the floor if you're running less than two Eternamax on a team. There are too many great sweepers out there who can run Neutralizing Gas, Shell Smash, possibly Dynamax, and destroy your team right away if you don't have the Eternamax to block them.

Neutralizing Gas:
Because of the overflow, people will have to try finding different and creative ways to take down opposing Eternamax. As a result we've already been seeing less of this ability being present. While it still stomps the vast majority of the metagame, stuff like Wonder Guard, No Guard, Shadow Tag, and Normalize are starting to see more viable usage and may be considered better than before.

Magic Bounce:
Comatose still exists and it's gonna continue to have some relevancy. Magic Bounce continues to be mandatory for this reason.

Comatose is going to be a bit worse in this state of the metagame. Because more Pokemon are relying on status moves to win, Magic Coat and Magic Bounce are going to be more worthwhile and common.

Sweepers have become noticeably worse off in the metagame due to Eternamax being a bigger burden to break down. Before they were a bit too easy to use and pummel teams with. Now it actually takes a lot more strategy to achieve this same feat.

Ghost-types are more valuable than ever before. They're able to block Rapid Spin, Final Gambit, Guillotine, and Horn Drill. These are all moves that may come with substantially increased usage due to the overflow stat mechanic. Bulky Ghost-types who take in a ton of moves are going to be the best at this, since Spectral Thief is still going to be common and lots of Pokemon may test with BP moves beforehand if they can't use the OHKO moves. Being bulky just helps the Pokemon do every passive role more efficiently.

Normal-types seem to have gotten a bit better. They can pass stats and sub around to give sweepers a better chance of doing what they want. Bulky ones like Regigigas in particular may be the most successful of these.

Before the only real breaker was Zacian-Crowned but now we might have Calyrex-Shadow and Regieleki joining in.

Fire-types might also be a bit better since OHKO moves are likely to see more usage. As aforementioned Zacian-Crowned is still going to be great and it will need some more advanced checks in the long-run due to its opportunity to run more coverage moves. Fire-types can be sent in front of Zacian-Crowned, and either KO them with Fire-type moves or pressure it out and predict an Eternamax switchin, offering them the chance to use an OHKO move. They may also be phazers for this as well in case some other Pokemon run sub. Again, bulky Fire-types are going to be the best so expect to see Reshiram, Ho-Oh, and possibly Heatran around more among the rest.

We are now in a new metagame and there's a lot more to discover. It is available via challenge option on Pokemon Showdown. You can click on a player's name, hit the Challenge button, find the [Gen 8] Pure Hackmons metagame and search towards the upper part of the format list's second row. I've only just scrapped this speculation from the very beginning of this metagame's state and not all of my thoughts have been put into this post. When we start to see other noticeable changes or speculations being proven/debunked I will continue onto posting about them.
With an immunity to Final Gambit and all 30% accuracy OHKO moves, Drifblim now has the most valuable type combination in the metagame.
Wait, how is Drifblim immune to Sheer Cold? If we're going for immunities to Final Gambit and as many OHKO moves as possible, I'd think that Froslass is tied with it.
Wait, how is Drifblim immune to Sheer Cold? If we're going for immunities to Final Gambit and as many OHKO moves as possible, I'd think that Froslass is tied with it.
Sheer cold is 20% accuracy from non ice types.

Unrelatedly, Reshiram is pretty bad when its only use other than smashing was to be better ohko fodder
If spectral stops being a thing Calyrex-Shadow would be an absolute menace, this would be like if people ran fire moves for zac way more often


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How to beat Eternamax

This post is made to serve as a guide on how Eternamax can be beat in the Pure Hackmons metagame.
"As a result of Rose's meddling, Eternatus absorbed all the energy in the Galar region. It's now in a state of power overload."
As you may have known, Eternamax is a Pokemon with maximum base defense stats and the capability to choose between being invincible against physical base power moves and being invincible against special base power moves. A player is able to make this decision by giving their Eternamax 240 EVs in either Defense or Special Defense and then giving this same stat a "+" nature. This discovery has led up to concerns from people wondering if there could be any reliable method to beating Eternamax and if it could be done without having the metagame turn into a complete stallfest.

There is good news regarding this case. Regardless of the capabilities this Pokemon holds through its raw stats, there are a couple reliable methods you can use to take down Eternamax. Below is a list of your main methods:

Method #1: Mixed Shell Smash Sweepers
Prior to the discovery regarding Eternamax's overflowed defenses it became well-known that Neutralizing Gas often allowed Pokemon to use Shell Smash, hit with high damaging base power moves, then sweep with little to no retribution. This is still often the case but to a lesser extent. Sweepers are forced to carry a combination of a Defense targeting move and a Special Defense targeting move in order to hit every type of Eternamax efficiently. Once they have the right combination of those moves, they can run either Spore or Taunt, then Shell Smash and be able to give Eternamax a hard time. A combination of mixed attacks usually consist of a physical move and a special move, but they don't always have to be this. For example, Pokemon such as Calyrex-Shadow and Indeedee can Psystrike in order to target the opponent's Defense stat despite it being a special attack. Pokemon can also run an OHKO move as an alternative to running mixed attacks.

Usually when it comes to Shell Smash, the main concern is that it does reduce your Pokemon's defenses and can be risky in cases where the Pokemon may get hit by Spectral Thief or any super-effective attack; however, this metagame offers unlimited EVs to each of its Pokemon, Eternamax carries the biggest case of four-moveslot syndrome in the game, and this same Pokemon only carries base 115/125 offense stats. Simply put, Eternamax is not great at punishing much of the time unless it's running Final Gambit.
Examples of viable Mixed Shell Smash Sweepers:

Method #2: Final Gambit
Sometimes the best way to beat Eternamax is by chucking your own Eternamax at it. Infinite power beats infinite power. Final Gambit is a surprisingly good strategy in Generation 8 Hackmons due to Neutralizing Gas allowing its user to freely hit this move against almost anything and Eternamax is simply the best user of this move due to having the highest HP in the game and the stats to outcompete any Pokemon who ties with it in this stat. What this move does is simple; it takes down as much of the target's HP as the user has its own. If the user has 714 HP, the move does 714 damage. Eternamax can reach a peak of 714 damage with this move which enables it to OHKO every Pokemon who can get hit by Final Gambit.

As successful as this move sounds there are unfortunately ways to play around it. Opposing players can switch out into weaker Pokemon to sack at the cost of your Eternamax or they can switch out into a Ghost-type and block Final Gambit entirely. Because of the latter, Final Gambit Eternamax tend to run Spectral Thief or Knock Off just so they can hit these Ghost-types with super-effective attacks.

Example of viable Final Gambit user:

Method #3: OHKO Moves
When it comes to finding ways to take down Pokemon in Pure Hackmons, OHKO moves tend to be the most popular idea. Their concept is simple; one shot one kill, and not even Eternamax serves as an exception to this rule. Neutralizing Gas and No Guard make OHKO moves incredibly common in the Generation 8 Pure Hackmons metagame and Eternamax is able to get hit by every single one of them whether it'd be Guillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure, or Sheer Cold. The best users of this move tend to be very fast and/or are at least decently bulky for the metagame. They're able to take in lots of other common attacks for an easier opportunity to fire back with any OHKO move.

The drawback to these moves are very clear and well-known. Most of them have an incredibly low accuracy of 30%, meaning there's less than 1/3rd of a chance for you to hit them. Sheer Cold has 20% accuracy if the user isn't an Ice-type, meaning that move has 1/5th of a chance to hit. OHKO moves are not the most reliable method to consistently take down Eternamax but the aforementioned drawbacks the Pokemon has with not being able to punish well allows your own Pokemon to freely attempt giving OHKO moves a shot for the KO.

Examples of viable OHKO move users:

Method #4: Hazards
Hazards are a slow but effective way to at least harm Eternamax greatly. They can stack up against Eternamax and other Pokemon, especially when used by a Ghost-type Pokemon since they block Rapid Spin. Stacking up on hazards ensures Eternamax taking a large chunk of damage each time it switches in. You can push this method even further by running Comatose + Sleep Talk + Whirlwind on another Pokemon on your team and add in something such as Wonder Guard, No Guard, or Shadow Tag to punish Magic Bounce switchins.

Hazards are great especially for being able to do large amounts of chip damage before a sweep is performed, but with Eternamax, they are more important in Gen 8 than they were in previous gens. A lot of Pokemon are going to run Rapid Spin in order to get hazards off their side and a speed boost while making sure hazards are still on your side. Defog and Court Change can be used but aren't very common in the metagame due to the inconvenience it may give of either not removing your hazards or not keeping theirs on. Eternamax can get around hazards by running Heavy-Duty Boots, although this is risky due to Heavy-Duty Boots users either being vulnerable to Spore or being more vulnerable to abilities outside Neutralizing Gas.

Examples of viable Hazard setters:

Method #5: Status Moves
Lastly, you can take out Eternamax with status moves such as Curse, Leech Seed, and Perish Song or hinder it severely with Tauntspam. Eternamax has a massive four-moveslot syndrome and has the opportunity to be invincible in one of its defenses. Because of this, many of its sets step away from prioritizing on recovery moves.

Usually these moves need to be paired up with other moves in order to work effectively. Perish Song has to be used with a trapping move, Curse has to be used with a recovery move, and each of these can be prone to Taunt. Taunt is an enormous killer in this metagame as it stops anything from being able to run hazards, recovery, or set up, and forces the opposing Pokemon to attempt punishing with attack moves. Breakers are no longer really efficient in the metagame aside from when they're using OHKO moves so Taunt can go a long way in each game despite it not directly taking down Eternamax.

Examples of viable status move users:

As you can tell, some Pokemon are much more significant to the metagame than others but the amount of options out there for most methods exceed the amount of examples put out on this post.

Hopefully this guide can make readers feel better about Eternamax's presence in the metagame. Although Eternamax is easily the most difficult Pokemon to take down in the metagame, taking it down actually isn't very difficult. Pure Hackmons allows every Pokemon in its metagame to use some of the most dangerous moves and strategies out there that when couple up with their stats and ability, become easily able to overcome Eternamax. This generation's primary example of this comes with the combination of Neutralizing Gas + Shell Smash, which allows Pokemon with high offense stats to exceed Eternamax's defenses with hardly anything stopping them much of the time. Once they set up and are able to OHKO Eternamax it's extremely difficult to turn the game around and beat them. Neutralizing Gas also allows Pokemon to spam OHKO moves and Final Gambit teams almost free of charge. No ability can stop them, meaning all Pokemon including Eternamax are extremely vulnerable to getting knocked out.
With an immunity to Final Gambit and all 30% accuracy OHKO moves, Drifblim now has the most valuable type combination in the metagame. Its defensive stats leave it much to be desired in order to reach top tier but they're not low enough to where its usage might not be justified. This Pokemon is likely gonna be restricted to running Heavy Duty Boots and King's Shield on each of its sets just so it could survive.
Wouldn't that make it really weak weak to taunt and spore? You could use Comatose for the Spore Weakness but it is really restricted and most smashers can setup in front of it, yeah you can use Spectral Thief, but then what do you use on 4th solt? (King's Shield and Roost are needed for more survability) I think that it is a niche mon.


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Wouldn't that make it really weak weak to taunt and spore? You could use Comatose for the Spore Weakness but it is really restricted and most smashers can setup in front of it, yeah you can use Spectral Thief, but then what do you use on 4th solt? (King's Shield and Roost are needed for more survability) I think that it is a niche mon.
Unless it's Comatose Drifblim is really weak to Spore, and unless it's running Magic Coat or is facing something with four moves aside from Taunt already in it's weak to Taunt. Drifblim is a niche Pokemon in the format due to its poor defense stats and reliability on Heavy Duty Boots to protect it from rocks but the post explains how it could warrant some use.

My speculation regarding Drifblim having the most valuable typing in the game was off. I overestimated OHKO moves and saw them as the main method of dealing with Eternamax after the overflow discovery. Believe it or not you now have more opportunities to sit there and spam OHKO moves than you did prior to DLC2 but after some point doing so is a disservice to your team. OHKO moves aren't all that reliable due to their 20-30% accuracy (I've had too many games where I've missed over 5 OHKO moves in a row and wondered how I didn't just lose) and Shell Smash sweepers still give Eternamax a fairly difficult time regardless of everything the Pokemon is capable of defensively. As it turns out Neutralizing Gas Shell Smash sweepers are still incredibly destructive and are still more efficient than OHKO moves.

Indeedee continues to have the best typing in the metagame. Spectral Thief is just as valuable as before (if not more valuable) due to Zacian-Crowned getting beat down by the overflow. With Zac-C nerfed, punishing Shell Smash sweepers has become even more difficult and aside from Shell Smash Eternamax getting nerfed to oblivion, they have more opportunities to set up in a game. Although, they now do require more setup to sweep because they have to run mixed and physical moves tend to be weaker against Eternamax. This makes up for them being able to set up easier.

Indeedee's Psychic-typing gives it access to STAB Stored Power and Psystrike. Its Normal-typing blocks one of the most vital moves in the metagame and enables it to sweep more easily than anything else of its typing unless someone carries Knock Off.

Obstagoon is a close second typing-wise. It has a Normal/Dark-typing, which is useful for STAB Power Trip and resisting Knock Off. It has a harder time landing KOs than Indeedee but it's still been pretty efficient at sweeping so far.
The fact that drifblim has 2 or 3 mandatory moves is not a good sign. (King's Shield, Recovery and Magic Coat)

Comatose is a really good option as Ngas is only 100% useful vs No Guard + Sheer Cold, but almost no one runs that, making HDB not a sacrifice of item but the problem is that it can't do that much as at least Magic Coat and a recovery move are needed. Moves like Knock Off, Rapid Spin, Nuzzle, Spore, Taunt and Spectral Thief are the best ones to use (Just personal opinion) Transform, Anchor Shot, Nature's Madness, Batton Pass (only when using Spectral Thief), Haze, Perish Song, Parting Shot, Whirlwind, Teleport, Wish (it has base 504 HP at level 100) and Heal Bell could also work in some scenarios, but overall either you have no moves or you are weak to physical or status moves.

I'm not saying that it is bad, in fact it can be a really good pokemon, but Giratina is a better Ghost Type it dies to Fissure but it is not limited like Drifblim, has better bulk, better offensive stats, is faste and isn't weak to rock.
I know that people here came for the teams to use in tours so if they ban neutralizing gas take an advantage!
Have no guard (ability) on regieleki (fastest) U may also use scarf on it
so no guard is the ability which makes u hit any move . for example normally fissure's accuracy is 30% but with this ability the accuracy of fissure is now infinite which means u cannot possibly miss a move.
The only counter for this ability is neutralizing gas.

So the next one we are gonna talk about is WONDER GUARD:

Wonder guard description: Wonder Guard prevents damage from direct attacks unless they are super-effective
How to use this properly in pure hackmons?!
NO.1 don't choose a Pokémon with many weaknesses
Eg: Tyranitar Necrozema and most of the grass Pokémons

No.2 Use it effectively
So! how to u may ask
for example lets take zeraroa which is a electric type Pokémon which has only one weakness : GROUND
Lets take Air balloon which avoid ground moves unless and until it is popped by a attacking move
but only if the move is successful so having wonder guard with air balloon on zeraroa there is no way of loosing a single HP (unless and until they use a indirect move eg: toxic will-o-wisp and more)
So definitely try it and forgot to mention if neutralizing gas is not banned its ok to have 1 or 2 Pokémons having one of these abilities but if you have a whole bunch of them it is a total waste:psysad:
but if it is it is banned it is worth it:blobthumbsup: see you guys next time cya

By: Harshad B10

btw also forgot to mention moves like photon geyser and sunsteel strike + mold breaker (ability)
Will ignore the abilities of the opposing Pokémon
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This is Pure Hackmons, nothing is banned and if something was banned it would be Eternamax, and talking about Eternamax i have some ways to beat it however you have to play smart. That way is trapping it, trapping it lets you kill it if it doesnt use Shed Shell, U-turn, Volt Switch, Flip Turn, Parting Shot or Teleport which no one uses (except Teleport) and i have 4 eternamax sets that do excatly that, you can use Zacian-C or any faster pokemon too, but it cant be slower than eterna (Taunt Eterna)

Eternamax Sets

Sets Explained

Impr Trans: You block the mon with anchor shot, then imprison then transform, now the opposing Eterna is forced to Struggle. You can run taunt over recover or use other item, SpD invincibility is for Stored Power Eterna, Indedee, non Mixed Calyrex-Shadow and Kyurem-White.

Trapper: You trap the mon, taunt it so it can't recover, teleport, setup... (heal block was removed) the nature madness and taunt spam until it can die with anchor shot, infestation is a really interesting option as it deals 12,5% damage every turn, this set can also surprise Special Attackers, removing them makes a huge advantage for your Physically defensive Eternamax

Soak: Just Pyukumuku 2.0, anchor shot, soak, toxic, this cripples Eterna, Zacian-C, DM Necrozma... you can use Coma Recover over Rest to not be status weak, taunt could be a great tool too, this is probably the worst set here

PP or HP: This Eterna is meant to be used with Spikes and Stealth Rock support, Spite + Block PP stalls everything, whirwhind stops setup and forces Spikes and Stealth Rock Damage, recover makes you a lot more tanky and Mental Herb is crucial on this set

Weaknesses: Usual Eterna weaknesses, very gimmicky sets, if the rival is smart enough can play arround it, all of them are limited and are Taunt Weak

Please do not use this sets at home, they are pretty bad

In the interests of providing another post-DLC2-meta Pure Hackmons team, here's the team I've taken to about the last 10 Pokemon Showdown Gen 8 Pure Hackmons roomtours I've entered and won 5 of them (and was runner-up in a further 4 of them). ...It's gotten to the point where I'm starting to get counter-teamed, heh. Some of the roomtour results were with earlier versions of this team with a few probably suboptimal moves.

I made this team after figuring that maybe the reason I kept losing OHKO move wars was that my mons were generally too passive. After finding that a Lovely Kiss-spamming Eternamax set I created for team support on a previous team was winning games by itself, and figuring I didn't like the playstyle of that previous team as much (Calyrex-Shadow lead in a Regieleki-infested meta, tried Smash Passer Obstagoon that lacked disruption), I made this team instead.

A compact importable for this team is here:

Here are the team members and some tips on how to play with them:
Regieleki @ Lum Berry
Ability: Neutralizing Gas
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Knock Off
- Stealth Rock
- Lovely Kiss
- Horn Drill

The lead, the Safety Goggles dodger and remover, the kick-starter of Lovely Kiss spam that outspeeds or speed ties all others but Choice Scarfers. (Gosh, does not requiring Mental Herb in order to use status moves in peace feel good, along with not needing to frisk items and Knock Off non-1-Shell-Smash-sweepers before Sporing.) Sadly happens to be the only hazard setter on the team, but at least that frees up slots on the Eternamaxes.

This Regieleki caught sleeping loses more momentum than this Regieleki stuck attacking while being Taunted, which is why this wears a Lum Berry instead of a Mental Herb (and I'm afraid of Lovely Kiss, too). Jolly to not lose Regieleki speed ties and drop unused Special Attack, odd HP number so I'm 100% sure its HP is not divisible by 8 so it won't take undue Stealth Rock damage. Neutralizing Gas disables opposing Magic Bounce, No Guard, and Wonder Guard just in case (this can come in handy mid-game), although this lead being Comatose instead would free up the item slot for Mental Herb.

The ideal turn sequence with this lead is to lead with this, use Lovely Kiss starting on Turn 1 until the opposing mon falls asleep, then set Stealth Rock, then use Knock Off if an Eternamax or a Ghost is in front, then use Horn Drill (assuming what's in front is not a Ghost - Knock Off and Horn Drill have good type coverage between them). Interrupt any step and Lovely Kiss them again if they wake up or switch in an awake, non-Comatose mon. I sometimes try continuously Knock Off-ing sleeping non-Eternamaxes, but man does Knock Off KO opposing no-item Regieleki slowly. I tend to play this like a suicide lead and only switch it out if leaving it in will cause great momentum loss. This doesn't look that bad with an opponent's Choice Scarf on, anyway (read: this is not bad at absorbing Trick/Switcheroo) - you then get a sleep move so fast that it outspeeds most mons after 1 Shell Smash, and a fast OHKO move can be an OK Hail Mary.

Bonus calc just in case you run into a Calyrex-Shadow with this:
252 Atk Regieleki Max Darkness vs. 248 HP / 252 Def Calyrex-Shadow: 400-472 (99.2 - 117.1%) -- 93.8% chance to OHKO
Knock Off isn't even guaranteed to OHKO Calyrex-S after SR.

Eternatus-Eternamax @ Flame Orb
Ability: Neutralizing Gas
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 240 SpD / 252 Spe
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Lovely Kiss
- Whirlwind
- Slack Off
- Guillotine

This is that team support Eternamax from that previous team, with a few adjustments to improve its set and to fit into its new team. Lovely Kiss puts opponents to sleep (if it hits), and Whirlwind phazes out opponents and enables sleep-shuffling. In fact, I generally prefer Whirlwind over other anti-setup status moves such as Haze and Topsy-Turvy because it also boots out annoying opposing non-sweeper mons such as Wonder Guarders, trappers, No Guarders, Comatose mons, and any opposing mon getting too annoying with OHKO moves. In particular, Whirlwind is sadly the most efficient way on this team to eliminate opposing Substitutes.

Especially since this Eternamax doesn't need to support multiple Shell Smashers on its team, it gets to use Slack Off for healing instead of Wish. Strength Sap was tempting but fails against opposing Substitutes, which this entire team is too weak against. Guillotine is there to take advantage of sleeping opponents and forced switches, and it's used instead of Fissure so this team has a more even typing distribution of OHKO moves. (This used to be a pivot move to get Shell Smashers in, but I found that the OHKO move won me quite a lot of games.)

I'm fairly certain I ripped the Flame Orb tech from Tmi489 replays. I figured I could use a mirror breaker (OK, it likely doesn't fix opposing Lovely Kiss spam all that well), and I found that this Eternamax generally got enough free turns to use recovery moves in peace. I then figured that Flame Orb gives it perpetual immunity to sleep (after it activates) at the cost of draining HP every turn and halving physical attack damage that it doesn't inflict.

Neutralizing Gas is there to disable opposing Magic Bounce, Wonder Guard, and No Guard, although I suspect a Comatose, Magic Bounce, or Sturdy version of this mon wouldn't fare too badly.

Since this Eternamax can actually switch into Indeedee/-F and punish it for setting up, it gets to have the overflow Special Defense (Calm, max Special Defense IVs, 240 Special Defense EVs). Calm and min attack are also here to reduce opposing Strength Sap healing and Foul Play damage as much as possible. Calm max speed is to outspeed/speed tie as many mons as possible so this Eternamax can hopefully Lovely Kiss/OHKO/heal first.

Eternatus-Eternamax @ Safety Goggles
Ability: Neutralizing Gas
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 240 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe
Impish Nature
- Rapid Spin
- Spectral Thief
- Shore Up
- Fissure

This Eternamax is mostly a utility guy. Eternamax is a great hazard remover because of its unsurpassed bulk, which lets it get many opportunities to remove hazards. Rapid Spin is the hazard-removing move here because it can be used while Taunted, even if the roomtour meta I faced seems to have shifted away from Taunt. (Shame that it can get spinblocked.) Its sky-high 64 PP and its speed boost-granting can come in handy, although Court Change doesn't look bad here against hazard stackers.

Impish plus max Defense IVs plus 240 Defense EVs lets Eternamax reach the magical "zero" number to tank physical attacks so much better. It's better to have at least one each of Physically Defensive Eternamax and Specially Defensive Eternamax, especially to get past low ladder and some early roomtour games (sometimes involving opponents with mere Balanced Hackmons teams). Safety Goggles and Neutralizing Gas seem to be my default, especially since squishier sweepers tend to still prefer Spore over Lovely Kiss, and having one more mon that forces Gastro Acid out of Wonder Guarders and No Guarders and Entrainment from Normalize mons is good.

Since Physically Defensive Eternamax doesn't need to concern itself with walling Indeedee or Obstagoon, it uses Spectral Thief as the anti-setup move of choice. Clear Smog is a good option here, especially since Zacian-Crowned tends to use only physical attacks and OHKO moves for non-status moves so this Eternamax doesn't need to worry about removing its/her stat boosts, but Spectral Thief hits Ghosts super-effectively unlike Clear Smog, Spectral Thief still steals stats through Substitutes, and Spectral Thief can scout an opposing Eternamax's jacked defense through Sub.

Fissure is so this Eternamax is, again, not so passive against opposing Eternamaxes (and Giratinas and Aegislashes, for that matter). Although Fissure not hitting Yveltal or Regieleki on an Air Balloon (or Steel/Flying-types, for that matter) can be concerning, Rayquaza is Spectral Thief bait, and Drifblim is immune to all OHKO moves with 30% accuracy anyway.

Shore Up is a recovery move so this Eternamax can take hits (yes, on both sides) all day. Sometimes, I wonder whether Substitute and Black Sludge is better instead, but then I figure that items get Knock Offed too often period anyway, and being able to block Spore is still good in this meta.

While min speed Spectral Thief is in a very good position in the post-DLC2 meta because any mon that wants to underspeed min speed Eternamax gets outsped by Regieleki even after they Shell Smash once, I believe that having the greatest chances of getting in a Fissure before the opposing Eternamax can Sub is too valuable. Thus, this Impish Eternamax runs max speed. The strategy against opposing Shell Smashers slower than it is therefore to Shore Up and try to get as close to full health as possible while they Shell Smash, then try to survive the hit and Spectral Thief back. I suppose this job is easier if the opponent fails to scout my Eternamaxes adequately first.

Obstagoon @ Safety Goggles
Ability: Neutralizing Gas
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpD / 252 Spe
Naughty Nature
- Spore
- Shell Smash
- Power Trip
- Stored Power

I picked Obstagoon as the Shell Smash sweeper because it's quite possibly the least dependent on the opponent's team state in order to sweep. You don't need significant chip on Eternamaxes, you don't need their Dark-type KOed, you don't need their Spectral Thief users KOed, you may not even need to Spore the opponent if they're passive enough (i.e. you might not even need all the opposing Safety Goggles to get Knock Offed). All Obstagoon asks for is 2 to 3 Shell Smashes to sweep entire teams. (Obstagoon needs 3 Shell Smashes to be guaranteed to OHKO any Eternamax it wants as long as it hits the right defense.)

Unlike Indeedee/-F, Obstagoon can always OHKO Specially Defensive Eternamax with Power Trip (read: a physical attack) after 3 Shell Smashes, and its partial Dark typing allows it to take Knock Off well and block Indeedee/-F and Calyrex-Shadow better. Indeedee/-F's biggest edge over Obstagoon is that it needs only 2 Shell Smashes to OHKO Physically Defensive Eternamax with Stored Power, but anyone good is going to switch in their Specially Defensive Eternamax or their Dark-type when Indeedee/-F shows up.

This Obstagoon is Naughty because it'll take some physical moves like Knock Off while it sets up, it intends on spamming Power Trip and will only use Stored Power against Physically Defensive Eternamax (and Tapu Fini, I guess?), and it gets all the same post-2 Shell Smashes Eternamax 2HKOs after Black Sludge as Rash (or Naive) does.

Obstagoon is kinda squishy and really doesn't want to miss, which is why it runs Spore instead of Lovely Kiss (and why the lead Regieleki has Knock Off instead of a stronger attack).

Safety Goggles may be kinda outdated, but they still block Spore well. (This can matter more against Magic Coat.) Neutralizing Gas prevents opposing Wonder Guard and No Guard from working until their users press Gastro Acid, so their Wonder Guarder can't switch in after 1 Shell Smash.

One calc reason to use Naughty over Rash on Obstagoon:
+4 252+ Atk Obstagoon Power Trip (260 BP) vs. 252 HP / 252 Def Zacian-Crowned: 389-458 (100.2 - 118%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Regieleki @ Air Balloon
Ability: Wonder Guard
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Gastro Acid
- Fissure
- Bolt Beak
- Substitute

I've tried Wonder Guard Regieleki in my first Gen 8 PH team (yeah, I started after DLC2 got released), and I found it was shockingly good even in a Neutralizing Gas-infested meta. I put it in this team and have similarly still liked it since.

Even though Air Balloon betrays that it has Wonder Guard, the balloon is still necessary to switch into No Guarders without fear and to be reassured that Gastro Acid helps make you completely invincible to attacks. The Air Balloon granting an immunity to Sticky Web and Spikes helps, especially since this Regieleki really does not want its speed lowered. HP is an odd number to ensure that Regieleki's HP is not divisible by 4, so it can make 4 Subs from full health instead of 3. The Jolly nature is to outspeed and Gastro Acid as many opposing mons with Neutralizing Gas as possible so Wonder Guard works again.

Gastro Acid is used over Simple Beam because you do not want opposing mons to meteorically boost their speed and offenses above Regieleki's if they decide to Shell Smash and turn the tables with Entrainment Normalize (yes, this works even when their ability is suppressed), partially stall you out with Substitute (yes, I've seen Sub Smash Indeedee-F in roomtours), or figure they're running Thousand Arrows for coverage. (Gastro Acid is used over Worry Seed or Entrainment for hopefully obvious reasons given this team.)

Regieleki needs to be Naughty/Adamant Black Glasses to be guaranteed to OHKO Specially Defensive Eternamax with Power Trip (read: any physical attack) after 3 Shell Smashes. Perish Song gives your opponent ample guaranteed time to disrupt you, and you're forced out at the 3-turn mark (and possibly need to switch into hazards again if you want to deal with another opponent with Regieleki). Nah, I'll try my luck with OHKO moves instead, especially since opposing mons tend to get forced out when Gastro Acid connects and they find they can't touch Wonder Guard Regieleki, so the switch-in doesn't have Substitute to block OHKO moves with. Fissure is here to have good type coverage with Regieleki's Electric STAB attack.

Bolt Beak is powerful enough to erase nearly all Substitutes in one hit (to my knowledge, the only ones whose Subs are guaranteed to survive one Bolt Beak hit are Ground-types, Dragon-types not neutral to Electric such as Eternamax, Giratina, and the Kyurems, Grass-types not neutral to Electric such as Zarude and Gourgeist-Super, and bulky enough Electric-types...not Regieleki that go second). Also, you'd be surprised how much of the meta Bolt Beak outright 2HKOs.

Substitute does everything from give you a buffer against opposing Fissures if your Air Balloon gets popped to block Magic Bounced Gastro Acids to protect you from status moves such as Lovely Kiss/Spore/Lock-On/Will-O-Wisp and probably even more. This is probably easier to use on Wonder Guard Regieleki than Taunt, and Taunt tends to be better in hazard-stacking teams since it begs to be used on every switch-in and therefore gives you less room to use attacks, but it does force out opposing mons even better than Sub does because they also can't use Whirlwind or Perish Song anymore.

In general, Gastro Acid the Neutralizing Gas mon in front of you first to preserve the Air Balloon, then Sub as they switch out, then repeat with Gastro Acid on the new Neutralizing Gas switch-in, then try an attack. If the mon in front of you does not have Neutralizing Gas, Sub first instead of using Gastro Acid, then attack. You can try immediately Bolt Beaking weakened enough opposing mons instead of using Gastro Acid. Wonder Guard Regieleki would rather not lose that Air Balloon, so you'll often only get this in right after your previous mon got KOed or on a sleeping opposing mon.

Yveltal @ Safety Goggles
Ability: Magic Bounce
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe
Impish Nature
- Knock Off
- Milk Drink
- Circle Throw
- Fissure

Magic Bounce is likely the best way to deal with Comatose Sleep Talk phazing, and a Magic Bounce Dark-type is preferred in this meta to also deal with Entrainment Normalize Calyrex-Shadow (although getting Chill Drive Techno Blasted sucks) and any mon with only Psychic attacks such as some Calyrex-S and some Indeedee/-F. If it weren't for this team's need for role compression, this slot would be Comatose instead to truly block Spore Shell Smash Calyrex-S along with the Entrainment variant. Safety Goggles can only block Spore until they get dislodged by Knock Off.

For a Dark-type, Yveltal comes with great bulk, great offenses, and a nifty part-Flying typing that grants it immunity to Fissure, Spikes, and Sticky Web (although being Stealth Rock-weak can bite).

HP is an odd number in order to take less from SR. This is Impish to wall Obstagoon better.

Knock Off is a strong and useful STAB move (and your best Ghost deterrent) that also removes opposing Safety Goggles for Obstagoon. Milk Drink is for recovery, as the Magic Bouncer can end up switching in a lot. Circle Throw is a phazing move that deals over half to Obstagoon, which is great when Yveltal takes roughly a third from Obstagoon Power Trip after 1 Shell Smash. Too bad it can't phaze mons behind Subs, but it least it can phaze exposed Taunters. Fissure is so Yveltal is not so passive against Eternamax and Giratina (which can easily take less than half from a Knock Off after losing its item).

Note that Yveltal does not have hazards, hazard removal, or the only Knock Off on the team. Teambuilding-wise, I'd rather not need the Magic Bouncer to perform essential roles on this team, especially since it can end up switching in a lot even without those responsibilities.

Pro tip: never leave this Yveltal in against any Regieleki with no switch-in ability message and no Air Balloon (and no popped Air Balloon, either) unless Yveltal cannot switch into SR any longer. Always assume the worst: that it has No Guard and will reach for the OHKO button.


This team is weak to Substitute spam and Comatose spam (and Final Gambit spam + Perish Song FWIW) and can be weak to Taunt (although I believe some of the sample teams in this thread are weak to this team, which likely explains some of the roomtour wins I got).

Here's a giant pile of replays to peruse - so giant I spoilered it out:

Here are some considerations for team members to swap into this team to hopefully fix some of its weaknesses without disrupting its team structure too much (this might be too much clutter, so I also spoilered this out):
If you'd rather make this team more resilient to Taunt, try Rayquaza instead of Obstagoon:
Rayquaza @ Life Orb
Ability: Neutralizing Gas
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpD / 252 Spe
Rash Nature
- Clanging Scales / Dynamax Cannon
- Outrage
- Shell Smash
- V-create / Blue Flare

This is the usual Rayquaza Shell Smash sweeper set I feel comfortable with in the post-DLC2 meta, and it performs much better against Taunt than Obstagoon does. After Dynamaxing with 1 Shell Smash, this Rayquaza is guaranteed to OHKO Eternamaxes if it hits the right defense as long as Eternamax is chipped to 73.2% health or lower (for Physically Defensive Eternamax). Since this team almost exclusively uses physical moves, Rayquaza is Rash to bust through Specially Defensive Eternamaxes easier. Clanging Scales is more powerful than Dynamax Cannon and is still fairly spammable (both have the same Max Wyrmwind power). I suppose going through Substitute is a bonus. Dynamax Cannon doesn't drop your Defense, though, which might matter against Eternamax. Outrage is sadly the physical Dragon move with the highest Max Wyrmwind power. V-create is somehow possibly the only coverage move able to cleanly OHKO Grimmsnarl and Melmetal at +2 (Blue Flare can fail on +SpD Grimmsnarl). Cleanly OHKOing Zacian-Crowned at +0 is a neat bonus, especially if you suspect it/she will Taunt. Blue Flare is still your next best alternative if you think you can force Grimmsnarl to get hit by Max Flare, you can keep Stealth Rock up, or you think they'll sack a Steel- or Fairy-type to Max Flare first. (Admittedly, these gambits aren't so good against Dynamaxed opposing mons.)

If you run Rayquaza (or another non-Spore Shell Smasher), the lead Regieleki may be able to switch its attacking moves to Fissure and Bolt Beak/Thunder Cage to get more damage in against opposing leads.

Note that the Kyurems all have worse mixed attacking stats than Rayquaza (i.e. their lower attacking base stat is lower than Rayquaza's lowest) and have only Sheer Cold immunity as a cool immunity, unlike Rayquaza's immunities to Fissure, Sticky Web, and Spikes.

Indeedee/-F also performs better with Psystrike than Obstagoon performs period after getting Taunted, but Indeedee/-F either sacrifices its Eternamax match-up or its Dark-type match-up (or its ability to Shell Smash multiple times) compared to Obstagoon.

If you want to make room for a second Whirlwind user to not be so darn Substitute-weak, I believe replacing Yveltal with Spiritomb or an anti-Obstagoon 4x Dark resist are your best options:
Spiritomb @ Safety Goggles
Ability: Magic Bounce
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe
Impish Nature
- Whirlwind
- Recover
- Knock Off
- Fissure

Spiritomb completely sacrifices the ability to wall Obstagoon to gain a Dark-type Magic Bounce user who's unaffected by all Normal- and Fighting-type moves, including Rapid Spin, the Normal-type OHKO moves Horn Drill and Guillotine, and Final Gambit. Like most Dark-types, Spiritomb can have a tough time tanking neutral attacks such as Bolt Beak and Double Iron Bash. Unlike most Dark-types, Spiritomb doesn't even resist Knock Off or Spectral Thief.

Grimmsnarl-Gmax (M) @ Safety Goggles
Ability: Magic Bounce
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe
Impish Nature
- Whirlwind
- Roost
- Knock Off
- Fissure

Grimmsnarl is immune to whatever Dragon-type attack shenanigans some Eternamaxes might try pulling off (yes, I've seen Dragon Energy ones) along with being a 4x Dark resist to take little from Obstagoon and phaze it out. Shame about not tanking Anchor Shot all that well. G-Max Snooze comes with a 50% chance of an additional Yawn effect that will no doubt come in handy just in case Grimmsnarl needs to Dynamax Gigantamax.

Urshifu-Gmax @ Safety Goggles
Ability: Magic Bounce
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe
Impish / Jolly Nature
- Whirlwind
- Milk Drink
- Knock Off / Low Kick
- Fissure

Urshifu(-S) is a different 4x Dark resist to wall and phaze out Obstagoon every time it wants to set up. (Thanks, Arkeis!) Resisting Stealth Rock might help. Low Kick is an option if you'd rather fix your last-mon Obstagoon match-up and hit Zacian-Crowned and Yveltal switch-ins with the force of a Close Combat than actually dispatch Ghost-types with something other than Fissure (and you're running a Shell Smash sweeper that isn't using Spore). G-Max One Blow breaks Max Guard, at least. Jolly might be viable to outspeed +Def Yveltal and be guaranteed to outspeed no-boosts Obstagoon.

Scrafty is a more defensive Urshifu alternative that still OHKOs Calyrex-S with Knock Off but fails to outspeed all that much and isn't even guaranteed to cleanly OHKO no Shell Smash Indeedee(-M) with Knock Off (it needs Adamant/Brave to guarantee the OHKO after Stealth Rock).

Have fun with this team!
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